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Justin's Tails
Chapter 3 – Justin goes to the cinema

by Parallax

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What’s that? asked Patches, looking at the wooden paddle that hung on a nail upon the wall of Justin’s bedroom.

Justin wasn’t looking. The young wolf was slumped at the foot of the bed, xbox controller in hand. His eyes were fixed on the television. I don’t know. What’s what? he asked, not looking up.

Patches, the pink fox, reached up and touched the implement. It was about six inches wide, and seemed to be carved of smooth and polished wood. He smiled. This paddle type thing he replied. It yours?

Justin’s ears perked up. He hammered the pause button, and scrambled to his feet, his face starting to turn a soft reddish hue as he blushed. What? Erm.. oh, that! No! It’s not. I mean...

Patches smiled. For the last few months, the fox had been catching glimpses of Justin in English class. He had watched the wolf as he dozed through lessons on Emily Bronte. He had, on occasion, tried to catch sight of Justin in other classes too, but the school timetable had never quite been so forgiving. On some small level, this saddened Patches, who had hoped to catch sight of Justin during gym class. Or in the showers after gym class. Either would have been... entertaining, the fox thought.

The fox turned to Justin, a mischievous grin on his face. What is it? he asked.

Justin grabbed onto Patches’ shoulder and urged the fox back over to the games console. It’s... Justin scrambled to think of an excuse. It was a souvenir. From when we went to Wisconsin. They make cheese there. It’s a cheese platter. They serve cheeses on it.

Patches stifled a giggle. Justin was a bad liar. There’s holes in it. insisted the fox.

Termites explained Justin.

The fox grinned, and left the subject where it was. In the months of classes, Patches had noticed that Justin would sometimes attend classes with a slight stiffness to his stride, an occasional stifled wince as he sat on the firm plastic of the school chair.

Big termites said Patches. They’ve eaten exactly six holes in it. Six evenly spaced, equal-sized holes.

Yeah grumbled Justin, blushing furiously, Termites are a bitch. The wolf shoved the games controller back into the fox’s hands. Now quick, open a portal against that wall over there so I can finish the level.

Patches did so. The fox’s mind wasn’t on the game, though. Hey, do you want to go to the cinema tomorrow? he asked.

Justin nodded, quickly. I’d love to he perked up. In truth, Justin didn’t know the fox all that well, having always assumed that the pink creature wasn’t all that interested in making friends, especially with someone whose general fashion sense was so... opposing. Patches wore tight jeans and a perky, brightly-coloured t-shirt today, and his hair was a little too long for a boy. Or too short for a girl. If Justin was honest with himself, he’d never been able to determine which gender Patches could easily slip into.

He’d just assumed that Patches was just Patches. And the less focus that Patches paid to that paddle, the one that Justin’s father insisted remain hanging on the wolf’s bedroom wall as a reminder of what would await Justin should the wolf need to be disciplined, the better.

Excellent said Patches in a light, perky voice. I’ll check what’s showing and we can see something.

I can do it replied Justin, hitting the pause button and getting to his feet. Justin headed across the room towards his laptop, ready to pull up the local cinema listings.

Patches watched the wolf move across the room. The fox’s eyes moved over the wolf’s hefty tail, knowing that under it and somewhere within the billowing, baggy labyrinth of his black jeans, sat some soft and round part of Justin’s bottom that had felt the touch of that paddle. Perhaps recently. The thought of that was... Patches inhaled softly.

But, thought the fox to himself, that’s just the thought of it. What would it be like to SEE it? Not just to picture it, but to watch the entire proceedings. I wonder if his bottom trembles when he is spanked. I wonder if he whimpers or moans. I wonder... and maybe, just maybe, if I am very careful on our little play-date tomorrow, I’ll get the chance to find out.

Justin clicked on a few website links, reading the titles. He stopped at one. This sounds like it’d be a good show he said.

Yes said Patches, still lounging on the other side of the room, looking off into the distance, It’d be a great show.


Justin hurried across the foyer of the cinema, his opened hooded jumper flapping behind him as he tried to catch up with the pink fox.

Come on! chirped Patches, We’ll miss the adverts!

The wolf narrowly dodged a group of milling customers, spilling a few stray bubbles of popcorn from the massive cardboard tub that he carried under one arm, his other arm precariously close to spilling two plastic mugs of cola. Do we REALLY need to catch the adverts? he complained.

They’ll be fun! replied the fox. You want to have fun, don’t you?

Justin hurried into a sprint. He caught up with Patches. The fox gave a playful grin, and bumped his skinny-jeans clad hips against Justin’s. The wolf stumbled, almost tipping the popcorn. He righted himself, laughing, and thrust the drinks over to the fox.

You’re sure you want to watch this? asked Justin. He was hesitant now, and had been hesitant ever since, at the very last minute before purchasing their tickets, Patches had announced that he had no intention of going into the screening of Bloody Dismemberment Cavern, which Justin had been eager to see. The fox had folded his arms, shook his pointy muzzle, and flat-out refused to see anything that would be at all scary.

Justin had suggested they watch a special screening of The Wiz, but Patches had refused on the grounds that The Wiz was dreadful. Eventually, the pair had settled on Twilight. Patches was insistent that it was one of the most romantic and charming films since Romeo and Juliet (the pink fox had explained this with a wry smile on his lips, as if telling Justin a truly hilarious joke and struggling to keep a straight face). Justin, meanwhile, figured that any film with vampires in it would be worth watching.

By the time they took their seats, Patches was quaking with barely-contained giggles. The adverts were already rolling, and Patches kept himself amused by flicking handfuls of popcorn at Justin, who laughed, ducked out of the way as best he could, and returned fire. The hall itself was mostly empty, save for a few bored viewers who shot annoyed looks at Justin’s way as if to tell the boys to behave themselves.

The lights gradually began to dim, and the movie began.

Patches flicked a few more balls of popcorn at Justin as the title sequence rolled across the screen. He was barely watching the film – and, in truth, had no interest in the film at all. He leaned close, and started to whisper to Justin, breath hot in the wolf’s ear...

Hey, did you hear about the guy who died in this cinema a few days ago?

Justin shook his head, his eyes fixed on the screen. Carefully, the fox was slowly working his arm over the back of the chair.

Yeah. In this very screen. continued Patches. Nobody even noticed until the end of the movie. He was just sitting there, and didn’t move. Not even when someone came in to clear out the screen. Want to know how he died?

Justin nodded, slowly. His eyes glanced around. Patches leaned in closer, moving his hand up close to Justin’s far shoulder.

Blood loss. Turned out that there’s a killer on the loose around here hissed the fox. During the film, the killer slipped into the row behind the man. Then, during one of the scares, everyone in the screen yelled. At that moment, the killer pulled out a scalpel, and slit open the man’s neck. You know how sticky the floor is?

Hesitantly, Justin nodded. He glanced down – the floor was, indeed, sticky beneath his feet. The wolf was getting very worried. The cinema felt too dark.

That’s where the man’s blood poured out. And he died there, and nobody even noticed. Want to know the scariest part? They never caught the killer. He just walked out of the film at the end, with the rest of the audience.

Really? whispered Justin. The wolf was entranced. Patches nodded, enthusiastically. Patches flexed his fingers.

They don’t tell people in case they stop coming, but they know he’s going to come back here and kill again. They don’t know where, or when. It could be any time. Even... NOW!! and with that last word, raised to a shout, Patches brushed the tips of his fingers against the far side of Justin’s neck.

The wolf jumped a clear foot off the floor, clasping his hands against his neck. He screamed. And with that, Patches laughed hysterically.

Justin caught his breath, slowly. You... you just made that story up! he retorted.

Yes laughed the fox, But it was so funny! You should see your face? Oh, man...

Justin blushed, and pursed his lips. He felt embarrassed. That’s not fair. It’s...

Hey, would you two keep it down? snapped a voice.

Patches choked back the laughter. Justin turned to look at the voice. Two rows in front, a couple sat. A girl, roughly fourteen, and her boyfriend, looking to be a good foot taller than Justin. The boy was thick built, like a rugby player, and it was himself who spoke.

We’re just playing. Relax! snapped the fox.

Don’t tell me to relax, you’re ruining the whole movie retorted the boy. He rose up to stand as well, and Justin immediately recognised the boy as a Doberman.

Sorry whimpered Justin, slinking down to take his seat.

But at that moment, Patches grasped onto Justin’s arm, locking both hands around the wolf’s bicep. You’re not going to let him talk like that to us, are you? whispered the fox.

Justin bit his lip, But he’s huge replied the wolf.

Patches looked into Justin’s eyes, the fox’s own eyes wide and wet. It’d be so cool if you beat him up. That’d be what a really awesome guy would do... like that Edward Cullen guy.

Justin paused, and glanced over at the big screen that filled one wall of the cinema. Sure enough, there on the screen was the afore-mentioned character. Justin looked at him. You think he’s cool? barked the wolf.

Patches nodded.

But... his eyebrows are big enough to be used as cheerleader’s pompoms! barked Justin.

He’s dreamy replied Patches.

He’s more effeminate than Liberace retorted Justin.

The Doberman glared viciously at Justin, I said, stop shouting! We’re trying to watch the movie! But Justin ignored him.

He’s aloof and mysterious replied Patches.

I’M aloof and mysterious! barked Justin.

The Doberman began to step towards the aisle. I’m coming over there if you don’t shut the hell up! But Justin ignored him still, his attention elsewhere.

He’s a vampire grinned Patches.

And that, more than anything else, caused Justin’s patience to snap.

The wolf stared at the screen. HE is a vampire? he screamed, almost horrified.

Patches smirked, and nodded. He sensed a temper tantrum coming on.

Justin dropped the tub of popcorn onto the floor. He is NOT a vampire! This particular subject hit Justin very hard, very close to home. His temper exploded. Vampires are nothing like that! Nothing at all! WE... DON’T... SPARKLE!!

And with that, the wolf grabbed one of the cola cups and hurtled it across the cinema. It splashed against the screen, sending it’s fizzy contents smearing across the surface.

Patches was laughing now, unable to help himself.

Justin had been so enraged, so distracted, that he hadn’t even noticed the Doberman until the boys huge hands were upon him. He grabbed Justin by the shoulders and pulled the smaller wolf to face him. That’s it, buddy barked the canine through frothing, enraged teeth, Time for a world of hurt!

The wolf’s first instincts when confronted with an enemy boiled to the surface. The moment the Doberman’s hands locked onto him, Justin turned to face his assailant. The canine’s grip went loose, releasing Justin. The dark nature of vampirism gives different gifts to all her children, and Justin’s gifts did not lay in strength or speed or control of the mind, but of manipulation of another force.

The wolf’s eyes glistened black, solid and wet. And with that, one of the many shadows that fell within the cinema twisted. The darkness beneath the chairs began to move, and crawl. From Patches’ seat, the fox could not quite see either the look on Justin’s face, or the shadows that curled their way from beneath the chairs.

One wisp of shadows formed into a thin, rope-like tendril, and lashed around the Doberman’s leg. The dog looked down for a second, only to see the sheer darkness met by another tendril, and another, and another. A whole writhing mass of darkness flexed out like fingers from beneath the chairs.

The dog fell. Justin blinked his eyes, and when he opened them again, they had returned to their natural green hue. He turned to Patches, We have to go. Let’s get out of here.

The fox nodded, confident that he’d got Justin in quite enough trouble for today. As far as Patches could see, the Doberman had tripped as he’d stepped back, and fallen into one of the rows of chairs. He didn’t want to see Justin get genuinely hurt, after all.

Justin grasped the fox’s hand and hurried from the screen room. Neither figures looked back, hurrying out of the way before any cinema staff were made aware of their escapades.

Between the rows of seats, the Doberman struggled to free himself from the tendrils of shadows. His girlfriend was screaming his name now, but the shadows would not stop pulling. Pulling him towards the gaping darkness, which felt wet and curiously warm as it enveloped him, flexing over him and pulling him into itself. By the time his girlfriend got to the rows of seats that she had seen the Doberman trip into, there was no sign of either him, or of the tendrils. There was only the shadows.


That was amazing! exclaimed Patches as the two of them stepped off the bus and headed towards Justin’s home. Did you see that guy’s face when he tripped over? You were so heroic!

I guess mumbled Justin. His nerves had started to ease once he’d fled the cinema.

Patches wrapped an arm around Justin’s, You’re still worried we’ll get banned from the cinema? asked the fox.

Justin nodded. Deep down, however, that wasn’t what he was afraid of. For a vampire like himself, Justin’s energy was stored in the blood that flowed through him. The same blood that he had inherited from his father. And although the abilities to command, shape, and even traverse through the shadows was unique and different from his father’s own abilities, they were still innately connected to his father. Justin could not make use of his powers without his father sensing it, much as one would sense a mosquito bite.

Patches, however, was smiling for another reason entirely. If indeed Justin had been banned from the cinema, there was a good chance that word had got back to the wolf’s father. Patches’ thoughts travelled back to the paddle that he had seen hanging on Justin’s wall. The fox could only hope that it would be so. Don’t worry said the fox.

Pulling his keys from his pocket, Justin opened the front door and stepped inside. Patches joined him, and the wolf made a straight line towards the kitchen to fetch a drink. Justin paused in the doorway to the kitchen.

Oh said Justin, Hi Dad.

Justin’s father, Gregory, sat at the kitchen table. The wolf looked only around twenty years Justin’s senior, although the true difference between the two was far harder to calculate. He had a strong, heavy look to his face.

Evening, lad said the elder wolf in a deep voice. How was your trip to the cinema?

It was... good answered Justin uncertainly, struggling to remember if he had even mentioned his plans to his father in the first place.

This your friend? asked Gregory, motioning towards the pink fox who stood in the shadows behind Justin.

Nodding, Justin motioned Patches to his father, making rudimentary introductions. Patches smiled.

Gregory rose, stepping over towards the fox. He bowed his head slightly, in a most gracious and gentlemanly manner. You are welcome as a guest here in our humble home at any time, friend exclaimed the wolf, But I have a matter that I must discuss with my son. In private.

Patches nodded. He smiled, demurely. I can come back another time.

I would appreciate that replied Justin’s father.

Patches shot Justin a very friendly smile. Justin responded in kind. I’ll catch you later said the wolf.

By the time that Patches had left the house, the sun was already setting.

Glancing at his watch, Patches stepped into the yard and thought for a while. He looked at Justin’s house. It was a fair size, with Justin’s bedroom at the back, away from the road. There was a small, fenced garden, and Patches was eager to stay close to the house for now. The fox’s heart was beating loudly.

He caught his breath. He had time. The bus wouldn’t be here for another half hour at the most. And Justin would be...

Patches smiled to himself. Justin would be in trouble. Had to be.

The fox wasn’t certain, and it would be a gamble. He didn’t want to offend Justin’s father, who had seemed so polite, by lingering around outside the house. But Patches just had to take the gamble. He had to watch what happened next.

Scrambling over the back yard fence, Patches kept low as he hurried along the side of the house. He counted the windows, realising he had quite a poor grasp of the layout of Justin’s house. He drew level with one window, squatting down to kneel in the grass beneath it. He peeked through it.

It was Justin’s bedroom. And it was occupied.

Both figures in the room were facing one another. The taller one, Justin’s father, had a stern look on his face. Although Patches couldn’t see Justin’s own expression, the wolf’s head hung downward, arms clasped behind his back, as if being lectured. The fox pressed his ears closer, trying to pick out what was being said. He had no luck. The voices, through the wall and glass, were just too muffled.

... type of behaviour... Patches heard the father say, ... risk... in a cinema... and the rest was lost.

Justin nodded along, and when the elder wolf motioned towards the bed, Justin approached it. Patches ducked out of the window for a moment, to ensure that Justin didn’t catch sight of the voyeuristic fox.

And then...

When Patches glanced back again, Justin was holding something. Patches recognised it instantly. The fox’s heart jumped. The paddle. The wolf had been sent to fetch it! And, before Patches’ very eyes, Justin’s father ordered him to hand it over and lay across his knee.

Patches couldn’t believe it. He’d been so convinced that this plan wouldn’t really work; that it would be fun to try, but it would never really pay off. The paddle looked smaller in Justin’s father’s hand than when Justin was holding it, and when Justin slipped across Gregory’s knee, it was with the smooth movements of someone who had been in this position many, many times before.

Then, without any ceremony, Gregory lowered Justin’s tripp jeans, boxers and all. Patches wanted to lean closer, his nose already pressing against the window. It was a perfect view; and what a view he had of it! Justin’s bottom was bare. Soft, and very round. It was slightly bigger than Patches had thought, imagining it being lost somewhere in the bagginess of those pants, but Patches could have fallen in love with that sight. Justin looked so defenceless there, so vulnerable.

And that was when the spanking began.

Patches’ eyes widened at the spectacle. It began slowly, with only one hearty whack of the paddle. Gregory didn’t spare any hesitation for this punishment, he was obviously determined to put his point across. He grabbed Justin’s tail with his free hand, holding it securely out of the way, to allow his paddle-wielding hand freedom to swing fast and decisively.

The first thing Patches noticed is that, yes indeed, Justin’s bottom did tremble with each smack. It shook just slightly, a thin layer of puppy fat still visible on his cheeks that kept them round now serving to give additional burning sensation during his discipline.

The fox didn’t bother to count how many whacks were given, he was enraptured with the sight. He pressed his ears to the window, wanting to hear the sounds that accompanied the sight. He didn’t have to wait long. Each whack was already loud enough, and Justin did indeed start to yelp louder and louder as they progressed. Patches thought back to Justin as he sat in English class, determined to look the tough and brooding top dog. And there he was now, starting to wail and cry as his soft bottom started to redden.

Patches’ jeans started to feel very, very tight. It was at that point that the fox realised how erect he had become. He bit his lip. This was, without a doubt, an amazing show. He watched on. Justin’s feet kicked, his arms reached out and grasped onto the sheets of the bed. Owww! he wailed, I’ll be good, I promise! I won’t do it again!

Gritting his teeth, Patches let his hand slide down to cradle the tent of his jeans. It was sore. He wanted to glance around to check that he wasn’t being watched, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull his eyes from the spectacle in front of him. He unzipped his jeans. The fox’s cock felt utterly solid. He bit his lip to stop himself from moaning, and started to pump his hand against his erection.

What am I doing? he thought to himself. Justin sure didn’t seem to be enjoying himself as much. But Patches just couldn’t help, not with the sight so clear through the window. The paddle, the same that the fox had touched only yesterday, now smacking hard against his friend’s bare and unprotected bottom. He watched the bottom shake with each smack. Beneath the gray fur, it was glowing so red. And Justin, tears trailing his face as he yelped and whined...

Patches grasped a hold of the wall, climaxing hard. He whimpered loudly, stifling the sounds as best he could. His release spattered against the side of the wall, and the fox collapsed down to his knees, gasping.

By the time he had caught his breath, and pulled himself up to look through the window again, Gregory was hanging the paddle back on its place on the wall. Justin was laying on the bed, his bottom upturned, softly rubbing his reddened cheeks. Gregory walked back to the side of the bed, and began to talk to Justin again, in words hushed and made inaudible through the walls.

Patches wiped himself dry and, deciding that now would be the best time to do so, he should make a run for the bus stop, before Justin’s father decides to head outside. The last thing the fox wanted was to be caught by the man himself, or share a similar fate. He found himself thinking for a moment, would such a thing be so bad after all? He dismissed the thought, pulling his jeans back shut.

He scrambled over the back yard fence, and hurried along to the bus stop.


Heeeey Justin! chirped Patches, running up to the wolf.

It was the next morning, as the two stood milling around the school yard. Justin had trudged his way to the school with a dour expression on his face, but the moment he looked at Patches, he gave a smile.

Get home okay? asked Justin.

Yeah said the fox, sliding an arm around the wolf’s. That movie last night really sucked though.

Justin nodded enthusiastically. Vampires aren’t nothing like that. They don’t sparkle.

Nodding, Patches grinned, But I had an idea for something that’d be a lot more fun!

Slowly dying of the bubonic plague would be more fun than watching that movie again replied Justin sardonically.

Giggling, Patches shrugged, Weeeell... I know a really cool abandoned lunatic asylum outside of town. I was thinking, if you’re feeling really brave and heroic, we could break into it.

Justin did a double take. You want to... WHAT?

C’mon grinned the fox, It’ll be fun. You’re not afraid, are you?

The wolf pursed his lips, I’m not afraid of anything. I’ll bring the crowbar, you get the torches!

Patches laughed gleefully, That’s the spirit! he declared, and gave Justin’s bottom a playful swat.

Justin yelped, and leapt about three feet into the air.

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