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The twins get spanked
Part 1

by Brians Sister

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The Twins get spanked
Background: Growing up in the American Southeast during the late 80’s and early 90’s spankings were common. Parents spoke proudly about the spankings they gave and some kids bragged being whipped or strapped by one of their parents the night before. Girls were spanked however it was nowhere as common boys and boys got spanked very frequently from my observations. Boys were spanked in lots of different ways: bare, over underpants or over pants and their butts were toasted by a variety of different implements: brushes, belts, straps, paddles, wooden spoons, canes, rubber hoses, switches or a number of other types and varieties. My Mom was the type that usually stripped Brian naked when she spanked and her implement of choice was the wooden spoon although she did mix things up occasionally with brushes, paddles, switches, belts and other types of implements. Generally Brian was naked, but on occasion she kept us both guessing by mixing it up: pants down, pants off, underpants down or up and occasionally over his pants. As a kid I had a lot of friends and they had a lot of brothers. Needless to say I saw a lot of penises long before I ever dated. Generally I saw them at some stage of a boy’s punishment and on many occasions I saw them flopping around between their legs as they danced during or after a spanking.

The premise of this story was about my friend Roxane who I was friends with during my tween years. She came from a large Catholic family of five kids; immediately above her in age were her twin brothers Gabriel (Gabe) and Jesse age fourteen. This story entails the first time that I saw Roxane’s brothers’ spankings first hand. Roxane loved getting her brothers in trouble and on this occasion my Mom had to go out of town unexpectedly on business and had asked Roxane’s parents if I could stay for the long President’s Day weekend with her and her family. Mrs. Tobias enthusiastically agreed and quickly adopted me into her large Catholic family.
Story: It was Saturday morning and Saturdays were chore day at the Tobias’ household. Mr. Tobias had gone to the office for a deadline he said he had. Mrs. Tobias kept the kids working on a variety of household chores around the house. Gabe and Jesse were scrubbing the tiles of the kitchen with scrub brushes, Mrs. Tobias was in the kitchen with them cleaning out a cupboard, Roxane had been given several smaller tasks and were at Mrs. Tobias’ beck-and-call all morning.

Roxane and I had found three old, beat up Playboy magazines in an old fort in the woods down by the river the last summer. She contrived a plot to get her brothers in trouble by concealing a Playboy between the mattress and box spring of each of their beds in the bedroom they shared. She strategically left a corner sticking out on Jesse’s bed so that when their Mom went to check on their bedrooms she would find it. It played out nearly exactly like Roxane and I planned it. When we were sent back upstairs to fetch something for Mrs. Tobias we shoved the two magazines between the bedding leaving the edge out to be discovered. We headed by downstairs and watched for at least forty five minutes before Mrs. Tobias finished the task at hand and we giggled behind our hands as we watched Mrs. Tobias climb the stairs to check on her sons’ room that they had cleaned before working on the kitchen tiles.

It took less than five minutes before Mrs. Tobias’ voice screamed down the stairs. Gabriel Mark Tobias! Jesse Davis Tobias! Get your butts up to your room this minute! Both boys looked at each other and murmured to each other what did we do? as they walked out of the kitchen and quickly climbed the stairs. Roxane and I waited a full minute before skulking up the stairs standing just outside their open bedroom door.

Mrs. Tobias’ face was red with anger as she stood in front of the two teenage boys standing in front of her. In her hands were both the magazines that we had concealed in their rooms. Obviously Mrs. Tobias had searched Gabe’s bed when she found the incrementing magazine sticking out from Jesse’s. The boys’ stood profile to us as we peeked in on them and their Mom. I’m waiting boys! Where did these come from? she demanded. Honest Mom they’re not our magazines! We’ve never seen them before in our lives! both boys pleaded innocence. It was obvious by the look on their Mom’s face that she didn’t believe them.

These are the devil’s magazines boys. Naked ladies tempting good Catholic boys! What did you boys do when you looked at these nasty pictures? she demanded. Both boys’ faces were flushed with embarrassment as they fidgeted. Jesse was actually running his hand along the stitching on the back pockets of his Levis as the inquisition continued. Both boys continued to deny knowing anything about the magazines, looking at them or sinning she their Mom kept saying.
Both you boys are so full of sin and you both stand there and lie to my face like the devil himself! she said angrily. She walked over to where Jesse was standing, lift your shirt tail! she ordered. Jesse must know the procedure as he lifted the hem of his white tee shirt up to his arm pitches. The minute it was out of the way his Mom swiftly unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and yanked them and his blue cotton briefs to his ankles his stiff, four inch teenage penis slapping loudly against his abdomen after briefly snagging in his underpants. She angrily walked over to Gabe and repeated the demand, lift your shirt tail! she ordered. Gabe complied slowly and she repeated the process grabbing hold of the buttons of the fly of his black, Levi jeans, pulling them open and yanking them and his stripped boxers down to his ankles like his brother. Both boys stood rigidly, pants down their teenage flagpoles standing proudly at forty-five angles from their midsections.

This gave Roxane and I front-row seats for the next five minutes interrogating the two teenage boys about the magazines, their sinning, where they got them, what they did while looking at them, how long they had the magazines. Throughout the entire interrogation both boys continued to deny knowing anything about the magazines.

Mrs. Tobias shrieked after the boys refused to confess, Liars! I don’t believe either of you sinners! After I am done spanking your bottoms I’m taking you right over to Father McDonald for confession! she yelled angrily.

I glanced behind us and a small crowd was congregating outside the boys’ bedroom door. Rachel, Roxane’s sixteen year old sister and Peter their ten-year-old brother were watching the entire chain of events. All eyes were on Gabe and Jesse’s penises and testicles that seemed to have a life of their own during the entire interrogation. They seemed to alternate between rock-hard boners and flaccid. Each boy was trembling visibly although it was not that cold in their bedroom. All eyes were on Mrs. Tobias as she walked over to a chest of drawers. She opened the top drawer and rummaged around moving a few stacks of boys’ underpants. She found what she was looking for; a very mean looking hairbrush.

I had seen hairbrushes in my twelve years of life, but this was in a completely different category. The bristles were faded, yellow and long and the brush itself was made of dark, heavy wood polished to a gleam. Mom please not the hairbrush! both boys pleaded as their Mom moved a desk chair out from a desk and beckoned Gabe to come to her.

Mom please no; not the brush please! he begged. Get your butt over here this minute or so help me I will get Grandpa’s strap! she ordered. That seemed to motivate Gabe to take a few shuffled steps over towards her his now-flaccid, fourteen year old penis swinging between his hobbled legs his jeans and underpants dragging on the ground.

You’re a filthy boy and a sinner Gabriel! I have half a mind to strip you naked, beat the tar out of you and push you out the door to live on the streets. I had better never, ever catch you or your brother with filthy pornography like this again! she said as she stared right at his penis and testicles.

I promise Mom! It’s not mine! I’ve never seen it before in my life! he continued to plea but that seemed to infuriate his Mom more. She grabbed hold of his wrist, pulled the boy over her lap and immediately began to swing the heavy brush up and down the boy’s butt and legs. Gabe was crying a little before, but that crying turned into a furious sobbing fit. She reverted that fourteen year old teenage into a little boy within seconds. The spanking lasted a couple of minutes before she pulled him to his feet. Lift your shirt tail! she ordered as he stumbled to his feet. Pull on your penis and stretch it out! she ordered. What? No Mom please! he seemed to sense what she had in mind looking at her and the brush in horror. You can’t please... he begged. Either that or your palms; it’s your choice! she ordered.
Gabe blushed and held out his hands palms up slowly. Two times on each palm the wooden brush swatted his hands. That should keep you from sinning for a couple of days I would think! she said staring once again as his now erect penis. Go stand over there and lift your shirt tail, Gabriel! she ordered pointing to where Jesse was standing.

Jesse, get over here! she demanded. Mom please I swear they’re not my magazines! I’ve never see them before and I know that we are not supposed to masturbate. I haven’t been I swear! he begged shuffling towards where his Mom was sitting his teenage penis erect and swinging from side to side as he walked.

Lift your shirt and pull on your penis and stretch it out! she demanded. Please Mom! I’ll take the palms instead, please! he begged. Find stretch out your palms! she ordered and repeated the process. By the second strike I noted that his erection was now gone and his penis was now flaccid. She then pulled the boy over her lap and soundly spanked the teenager like his twin brother who was standing there watching his brother get a dose of what he had just endured. Jesse was not more valiant than his brother. Tears were replaced by sobbing and weeping very quickly as his Mom expertly tanned his bare butt before standing him up and getting up herself. Stand over there! she directed him to shuffle over towards where Gabe was standing.

Mrs. Tobias walked over to where Gabe was standing, grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the bedroom door towards the small congregation watching. Gabe seemed to realize for the first time that there was an audience and his free hand cupped his privates as shuffled behind his Mom. Oh Mom please not a soaping! he begged as she directed him into the bathroom. His pleas fell on deaf ears as she took hold of the hem of his tee shirt, pulled it over his head and dropped it in the hamper, wet the bar of Ivory soap and suds were soon foaming from his lips and mouth. I WILL NOT BE LIED TO IN MY OWN HOME! she punctuated as she ran the soap along his braces filled mouth. The soaping was fairly quick compared to the spankings and lecture and Gabe was propelled back out of the bathroom now not seeming to care that his penis and testicles were flopping around wildly between now that they were fully exposed with his shirt off. She directed Gabe into on open corner in their bedroom and turned her attention to Jesse.

Mom please not a soaping! he begged as she dragged him by his wrist like his brother he was cupping his privates with his free hand as he shuffled between his siblings and me towards the bathroom. Jesse’s soaping was very much like his brother. His Mom denuded him of his shirt, wetted the bar of Ivory and thoroughly soaped the teenager’s mouth. She repeated the process dragging him by his wrist, his exposed privates bouncing wildly between his legs as she returned him to his bedroom and put his nose in the corner.

I am going to finish what I was doing downstairs. I had better not come upstairs and catch either of you boys touching your butts or your front while in the corner. If I catch either of you you’re going to back over my lap for another round with the hairbrush. While in the corner I want you to think about the confession you are going to give to Father McDonald. When we get home you are both going to burn those magazines in the fireplace downstairs. Am I understood? Turn around and face me! she ordered and both boys slowly turned around their hands at their sides exposing themselves once again to their siblings, Mom and me. Both boys nodded affirmatively and said Yes Ma’am! Good now turn yourselves around and those noses had not leave that wall until I call you downstairs. When I call you can both pull your pants back up, put on some deodorant and put on a clean shirt. I had better find you in the car within three minutes or so help me!

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