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Peter's Plan
Part Thirteen

by U.N. Known

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A Tribute to Peter is Put Back Into Shorts by Crispin

Author’s Note: This is another bonus chapter, inspired by several suggestions from the few readers this series has left (judging by the feedback and votes!) and to give Peter some happiness before the series takes a darker turn into the world of bullying.


Come on little bro. We’re here. Adam Lloyd pulled the car door fully open so Peter could see what lay beyond.

Beyond the small, mostly deserted car park, lay a squat square building that would have been totally unremarkable were it not for the giant dinosaur that was sitting on the roof and which Peter instantly recognised, as the mascot for the latest fast food restaurant aimed at the Under 10s.

Dino Dan’s? he smiled, craning his head as far as his safety harness would allow.

Adam nodded, reaching back into the car to release the belt, Indeed, apparently the sulky little kid gets a treat before going back to school and I’ve got enjoy it, or else.

Instantly a firm female voice corrected the inference: It was YOUR idea to come here Adam, as well you know. You even said Petey could do with a treat to cheer him up after his little holiday didn’t end so well, so stop your complained and get moving.

Yes Mother. conceded Adam, his eyes meeting Peter’s as he did. Eyes that said a lot, and which received the thanks they were given. Come on little Bro, let’s show all those scruffy little kids just how smart you look.

Freed from the seat Peter climbed out of the car, to stand on the freshly laid tarmac. His new T-bar sandals creaking slightly as he took his first step making him look down, and then crouch down in order to pull up his socks until they were equal.

Standing again, he carefully checked his shirt was tucked in, especially around the back, before fastening the buttons on his formal jacket. His hands continuing upwards to check his new bow tie was still straight, before running his hands over his still short hair, now layered in oil to keep it in the position it had been combed into before he’d left the house.

You done? Adam asked, a laugh in his voice, yet with a strange sense of pride at just how good his little brother looked in his new short trousered suit especially from the back, where the jacket didn’t come close to hiding just how pronounced Peter’s bottom looked in those tailored shorts. Come on. I’m starving.

You’re always starving. Peter noted about the sixteen year old who didn’t deny it for the simple reason that it was the truth. And today was no exception.

Adam, Huw whispered as they got closer to the brightly coloured entrance, Hold you brother’s hand.

What? the teenager’s head spun around, Why?

People have to believe he’s under ten or we won’t get in. Look at the sign.

Dino Dan’s policy was laid out in chalk on a blackboard easel outside their main door, in a style that may have been a joke, a promotional stunt, or an iron clad rule. Whichever it was, it stated that no one got in without a child under the age of ten. Ironically, it also pointed out that all children under ten must be accompanied by a adult.

So it was that when the Lloyd family entered Dino Dan’s it was with the parents leading the way, and their two boys following closely behind, both of them glancing around to see if there was anyone they knew inside, but for totally, yet similar reasons. One not wanting to be seen holding his little brother’s hand, while the other very much wanted to be seen holding his big brother’s hand, for the sense of security it game him.

Two adults. One Teenager, and one little kid. Huw told the hostess who made a note on the seating plan behind the counter, and then asked the family to follow her to a large booth on the far side of the restaurant.

My don’t you look smart, young man. she complimented Peter before giving Adam a look that said the opposite of his jeans and t-shirt.

Told you you should have worn a suit too, Peter cheeked as he slid into the booth ahead of his brother, only to be propelled along by a firm tap to his bottom.

Ow! Mummy, did you see what Adam did?

Yes dear I did, Mary settled herself onto the other side of the curved bench seating, and you probably asked for it, as usual.

Having clearly lost the argument Peter slouched back in his seat only to sit forward again when he was handed a child’s menu and a blue ticket.

Excuse me, Miss. he addressed the waitress, What’s this for, please?

The explanation was simple. It was the grand opening of Dino Dan’s and in the tradition of all restaurants in the chain, there were giving way prizes in an hourly raffle draw which is what the ticket was for. Kids got a blue ticket and adults a red one. Teenagers, Peter was very pleased to hear, didn’t get anything.

Hump! was Adam’s thoughts on that. Well that’s what he said. His thoughts were something very different. Still he got to pinch his brother’s thigh under the table, just to remind him who was the boss as the waitress complimented Peter on his manners.

Thank you Miss. the younger boy smiled at her, trying to ignore the sting in his leg.

The waitress left, after giving Peter another smile, and giving Adam a sideways look, saying she’d be back shortly to take their order leaving the family to descend into a round of chit-chat where each one got to say what was going on in their lives. Not that all that much was for the adults, at least nothing the boys hadn’t heard a dozen times before. Adam, being sixteen, had plenty going on, but nothing he wanted to talk about in front of his parents, so it was left to Peter to go over the details of his holiday down on the farm, including his adventures at being a cub scout, but most certainly not the way that had ended. Or the events he’d witnessed on that final night.

True to her word the waitress was soon back, taking orders, starting with Peter who’d know what he wanted from the moment he’d seen the menu which was the Special Kiddie Burger that had just about everything in it that was guaranteed to appeal to small boys, and their mum’s fear for their stomachs.

Sensibly Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd both went for something on the adult menu that wasn’t fried, whilst Adam, picked the platter of everything that was, along with an extra portion of onion rings, just to be on the safe side he wouldn’t be left hungry before it was time for desert.

Returning to the conversation, Adam was about to ask why Peter had been in such a mood when he’d picked him up from the farm, when an announcement over the restaurant’s PA system cut him off mid flow.

Hello Children, Mummies and Daddies, welcome to Dino Dan’s hourly raffle. If you can all get your tickets ready, I will read up out the winning numbers for this hour and the lucky winners can collect their prizes. I will be doing two adult tickets and then too kiddie tickets, starting with this one.

The Lloyds didn’t have to do anything as at Mary’s suggestion they’d all left their tickets out on the table where they could see them. Not that it took them that long to realise that the first number announced wasn’t even close to anything they had.

Somewhere on the far side of the restaurant, a man cried out that he’d won and was soon heading across to the centre table where he was given a voucher that made his next meal totally free.

A second number was then called, this time a woman surrounded by children put up her hand but was unable to collect her prize due to her being right in the middle of her meal, so a waitress collected her prize without revealing what it was.

Then it was time for the kids’ tickets to be called, the first of which was won by a girl who giggled and skipped across the floor to collect the doll from the person in the ill-fitting Dino Dan suit. She then returned to her seat, cuddling the doll all the way back to her seat in a way that even Adam thought was cute.

However, when the second child’s number was called, no one replied until the announcer asked everyone to check their tickets, at which point Peter found his leg being slapped, as Adam told him he’d won.

What? he gasped, snatching up his ticket and sure enough he had the winning number by which time Adam was already sliding out of the seat, and pulling him out along with him.

Go on. Get up there. See what you won. Everyone is waiting for you and I’m still starving.

You’re always... Suddenly Peter froze to the spot. Turning around, he saw that indeed everyone was not only waiting for him, but the entire restaurant was pretty much staring in his direction as well, making him feel strangely self-conscious, and just a little bit excited as well.

Ah there’s our little winner. the friendly waitress swooped down on him, Come on sweety. There’s no need to be shy!

Peter started to protest that he wasn’t shy, but like most adults when dealing with small children the waitress wasn’t really listening as she had a job to get on with. Taking the slightly blushing boy’s hand, she escorted him across the restaurant, drawing even more attention to the teenager in the old fashioned short trousered suit, until they reached the Dino mascot who was already holding the prize he thought a boy his age would like.

The plastic dinosaur was totally authentic in every way, but for the rather silly smiling face that wouldn’t have been out of place on a clown. It did however have moveable arms and legs, and even the jaw opened and closed, even if there weren’t any teeth inside it. It was also a good foot tall, and heavier than it looked, as Peter found out when he took it and nearly dropped it.

Careful there sweaty. Do you want me to carry that for you? offered the waitress already turning him back in the direction of his seat.

No thank you miss. I can manage! Peter said, loud enough for the nearest tables to hear, who then sighed and mentioned how cute he was, which was all the encouragement the young teenager needed to return to his family.

Great toy, Petey, Adam again, slapped his bottom as he slid into the booth, but Peter found a use for his prize as he placed it on the seat between them instantly reducing his brother’s access to his body much to Adam’s frustration.

The food arrived as soon as Peter was once more settled into his seat. His was the first to be placed on the table, but it came with something he hadn’t expected. A bib.

We don’t want to spoil your lovely little suit now do we sweety, the waitress said, going around into the booth behind theirs so she could place the cloth over his head before he could complain, tying the laces behind his neck.

There that’s better sweaty. Now you get tucking in, while I bring everything else. she patted him on the head, and then left him sitting there, pretty much covered in the bib that featured an even less realistic dinosaur than the one who’d given him his prize.

Baby! mumbled Adam, although his attention was soon diverted by the arrival of more plates. These though were covered in green, so couldn’t have been for him, and they weren’t, they were for his parents. His food coming out last, which he thought was a down-right injustice, until he tasted it. Then he didn’t care. He was eating as if his life depended on it.

The meal passed in silence unless you count the sounds of cutlery scraping plates the occasional slurp of soda or the munching and crunching of fried food.

By the time the plates were all empty several things were perfectly clear. One being that the food in Dino Dan’s really was very good. The second that Adam really did eat fast, and thirdly, Peter’s bib had been a good idea.

Wow, look at the mess you’ve got yourself into, Mary laughed at the various multi-coloured stains that were now splattered across the cotton dinosaur. And not just there either, which she also noticed, and then attacked using her own napkin dipped in a glass of water.

Mum! shrieked Peter, at the indignity coming his way only to be prevented scurrying out of the way of the maternal face wash, by his gleeful brother not just refusing to get out of the way, but actually pushing back into their mother’s clutches.

Yuck! Yuck! he repeated, using the sleeve of his suit jacket to try to make his face seem less violated, if that were at all possible. It didn’t. What it did do was lead to him getting into trouble.

Stop that you’ll stain the cloth.

But Daddy... he started to protest until he became aware that someone else was standing beside the table.

Hello, the lady said smiling at him, It’s my son’s birthday today. He’s eight. How old are you?

Peter panicked. Not knowing what to say. There was no way he was going to say he was thirteen, not that the lady would probably believe him anyway. Thankfully Adam, of all people came to his rescue.

My brother is eight too, aren’t you Petey?

He nodded, despite the worried looks from their parents if not from the mother of the birthday boy.

Oh great. I thought as much. Would you like to come to the birthday room and join my son’s party? If that’s okay with your parents of course?

Unable to come up with a reason why not, Huw and Mary agreed, so Adam let Peter out of the booth and sent him on the way across the restaurant with yet another pat to his short trousered rear. Don’t forget your Dino Dan, Petey.

The lady offered her hand and Peter took it without thinking, clutching his prize in his other hand as they walked around the side of the restaurant to where a separate room was set aside for birthday parties such as the one that was going on inside. The one currently going on seemed a little half hearted for reasons that were soon explained to Peter.

We’ve only just moved here so we haven’t made many friends yet, but my son does love dinosaurs like you do, so you should get on great.

When they entered the room the birthday boy dressed in a pair of new jeans and shirt was sitting cross legged on the floor, with three other boys around his own age and an impressive collection of plastic prehistoric creatures. An older girl sat to one side looking very bored, apparently guarding the food that had been laid out, to prevent anyone from eating to the point of sickness.

All faces quickly turned to Peter the moment he was inside, or rather what he was holding which turned out to be the current holy grail amongst toy dinosaur collectors such as the birthday boy and his small circle of friends.

Oh wow, you won the Dino Dan. That’s so brilliant. I’m Ian. Who are you?

Peter told them the childish version of his name and was duly introduced to all the other boys and Ian’s older sister, who, as is the way of older sisters, totally ignored him as he sat down on the floor so the other boys could examine his prize, and compare it to the other smaller toys they all ready had.

Time is a relative concept especially for small boys who are lost in a make believe world from a long, long, time ago so it was for Peter, who was soon engrossed in the battles that were being played out across the restaurant carpet. On hands and knees, the creatures he controlled were chased and gave chase to those grasped in the hands of Ian and the other boys. Dino Dan being much larger than the others always won of course, so Peter allowed the others their turn with him, some making him evil but most keeping him as the good guy like the fast food chains PR people preferred.

Under tables, over and across chairs, the battles raged on, stopping only for handfuls of snacks, and occasional sips of overly sugared drinks that then fuelled yet more shouts and cries, once the drinker returned to the game. The noise created by just three preteen boys, and one older boy, making it very clear why they had a room to themselves, but it was due to them being in their own room that they got to make so much noise, without anyone telling them off, even though Ian’s sister frequently tried.

Whilst all this joyful childish play was going on the remaining members of the Lloyd family remained at their table talking like adults, whilst enjoying their puddings and then drinking coffee, all of which went to make Adam feel rather more grown up and he usually did. None of them were in any hurry to leave wanting to give Peter as long as possible to live out his dream of being treated like a little kid, but eventually it started to get later, so Adam was sent to fetch his little brother without anyone realising just what that would entail.

Ian’s mum wasn’t in the party room when Adam got there, so with no adults present, he went straight into big brother mode, striding into the room, pushing his way between the little boys and grabbing his brother by the collar of his jacket.

Hey! Who are you? Get off him! Protested Ian on Peter’s behalf but Adam didn’t listen, so Ian turned to a higher power. His sister. Tell him Emily.

Tell who? What? she looked up, Oh it’s you. Adam Lloyd!

Emily Watson? Adam stood up, What? What are you doing here?

She nodded at Ian, On Brat patrol. You?

Same! he replied, grabbing Peter around the waist, picking him up and flinging him over his shoulder in what he hoped was a demonstration of his manliness, even if the girl from his school didn’t know just how much heavier his brother was than a normal eight year old. She did, however smile, which made it all worth it.

Okay. See you then, Adam?

There was so much Adam wanted to say to the prettiest girl in his class but his body was already starting to react to that smile in a way that turned his brain to mush, while stiffening other parts of his body. Er, yeah! he stammered, See you, erm, see you. Yeah

Emily. Her name is Emily! said a voice from his shoulder, that really didn’t make him feel any more confident.

Shut up! he hissed back, heaving Peter’s body further over his shoulder, and then landing a couple of slaps onto the stretched rear which caught the girl’s attention.

Are you allowed to spank you little brother like that?

Sure. he shrugged, doing it again as she seemed to like it, It’s what big brothers do to little brothers.

Lucky you. Apparently Big Sister aren’t allowed to.

Mum says you can’t. piped up Ian, as confirmation which gave Adam an idea as to how to impress Emily.

Well, perhaps you can borrow mine some time, and try it out?

Naturally Peter protested at that, and got his bottom smacked as an answer and told to be quiet as the grown ups were talking which they may have continued to do for longer had Mrs. Watson not then returned to the room, causing Adam to make a hasty exit still with Peter over his shoulder only to be stopped at the door, when Ian ran over carrying Peter’s prize dinosaur.

Hey, don’t forget your Dino Dan. he handed it up to the inverted boy, who thanked him, and then made the small boy laugh by pretending to get the dinosaur to bite his big brother’s bottom which even though it led to more spanking was a fitting end to what was going to be the last happy day Peter was going to have for some time.

to be continued
as Peter, without the protection of Barry Raymond, falls into a Mouse trap.

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