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Justin's Tails
Chapter 6 – Justin tries babysitting

by Parallax

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Why do YOU have to be our babysitter? whined Deek.

Justin collapsed onto the sofa, and grinned. Your dad paid me to do it. A full twenty dollars! the wolf declared.

Deek, or Derek as was his birth name, sighed. You ruined our D&D game. How come dad chose you?

I didn’t ruin the game! insisted Justin, I just made it more fun.

Deek looked down at the floor. Barely past eleven years old, he was certain he didn’t need a babysitter any more. He didn’t really care for Justin, who dressed in far too much black and looked like he was the kind of kid who probably smoked too. It was only fun when the wizard spanked you replied Deek.

Justin flushed, Let’s not talk about that. In fact, while I’m babysitting, you’re banned from talking about it. Banned.

The young cat gave a soft huff, and stormed out of the room.

Justin put his feet up on the table, and smiled. Deek’s elder brother, Kero, had invited him to that D&D game, and that was when he had met their father. The brother’s father had asked if Justin could babysit for Deek and his younger brother Travis, while the house was otherwise unoccupied. Justin had leapt at the chance, to get paid and get a free pizza dinner.

And he got to make the rules. He liked that.

He had a slight, sneaking suspicion that there was probably meant to be a bit more to babysitting than simply sitting around watching TV and making sure the kids don’t electrocute themselves while playing with the toaster. He leaned over to the table beside the sofa, picked up the family’s telephone, and dialled a number.

Hello? asked the voice on the other end of the phone.

Hey, Patches announced Justin, It’s me.

Hey you chirped Patches, the pink fox on the other end of the phone. What’s up?

Not much Justin replied, What do you know about kids?

Patches smiled, They’re okay, but I could never eat a whole one. Why do you ask?

I’ve got a babysitting gig explained Justin, I thought you might know something useful about them. Any ideas on what I should do?

There was a pause on the phone. Not a whole lot, I’m afraid came the reply, I think you need to keep kids amused and stuff, that’s all.

Justin shrugged, How am I supposed to do that?

Put a movie on for them. Or help them with their homework, or something came the reply. Speaking of homework, can I borrow your answers for geography class?

I’ll bring them over to you tomorrow said Justin.

Oh yeah. And don’t let them out of your sight. Ever. That’s important insisted Patches.

Justin nodded, Right, right, see you tomorrow then.

See you replied Patches, hanging up the phone.

Justin rested the phone back on the hook, and thought for a moment. He then swiftly grabbed the phone back up, and called for a pizza.

He didn’t expect anything could possibly go wrong tonight.

He glanced around. Where were those kids anyway?


Travis? Deek? Where are you brats? yelled Justin, trudging his way up the stairway.

Travis, the youngest brother at only six years, sat on the floor of his room that he shared with his older brother. In front of him, model toy soldiers recreated the brutal slaying of many innocent civilians, with Travis providing accompanying splats, screams and explosion sound effects.

Hey kid said Justin, What you up to?

He’s playing some dumb soldier game stated Deek, who sat at his desk, running his fingers across the keyboard of his computer. Can you help me with my homework?

Sure said Justin, turning his back on Travis as he walked over to the desk. What’s the question?

Maths replied Deek.

Justin shrugged, Why not just check the internet?

Dad says we’re not supposed to.

Dad’s not here now. And maths sucks. Just look it up explained Justin.

Deek nodded and pulled up a browser window on his screen. Justin turned, caught sight of Travis about to attempt to force a toy soldier up his own nose, and managed to grab the toy from the kid’s grasp before.

I think you’ve had enough of that game stated Justin, Let’s go downstairs and put a video on for you.

Aww whined Travis.

Justin lead the younger brother out into the hallway, and downstairs to the main room.

Deek stared at the browser window. He tried to think what he could type in. Something educational. Something about homework. He tried maths. He scrolled through the responses, they looked complicated. He tried help me with homework, the results looked too difficult.

He tried teachers giving hard homework. After all, his homework was very hard. It had long division.

The websites sprung up. Deek’s eyes widened at the images. None of his teachers wore that those types of clothes...


Justin sat Travis down on the sofa, powered on the TV, and started up the movie selection.

This is so cool he commented, Your family has pay per view movies.

Travis nodded, Dad let us watch Powerpuff Girls last week he chirped.

Justin smirked. Yeah, that’s pretty neat. Okay, I need to find something for you to watch. And then you need to, like, sit here and not stick anything up your nose or anything, okay?

Travis nodded, Yes Mr Justin

Justin smiled. That was more like it. This little kid obviously liked him. Kero, Travis’ oldest brother, liked Justin too. Deek, though, that kid was a harder sell. He’d have to try to be even cooler if he wanted to show Deek how awesome he was.

Here’s a good movie said Justin, It’s one of my favourites.

Travis looked uncertainly at the screen, I don’t think that looks like a good movie, Mr Justin.

Justin gave a confident smile, Don’t worry so much, kid. He hit the start button, and the movie began.

Travis watched the movie, his eyes wide and transfixed on the screen. A few minutes later, he turned to Justin. Who’s that man with the big claws?

That’s Freddy Kruger explained Justin, now shhh. This is the best part.

The screen turned red. Justin cheered, and laughed out loud. Travis clutched his knees to his chest, and shrunk back against the sofa.

The doorbell rang, sharp and loud. Travis gave a sharp cry, and scrambled to pull the cushion of the sofa up protectively over his head.

That’ll be the pizza! shouted Justin. He hopped up, and scrambled to the door.


Come get your dinner! shouted the wolf. Deek shuffled his way down stairs.

Justin sat the pizza box on the table of the living room, and hit the pause button on the movie. Travis slowly stuck his head out from under the cushion, as if checking to see if it was safe to come out.

Did you, like, do all that homework crap? asked Justin.

Deek shrugged uncertainly, with some trepidation. What’s a labia? he asked.

Justin opened the pizza box. Dunno. Some country in Africa, I think. Get your pizza.

The two brothers looked down into the pizza box.

The pizza stared back at them, decked with meat and speckled with red and green peppers. Justin grabbed a slice, and started to chew on it hungrily.

I’m allergic to peppers said Deek.

Justin blinked. You are?

The cat nodded. Justin turned to look at Travis, What about you?

Travis nodded also. Justin looked from one brother to the next. What, both of you?

They nodded, in unison.

Can’t you, like, just try it? asked Justin.

It sends us into shocks and we need to go to the hospital said Deek.

Justin sighed, and thought for a moment, chewing on his pizza. It was, indeed, his pizza. All of it. He grabbed another slice, and started to wolf it down. Travis looked at him hungrily.

Okay, okay said Justin, I have an idea. Grab a plate.

Travis scurried off into the kitchen, halting only at the door to scan the room. Once he was sure it was clear of any masked murderers waiting to attack, the youngster scrambled to the countertop and grabbed a pair of clean plates. He rushed back into the sitting room.

Justin finished chewing down the slice of pizza, stopping only at the crust. He leaned over, and dropped the crust onto one of the plates. He beamed with pride, confident that he had solved the problem with expert skill and diplomacy.

Deek stared at Justin. You’re feeding us crusts?

What’s wrong with crusts? asked Justin. You can have some dip with them.

Deek just stared at Justin, dumbfounded.

Justin sighed. Okay, okay, I’ll cook you something. Just let me finish the pizza.

He leaned over, and turned the movie back on. Travis covered his eyes with the cushion.


That’s not how you cook chicken! insisted Deek.

Sure it is said Justin. The black smoke just means it’s cooking right.

Justin fanned the smoke away from the cooker. Deek had his arms folded, and was visibly not at all impressed with the display of competency that Justin was displaying.

Justin, meanwhile, was starting to lose patience with Deek. The kid was such a bring-down.

The fire alarm is going to go off! yelled Deek.

No it won’t said Justin. Look, mister buzz-kill, let’s play a game.

I really don’t want to play a game. I want you to not be burning our house down! snapped Deek.

Justin sighed. Look, Derek, I have ice cream in the freezer. If you play this game, you can have some. And if you don’t, I’ll tell your dad that you were, like, a total nightmare all evening!

Deek narrowed his eyes. Fine. What kind of game?

Hide and seek retorted Justin. You hide, and I’ll come and find you. Deal?

All right grumbled Deek, suspiciously.

Right, started Justin. One, two, three, four...

Deek scrambled away.

Four minutes later, Justin decided to add some more oil to the frying pan. The black smoke billowed in a massive plume throughout the kitchen, and the fire alarm screamed into life. Hearing the high pitch siren’s wail, Travis screamed in terror and fled into the garden. The smoke followed out from the rear of the house, drifting up into the night.

In the cupboard under the stairs, Deek pulled out a small pocket light and started to read a book. He heard the alarm, and rolled his eyes. Worst babysitter ever he grumbled.


There isn’t a fire! insisted Justin to the fire warden. Honest!

The fire warden, a towering adult Dalmatian, folded his arms and glowered down at Justin. One of your neighbours reported a fire. So what’s going on?

I was just cooking! insisted Justin. There was smoke, and the alarm went off. That’s all! It’s just because the stupid kids wouldn’t eat crusts.

The warden shook his head. Look kid, do you know how many fake callouts we get each night?

Justin pouted, That’s not my fault. Look, just... like, I’ve got to finish babysitting these two kids here.

The warden glanced around. He had seen one kid, who had screamed when the fireman had lurched through the thick smoke towards him. The kid was evidently convinced that Freddy Kruger was coming to get him, and as the sun had set was becoming frantic that he did not want to go to bed. You said two kids. Where’s the other one?

Justin paused. I don’t know. I told him to go play hide and seek. He was being a total pain.

The fireman blinked a few times in disbelief. Kid, I think you’d better give us your parent’s phone number. I’m going to have to have a word with them.

Justin gulped.


Justin gave a sharp yelp and squirmed. It wasn’t my fault!

His father, Gregory, kept the wolf securely across his knee. Justin’s baggy jeans were ruffled across his knees, along with his green boxers. Derek was hiding under the stairs, and you know very well that you had no intention of going to find him! He gave Justin’s bare bottom another swift whack with his open hand.

When his father had heard the full story, he had dragged Justin into the wolf’s bedroom by his ear, and quizzed him thoroughly on the events of the night. He had deliberated slowly and carefully on exactly what he felt was a fair discipline, as he went over each and every point of what Justin had done wrong, and had decided that the lad was in need of a fairly long spanking to accommodate for such events.

He had began by ordering Justin across his knee as he sat on the bed, and once there he delivered ten firm smacks with the flat of his belt, leaving Justin’s soft round buttocks a fair red hue. Keeping the lad’s tail hefted out of the way, he then began to deliver a series of well-paced, slow and steady whacks with his strong palm, to ensure that he stayed suitably hot until the next set began.

You’re going to give Kero’s father back the $20 he paid you instructed Gregory, the sound of his palm whacking across Justin’s upturned backside echoing against the walls of the room.

Justin clutched against the bed sheets, trying to grit his teeth to resist the yelp, but not quite succeeding. Oww! That’s not fair!

It is very fair replied his father, swatting quite sharply again. Justin felt his soft round cheeks tremble with each smack, and knew that tears were close. The poor man has to pay for smoke damage to his house, never mind the therapy bills for his youngest son!

Justin kicked his feet a little, his face flushed red with embarrassment and humiliation at his predicament.

Gregory picked up the looped belt again, and gave Justin’s soft rump the first of ten more sharp whacks. The sound of each one filled the room, causing Justin to fold his ears down to try to both block out their sounds and the sounds of his own embarrassing wailing. Each smack drove a deep, stinging, sharp rush of heat across his unprotected bottom, and he clutched tightly at the bed sheets to try to keep his hands from covering his naked backside, knowing that they would only be pinned out of the way if he were to even try to do so.

Oww! Please! he wailed, tears flowing freely. He felt embarrassed that such a cool, hip and awesome person like he felt himself to be, was yet unable to take his punishment without sobbing so poorly and begging. It was their own faults that it happened! he whined.

You gave them bread crusts to eat! scolded Gregory, It is entirely YOUR fault! he accentuated with each firm whack.

Justin squirmed, yelping and ouching with each smack. He was now entirely unable to hold back his cries, sobbing and wailing like an infant. Owww! he howled, I’m sorry daddy! I.. Oww!! I won’t do it again. Please!! Oww! Tears slid easily down his face, and he felt so utterly humiliated at his over-the-top reactions, his naked bottom feeling as if it were on fire. Oww! Please stop! My bottom hurts so much!! Please don– oww!! please don’t spank me any more daddy!! For that moment, Justin completely and utterly forgot that he wanted to be seen as a cool, hip and awesome guy, and was reduced to nothing more than a sobbing pup across his fathers knee, being spanked good and soundly. He grasped onto the pillow, biting into it to try to keep the sensation back.

And don’t chew through your bed linen. warned his father, setting the belt down and resting his hand on Justin’s backside, the lad’s cheeks now a more vibrant shade of red. A good shade, thought Gregory, but not quite red enough for the severity that this incident warrants.

Justin caught his breath, releasing his grip on the pillow. One more set with the belt after this said his father, And then we can discuss how long you’ll be grounded for.


Hey, Patches? asked Justin.

What’s up asked the fox on the other end of the phone. I thought you were coming over tonight?

Justin glanced down. He sat on the edge of his bed. Or to be precise, he sat on two pairs of pillows which were piled on the side of his bed, to soften the sensation of sitting on his well-spanked bottom. Yeah, change of plans he grumbled. I’m kinda grounded.

Grounded? asked Patches, curiously. I didn’t think your dad grounded you. I thought you got... punished in other ways.

Justin flushed red. No. I don’t. Just grounded. That’s all! he insisted.

Okay, calm down replied Patches calmly, a wry grin crossing the foxes’ lips. Don’t worry.

Yeah, so I don’t think I can help with your geography homework. Unless you want to do it over the phone? asked Justin.

That’s okay said the fox, Kero helped me with it.

He did? Ah, cool said Justin.

Patches nodded, Yeah, he told me that you helped his little brother, Deek, with his homework too. When you were babysitting last night.

Justin shrugged. Oh... he thought for a moment. Play it cool, he thought to himself. He had a chance to show off here, and he wanted to grasp it. Yeah, I did! he said proudly. I helped him with all of it.

Ah, that explains it said Patches, stifling a chuckle. It was clearly the foxes’ lucky day. He wanted to thank you for helping his brother with it. He said that Deek would never have known that labia is a country in Africa if you hadn’t told him.

Justin smiled. Even though the fox seemed to be barely holding back laughter, Justin felt proud of himself.

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