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The twins get spanked
Part 2

by Brians Sister

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Pt. 2 The Twins get spanked
Come downstairs kids and let Gabriel and Jesse stand there and think about their actions! Mrs. Tobias ordered the small group of kids watching from the doorway. There was an inaudible sigh as everyone standing there hoped that they could continue to watch the boys standing in their respective corners their bright red bottoms on display. Both boys had pressed their hips firmly into the corner concealing their fourteen-year-old penises and testicles from my and their siblings’ prying eyes.

Janet, Roxane I need your help in the kitchen to finish with the pantry organization! Mrs. Tobias called after us as she walked out of the room placing the heavy, polished hairbrush on top of the chest of drawers where she had taken it from several minutes before. We reluctantly followed her down the stairs taking one last look at the bared, red bottoms of Roxane’s older brothers.

Mrs. Tobias immediately went back to work on the task of organizing, labeling and rotating the pantry items. She was engrossed immediately where our minds were on the chain of events that had happened upstairs before our eyes not less than ten minutes ago. We lingered at the task at hand for the next twenty minutes slowly gaining momentum as Mrs. Tobias worked robotically organizing the canned soups, boxes, and bags. Roxane’s sixteen-year-old sister Rachel wandered into the kitchen a few minutes and was ordered upstairs to work on the linen closets. Mrs. Tobias was serious about Saturday being chore day in her household. Twenty minutes later Rachel reappeared in the doorway and whispered something to her Mom. Damn it to living *ell! Those boys are going to be the death of me! she swore her face contorted in anger. She paused for a second to think before briskly walking past us, up the stairs and turned towards the boys’ bedroom. We hesitated briefly before the three of us darted up the stairs just as Mrs. Tobias barged into Jesse and Gabe’s bedroom.

Mrs. Tobias picked up the hairbrush, grabbed the closest boy to the chest of drawers by the scruff of his neck which happened to be Gabriel, spun him around facing the re-congregated group of kids outside the bedroom door and landed five solid swats on the boy’s already red bottom. Gabe yelped and squealed his voice cracking like a seven-year-old as his teenage cock and balls crowned by a modest patch of dark brown hair flopped up and down and side to side unconstrained. What did I do Mom? What did I do Mom? was all he could exclaim as his bottom was shellacked by the brush. I lost count at ten watching in fascination thinking that if they were not firmly attached his balls and cock would fly across the room as he bucked his hips and stamped his feet as much as he could with his snug fitting jeans and underpants around his ankles. His Mom released the nape of his neck and turned her attention to Jesse crossing the room, pulling the boy from his corner and reapplying the brush liberally his erect penis slapping and swinging like Gabe’s was and continued to do so as Gabe stood across the bedroom rubbing his tortured bottom with both hands not seeming to care that my and his siblings’ eyes were watching the involuntary antics of his and his twin’s private parts flopping between their legs.

Mrs. Tobias meted out at least ten more with the brush on Jesse’s bared bottom before she stopped, re-crossed the room, stooped down, untangled the underpants from his jeans and unceremoniously pulled them back up around his waist and repeated the process with his jeans. Button your pants, put deodorant on and put on a clean shirt! she ordered Gabriel as she walked back over to Jesse, untangled his boxer briefs from his jeans, roughly pulled them back up and repeated the process with his jeans. Finish getting dressed Jesse! she snapped slapping the denim covered butt twice with the hairbrush. Both boys quickly buttoned their flies of their jeans, pulled on tee shirts and darted into the bathroom to apply deodorant.

Get your butts down to the car! she ordered the boys, we’re going to church this minute! she exclaimed. Can we go to church too, Mom? Roxane piped up. I guess so... her Mom responded absently, we’re leaving right now.

We stood less than five feet away as Mrs. Tobias cornered Father McDonald and she explained exactly what she had found and the chain of events that had happened over the last hour. Jesse and Gabe stood there as their Mom explained the details of their spanking as Father McDonald listened and even more embarrassing David O’Reilly was working an altar boy that afternoon. David was in their same grade and went to their school. Mrs. Tobias watched hawkishly as she made sure both boys went into the confessional individually and observed as they did their penances of Hail Mary’s and the rosary for the next twenty minutes. Once she was satisfied that the boys had completed what she had brought them to do she shepherded all of us back into the van, drove home and escorted the two boys into the house by the scruffs of their necks.

Go up to your bedroom boys and bring me those magazines and anything like them you have in your bedrooms this minute! she ordered. Both boys slowly climbed the stairs and promptly descended carrying the magazines that had gotten them the series of spankings that morning. Burn them! she ordered pointing to the fireplace. Each boy walked over to the fire place, struck matches and burned the offensive magazines.

Your sister told me that you were touching your fronts while you were in the corner upstairs. Since you cannot do what you are told to do in your bedroom you will complete your corner time downstairs in the living room. Lift up your shirt tails! she ordered the boys.

Both boys knew better than to argue and within a minute both boys’ pants and underpants were down around their ankles. Keep your shirt tails up under your arms and park your noses in those corners! If I so much as see you move or your touch your bottom or front again I will strip both of you naked and this time take the belt to you! she ordered.

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