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A Count's best friend.
Chapter 26

by Torok

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Devon was back home, in his old room. He didn’t have a key on him and he didn’t want to pick the lock, or disturb his father at this hour or alert his brother to his presence, so he just climbed up a tree to the second story and climbed through his bedroom window. It was more convenient to be back here than going back to the dog park, it was a shorter walk from House Rover. He lied down on his bed and cast the astral projection spell. His body went limp, as if he was unconscious. He got up, except he left his body behind. He looked at what he was now, he still looked like himself, except he was now green and translucent. Looking down at his own body was surreal and a bit unnerving.

Excellent, you’ve done it. Asenath said, sounding pleased.

It’s very surreal looking down at myself, my body, like this, though. Devon thought.

You’ll get used to it. Now, test out your abilities. Let’s make sure you are capable of performing them. Asenath said.

Devon thought about going invisible and he turned even more translucent, he took a closer look at his hand. Did I do it? He thought.

Yes, you’re still able to see yourself, but others cannot. Now, have your hand pass through that nightstand. Asenath told him.

Devon turned visible again and touched his nightstand, he willed his hand to pass through it, and it happen. He took his hand out and made it solid again.

Good. Try it on your mattress next, but this time see if you can manipulate a spring inside it. Make the tips of your fingers solid. Asenath instructed.

Devon willed his hand and arm to become ethereal and he put his hand through his mattress, he made the tips of his fingers solid and moved a spring around. He pulled his hand out of the mattress.

Well done! Fly and pass through the wall to the outside. Asenath instructed.

Devon floated a few inches off the floor, he steadily rose a few feet, trying to get used to flying like this. He willed himself to become ethereal and he flew through the wall. He was now outside. Wow, I did it. Infiltration and thieving just became a whole lot easier. Infiltrating and thieving from evil people, of course... He said as he remembered his Goddess was listening.

Indeed. Now, absorb moonlight in this form for a few minutes, I want to make sure you don’t run out of magic in the middle of your mission. Asenath instructed.

Devon flew to a better spot where the moonlight can hit his whole incorporeal body, or was this his spirit? He absorbed moonlight for a few minutes, while invisible so no one would see a green ghost floating around.

That should be enough. Now, think about the disciplinarian’s address and will yourself there. Asenath instructed.

Devon did so and he was suddenly teleported there. Mr. Bord’s house was one story, it was yellow with a gray roof. His car was in the driveway and was packed with clothes, boxes and other things. It looked as if Bord was preparing to move. Devon passed through a wall and into the house, he was now in Bord’s kitchen, he passed through another wall and went into the living room. He saw the man stacking a box full of dishes or some other breakable items on top of another stack of boxes. He looked disheveled and like he hasn’t shaved or slept in days. Must have spent all this time packing and trying to get out of here. That near-death encounter with a werewolf must have really freaked him out. Hopefully Devon didn’t arrive too late.

End that miserable wretch’s life... Just like how I told you. Asenath commanded.

Devon flew at him and became visible and solid again, he grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to the wall, his werewolf strength making the man a mere feather in his grasp. He grasped his throat in such a way that he couldn’t make but a few choking sounds.

Bord looked at Devon’s ghostly form wide eyed and in terror. He desperately tried to get free, but the young man was just too strong.

Your days spent beating children are over! Devon told the man. He looked him in the eyes and smiled. Lilith Thompson sends her regards... He said and willed his free hand to become ethereal before plunging it into the man’s chest and grabbing his heart. He squeezed it, but not enough to crush it. After some struggling, the man went limp. Devon let him drop to the floor. He checked his pulse, he was dead alright.

Well done, that was flawless. I will show you just what happens to the souls that are unworthy of Paradise. Asenath said.

Devon started having visions again. He saw the throne room he visited in his dream. Asenath was sitting on Her throne of implements, watching as Bord was dragged into Her throne room by two werewolves. They each had one of his arms in their jaws and they were dragging him along the floor. They stopped in front of Asenath and let go of Bord. Each wolf bowed their head low, as they brought their head up again one of them uttered a low growl directed at the human.

Bord just laid on the floor and looked at Asenath in horror. By the Hand of Justice... He uttered in terror.

Vampire worshiper... Child abuser... Asenath said, hatred in Her words. A life wasted, bringing harm to the most innocent. Some of those children will grow up thinking that what you did to them was just, and then they’ll spank their own kids, and the cycle will repeat. You’ve doomed some of those kids to the same fate that shall befall you!

The man started crying and shaking. I’m... I’m sorry...

Asenath stood and snarled at him, lowering Her ears and baring Her canines and fangs. She raised Her staff and it turned into a cane.

The two werewolves became frightened and whimpered, tucking their tails between their legs as they backed away a bit.

Asenath’s hand shook a bit as She wrestled with the decision of whether or not to strike the human. She sighed in frustration and tossed Her cane to the side. No... I am better than you! She told Bord and sat back down on Her throne. You’ve been in my presence for far too long already... I almost indulged in my old habits... I’ll let Anubis deal with you. She said.

A portal opened up under Bord and he fell through. He was suddenly somewhere else, lying on sandy ground, he was in a building made out of giant limestone blocks, lit torches lined the walls.

A black anthro wolf stood in front of him. He was tall and somewhat muscular, he wore a green loincloth, golden bracers, an Egyptian headdress and a green sash with gold trim around his neck. He held a weighing scale in his hand. On one side was an ostrich feather, the other side was empty. A human heart appeared in his other hand and he placed it on the empty side of the scale. The heart weighed much more than the feather. You spent more than half of your life worshiping the abominations Ra has cursed... The Wolf Goddess was right to send you to me. The wolf god, Anubis, said. He took Bord’s heart off the scale.

A large beast appeared near Anubis, it had the head of a crocodile, the mane and torso of a lion and the back legs and hindquarters of a hippo. It snatched the heart out of the air when Anubis tossed it to it and it swallowed it whole.

Bord’s soul faded away into nothingness and the vision ended. Devon was standing in Bord’s living room, the astral projection spell still active. So, you have an alliance with the Egyptian gods? Anubis does the annihilating for you? Devon thought.

Yes. I connected Paradise to Duat, the Egyptian Underworld, and send souls directly to Anubis. I normally do not speak to the souls of evil people like that, but I did it just for show this time. Now, finish what you need to do here and make yourself scarce. I have to apologize to poor Farkas and Rollo for frightening them, they’re Vikings who died for me on the battlefield, and they yet fear the cane... Asenath said.

Devon crouched down in front of the human’s body and searched his pockets for his phone. He found an old flip phone. He sighed in frustration. Great, of course he has to have an old phone. He checked which numbers had been called in the past few days. Only one, and the contact was called Moving Company. So, his main concern was just to get out of here. What about his emails? Devon asked himself. He put the phone back in his pocket and went into the kitchen, he had spied a laptop on a table in the corner of his eye when he first entered the house. He got to the laptop and opened it. He let out a groan of frustration. Password protected, of course. He grabbed the laptop, put it under his arm and teleported back home. He set it down on his nightstand and retrieved his own phone from his pants pocket. He opened the laptop and opened an app on his phone. He activated the app and set his phone down near the computer. Within seconds, the laptop unlocked. Ok, now let’s see those emails. He said, he got into Bord’s emails and saw that he had been emailing someone called Samuel Bruche. The last email was sent two days ago and it was titled: Regarding the move into the community.
Devon opened the email and read it. Dear Mr. Bruche, I regret to inform you that I will not be moving into the community. I was attacked at work and do not find Virginia a safe state to work in. I will be moving back to Kentucky soon.
An email was sent from this Mr. Bruche in response: You were attacked? By children? The kids in this state are indeed more unruly and slow to learn their place. The F.A.N.G community supports each other, just tell me what school this happen in and I’ll send some people to help you put those brats in their place.
No other emails were sent within the last three days, he checked the spam folder and trash folder just to be safe. The F.A.N.G community. What’s that? That doesn’t sound good. Devon thought. Asenath and Anubis said that Bord worshiped vampires, could F.A.N.G be a vampire worshiping cult? That’s likely the case. Devon heard his phone’s text ringtone, it was set to a frequency that only a wolf could hear, he saw that it was his mother. Is it done? Said the text. Devon answered back: Yes, he has been taken care of. No troublesome people have been contacted. It looks like all he wanted to do was flee. He received another text, it read: Good. Come back to House Rover. Devon put his phone back in his pocket, grabbed the laptop, teleported back to Mr. Bord’s kitchen, set the laptop down on the table like he found it and cast the astral projection spell again. His soul was returned to his body and he felt as if he had just woken up from a nice nap. He got up and climbed out the window again. He started to walk back to House Rover, not in a hurry, the less time he spent around Count Spankulot, the better...


Meanwhile, before Devon had even left House Rover.
Count Spankulot shrank back in fear as Riley snarled at him, with a mouth full of sharp teeth, the cur actually smiled as he turned to follow his alpha! The audacity! Maybe Lilith could help him put all the older weredogs in their place! Behaving that way is completely unacceptable!

Vlad, you may come back in now. Lilith called from the doorway of her office.

The Count floated an inch off the floor and hovered in the air, floating into her office when she stood aside. He sat down in the chair in front of Lilith’s desk and waited for her to close the door and take a seat in her chair on the other side of the desk before speaking. Devon and his delinquent friends threatened me!

Lilith sighed. I will speak with them. They cannot threaten an ally.

No, a pathetic talking to shall not be enough! They need to learn their place! They need to know that you and I, Count Spankulot, are the ones in charge. The Count said.

You wish to make examples out of them? Fine. I’ve had enough of their antics myself. Lilith said.

I am glad that you agree. Count Spankulot said, crossing his arms.

And, I can’t speak for them, but I can speak for myself. I’m sorry I attacked you when I found out that you hurt my boys. You have a daughter as wel-... You have a daughter. And you know what you would do if someone hurt her. Lilith said.

Yes, perfectly well. When she was seventeen, she caught her boyfriend cheating on her. Why, if she didn’t get to him first, I would have taken a cat-o-nine tails to his back! But she handled it herself, I could not have caused that boy any more pain than she did. I was so proud. The Count said, looking like he was remembering a fond memory. Oh, and don’t even get me started on what she did to the girl she caught him with. He added and let out a laugh.

Yes, I’ve wanted to hurt some of Devon’s exes as well. He’s not as vengeful against his exes like your daughter, not that I’d blame him if he was, the poor thing will shut himself in his room and cry for days. Goddess knows what’ll happen when Kevin starts dating... Lilith said and sighed heavily. Anyway, are we good? She asked.

The Count nodded. Yes, I understand your parental anger. On my family’s honor, I will never spank your childrens with an implement ever again, without your permission.

Oh, implements are just fine. I was completely fine with Kevin getting paddled at school. What I’m not ok with is leaving marks on my children or bruising them. Lilith said.

The Count nodded. I understand, I can punish without leaving anything too long lasting.

I might ask you to punish more, as you know some of my subjects have been doing things behind my back. Lilith said.

Like those two boys keeping secrets from you. What were they hiding, anyway? The Count asked.

It does not matter. Lilith said, shuffling some papers around on her desk. Let’s get back to this, shall we?

Right, of course. What do we have so far? The Count asked.

Lilith picked up the papers and started reading. By decree of Hight Queen Lilith Thompson of House Rover and Count Vlad Spankulot of Vampire Clan Palmmulta: All Weredog Houses and Vampire Clans will agree to everlasting peace. Weredogs agree to no longer steal and eat ungraded homework and to obey and heed to the commands of vampires, they will not harbor or protect wrongdoers in any capacity, those that do will be punished harshly. In exchange for weredog fealty, vampires will come to the aid of weredogs as needed, and will also act as moral guides and correctors of misbehavior. A vampire has the right to meet at a weredog House anytime to collect the names of wrongdoers, an alpha must submit the names of anyone in their pack who is worthy of a spanking to a vampire, they will agree on what type of implement to use to punish the offender. Weredogs are not to have garlic, vervain, holy water, crosses, the blood of Christ, or wooden stakes on their person. And vampires are not to have bad homework, incorrect written information, silver, or wolfsbane on their person. Having or using such items near or on a vampire or weredog, respectively, will be considered an act of war and will be in violation of this treaty, unless the user’s life and safety are at risk. The user of such items will make their claim in writing and submit it to a weredog who can verify the truthfulness of their need to use such items in defense of their own lives. Illegitimate use of such items will be punished. This treaty can be amended at any point that a party determines the need.

This sounds perfect. About the punishments for using garlic against vampires. Devon and his friends, they used garlic against Edward Shot. I must assume that garlic was in fact meant for me. Edward also saved me from your son. How shall they be punished? The Count asked.

You’ve punished Devon enough. Lilith stated.

But he-... The Count started to say, but flinched and shrank back in his chair as Lilith stood, slammed her hands on the desk and looked at him with glowing red eyes.

Enough! Lilith stated, more forcefully this time. She calmed down when she got a nod of understanding from the vampire. She sat back down in her chair. Good... The rest of them are fair game. We will make an example out of them, they will know who is in charge again, and it’s NOT Devon. I’m questioning if he should keep his title as prince. He put the pack in danger and almost killed you, that is not the type of thing a future king should do. She said, spending a moment in thought. He gets ONE more chance, if he ever does anything like that again, he will never take my throne. Of course, the throne is not the symbol of power, it’s my amulet. She said, gesturing to the amulet around her neck.

The Count noted that the amulet was in the shape of a fang, almost like a hybrid of a wolf and vampire fang.

My throne isn’t even a throne, really. It’s just a comfortable armchair. I assume when or if Devon becomes king, he’ll get himself an actual throne and other extravagant things of power and status. Lilith said.

You are too soft on him, Lilith. IF, not when. He needs to earn it back by proving himself worthy of the title. The Count said.

Yes... Yes, you’re right. I’ll break the news to him when he returns. Lilith said.

Not breaking the news. Putting your foot down. Childrens need a firm hand, no matter how old they are. I know that if Delilah does something wrong and I hear of it, she’s going over my knee, and she is thirty years old. My father will do the same to me... I’ll have to face that possibility when I tell him that I’ve made an alliance with weredogs. The Count said.

Shall we wait to officially declare peace? Once you’ve spoken to your father about it? Lilith asked.

No, father always told me a Count needs to be... How do you say in English? Proactive and decisive. We’re signing this treaty tonight! The Count declared. He held up a hand and used telekinesis to move the papers and a pen over to him.

As he was signing the treaty, Lilith texted her son for about a minute before putting her phone back in her purse that was sitting on the floor near her chair and slid the papers back over to herself and signed the treaty as well when she got the pen back. There, it’s official, the treaty is now law. We will wait for Devon to return before reading the terms of the treaty, I want the whole pack to be present.

I want to punish any wrongdoers in the pack before Devon gets here. He may try to stop justice from taking the place. The Count said.

Taking place. Lilith corrected. And, yes, that can be done. I’ll make them confess anything else they’ve done, because I just know Devon’s been leading them astray. And then you can take it from there. She said, standing up and heading out of the room, with the treaty rolled up in her hand. She went downstairs, the weredogs made a path for her and lowered their heads in submission. She went to a wider area of the room and stood by the red arm chair that was her makeshift throne.

Count Spankulot appeared in a plume of black smoke and sat down in the arm chair, he received the same looks of anger from the weredog crowd like he did when he sat down on that chair to give those three bad weredogs a spanking earlier. He ignored their gaze, as they’ll all be across his knee soon enough.

There is probably more betrayal here than I’ve already discovered, isn’t there? Lilith asked them.

Most of the older weredogs were able to keep a neutral expression during her question. But they could tell the younger ones were growing fearful, some of them even began to fidget and whimper, as if they couldn’t keep it together.

It sounds like some of you have something to say? Lilith asked.

A few of the young ones shook their heads and some even backed up.

Liars will get WORSE spankings! The Count warned. An ethereal slipper appeared in his right hand, he hit the slipper against his left palm to make a loud noise and scare them into talking.

Jose’s eyes went wide in panic and he started backing away quickly. Oh, no, no, no, no... He exclaimed, shaking his head before running out the door.

The Count stood and disappeared, reappearing in front of Jose as he was about to run through the open gates. He towered over the young man. YOU have a lot to answer for! He said, pointing the ethereal slipper at Jose. He walked toward him when the young man started backing away slowly. You were responsible for those frisbees that were designed to be shooting me with garlic, weren’t you!? He questioned.

No, no, no. Well, not directly... Jose said, he yelled in fear and tripped backwards on the front steps of the house when he saw the Count raise the slipper. Ok, ok, ok! I helped make those, years ago. We... We dug them up to use them against you! Riley and I, we did it on Devon’s orders! We were trying to get rid of you for a while, or forever because you would have been sent to a prison on Enceladus after the KND captured you! He told him, now laying in a fetal position on a stair, shaking.

Dude! Don’t take me down with you. Riley told him, standing in the doorway.

Lo siento, mi amigo... I’m terrible under pressure... Jose said.

The Count sat down on the same step that Jose was laying on, he grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him across his lap, holding him down, and starting to paddle his bottom with the sole of the slipper.

Jose started yelling out in pain and struggling to get free, but it was in vain. His legs became trapped when the vampire pinned them using his own leg. Mi Diosa, ayúdame! He shouted, in a desperate prayer.

Lilith stood in the doorway, blocking anyone from even trying to help, and just observed his punishment.

After more than a minute of paddling Jose with the slipper on his clothed bottom, the Count yanked his pants and underwear down to his knees in one quick motion.

No, no, no, no... Por favor ten compasión... Jose pleaded, tearfully, cupping his hands together like he was begging.

Mercy is not for wrongdoers like yourself... The Count said and started to paddle his bare bottom and upper thighs with the slipper, fast and hard.

Jose yelled and struggled even more, trying to break free. He was getting nowhere.

Two minutes later Devon came galloping down the sidewalk in his werewolf form and slowed into an aggressive walk as he got onto the property, walking on the path leading up to the house, staring at the Count with glowing red eyes and bared teeth.

Count Spankulot paused just as he was about to deliver yet another devastating swat to one of Jose’s sitspots, he stood up and let Jose fall off his lap and down a couple stairs.

Jose laid on his side at the bottom of the steps, groaning in pain and sobbing. His butt and thighs reddened.

Devon continued advancing, keeping his gaze locked on the Count. He stopped when he was standing in front of Jose. He looked at his mother. This is what I come back to House Rover to see, mother!? He asked, in the werewolf language.

It was done on my orders. You and your friends have been plotting behind my back. Goddess only knows what else you’ve all been doing... This all ends here, tonight! You’re all to be punished for your treachery, and that especially includes you! You’ll get more than just a spanking. Lilith said, in the common tongue, deciding right then and there that she was going to allow her son to be punished. She was going to show HER pack that not even Devon was immune.

What does that mean?! Devon asked.

You’ll see soon enough, you’ll be punished last. Human form and get in the house! Lilith commanded, heading inside the house.

Devon watched her leave and watched the Count vanish. He looked at Jose and whined in concern as he heard his friend groan in pain again. He lowered his ears and bent his neck down, licking away a tear from his friend’s cheek.

Jose sat up a bit and put an arm around Devon’s neck, standing up slowly as his alpha helped him up. He pulled up his underwear and pants quickly.

Are you ok? Devon asked him.

Not really... Jose responded, wiping away a few tears with his hand.

Riley came down to help Jose into the house. He let his friend lean on him and he walked him up the stairs. No hard feelings, ok? He was bound to punish me anyway. He said.

Devon turned back into his human form and walked into the house. All weredogs closest to him turned to him, looking to him for help.

What do we do, Prince Devon? Barked one of them, softly.

That thing is threatening us, in our own house! Barked another one, in a soft, but aggressive tone.

You cannot allow this. Barked another one.

I can’t do anything. WE can’t do anything. I’m going to get a worse punishment, whatever that means... Devon told them, in the werewolf language.

Lilith had taken her place stood beside the Count as the vampire took his place in her chair again.

Devon looked on with the others at this completely backwards scene. The vampire was sitting in the royal chair, like he owned it! He had such a nerve!

Lilith unfurled the treaty and read its contents aloud. All of her subjects looked shocked when she finished reading the terms of the treaty.

Before anyone got to say anything more, the Count spoke. And you have ALL been very, VERY bad! You must be punished! He said, wagging his index finger at them. Form a line! Single file! He commanded, pointing in front of himself.

Everyone hesitated to comply, a few brave adolescents stepped forward and offered themselves up first. One by one, each for a few minutes, they were taken over the Count’s knees, given a hard hand spanking over their pants or skirts and then they were bared and spanked even harder.

Devon looked away and tried to keep his anger under control as the adolescent weredogs were getting their hides tanned. He did this! He was the cause of their suffering... If only he’d have kept the truth from them until the time was right, if only he had acted more like a spy than a rebel and a usurper, maybe they wouldn’t be in this position right now...

You should have communicated with me before going ahead with any of your plans. Asenath told him.

I know that now! Devon thought.

Something like this would have happen regardless. Vampires do not know what mercy means most of the time. These future wolves look up to you and you must make sure they are safe. Your mother is onto our plan, so I suggest not meeting up with any of the pack in secret for a while. You will have to earn back her trust. Asenath told him.

Alright, I will. Why doesn’t my mother feel the same way about spanking as the rest of us do? She’s commanding that it be done! Devon inquired.

The magic of the Document of Incorrectness effected the amulets, and by extension the alphas, as well, I do not know when or if she will feel differently about it with time. We will both find that out as the effects of the curse wear off. Asenath answered.

Devon felt someone short hug him tightly for comfort, he looked down and saw Winston, a five-year-old pup, clinging to him. He patted the boy’s head. It’ll be ok, Winston. He’ll only spank you with his hand, with the hand it’s not that bad. He said. He felt bad for partially lying to this pup, it would hurt either way...

But you saw what he did to Jose, he made a grownup cry like a baby... Winston said, tears flowing already.

Devon crouched down to be at eye level with him. Jose has a bad history with being spanked by slippers, and a slipper is more painful than a hand in some ways. I don’t blame Jose for freaking out. Look, be brave, ok? Brave like the wolf that you’re going to become one day. Show Spankulot that he can’t break you. He said, trying his hand at a pep talk.

Winston sniffled and dried his eyes. Ok, Prince Devon. I’m a wolf too, like you. He said, making his own canines appear and letting out a little growl.

That’s a good wolf pup. Put those canines away though, you might scare the coward sitting in my mother’s chair. Devon advised, smiling and ruffling the boy’s hair before standing.

The Count finished spanking an adolescent girl and stood her up. He looked at the weredogs he didn’t punish yet with anger and impatience. I said, form a line! All of you, right NOW! He demanded.

Fifi and Gregory made their way to the front of the group, willing to follow the lead of their brave adolescent pack members. Riley was sitting with Jose on a stair, he patted Jose’s shoulder and left his friend to go join the were-poodle and were-husky in their sacrifice.

Jose sat on a pillow that was placed for him on the stair and was drinking some fresh water from a dog bowl. He looked on miserably as his one of his friends started getting spanked.

Devon sat next to Jose and watched as the weredogs started to form a line leading up to the Count. How are you holding up? He asked his friend.

That was the worst chancla spanking I’ve gotten in years... But, once it’s over it’s manageable, kind of. Still stings, though. It was magic, but it felt like a real chancla, that’s so weird. Jose answered. He then sighed. They’re up there taking their licks like heroes, and what did I do? As soon as he conjured up his magical chancla, I ran out that door. Tripped all over myself backing away from him when he appeared in front of me. I threw Riley under the bus with me when I was confessing to the vampire what I had done, and I cry like a baby, begging for his mercy. He said.

I know, I heard your screams and your pleas for mercy three blocks away. That’s why I wolfed out and ran back to the house. Devon told him.

Jose groaned and laid his forehead in his hand, running his hand through his hair because of the frustration.

Devon placed a hand on his shoulder. Hey, you know how I reacted when the Count used a cane on me for the first time? I was fucking terrified. He said, whispering the foul word, of course the Count probably wouldn’t have heard it over the screams of that poor preteen he was currently thrashing. We all have things we’re afraid of. And that’s ok. There’s still time to conquer that fear.

Riley, Fifi and Gregory walked up to the rest of their friends, all sniffling while trying to rub the sting out of their rear ends.

Goddess damn it, that hurt. Gregory whined.

And did he really have to bare us for that? Fifi asked.

If you look at it from his twisted point of view, yes. Riley said, he pulled a few strips of paper that had the healing spell on them from his pocket and gave one to each of his recently spanked friends. I made these for just such an occasion.

Jose looked at his strip of paper and then looked at Riley. Why didn’t you give me one earlier?

Just eat it and heal yourself. Riley told him, preparing to eat his own strip of paper.

STOP! Lilith commanded, walking over to the group. Healing charms, in my hand! Now! She demanded, holding out her hand. After they reluctantly gave her the healing charms, she ate them herself. Riley, give me ALL of them! She said.

Riley grabbed a handful of more healing charms from his other pocket and handed them to her.

Lilith ate those as well. You four, separate! Devon, you come with me. She commanded, heading back toward the Count.

Devon stood and walked with his mother, while his friends dispersed to different areas of the room. He stood with her near the Count and had to watch the rest of the pups be spanked. The Count showed the younger ones no more mercy and was spanking them just as hard as he was the older ones. Devon had to keep himself calm as he heard the screams, cries and pleas of the little ones. He noticed his mother had an indifferent expression on her face during the whole thing.

The Count finished spanking a little girl and released her. He looked at Devon for a moment and then at Lilith, as if asking her permission to punish him next.

Lilith nodded. Not even the Prince is exempt from a spanking, ESPECIALLY the Prince! She said, she then looked at Devon and pointed to the area of the floor near the Count where she wanted him to stand.

Devon walked over to the Count’s right side, keeping his head held high and not showing any fear. When the vampire made a move for his jeans, Devon quickly undid his own pants and pulled both them and his underwear down himself. He wanted to take some control away from the vampire. He kept his almost arrogant expression on his face, even as he stood there half naked in front of everyone. He was forcefully put over the Count’s knees, held down and the spanking started. He tried to keep a stoic expression for as long as possible, stifling any urge to let out yells of pain. He flinched and squirmed a bit, groaning loudly in pain as tears started to form in his eyes.

The Count put his hand under his stomach and brought him closer, and then started to deliver harsher, faster swats to both cheeks at once and even started on the sitspots.

Devon started to yell loudly in pain after the first minute, struggling a bit to try to delay the next swat if possible.

You are not getting out of this that easily, you naughty boy! I will administer the hand of justice to your backside until your mother says otherwise. The Count told him, continuing to beat his bottom, starting to go for the thighs next.


After another three minutes, Riley boldly stepped forward. With all due respect, my Queen, he’s had enough... He said to Lilith.

The Count stopped Devon’s punishment to watch this exchange. Devon laid limply on the Count’s lap, a sobbing mess, his bottom and thighs a deep red color.

I’ll say when he’s had enough, Riley! Go back to your spot! Lilith said, pointing to where Riley was standing before.

Riley looked at Devon who was waving him off and mouthing the word Go. He bowed his head to Lilith and went back to his spot.

Devon looked back at his mother, a pleading look in his eyes.

The Count noticed Devon’s gaze and looked at Lilith. You, as the parent, say when the punishment is done. Not him. He told her.

Lilith nodded. Continue for a while longer... She instructed.

Mother... Please... I’m sorry... Devon said.

N-... No! Twenty more swats, ten to each side! Lilith commanded the Count.

Devon looked at her with disbelief and then started yelling in pain again as twenty more swats were delivered, five to both sitspots and the last five to each of his thighs. He laid limply in the Count’s lap, shaking and sobbing in pain when it was over.

Let it be known that from this night forward, Devon will no longer have ANY authority! He is stripped of the title of prince until he proves himself worthy again, if such a day was to come! Lilith announced.


Wh-... What!?! Devon said, not believing his own ears. Mother... Y-... You can’t-... AHHH! He started to say, but was interrupted when the Count delivered a harsh swat to his rear to silence him. He started sobbing again. This undead beast had just taken everything from him...

Anyone caught meeting with my son will face punishment from Count Spankulot. I’ll allow him to use implements OF HIS CHOOSING! Lilith said.

Her subjects started muttering to themselves in concerned voices. The younger ones started to whimper and cry in fear.

And just so none of you even think about using your powers for anything bad, I’ll be taking some of them! Lilith said, she touched her amulet and a blast of green magic came from it. Green smoke came out of the chests of her subjects and went into the amulet, the process looked somewhat uncomfortable. You will have to earn back your ability to transform and heal yourselves. Are we clear!? She asked.

Everyone nodded at her question. Devon noticed that he wasn’t affected by the magic, perhaps it was because he was the son of the alpha?

All of you will swear fealty to me, right now! Count Spankulot demanded.

Slowly and with hesitation, weredogs started to bend their knee, lower their heads and pull up their shirts, exposing their bellies.

Why are they showing me their stomachs? The Count asked Lilith, in confusion.

It’s the greatest form of submission our kind can give. Lilith answered.

The Count nodded, looking pleased. He looked down at Devon and stood him up. What about you? He asked, as if expecting him to do the same.

Slowly, Devon bent the knee, lowered his head and pulled his shirt up, exposing his belly. He hardly could believe this was happening.

I hereby proclaim that Count Vlad Spankulot be the rank of beta, second in command. You will all obey him as you obey me! Lilith declared. She waited to see if anyone challenged her, no one dared to speak. Very good! You are all dismissed. She said.

As everyone started to leave, Devon stood up and pulled his underwear and pants back up and fixed his shirt. He watched as his mother turned to him.

Like I said, you will earn your title back when you prove yourself. For right now, you are the lowest member of the pack. Lilith told him, sternly.

Devon nodded. Yes, mother... He said.

You are welcome to stay here or come back home. Your choice. Lilith told him.

The Count stood from the chair. Your only choice, as you are not setting foot in my castle! I do not trust you. If I see you near my castle, I will consider you a trespasser, and so will my guards! He warned Devon.

I wouldn’t want to return there... Sir... Devon said, angry but respectfully. I have my own place, call me if you have need of me... He told his mother before walking out of the house, limping a bit. He healed himself with magic, stuck his hands in his pockets and walked off the property, head hanging low. He spotted his friends across the street, looking at him. They acknowledged each other with looks and small waves. Devon started to walk down the sidewalk, he pulled his phone out when he heard that he received a text. It was from Riley. What do we do? Said the text. Devon texted back. Go back to your homes and do what my mother says. Work on harnessing moonlight and mediating. We should not meet for a while. He then put his phone back in his pocket and walked miserably into town.
There was an uncovered manhole on the sidewalk with a sign near it. The sign said: The Potty Pub. Devon climbed down the ladder into the sewers below and walked down a tunnel that was marked with filthy signs leading the way. He walked into a small bar. It was not that packed tonight. There were tables with chairs around them, some chairs were shaped like toilets and some were shaped like urinals. Devon took a seat at the bar, on a toilet with a cushion on it. Lou, a big mug of whatever, it doesn’t really matter. A whole packet of anise needs to be in there. He told the bartender who was scrubbing a mug with a piece of toilet paper.

Coming right up. Said the bartender, who just happen to be the Toiletnator himself. After a failed life as a villain, he was now the proud owner of a toilet-based bar in the sewers. Of course, he wouldn’t admit to anyone that he failed, he just said that he retired early. He poured Devon a mug of beer and poured a packet of an herb-like substance into the beer. He slid it over to the werewolf. Hey, wait, you’re under 21, you shouldn’t be drinking... He said, sternly, then broke out into a laugh. Classic joke, eh? Like I care if you’re underage drinking.

I’m not in the mood for jokes, Lou! Devon said, taking a big gulp of his drink.

Jeez, ok. Lou said, ripping some toilet paper from a roll and starting to wipe the bar down. What’s wrong? A lady broke your heart? A guy? He asked.

Count Spankulot... Devon answered, taking another gulp of ansine infused beer and laying his head down on his arm.

Woah, Vlad and Ed broke up? I thought those two would tie the knot someday. And you and Vlad dated? It makes sense that he’d be a furry. Lou asked.

Devon picked his head up and slammed his fist down on the table. NO, YOU IDIOT! They’re still together in their freaky relationship. Spankulot took everything I had away from me! I’m no longer a prince thanks to him. He told him.

Oh... Leave it to the better villains to trample on the rest of us, right? They never appreciate us. That’s why I retired and opened this place. Lou said.

Devon ignored him and just chugged half of his beer. He laid his head down again, sulking. An hour passed and he had just finished a second beer. He had his head down, resting on his arm, his hand grasping an empty mug. There was a roll of toilet paper near him, a few squares were used and wadded up near him, they were stained with tears and snot. He felt a tap on his shoulder, he picked his head up and turned in his chair to face whoever dared disturb him. It was Riley, the rest of his friends were there too. What are you guys doing here? I told you to go home. Devon told them, slurring his words a bit, he was slightly drunk.

We just wanted to make sure you were ok. Clearly we know the answer. Fifi said, noticing his puffy eyes and the fact that he was drunk.

Look, chief, we don’t care what your mother says. Riley said.

I’m not a chief, a duke, maybe mommy dearest doesn’t even think I’m fit to be the court jester! Devon said.

We don’t care. We will still follow you. Gregory said.

Your mother has turned into a tyrant, she proved that tonight. Even before she let the vampire spank me with a chancla. Jose said.

No matter what position she says you have, you are and always will be our King. Riley said, taking a knee in front of Devon. The rest of his friends followed suit. Long live the King! Riley proclaimed. The others repeated what he said.
Even some of the bar patrons who were most likely too drunk to know which way was up raised their mugs and loudly proclaimed the statement in heavily slurred speech, having fun with it.

Devon looked at his friends with pride. They were still with him, no matter the cost. And they were going to get through this, together.


(Thank you to one of my readers and friends for giving me the acronym F.A.N.G. You will all find out what that stands for and what they’re all about in later chapters.
And I fortunately lied, spanking makes a comeback in this chapter instead. Yay!
Anise is basically dognip. Alcohol doesn’t affect werewolves, so Devon’s drinks need to have anise in them.
I included a bit of lore from Vampire Diaries, with the Vervain. I haven’t actually watched it, but I thought that extra weakness was cool.
Sorry to any Spanish speakers if I butchered the grammar when Jose speaks Spanish. I’m a person who speaks Romanian and even I butchered my own language a few times (I’m sorry to my Romanian readers for that, I’m an embarrassment to our people, I know). Google translate isn’t always correct. But I translate it back and forth to make sure it’s somewhat correct.)

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