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The Old School Photograph

by Grammarschoolboy

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 27 Feb 2018

The Old School Photograph

The old, black and white, slightly creased, slightly faded photograph lay on the coffee table in front of the settee. Rory Givern, the forty six year old former pupil of The Sir Humphrey Beauchamps Grammar School for Boys, leaned back against the soft cushioned upholstery of the settee, sipping his mug of hot coffee, and enjoying the sensuous contact of his right thigh with that of his younger, long-term lover, Gareth Rigsworth.

The younger man’s left hand wandered slowly and seductively over the firm, well-muscled thigh of his dominant lover, whose old, faded, tight-fitting, pale blue jeans greatly enhanced and exaggerated the forty-six year old legal adviser’s unmistakable sexual attraction. Well over six feet tall; broad shouldered, with an impressively well-developed chest which was pleasingly complimented by his relatively slim waist, hips and long legs, Rory was, in the eyes of his lover, as well as in the eyes of many other guys who appreciated the allurement of a fine male physique, the physical manifestation of sex on legs

Who did you say had sent you that old photo, Rory?

Gareth moved his wandering hand away from his masterful lover’s thigh; leaned forward to place his empty coffee mug on the small table, and picked up the black and white photograph.

A chap called Reese Garston. He was two years ahead of me, and would have been in the sixth form when that photo was taken!

So that means, this was taken when you were a fifth former?

Gareth paused to study the photograph in silence, moving his fore-finger along the three rows of smartly attired, maturing schoolboys, all sporting the school blazer and tie. Two tiered rows of boys stood behind those seated either side of the gowned master, and behind them loomed the backdrop of the old, Victorian school building, with it’s severe, austere granite facade, symmetrically broken by the church-styled windows, beyond which one could visualise the rows of old wooden desks, and the teacher’s sloping desk, over which many, if not all, of the fifth formers in the photographs had probably been ordered to bend for the traditional Six of the Best administered with the curved-handled cane which was almost certainly resting across the top of the master’s desk.

Why has this chap Garston suddenly decided to send this photo to you...especially if he’s not actually in it?

Probably to remind me of the numerous times he found a reason to slash his cane across my backside, when he became Head Boy! grinned Rory, moving his right hand seductively along the full length of Gareth’s slim thigh, and squeezing it tight as he neared his young lover’s groin.

I hope he made a good job of it! chirped Gareth, wincing and twisting away from the fingers which were digging into his soft flesh. He should be here now, to deal with you for molesting a helpless, innocent lad like me!

Mmm! You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Gary old boy! You’d like to see your loving master bending over to submit to the cane being sliced across his backside. And you’d certainly enjoy watching Reese Garston wielding the cane, ’cos even I have to admit that he was one handsome hunk of masculinity. in fact, he was a reincarnation of everything masculine which is guaranteed to make any lover of the male physique melt like butter on a hot stove. He was absolutely gorgeous...and he bloody well knew it!

So, presumably, because you were dribbling with undisguised lust at the sight of this Adonis, you went out of your way to misbehave, knowing that you would end up in this Head Boy’s study getting yer arse caned by him!

Yeah, I did! replied Rory, with a further, tighter grip on Gareth’s thigh. When I was in the fifth form I hadn’t yet discovered the greater delights of being the one who dished out the canings across the cute curves of delicious looking guys like you. So I was only too willing to let a handsome guy like Garston have the pleasure of caning my backside, and giving me something to fantasise about in my dormitory bed afterwards.

So, whispered Gareth, using his left hand to caress the upper part of his master’s right thigh once more, and leaning across to plant a seductive kiss on Rory’s neck. D’you have a photo of this outstandingly good looking guy who used to seduce you into bending over for the cane? I’d love to see it.

I think I do, actually, you sexy little sod. There should be one of those long, rolled up photos of the entire school, which was taken around the same time as that photo was taken. I’ll look it out and, for the small, generous price of a bare arse spanking in my study, you can look at it, and drool over the handsome Head Boy who frequently caned your own masterful lover!


Is that him? exclaimed Gareth, breathlessly, pointing to the tall, well-built, very self-confident-looking senior boy, sitting next to one of the school masters, on the front row of the long, rolled out black and white photograph of all the pupils and masters of The Sir Humphrey Beauchamps Grammar School for Boys.

Yep! replied Rory, landing a sound slap across the left buttock of his younger, very excited lover, who was bending over to peer down at the photograph on the coffee table. Both men were wearing only skimpy briefs, and smelled of the lingering odour left by the shower gel they had both being using a few minutes earlier in the shower together.

You’re dead right, Rory, drooled Gareth glancing up at his masterful lover. He really is,,,or was... a handsome hunk. And he looks so dominantly masterful!

Just like me, then lover boy! murmured Rory, running his spanking hand down over Gareth’s left buttock and working his fingers between the widened thighs to check the state of the younger partner’s prick.

Feels as if Head Boy Reese Garston’s having the same effect on you as he had on me when he was about to cane my backside in his study! If that prick of yours gets any harder under those mini briefs you’re wearing, it’ll rip through the sexy smooth material, and demand to be relieved of its juices.

Well, you did say he was handsome, and for once I wholeheartedly agree with you. He is simply drop dead gorgeous! And to think that he used to cane your butt...the lucky sod! continued Gareth, feasting his eyes on the image. But, where are you in this photo?


Rory Givern pointed to a very young looking fifth former part way along the second row from the back. It’s not a very good one of me, because, as you can see, I’d been stuck behind a very tall fourth former, called Micky Gregson, who was as dim as a Toc-H lamp, but who had an arse to die for!

I wouldn’t mind seeing a bigger picture of the handsome Head Boy, sighed Gareth, straightening up and fingering the wet protrusion at the front of his bikini-type briefs. Judging from the way he’s sitting, with his long legs wide apart, it looks as if he is...or was...very well equipped in the right quarters!

As it happens, sexy lad! grinned Rory. When I was looking for this whole school photograph, I did come across a couple of other photos which I had forgotten about, and for the specially reduced price of an extra spanking with something more effective than my bare, open hand, I’ll let you look at them!

What d’you extra spanking with your bare, open hand? Extra to what?

Extra to the first bare arse spanking you agreed to taking in exchange for being allowed to look at this photo.

But...flamin’ hell Rory. I never actually, verbally agreed to any bargain about being spanked in any shape or form as the price for looking at yer old school photograph!

Maybe you didn’t, sexpot! whispered Rory in a conspiratorial manner, as he ran his right hand over the younger man’s semi-naked buttocks. But on the other hand, you didn’t decline the offer either! So, a bargain is a bargain, and as you know, I never turn down a bargain!

Bastard! muttered Gareth, a little too loudly.

That, young man, will cost you further punishment in the form of six strokes with the cane!

Rory’s open right hand landed a very sharp smack across Gareth’s left buttock, making the young lover wince visibly.

Now get yerself up-stairs to the study. Wait outside the door in the correct manner, until I come up and call you into the study for the extra special spanking which you have earned through your own foolishness!

Shit! murmured Gareth....this time quietly enough for his masterful lover not to hear...or so the thirty-five year old Gareth thought, as he obediently left the room to mount the stairs.


The two pairs of very scanty, mini-briefs which clung to the masculine curves and bulges which they were only partially covering, protruded in equal measure at the front of the two lovers, as they stood facing each other in the older lover’s study. The hands and fingers of that older lover were moving slowly and seductively over and around the smooth, hairless thighs and the lower exposed portions of Gareth’s buttocks, as the young lover meekly waited for his punishment.

You seem to like using Anglo-Saxon words as expletives, Gareth!

Rory’s eyes bore into those of his young lover as he waited for a response. But response came there none...just a bashful, penitential silence.

Unfortunately for you, I am not so old that I cannot hear the term Shit being whispered when you think you are out of hearing range, murmured Rory, as he moved his right hand around to cushion and grip the moist protrusion at the front of Gareth’s mini-briefs.

Their eyes met again, as Rory continued the patter he so often used as a preamble to a punishment session in the study. Over the fifteen or sixteen years of their relationship as an Item, Gareth had come recognise all the signs which would lead to a very sound, arousing spanking, culminating in the prolonged celebration of their ever-strengthening love for each other, on the king size bed in the bedroom which they had shared from the very first moment of their commitment to each other.

You’ve already accumulated a combination to two different kinds of spankings and six strokes of the cane of the cane, across your bare backside, lover boy, continued Rory, working the thumb of his right hand over the tip of the hard prick which was trapped under the very moist material of Gareth’s briefs. Normally I would not hesitate to give you twelve strokes of the senior cane for using expletives in my hearing!

The master’s left hand pressed firmly on Gareth’s right hand buttock, to emphasise what he was saying.

However, as you know, I would not punish you too harshly or unfairly. So, being the soft-hearted, gentle, loving guy that I am, I am going to put you over my knee for a nice long, bare arse spanking with my open hand, before you bend over the end of the desk for your caning...and if you promise to be good, and if you say you are sorry for abusing a perfectly legitimate Anglo-Saxon word by using it as an expletive, I will limit your caning to the traditional Six of the Best, and then give you six on each cheek with the back of the wooden hairbrush in lieu of the extra six strokes of the cane which you deserve for repeating that expletive when you thought I could not hear you!

Rory moved both hands around to grasp his young lover’s slim, semi-naked buttocks and pulled him into an intimate embrace, in which both could feel each other’s rampant erection pressing against bare skin.

Do we have a bargain, Gary ?

Yes sir! replied Gareth meekly and without hesitation. Thank you sir! I am sorry I said shit when I thought you would not hear me...and I’ll try not to use any expletives like that again in your presence, sir.

Very well then. Get those briefs off!

Rory turned to lift a solid wooden chair and place it in the middle of the room. Then, sitting down and widening his firm, hairy thighs, he beckoned to his naked partner who, without needing to be told, submissively stepped forward, stood beside his master’s right thigh, waited for Rory’s hand to rest on the bare buttocks which were about to be spanked, and lowered himself over the inviting thighs, adjusting himself to ensure that his fully stretched erection proudly and defiantly protruded below him, between his master’s thighs.

Gareth Rigsworth was used to lying across his lover’s thighs. Huge waves of excitement always swirled around in his groin when ever he did so. Currents of erotically charged arousal pulsated through him, as he responded willingly to the dominant demands of his master, and although he knew he would ultimately straighten up, red-faced and red-arsed, with his two buttocks raging angrily with the residual pain which had been spanked into him, he would never hesitate to expose his bare buttocks to the wrath of Rory’s broad, open hand.

That same open hand was now seductively caressing the bare cheeks which were suitably poised over the firm thighs. A quiet gasp of delight flowed out of the submissive young lover’s open mouth, as the middle finger of his older lover began to probed deep into the hairy opening between the threatened buttocks, and the warm, sweet breath of the dominant lover wafted over Gareth as Rory leaned forward to whisper:

You know what follows a good, sound spanking and caning, don’t you Gary?

Yes..sir! muttered Gareth in a suitably penitent tone of voice.

And what is it that follows a good sound spanking and caning, lover boy?

A good, long fucking, sir! replied Gareth, letting out a long, passionately excited gasp of pleasure as his lover’s finger sank deeper into him.

And you like that, don’t you, Gary? continued Rory, working his middle finger more vigorously into his young lover’s rectum, with movements which provided a foretaste of their ultimate love-making.

Yes sir, gasped Gareth. Very much so, sir!

Good, responded Rory, thrusting his middle finger fully into the welcoming embrace of the ultra-sensitive flesh. All the more reason to make sure that I give you a very sound spanking, and a suitably hard caning...not to mention the very special effect which the back of my wooden hairbrush can create!

Yes sir, mumbled Gareth, with notably reduced enthusiasm. Thank you, sir! he added, as a cautious after-thought.

Oh, there’s no need to thank me! Rory reassured him in a rather jubilant tone of voice. It’s a great pleasure to give you what you need, young man, I assure you! A very great pleasure!


If actions really do speak louder than words, then Gareth was very soon fully aware of the very great pleasure, with which his masterful lover used the broad open hand which had just been seductively caressing his bare backside, to deliver a long, sustained, forceful spanking which ultimately managed to cover a surprisingly wide area of Gareth’s bare buttocks, beginning with the right hand cheek.

An audible, rapid intake of air betrayed the young, submissive lover’s surprise at the sudden invasion of smarting pain which targetted his right cheek. Both of his buttocks rapidly shrank and hardened into their usual defensive mode in anticipation of the inevitable follow-up of further buttock-smarting assaults by the same experienced hand. But a verbal warning just as rapidly persuaded them to relax back into a more receptive state, and the experienced hand continued and built up its remorseless attack.

Swinging from one cheek to the other and back again, Rory’s open hand delivered slap after stinging, smarting slap from varying angles, heights and forcefulness, to gradually transform the entire curved surface of erotically appealing masculine flesh from its natural pale creamy-whiteness, into a full range of redness, beginning with a pale pink, merging into medium red, merging into a deeper red, and ultimately into a dark red, verging on a shade of purple.

At the same time, Gareth’s breathing pattern changed noticeably from that of a relaxed, totally submissive, readily receptive Bottom, to the intense, heavy, chest-heaving, gaspings of a Bottom who was beginning to have second thoughts about being so willingly submissive.

His dominant master, however, was not exhibiting any signs of having second thoughts about his contribution to the unfolding scenario. The gleam in his eyes, and the smile on his full, sexy lips spoke volumes about the determination and unapologetic energy with which he was fulfilling his rightful duty as the masterful lover of this handsome young guy, who badly needed to be well and truly disciplined on a very regular basis.

The delightful, irresistibly lovable young man had asked for it; needed it, and was jolly well getting it!

Ending the introductory spanking with a flourish, Rory’s open hand bounced from one cheek to the other with ever increasing speed and force, which led to the gasping, writhing, twisting, swaying Sub bringing his right hand away from the floor to vainly protect his smarting buttocks. But the hand was arrested in mid-air; held firmly by the master’s left hand, while the right hand continued its punishing duty with six deliberately hard, deliberately paced smacks across each buttock.

His OTK spanking now completed, Gareth sagged across his master’s firm thighs, gasping and panting, dribbling and gibbering. Fervent, almost incomprehensible, barely audible utterances of sorrow, regret, repentance and everlasting reformed behaviour stuttered their way out of the spankee’s mouth, and continued in gradual weakening form until Rory’s hand reached around his young lover’s chest and hauled him up on to his feet.

For several minutes, the hand which had delivered the long, hard spanking, gently caressed the reddened bare buttocks of the young lover who stood meekly, penitently but unapologetically fully aroused, between the widened thighs of his masterful lover. The fingers of Rory’s left hand teased the moist tip of Gareth’s prick, sending waves of eroticism flowing through him, to counteract the smarting, burning sensations devouring his bare buttocks.

Through misty eyes, Gareth looked down at the man he loved beyond words, wallowing in the moment of silent intimacy which followed the turmoil of the long spanking.

Thank you sir, he whispered quietly. I deserved it, sir!

But its not over yet, is it, Gary?

No sir!

Very well, continued Rory in a quiet, but stern tone of voice. Go and bring me my wooden backed hairbrush.


The wheelbarow position had been chosen by Rory as the ideal position in which his young lover could receive and appreciate the unforgivingly hard, solid whacks of the wooden hairbrush. With Gareth’s long, slim legs spread wide either side of the master’s waist, hands pressed firmly on the floor for support, and his fully aroused manhood saluting the floor, the spankee’s bare, red buttocks presented an open target for the relatively small, narrow, smooth, wooden back of the hairbrush to terrorise with its own very special wads of consolidated pain.

Positioned as he was straddled over the firm thighs of his master, and with his hands fully pre-occupied with holding himself in position, Gareth knew he was utterly defenceless. Yet once again the familiar sensation of arousing excitement mingled with a strong under-current of nervous anxiety. The back of a wooden hairbrush was not his favourite choice of spanking implement. Far from it. The dreaded item always managed to slam what seemed like huge wads of highly concentrated, undiluted pain into the heart of each buttock, as it rampaged over his backside, with its heavy, aggressive thuds.

Rory could feel the vibrations of nervous excitement flowing through his naked lover’s body as the cold, hard wooden back of the hairbrush brushed its way very gently but menacingly over the the exposed curves of masculine flesh. He moved his left hand down between the widened thighs, to let his fingers tantalise the protruding, moist-headed erection, which responded with stiffening jerks. Then, with his usual, well-timed precision, Rory slapped the back of the hairbrush down onto the crown of one buttock, and then immediately on the crown of the other, while his left hand held the young man’s hard erection prisonner.

An agonised grunt forced its way out from the back of Gareth throat, and the two spanked buttocks hardened in self-defence, only to be rapidly forced back into a more receptive state as a second sequence of hard, whacks added to the thick wads of concentrated pain which sank deeper and deeper into the seductive mounds.

Fingers of one hand teased, stimulated and tantalised the trapped erection, while the right hand executed the sentence by rhythmically spanking each buttock in turn. Gareth’s physical and vocal reactions became correspondingly less and less controlled, as his entire naked body began to writhe. The vocal grunts soon translated into indecipherable, strangled whining sounds, and as the penultimate sequence of swats landed with considerably greater force, the spankee’s right hand momentarily left the floor to fly up in a futile attempt to protect his smarting buttocks from the final two swats.

Only when the hand had returned to press down on the carpet, did the wooden back of the hairbrush make its final double descent, delivering an over-generous serving of buttocks-devouring punitive pain on each quivering cheek.

And still the left hand gripped the trapped erection, and fingers teased and tantalised, while the right hand, having released its hold on the hairbrush, joined in the compensatory aftermath by caressing and fondling the quivering buttocks, and letting the investigative middle-finger resume its exploration of the central erogenous zone, until the strangled whines of penitential regret became transformed into sighs and moans of submissive gratitude interspersed with repeated, heart-felt Thank you sir....Oh! Thank you sir!


Gareth’s expressions and demonstrations of gratitude continued and increased in their intensity as he was led from the study into the bed-room where, with the bed-covers fully thrown back over the end of the bed, the two naked lovers lay tightly embraced, totally aroused, and passionately engaged in every well-rehearsed, sexually stimulating form of fore-play, before sheathed with one of the latest range of Ultra Thin:Real Feel condoms, Rory slid his over-excited erection deep into the erogenous zone which his middle finger had been exploring. Gasps of delight gushed out of the throats of both partners as the sheathed column of hard masculine muscle thrust deep and hard into the receptive rectum.

The two naked bodies, shining with perspiration in the warm, soft glow of the bed-side light, locked together in the rhythmic choreography of intensely passionate love-making. Changes in position were achieved without the slightest interruption of the intimate physical gyrations of the two mature bodies. The wide, soft mattress sank and rose noiselessly under the two naked men as they wrestled with each other in the oblivion of their shared love for each other. The buttocks which still bore the unmistakable fresh evidence of the two spankings which had just been administered, willingly widened and thrust themselves out to draw in the full length and girth of the dominant partner’s much prized appendage.

Muffled, whispered intimacies intended only for the ears of the two entwined lovers, frequently rose to a crescendo as totally uninhibited, uncontrolled, and uncontrollable exclamations of ecstatic fulfillment rang out in celebration of the post-spanking ritual. And those celebratory exclamations of joy and exhilaration peaked as the final thrusts released their spurts of cum into the controlled zone of the fully stretched Ultra Thin, Real Feel condom, which eventually lay discarded, but leaking its love potion, on the bed-room carpet, while the two naked lovers recovered their respective breaths, energy, and lower heart rates.


Seated side by side once more on the soft seat cushions of their settee, with mugs of steaming hot coffee standing on the coffee table, alongside the rolled up full school photograph, and a couple of other rectangular shaped ones, the two physically exhausted lovers, still semi naked, fondled each other’s bare thighs. Both men leaned back against the settee’s cushioned support, revelling in that post-coital tranquility during which the crashing waves of explosive, sexual release gradually ebb away, to give way to the brief feeling that all’s well with the world

But that feeling is brief...sometimes all too brief. And on this occasion it was Rory who determined the brevity of that lull.

Leaning forward, he picked up one of the rectangular shaped black and white photographs, holding it in such a way as to prevent his young lover from seeing what it portrayed. Lowering his right hand to firmly grip Gareth’s bare thigh, he broke the silence by reminding the spankee that the punishment he had earned and which he deserved, had not yet been completed.

D’you still want to see this photograph of the Head Boy who used to cane my arse in his Head Boy’s study, Gary old boy?

The right hand seductively caressed the full length of Gareth’s naked, left thigh, making the younger partner’s dormant prick perk up with interest.

You know I do, you sod, replied Gareth, moving his left hand to slide along the full length of Rory’s right thigh. And I haven’t forgotten the terms you had laid down for me to have the privilege of looking at it. In fact, I was fully expecting to be caned after you’d used that sodding hairbrush on me!

Be careful, Gary, warned Rory, pressing his fingers deep into the younger man’s upper thigh, and making him squirm. My hairbursh might not like to be described as sodding, and I might need to add to the six strokes of the cane which are still due to you for using expletives. Now the question remains as to whether or not I should give you your caning straightaway, now, before I let you see this special photograph of Head Boy Garston, or perhaps whether I should be generous and let you drool over the image of the handsome guy, so that you can fantasise about being caned by him rather than by me!

The fingers of the right hand gave one extra squeeze, which brought an even worse expletive very close to escaping through Gareth’s lips.

If the former Head Boy, who delighted in caning your backside whenever possible, is as dishy as you make him out to be, then maybe it will be therapeutic for me to see just how handsome he is in this special photo, so that I can, as you so thoughtfully suggest, imagine that he is the one who is wielding the cane across my bare arse. That would make it all the more worthwhile and exciting form me to bend over and take my punishment!

Very well. That’s a deal, handsome lad. Just make sure you don’t dribble all over the photograph while you are feasting your eyes on Reese Garston, or I’ll have to double the number of strokes!


Bloody hell! He’s even more handsome than he looked on that long, whole school photograph! drooled Gareth, gazing with undisguised lust at the central figure in the photograph of the First Fifteen Rugby Team. Just look at those magnificent thighs set wide apart, with those white shorts virtually disappearing around his bulging crotch!

Mmm! murmured Rory, moving his right hand to caress the bare back of his young lover, who was eagerly leaning forward to gaze in awe at the image of the tall, broad-built rugby captain in his white shorts, and chest-hugging, short-sleeved, white sports shirt. I thought you’d like him, Gary, knowing your penchant for handsome, sexy, dominant guys .... like me!

Too true, commented Gareth. I adore handsome, sexy, dominant hunks like this guy Garston...and you’re not so bad yerself... for an old man!

You’re asking for it, lad! whispered Rory, sliding his hand down the young lover’s back to reach under and probe deep in between the scantily clad buttocks which were partially raised up from the cushioned seat. You’ll end up with a permanently striped arse, if yer not careful. But I agree, Reese Garston was one hell of a good looking guy when he was Head Boy, and when you saw him in the showers after he’d stripped off following a rugger match, he was awesomely well-endowed... in every way!

Yeah, sighed Gareth, moving his fore-finger over parts of the rugby captain’s anatomy. I can see he must have been. Just look at the muscles on those arms, just below the hem of his short sleeves, and the way he’s folded his arms across his chest in such a dominant way. And the way his sports shirt fits so tightly that it shows the full outline of his nipples! Gawd! I’d have been in his study night after night, bending over for him to cane the shit out of me, if he wanted to!

He probably would have done....willingly! grinned Rory, digging his fingers deeper in between the buttocks which were now fully raised up, as Gareth half-stood to gaze down at the black and white photo. And he’d probably have gone well beyond caning your bare arse, if you’d let him...which I know you would have!

How d’you work that out, you sexy old bugger? I was young and innocent, until I met you! And now I’m a slave to my once deeply buried passions.... and to your sadistic lust!

Speaking of which! responded Rory, using his right hand to prompt his young lover into standing upright, and standing up himself to turn the spankee to face him. Say thank you to your loving master for letting you see and admire the image of the handsome Head Boy.

Thank you, sir, whispered Gareth as their lips moved close enough to lightly touch, open slightly, and then complete a long, full kiss.

I think you’re ready to take your caning now, Gary... while your lovely sexy arse is still glowing, and your special friend is beginning to show signs of perking up once more...just as mine is.

A second kiss silenced an vocal response from the younger partner, as he was drawn into a tight, arousing embrace.

Go and choose a suitable cane for the final stage of your final punishment. I want to see it lying on the top of the caning stool in the study, and you standing facing the wall, totally naked, with your hands on your head, when I come up to deal with you. Understand?

Yes sir!

And by the way.... I don’t want any shit from you as you leave the room...not unless you want me to double the number of strokes!

Not a squeak, not a whisper could be heard as the two red buttocks undulated their way out of the room.


Gareth’s choice of cane was resting, as required, on the top of the padded caning stool which usually resided in one corner of the study, but which had been moved to the central position it always occupied in readiness for a caning to be administered. The naked Sub was standing facing the wall, legs apart, hands on his head, and with his reddened buttocks trembling slightly in anticipation of the cane’s sting, which in his mind became progressively sharper as the long wait became longer.

Eventually, the sound of the soft tread of the dominant partner’s bare feet advancing along the landing heightened Gareth’s anxiety level to the point of giving his outstanding erection second thoughts. Trickles of nervousness began to build up into a stream of anxiety as the footsteps came nearer. Then, as Rory walked through the open door, Gareth felt the master’s warm hand fondling his bare buttocks, and turning his head slightly to the right, he caught sight of the wicked smile on Rory’s lips.

The wicked smile continued to attract Gareth’s attention when, obediently responding to the curt summons to Get into position, lad! he turned to face the master before taking the few steps needed to reach the stool. He waited for Rory to pick up the cane and examine it; bend it; swish it, and gently tap it across his open left hand. Then in response to a silent nod from his dominant partner, Gareth lowered his naked body over the stool, reached down to grasp the wooden legs, and spread his own legs wide apart.

The cane which Gareth had chosen was one of a traditional kind, with a curved handle and of a sleek, slightly bent, supple length of shiny brown wood which had clearly been in harsh contact with the proffered backsides of numerous boys and young men. While its slim dimension ensured that its impact would not be as formidable as that of a thicker, stouter variety, it nevertheless was capable of delivering a succession of stunning stinging cuts...especially when wielded by the highly experienced older partner.

Thus, the moment the tip of the cane indicated its readiness to launch into the promised six strokes, by gently prodding the side of Gareth’s left buttock, both cheeks involuntarily braced themselves for the first thin line of searing pain which it was about to deliver. And then, as soon as the cane sliced into the already punished flesh, the two buttocks tightened even closer together.

Rory waited. His eyes hungrily feasted on his lover’s quivering, naked buttocks as they absorbed the burning legacy of that first stroke. Then with carefully calculated timing and precision, he swung the cane with sufficient force to let its slim, supple length sink deep into the the ultra-tender zone just above the thighs.

Gareth’s reaction was utterly predictable. His entire naked body shrank into a tense solidity of tightened muscles. The distorted sound of an elongated version of the forbidden Anglo-Saxon Word seethed through the younger lover’s gritted teeth, and his bare toes beat a brief tattoo on the carpet.

Once again Rory waited, and once again, with accurate timing and precision he delivered the third stroke which cut once again into the lower portions of Gareth’s buttocks, forcing out yet another strangulated, high-pitched squeal which this time bore no relation to any Anglo-Saxon word.

A few moments of cane-flexing and cane-swishing gave Gareth a chance to recover himself, and to relax slightly in readiness for the next stroke, which would take him past the half-way mark. His buttocks were already well marked, with the lasting, lingering redness created by the preceding spankings, and by the three angry stripes created by the cane he had so carefully selected.

Resigned to his fate, the young, CP hungry Sub, tried to focus his mind on the sexual feast which he knew he would ultimately be rewarded with on their shared King size bed. Anticipating the thrill of intimate, erotically charged physical contact with his master’s naked body, culminating in the long, deep thrusts of Rory’s hot, thick, sheathed erection, Gareth willed himself to fantasise his way through the final three strokes.

But the stinging cut of the cane as each stroke found fresh, vulnerable portions of flesh in which to incise its dose of searing pain, succeeded in jolting Gareth out of his sexual fanasy, and back to the harsh reality of the punishment he was receiving. It was only when the cane had completed its allotted duty, and the sixth stroke had landed diagonally across the clenching, quivering mounds of flesh, that the promise of that compensatory fantasy seemed likely to turn into reality, as Rory’s hands gently caressed the punished buttocks.


In the privacy of the shared bed-room on the shared double bed, fantasy did indeed turn into reality, as the two naked lovers entwined their arms and legs around each other, kissed, fondled, caressed and stroked. Muted expressions of gratitude, penitence, forgiveness and undying love repeatedly seeped out between long, deep, tongue entwining kisses, long bouts of sucking and licking, until the earth moved with climactic gratification for both lovers.

Then, during the almost surreal aftermath of their love-making, the two men lay side by side, breathless, physically exhausted and lathered in perspiration. Minutes ticked by before Gareth turned on his side to face his lover, and to work his fingers around one of the very prominent nipples.

You know that photo you were sent by this former Head Boy, Reese Garston...
Yeah, murmured Rory dreamily, as he continued to lie on his back and let his young lover’s fingers continue their erotic stimulation. What about it?

Well, continued Gareth rather hesitantly. Well....I was come he’s sent it to you after all this time...and how come he knew where to send it?

Hmm! sighed Rory, stirring to raise himself up on one arm to look directly at his young lover. I was wondering when you would, get around to asking that, Gary old boy! And I owe it to you to tell you how and why Garston got to know where I live, after all these years. If you’re lying comfortably, I’ll begin. Are you ready?

I’m all ears, and highly intrigued! replied Gareth, taking advantage of the situation to tighten his fingers around the prominent nipple and squeeze it very hard.

Ouch you sod! grimaced Rory. You’re asking for another dose of the cane, lad!

Oh no I’m not, retorted Gareth with surprising self-confidence. I’m asking for a full, unexpurgated explanation of how your former very dominant, handsome, sexy Head Boy, Reese Garston came to know where to send you that old school photograph!


Well,began Rory, resigned to the fact that his lover was intent on knowing all the details. You remember when you were away for more than a week on that business trip in Europe, earlier in the year? Well, I got invited to what I was told was to be a kind of reunion with some of my old school pals, and so, since you were away, and I was feeling lonely and sad and neglected...

Oh, you poor old man! whispered Gareth. How my heart goes out to you!

Okay, lover boy. I knew you’d be jealous, but I decided to take up the invitation and spend the weekend meeting up with who ever happened to be at this reunion.

Where was it?

Oh, in what was once a small village on the edge of Bi