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Robert Morris

by Paul In Trouble

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I stood there beside Mrs Grays desk

So how are you settling in Morris?

Alright I think Mrs Gray

Just over two weeks now, honeymoon period over as they say, no special treatment any more

No Mrs Gray

I just wanted to warn you that I had a look at your maths you handed in this afternoon, and although I haven’t marked it yet, there is a strong chance you will have to touch your toes for me tomorrow morning

Oh no

I am afraid so, Morris and so I am warning you because you are not the best at PE, give you a chance to have a practise tonight

Yes, Mrs Gray

In my room that evening I really practised hard, knowing how important it was, everyone would be watching her smack my bottom. I didn’t sleep that well and the next morning I had another practise. After morning assembly, we all went back to class, our exercise books were handed out by the form monitor.

Not a bad effort at all by some, especially good work Edwina and Wendy, unfortunately for Thomas Floyd, Mr Davis will shortly be coming to collect him to take him to his office to be caned


At that moment Mr Davis walked in he had his cane tucked under his arm, and he took Thomas away to his office, Thomas sat behind me, he looked terrified as he was taken away.


Robert Morris, come out to the front


I stood up and walked out to the front of the class, she was standing ready for me,


It was as bad as I thought Morris, so it’s a spanking


She whispered this quietly in my ear, then pointed to where I was to stand




I did as she said, she walked around checking, then once satisfied she started to smack my bottom with her hand really hard, she smacked me really hard, all over my bottom. Once she told me to stand up and go back to my desk, I felt the severe discomfort, as I walked back everyone was looking. We then started our lesson, Thomas returned on his own soon after, his face was very red, and you could see he had been crying.


You just didn’t try hard enough Floyd, you had been warned to improve, but this time you had to be caned

Yes Miss


A few days later in the afternoon, we were working on an essay, Andy Catton the boy I sat next to whispered something to me and I laughed, a bit too loudly because Mrs Gray heard me.

Who just laughed out loud?


I knew that I had to own up so I put my hand up.


What was funny Morris?

Nothing Mrs Gray, sorry

You will be Morris, because you are going to have a spanking


She stood up from her desk


Come out the front Morris


I stood up and went to her, she pointed to the spot, and then told me to touch my toes, then once again a terrific onslaught of spanks. She collared me at playtime as we filed out.


I just wanted to let you know Morris, that your touching of your toes was much better, looks like you have been practising

Yes, Miss

Keep practising Morris, off you go


Over the next few weeks, it seemed that I touched my toes for her about every two weeks or so. I had made friends with one or two boys, and was feeling quite settled. We had snow and I had been larking about I had pushed a snowball down my friends Dean’s back, a dinner lady had seen it and then next thing we knew we were standing outside the headmaster’s office. Once inside and after questioning the burden of guilt fell on me, and it was true, I had got carried away, Dean’s jumper was all wet at the back.


So, Smith, although you were playing snow balls you agree that you played within the permitted school rules

Yes, sir

Do you agree that you were playing within the permitted school rules with regards to snowballs Morris?

No Sir, I was not

This is all fairly straight forward, it is exactly as Mrs Pilgrim reported, and Morris has admitted it truthfully without trying to move any blame to Smith, is there anything that you would like to say Morris?

I am sorry Dean


Dean nodded, I knew he was not at all happy with me.


I do believe that Morris is sorry for what he did Dean

Yes, sir


You may go back to your class Dean, Morris is staying behind


Dean left and closed the door behind him,


A silly game which you let get out of hand Robert

Yes, sir

Excited by all that snow I expect

Yes, Sir

But those rules are there for safety, for yours and the other boys and girls in the playground

Yes, Sir, it won’t happen again Sir

No, I don’t think it will


He stood up from his chair and removed his jacket,


But just to make sure, and because it’s what you deserve, you are going to have your bottom caned


He reached up to the shelf behind his desk and took down a three-foot bamboo cane. I started to sniffle a bit, trying to wipe my eyes.


I never meant for this to happen Sir

I know Robert, but I have to do this


He tucked the cane under his arm, walked over to me, he placed both hands on my shoulders and turned me around, then he put his hand on the back of my head and bent me over, he adjusted his hand which remained on my head. I felt the cane run over my bottom a couple of times, then his hand bent my head a little further down, the next thing was hearing the whoosh of the cane through the air then feeling its impact on my bottom, it hurt like a red hot wire, then another whoosh through the air and its awful impact on my bottom once again, and soon after the same again, and the a further one which seemed much harder than the other three, he moved his hand on my head and lifted my head so I was standing upright


All done Robert


I was sent back to class, very subdued but much worse was install for my bottom when Mr Davis had to go into hospital for an operation and an acting headmaster from the education authority came. His name was Mr Gove, a thin humourless man who wore thick lensed spectacles.

Once again Mrs Pilgrim reported me, this time for swearing in the playground, in the afternoon Mr Gove appeared in the classroom, he spoke to Mrs Gray, and it soon was apparent that he had come to collect me.


I need to ask you a few questions Morris, which you must answer truthfully


He said on the way back to the office, once inside he sat behind the desk, looking sternly at me


Mrs Pilgrim has reported that she heard you call a boy a very bad name, a vile swear word beginning with the letter C, is this correct Morris?

Yes Sir

You are aware that this is totally unacceptable language Morris

Yes, Sir

Working for the education authority, which involves sometimes inspecting and reporting on schools, I have had a detailed look into you Morris. You are a boy of average ability but does not fully apply himself. Your behaviour record shows that you are not a model pupil, and I note from the punishment book that you were caned in January. So, Morris not a glowing recommendation is it?

No Sir

With regard to the swearing I have to ask the question, would a caning in front of the whole school be the best punishment? It would also serve to ensure that other boys think twice before swearing, what do you think Morris?


Being caned in front of the whole school was a terrible prospect, I started to slightly tremble, not knowing how an earth to answer him.


I suspect that you don’t want to receive a public caning Morris

No sir, please don’t Sir


He picked his briefcase from the floor, opened it and took out a very large, well-worn looking plimsoll.


I think by the time I have finished we will have tears and some howling and one very sorry boy who will promise never to swear again, less shameful than a public caning though Morris

Yes Sir


He placed the plimsoll on his desk, stood up and went outside the office and brought back one of the classroom chairs, he closed the office door than placed it just under the map on the wall, I remember thinking that this was a good plan on his part as it would give him plenty of space.


Come here Morris


I walked over to him, I knew that I was required to stand behind the chair,


Bend over the chair, placing your hands as flat as possible on the seat of the chair, gripping the front


I did as he said, the chair was the perfect height for me to bend over


Tuck your head right down, Morris......that’s good, you must try to stay in position without moving, it’s going to be difficult for you to do it, but you must make a really good effort, I am just going to take my jacket off, collect the plimsoll and I will be ready to start slippering you


I heard him walk away over to his desk, and he then soon returned to me


As I said Morris, stay in position where possible, I will tell you to correct your position if needed, just remember Morris my aim is to make it as painful as possible for you


He landed the first whack, boy did it sting, then the next, his whacks were so hard, he kept whacking me, suddenly there was a knock on the door, come in he called out, oh no I thought,


I have the letters for you to sign Mr Gove


It was the school secretary


If you could just leave them on my desk please Mrs White, and you will find the school report for Robert Morris there that can be filed

Very good Mr Gove

I am afraid I must continue with slippering Morris

Of course, Mr Gove, sorry to disturb


I had been given two whacks before she had left, by now I had begun to cry out, and with such a hot unbearable prickly sting it was getting so much worse with each whack, he had now placed his hand on my back to keep me still as he continued to slipper me. Eventually he stopped, I wanted to jump up and down the sting was so bad, I was crying, once I had stopped he took me back to the classroom. I had to face the class whilst he addressed everyone.


Morris was heard using vile language which you all would know as swearing, it will not be tolerated in this school. Morris has been punished for this with a severe slippering, and hopefully he has learnt his lesson, let this being a warning to you all


Mr Gove left us but Mrs Gray told me to stay where I was.


Your spelling test results were not up to the mark Morris so I need to give you a spanking, would you prefer to come in early tomorrow morning and have it then or I can do it now

Tomorrow please Miss

Come in five minutes before


The next day I stood outside the classroom awaiting her arrival, as she turned the corner I stood really straight.


Good morning Robert, nice and early I see, in you go


I went into the classroom and stood by her desk, as she put down her bag.


Not the best start to a school day for you Robert is it?

No, Miss

But after a good slippering from Mr Gove, it’s better to have a separate spanking for poor results in the spelling test

Yes Miss


Mrs Gray pointed where I had to stand, told me to touch my toes, and then spanked me really hard, also lifting the legs of my shorts to smack the tops of my legs. Later that day I was in trouble with her again, Andy Catton and I were having a laugh when one of the girls in the class was having to touch her toes so Mrs Gray could smack her, Mrs Gray had lifted her skirt up so she could slap her legs, when she looked up and saw us.


Morris and Catton out the front now


We made our way out the front and once she had finished smacking Deborah Jones who was now crying, she had Andy touch his toes and spanked him hard, he went back to his desk, she looked at me


Morris, fetch me your plimsoll


I went to the cloakroom and collected a plimsoll from my duffle bag and returned to the classroom, handing the plimsoll to Mrs Gray.


I would have thought after this morning you of all people would not have laughed when someone is having to touch their toes

Sorry Miss


She pointed to where I had to stand and told me for the second time that day to touch my toes. She spanked and spanked me with my plimsoll. When she had finished she told me to stand up, and handed me back my plimsoll.


You had better leave it on my desk Morris, just in case you have to have another spanking today


I placed it on her desk and went and sat back at my desk, at the end of the school day I waited for everyone to leave first and then went to collect my plimsoll.


It wasn’t very nice of you to be laughing when Deborah was having her bottom smacked was it Robert?

No Miss

You wouldn’t like it if you were touching your toes having your bottom smacked and people were laughing, would you?

No Miss, it’s just we thought it was funny because you lifted her skirt

It’s no different from when I lift your trouser legs to smack your legs Robert

No Miss

The trouble with you is Robert you are inclined to be very naughty and easily distracted but underneath there is a very thoughtful boy who has ability, it’s just we see too much of the naughty Robert

Sorry Miss


She picked up my plimsoll from her desk,


Oh, dear Robert it really isn’t your day today, but you know what I must do, TOUCH YOUR TOES


For the third time that day I was touching my toes and for the second time my plimsoll was being used to slipper my bottom, once again she slippered me really hard, when she had finished she handed me back my plimsoll.


I don’t suppose when you went to fetch your plimsoll for me it would be for two spankings did you Robert?

No Miss

You keep looking at the clock Robert, is there somewhere you have to be?

I have to go to the barbers, I usually run there so I don’t have to wait too long, but I know I had to see you first Miss

Well while you are waiting to have your haircut, you can think about why you have had three spankings today

Yes Miss

At least you will look smart tomorrow, you know what happens to boys who I have to give three spankings in a day to

No Miss

I take you to the headmaster for the cane, it’s a rule that I have, off you go Robert

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