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My Friends Dad

by Bad Boy Matt

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Friends Dad

You would have thought that at 16 years of age we would have had more sense than to play around with a football in the garden of my friends’ place. Or to be more accurate my friends’ parents’ house.

But that is what we did and that is what got me my first spanking.

Whilst I wouldn’t say my parents were against discipline – they certainly weren’t, but they never disciplined us physically. No, they were much more into restriction of liberties, such as grounding, no TV or music etc. However, I knew that some of my mates were regularly spanked by their parents, and were then out and about again not long after, while I was stuck in my room. Dan was one of my friends who I knew got spanked – although we never discussed it, up to then.

Don’t get me wrong, I never wanted a spanking, I just didn’t want to be grounded either.

Mr Blake, my friend’s Dad, was a keen gardener and had a lovely garden, full of different plants, flowers and ornaments. He also had a really nice, flat lawn area. Perfect for football.

So, there we were the first Saturday of the holidays, both just killing time until we went back to school, but this time as 6th formers. So, adults, right? Too old to be disciplined, right? Oh! How very wrong!

Twice Mr Blake came out of his shed to warn us about playing in the garden, and twice he told us to pack it away and go do something else – and twice we ignored him.

Then, of course, it happened. The ball went a bit off course, and ended up smashing the window of the shed, after first having knocked over a nice Japanese pagoda, and Dan falling into the rose garden trying to stop it for good measure. Honestly, Shakespeare would have been happy with that Comedy of Errors!

However, Mr Blake did not see the comedy in any of this. In fact he came storming out of his shed, and in a very stern voice, but not shouting, which was worse, said what the hell have you done. Both of you, get into the house, and wait for me in the lounge – now!

Of course, this time we did as we were told. We went straight into the lounge and waited for what was only a few seconds, until Mr Blake came in – his face red with anger.

Right he said to Dan I think you know what is going to happen now, so let’s not hang about. Get those trousers and pants down and get over my knee

Yes Dad Dan replied, and went and bent over his father’s knee where Mr Blake immediately set about spanking his bare bottom with his hand. But this spanking was anything but mild.

Although it was painful to see my best friend getting spanked, I couldn’t help looking. Not in any erotic way, but just out of pure fascination, and I certainly could not help hearing the spanks raining down on my friend’s quickly reddening backside. Spank, spank, spank they kept coming and I was more surprised at the noise of the slaps than I was of the groans coming from Dan.

After what seemed an age Dan was told to get up and to bend over the chair, and I saw Mr Blake go to a cupboard and take out a cane. Christ, I thought, surely he is not going to cane Dan on the bare bottom, in front of me! But to be honest I don’t think either of them actually remembered I was there.

And yes, he did cane him in front of me! When I say cane, I am more meaning thrashed. If I thought the sound of a hand spanking a bare bottom was bad enough, the sound of a cane hitting an already red bare bum was really nothing like I expected. To say Dan’s groans increased in volume is an understatement as well.

Just like I thought Mr Blake was an expert at spanking, so he was at caning – in a totally different way. Whereas the spanking was given at a constant tempo, at different strengths, on each buttock, the caning was given intermittently, on both buttocks, with what seemed to be the same strength – they certainly sounded the same – and got the same results – red welts and loud groans.

I didn’t count them, but later Dan told me he received 30 strokes. Neither of us knew how many hand spanks he received, but it was a lot, and took over 10 minutes of constant spanking.

Finally, Dan was told to get up, replace his trousers and go to his room, which he did without looking at me – but Mr Blake certainly looked at me!

Right Mr Blake said and what do you think we should do with you

I don’t know Mr Blake I lamely replied but please don’t tell my parents. I will get grounded for the rest of the holidays

So you think it fair that only Dan should get punished for breaking my window and ruining my flower beds, do you? he snapped.

No, of course not I heard myself say, but please don’t tell my parents

Well, you saw what Dan got – I think you should get the same Mr Blake said

No bloody way I said You are not going to spank and cane me I shouted out

Fine he said then let’s tell your parents now, shall we

No, please I pleaded like a pathetic little boy OK, I will take the spanking, but not the caning, please sir I said. I suddenly realised that I had just said, out loud, that I would take a spanking!

Is that right Mr Blake said and you think you are in a position to dictate what punishment you will receive do you? I will give you what I decide to give you. Do you understand?

Yes, Mr Blake I replied.

Right, then get you trousers and underwear off, get over here, and get over my knee – NOW

So there I was at the tender age of 16 leant over my best friend’s fathers knee getting my first spanking on my bare bottom. At least, I thought, Dan wasn’t watching me, like I was watching him! At least I was saved that humiliation.

But to be honest that soon paled into insignificance as soon as Mr Blake started the spanking. The pain was really intense, and I was sure I was not going to last as long as Dan had. I also think Mr Blake did not lay them on as hard as he had with Dan, but they still hurt all the same. On and on they went, spank, spank, spank – there was no let up at all. I am not sure how loud the spanking was, but I am sure my groans and moans covered any noise anyway!

Soon – well not soon – but eventually Mr Blake stopped spanking but told me to stay where I was for a while. He smoothed my bottom with his hand for a minute or so, then told me to stand up.

Then he told me to bend over the chair. Oh God! I thought – he is going to cane me after all.

Please sir I said please, please don’t cane me – I assure you sir I have learnt my lesson from the spanking

Bend over the chair Mr Blake just said I am going to use the cane, but a lot lighter and a lot less than Dan received as this is your first time, unless you continue to argue and they will be a lot harder and a lot more

I am not known as someone who just accepts things, and I do often tend to argue, but something about the way Mr Blake said this made me just obey! So I immediately bent over the chair.

No sooner had I bent over than the caning started. I have to agree and say that I knew straight away they were not as hard as Dan had received, but sodding hell they hurt. I have no idea how Dan stood it – he just stayed there over the chair taking stroke after stroke after stroke.

I, on the other hand, squirmed and moved with each stroke. Oh, yes! And cried out and begged him to stop. He didn’t of course, just kept up a steady rhythm on my bare and very sore backside. I received 10 strokes of the cane on my naked bottom. That’s all – just 10 – but they were the most painful thing I can remember ever having received.

Mr Blake told me to stand up, pull up my trousers and go to Dan’s room, where we both tried to console each other. To be honest Dan was more upset that I had been spanked and caned by his father and kept telling me he was sorry.

After a few minutes we decided to go out for a bit. We went across to the local rec, where several more of our friends were, but we didn’t stay. I didn’t know how I was not going to let them know we had been spanked. I certainly couldn’t sit on the swings nor the benches. I just wasn’t used to this – but at least I was still out and about and not shut up in my room, with no music or anything.

Having said that it wasn’t until a couple of days later that I really appreciated that fact – when the fire in my bum had finally receded, and I could sit down with no pain.

Several weeks later I found myself alone with Dan’s dad when Dan had gone out to his grandmother’s – after we had arranged to meet.

Sorry Matt Mr Blake said, but Dan is not here. Come in anyway, there is something I would like to say to you

I went in, not at all sure what he wanted to talk to me about – but I soon found out.

I wanted to discuss with you what happened the other day he said the day of your spanking

Oh, right I managed to mumble!

Well, the fact is I thought you took your spanking really well Mr Blake continued, and I was wondering if that was the way you wanted to go – me spanking you, rather than your parents grounding you

I had to admit not being grounded sounded good, but not sure about the spanking – and certainly not sure about the caning, but I thought – which was worse? So I made up my mind – perhaps rashly, and heard myself say:

Yes, the spanking does sound better than the grounding, but how will you know and how will you convince my parents?

Well obviously it will only be for things that happen here, or that your parents don’t know about Mr Blake said.

Oh, I see I said yes that sounds fine, thank you

That’s great said Mr Blake well, now, let’s see. Dan is out, we are alone, and I am sure there have been several misdemeanors you have done recently that you haven’t been punished for aren’t there he laughed.

So I laughed back – Yes, I am sure there are – oops!

Well he said – no longer laughing we can’t have that can we. Why don’t you remove your trousers and underwear and bend over my knee, and we can sort those misdemeanors out now

For some unknown reason I immediately did as he asked and was soon over his knee getting another spanking on my bare bottom. In fact this turned out to be a regular thing, often with Dan and just as often without.

For several years I would find myself over Mr Blake’s knee getting spanked, or over the back of a chair getting the cane or the strap. The strange thing is, I was often there getting spanked for things Mr Blake did not know about – I volunteered the information!

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