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Punishment was different when I was growing up
Part 2

by CfnmFan

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Things were different back when I was a kid. If kids didn’t something wrong, you got punished. You didn’t get your cell phone taken away or time out, you got a good old fashion ass whooping. Sometimes it was with a hand, sometimes it was with a belt or wooden spoon. Sometimes it was in private and sometimes your friends witnessed your spanking. Parents didn’t care where they were or who was there to witness if they thought it would teach you a lesson.

My friend Terry always got into trouble and got his ass spanked often. He parents didn’t care who was there or how old he was. He and his brother continued to be paddled into their high school years. But nothing was as bad as our sophomore year in high school.
Summer was over and kids were heading back to school. Terry and I finished our freshman year and were no longer the rookies in the school. We had a little seniority and could pick on the incoming freshman, just like we were picked on.

Both Terry and I were good athletes. I think both of us are better at baseball than football, but Terry and I made the varsity football team as sophomores. It was quite an honor but once again we were the rookies. We were picked on constantly and made to do all the grunt work, like pick up all the footballs after practice, gather all the cones, and bring the tackling dummies inside.

The seniors got together and gave the ultimate hazing prank to Terry. I think they gave it to Terry because they knew he would do it. If you remember, Terry likes to be the center of attention and class clown. He constantly gets into trouble at home and at school. I think he has broken the record for most detentions. His parents try to discipline him but nothing works. He continues to get into trouble and they don’t know what to do about it.

Last summer, Terry’s parents found out Terry and, his younger brother, John broke their neighbor’s window for the third time. Terry and John lied about it first saying they didn’t know anything about it but the truth eventually came out. Terry’s parents, the Wagners were furious and didn’t know how else to punish Terry and John so they tried public shame and humiliation. They stripped the boys naked and made them apologize to the neighbors. Terry and John were both paddled, naked, in front of the adult neighbors and 3 neighborhood girls. The girls got to see Terry and John completely naked and get their bare asses spanked. It was the most humiliating spanking I have ever witnessed.

So, the seniors on the football team, told Terry he had to steal the team mascot, a bulldog, from the opposing team they play on Homecoming this coming weekend. Terry didn’t flitch when the assignment was given to him. He started thinking immediately how he could do it. I just prayed he would not get caught.

The school scheduled a pep rally on the Wednesday before Homecoming weekend. The cheerleaders were leading cheers, the stands were packed with students, and the football players were on the field getting everyone pumped up for the game against the Springfield High School Bulldogs. As the captain of the football was revving up the crowd, here comes Terry with the Springfield mascot, their bulldog. The football team started cheering and the student body went nuts. It turned out to be a fantastic pep rally. But then things took a turn for the worst for Terry.

Terry returned the Bulldog back to the Springfield High School. No harm was done to the bulldog as he was basically treated like a king, with plenty of treats and warm affection.

Thursday afternoon was another pep rally for the student body. Thursday’s pep rally was different as they broke the grades up because of some type of testing the senior had to do. So, it was just the sophomore class in the stands. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm for an autumn day. The cheerleaders and football team was gathering on the field. There was a stage with a podium set up on the track surrounding the football field. It was very close to the bleachers where the student body was sitting.

Terry and I were hanging around the rest of the football team. We were in our football jerseys but no pads or football pants. We both had on regular shorts on with our jersey. We were watching the cheerleaders cheer and get the crowd rowdy.

The first thing that was supposed to happen was the principal was to speak to the student body. Then maybe the assistant principal would talk, then the coaches, cheerleaders and then football captains. But there was something going on with the faculty. They were huddled together far across the field. The kids were getting restless and making a lot of noise.

Then the strangest sight occurred that made Terry shake in fear. Terry’s parents were here, talking to the administrative staff of the school. Terry’s face went solemn, his eyes went cold, and his body was motionless. The only words I could muster were What the hell is happening?

Terry didn’t answer. He stared at the school staff and his parents. What could they be discussing? Did they find out about Terry stealing the mascot? It looked like Terry’s parents were signing something. My only thought was this could not be good.

Principal Patterson came to the podium to speak. The vice principal, Miss Jackson, stood to his right and a few more teachers including the head coach stood to the left. The principal asked for quiet and after a few moments, the kids quieted down enough for him to start speaking.

Principal Patterson began speaking by saying, I have some news regarding the homecoming game that will affect each and every one of you so please be quiet and listen. He waited for complete silence and continued. I received a phone call from the principal of Springfield High School. They have video tape of us stealing their mascot and they are pressing charges with the police.

The kids in the stands started yelling obscene things at the principal. Terry remained motionless and stared into space. My stomach began feeling nauseous. My thought is he will be suspended or maybe kicked off the football team.

The principal continued, Springfield High School principal was not happy and demanded punishment for the culprit. In accordance with the rules, Springfield can make us forfeit the homecoming football game. This did not make the student body happy and they started screaming and bouncing on the bleachers making loud deafening noise. The football players all started grumbling. The principal again tried to quiet the rowdy audience.

Principal Patterson continued, The Springfield principal said he would drop all charges against us and not make us forfeit, IF the culprit is identified and disciplined appropriately. The students again started getting loud and out of control.

I looked at Terry and said oh fuck! Terry stare was scary. He didn’t move, he didn’t blink, nor did he make a sound. He was trying to hold it together. I think he was processing everything. The whole football team knew it was Terry who stole the mascot. Obviously, our principal knows it was Terry as that must be why Terry’s parents are here.

Quiet was once again restored and Principal Patterson continued with what will happen next, the video tape showed it was Terry Wagner that stole the mascot and also returned it. Terry’s head bowed and he was staring at the ground now. All eyes in the stadium were on Terry. It’s funny how they all laughed and cheered yesterday but now they have turned on Terry.

We contacted Terry Wagner’s parents and told them of the situation. Terry could be charged with burglary and theft, also a suspension from school and kicked off the football team. We talked about possible disciplinary options with the Wagners and Springfield’s principal and we found a mutually agreement upon punishment. The charges will be dropped, we will play the football game as scheduled, and Terry will get to stay on the football team. His punishment will be, with written consent of his parents, he will be paddled right now, in front of the entire student body of the school, exactly like he is paddled at home, without his clothes.

The entire stadium erupted in screams of laughter. The noise was overwhelming. I turned immediately to Terry and he mumbled to himself, they can’t do that. He just shook his head from left to right, mumbling no, no. He was going to be humiliated in front of the entire school, not only the students but the teachers too. I saw Terry humiliated when his father paddled his bare ass in front of the neighborhood girls. How horrific is this? Terry didn’t make a move, he stood still and all eyes were waiting for him to walk to center stage.

During this era, the public school system could paddle kids. They normally took the kid to the front of the classroom and told them to touch their toes. They would be paddled through their pants or jeans. This is the first time I have heard of having the student strip to receive their paddling. Mr. Wagner told Terry if he continued to make bad decisions, he would paddle him in front of the school, but I thought he was kidding. And I bet Terry thought he was kidding too.

The principal summoned Terry to the stage. It took a few seconds for Terry’s feet to start moving forward. He was expressionless, as it looked like he was still processing everything. The stadium was still exploding with noise. Terry’s parents were standing by the principal. Terry slowly walked to the stage at an extremely slow pace. Terry’s blonde hair waved in the wind as he walked. His oversized green jersey was tucked into his white shorts.

When he arrived to the stage, he was talking to his mom and dad and also the principal. I know he was trying to talk himself out of this. He was a master of words and could spin any situation to his favor. I wish I could hear what they were saying. I moved to the front of where the football players were standing so I could see better. I also noticed that the cheerleaders moved from the side of the stage to directly in front.

I don’t believe anyone could comprehend that this was happening. It has never happened before and probably will never happen again. It was unheard of to be paddled in your underwear, let alone completely naked. I heard some of the football players talking that they feel bad that they made him to it but I am sure they are not going to say anything. They don’t want to be up on stage, naked and getting paddled in front of the entire school.

The talking between Terry and his parents and the principal continued on. Finally, Principal Patterson stepped away from the group and proceeded to the microphone. He made the announcement, The paddling will begin shortly. The standard rules applied when a student is paddled. No comments, no laughing, no ridicule. I want complete silence or that person will suffer the same consequence. At that point, the entire stadium went quiet. No one wanted to have this done to them. But they sure will want to watch the humiliation.

Everybody on stage took their spots. The stage was set about 20 feet from the stands where the students were sitting, positioned on the track that surrounded the football field. Principal Patterson and Assistant Jackson stood to the left of Terry and Terry’s parents were positioned to his right. Many of the teachers were standing off the stage towards the left side. The cheerleaders were standing in front and the football team was to the right of the stage. Most of the students were sitting directly in front of the stage, well actually they are all standing, on the stadium seating. There are about 150 kids in the sophomore class. Terry is basically surrounded.

Terry’s face is red, still emotionless but you know he is embarrassed. Terry’s blonde hair is blowing in the wind. His hair is parted in the middle, and feathered back like most guys wore their hair in the 70’s. His green eyes stared straight ahead. It looks like he has tears in his eyes. It is beyond fathomable that this is happening. I know Terry’s parents don’t know what to do to keep Terry out of trouble but this is horrible what they are putting him through.

I heard someone command Terry to begin to undress. He removed his large green football jersey and then the white t-shirt underneath. He just threw them to the ground, like he was spiking a football, in anger. He was standing bare chested with just his shorts on. He looked around at the crowd. Most of his teachers were standing behind him, less than 20 feet away. The cheerleaders had front row seats and every eye from the sophomore class in the stands were on him.

Another female voice from the stage instructed Terry to remove his shorts. He slowly unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper. He pushed slightly down on the short and they fell to the ground exposing his underwear to the crowd. Terry is now standing in front of all his classmates in his Fruit of the Loom tighty-whities, which is what most boys wore. There was a quick eruption of laughter from the crowd which was quickly hushed by Principal Patterson.

I watched as the cheerleaders where whispering to each other and had big grins on their faces. I guess the anticipation of seeing one of the most popular boys in the school naked is very exciting to them. Terry is a good looking guy and many girls want to date him. He really has nothing to be embarrassed about. He has a very athletic body with a flat stomach and strong chest and arms. His chest is hairless though.

Terry bends at the hips and leans his torso forward, assuming the paddling position. Principal Patterson yells no and instructs Terry to remove his underwear. Terry immediately jumps up and starts pleading with his parents not to make him do this. I couldn’t hear much before this but most people could hear Terry begging.

Mom, dad, please don’t make me take off my underwear! Please! begs Terry as you can see he is starting to cry. This is humiliating. Please paddle me through my underwear.

Terry, you continue to get into trouble and now the trouble is becoming serious. You are now stealing and getting in trouble with the police. says Terry’s mom in a reprimanding tone. We have tried every type of discipline with you and nothing works. Terry’s mom turns her head to the side as she starts sobbing.

Terry, we are doing this for your own good. adds Mr. Wagner. Now take off your underwear for your paddling and apologize to everyone for your actions.

Terry is visibly upset now and he has every right to be. The humiliation that he will endure is making me nauseous, I can’t imagine what he is feeling. Terry turns his head away from the crowd to wipe his eyes. He takes a deep breath and turns around to again face his entire class. He looks around at all the faces that will soon see his naked body.

Take it off! yells someone in the stands which prompts laughter from the crowd and some of the teachers. Once again, the principal demands silence.

You can see Terry’s bottom lip quiver and the corner of his mouth go downward. He is trying to stay composed but his hands are shaking badly. Terry again gets urged from his parents to get moving. Terry puts his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pulls them down past his knees. His hands quickly cover his dick as he stepped out of his underwear. There were some squeals from the girl classmates and some overall rumblings from the onlookers.

Terry, you know that is not the way you apologize to anyone. instructs his father.

Terry pleads to his father not to make him do this but his dad reminds him that if he doesn’t, he will be suspended and kicked off the football team, and the football team loses the homecoming game. His cheeks are bright red and his eyes are filled with tears. Terry lets out a sigh, almost a loud sob. He moves his hands away from covering his penis, lifts his arms up and places his hands on top of his head exposing his entire naked body to all of his classmates.

The squeals of laughter and overall uproar filled the air. There was no way the principal was going to get this crowd under control. Even the teachers behind Terry were snickering to themselves. The cheerleaders who had the best view of Terry’s body laughed and pointed at their naked classmate. I think the only people who were not laughing or making jokes were Terry’s parents and the football team. Being guys, we know how humiliating it would be to be completely naked in front of the school faculty and your classmates. And the football team is who made Terry steal the dog in the first place.

Terry started to speak but you couldn’t hear anything over the noise of the crowd. I assume he was doing his apology as his 16 year old naked body on display for everyone to see and make fun of. His green eyes were filled with tears. His dick was flaccid, sticking out just a few inches which made him look small. He only had a small amount of pubic hair and being blonde, it appeared like he didn’t have any hair there. His sack was a small tight ball just underneath his penis.

The principal was trying to regain order but you couldn’t hear him over the crowd, even with the microphone. Principal Patterson sent some of the faculty into the crowd to try to quiet them down. Some of the female teachers that were on the stage were whispering to each other, viewing Terry’s naked ass. Terry was not liked by the teachers as he regularly disrupted their classes with his shenanigans. They probably thought he was getting was he deserved.

Although you couldn’t hear what Terry said, I guess he apologized to his classmates. Terry was then instructed by his father to apologize to the faculty. Terry turned around to face the principal and teachers thus exposing dick to them and his ass to the crowd. This again caused an uproar that became uncontrollable. Some of the older teachers turned their heads not to view the naked boy, others stared him right in the face. Some of the teachers have very diabolical expressions on their faces hoping this humiliates the class clown. The vice principal, Miss Robertson, stared directly at Terry as she knows his record for detentions all too well.

I hear many of the cheerleaders