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Chapter 16

by Diggerman

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Tyler Chapter 16

Life soon became a new normal for me.

I was soon getting used to the new structure of life in a house with a loving mom and dad. Getting used to that structure did have me kicking at it a bit. That kicking usually led to more kicking along with crying, while I was over either Aaron or Billy’s knee getting a spanking. I had told them that I may need a bit of reigning in after years of doing things my way, and in my time. Everyone cheerfully assured me that they were up to the task.

They were, believe me.

Time moved away from that heavy emotional period that sparked the sudden change in my life. I completed the wrestling season with a solid record of wins but having missed some tournaments with the concussion I received from Marve, I did not proceed to the State competitions.

The sadness I felt at that was tempered by the happiness I felt for Caleb, who earned his way into that tournament. I worked out with him, giving him as hard a fight as I could to keep him sharp and prepped for the tough competition. He ended up taking 3rd in the state in his weight class of 126 lbs. That was a huge accomplishment for him and did our school and team proud.

Speaking of Caleb, it was nice to see he and Josh starting to hang out together a bit more. I knew Caleb had started to get help from Josh on his schoolwork and behavior, much like I was getting now at home. It seemed their friendship was developing into something more. At least from what I could see from the way they interacted at school during lunch. They were becoming cute together, something I never would have guessed would happen. I liked it a lot!

School started to go better, now that my workouts had less stress attached to them. I was doing better at most subjects, but history was still a struggle for me. It seems I could start reading ahead, but I got bored with it, and wouldn’t pick up the information I needed. My Friday night grade checks by Shelly were getting better, but it was usually history that caused me to be tipped over a knee.

One of those Friday nights about 3 weeks after the State wrestling tournament, Aaron and Shelly came home a little early from their night out. Billy heard the doorknob jiggle while we were, well, occupied with our usual Friday evening playtime. That is the only thing that had us slightly close to presentable as the adults made their way into the kitchen, smirks on their faces. It is a good thing that we were only in underpants anyway, as usual for a Friday night, but the flush on our faces told the tale.

I hope we didn’t interrupt anything, boys, Shelly smiled. We took our time coming in because we knew we were early. That got us all laughing a bit.

Aaron and I were talking tonight. We had been trying to put together a regular wedding for the two of us, and we are tired of waiting. I found a cruise that we both liked with a few staterooms they were offering cheap at the last minute, so we took it. Aaron made a couple calls this afternoon, and we are going to do the wedding next Friday, later in the afternoon. We have some tables reserved at our favorite restaurant for a party after, and then we are going to leave for 10 days the next morning.

What were we going to say to that announcement? I bounded into Aarons arms as Billy did the same with Shelly. Then we swapped, making sure we celebrated fully with both.

Now, Aaron continued, You two will not be going on this cruise for obvious reasons, so we are making arrangements for you two to be watched while we are gone.

Aw, Billy said quietly, a small smirk on his face.

Shelly lightly cuffed the back of his head. We have a call in to a sitter for you two for while we are gone. You are both good boys, but you have had a hard time remembering the rules when home alone too, so we feel the need to cover that.

A flashback to a rough looking family room and 3 spankings that followed went quickly through my mind.

Who are you thinking of having watch us? Billy asked, just before I could ask the same thing.

We have called Josh, and he is checking his schedule to make sure it is clear.

Both Billy and I broke out into smiles at that. Josh will be good, I said.

Just make sure you two are good for Josh, Aaron said with a smirk. I believe you both know how he handles naughty boys, and in 10 days, I would figure you boys might earn it once or twice.

Billy and I looked at each other, sheepish grins on our faces.

We bought a cake to celebrate tonight. Do you boys want some? Shelly asked with a grin.

With a hearty YES, we all sat around the table and had had a great time talking about the wedding and getting details of their cruise to the Caribbean for their honeymoon. Finishing the cake and feeling drowsy, Aaron wiggled his finger at me and Billy. We went over to him, where he pulled us both onto his lap, one on each thigh.

Boys, we have one more thing for you to think hard about, he started. Ty, your mom has signed off on her parental rights to you, essentially leaving you orphaned, and in our foster care. My belly took a flip, a few bad memories passing quickly through my head. Billy, your dad does not have any rights to you either, but your mom does. After talking it over, Shelly and I would like to officially become your parents, Ty, and Billy, I would officially become your dad. What do you think about that?

What could we say to that! Yes Please!! we both yelped, gaining a huge hug from Aaron and Shelly, before I made my way back to meet Billy at his chair. He sat first so I sat his lap and welcomed his arms around me, grinning the whole time. We discussed possible details of the near future and chores for the weekend until it was time for us to head to bed. We kissed the adults’ good night, did our thing in the bathroom and climbed under the covers with the door closed and the room dark.

Seems we didn’t finish our earlier playtime, did we, Billy whispered, his hand running over my belly.

No, we didn’t, but maybe we better skip the spanking you were going to give, I chuckled quietly.

Yeah, Billy said with a grin as he spun around into the 69 position we were in when Aaron and Shelly got home early, and we both took up where we left off, pulling down briefs to expose target areas. We were both hot when we were interrupted earlier, so it did not take long for Billy to become aggressive and move to where he wanted to be in the first place. He turned himself between my legs, lifted my knees to my ears and speared my spit lubed hole with his spit lubed dick, burying himself to the pubes in one thrust. I took a deep breath and readied myself for the hard and fast fuck to follow, and Billy didn’t disappoint. We both came in a very short period-of-time, Billy flopping down on my messy chest with a huff, his labored breathing matching mine. A few minutes of recovery and he was kissing me, his still hard dick starting a slow, full thrust in and out, leading to a round two of cum shots from both of us. After that, we could clean up and settle down, letting our breathing return to somewhat normal.

Ty, he whispered after a bit of rest.

Yeah buddy.

Would you be my first time? he asked, surprisingly timid.

I rolled up on my left elbow to look down into his eyes. You know I would love that, sweet boy.

How about Friday night, after the wedding and party. Would you do it then? I’ve been waiting for a special time, and that seems like a good one.

Book it, I whispered with a smile, giving him a quick peck as he pulled me down on top of him. We slept.

The next day Billy and I were assigned chores that had to be done, and in my case, should have been done earlier. Aaron had told me twice to clean up a mess I had left in the garage after fixing my bike. I had given Billy a hand with his too, so we were both mobile again. The problem was that I had left a mess sprawled around, not something Aaron liked to see, especially since they were his tools. I had been warned to get that cleaned up before noon or I would be chastised. Well, allowing myself to be sidetracked a couple times, I was called to the garage by Aaron at about 12:45.

So, young man, it seems this mess is still here. Care to explain? he started.

Um, yeah, I began to explain, sounding like the naughty boy I felt like right then. I was going to get on this, but I did a couple other things instead.

Was I clear about this being done by noon? I would not be a stickler for the time, but you have ignored it twice already, so you leave me little choice, Aaron said, letting me know that things were to become unpleasant.

I’m sorry, I will get it done right now, I said and started moving to pick things up.

Hold on there, youngster, the time for picking up will be shortly. Right now, we need to deal with you putting this off and disobeying my timeline, understand? Aaron was looking down at me, a kindly stern look to his eyes and brow.

Yes sir, I said meekly, hoping to ease the worst of this.

Look, Ty, I’m not going to be a hard ass about this, but I do want you to learn to respect my tools and this space. Others want to use the space, and I don’t want my tools laying around like this either if I need to use them. I’m going to give you a choice here. Shelly and I are going to put you through drivers training to get your license, and we wanted to start you right after school is out. I can either delay that a month, or spank you right now, your choice.

Aw man, I wanted my driver’s license bad. Most of my friends had theirs already a year ago, and here I was, 16 and going on 17 in a few months, and no license. I didn’t want a spanking, but I didn’t want to delay driving. I made my choice. Spank me.

Aaron had seen my eyes light up with the thought of being able to drive, so it was with a smirk that he said, I thought that might be your choice. The garage doors were down, so he just took my arm, turned me to his left up against his thigh, trapped my arms, and started spanking me hard and fast over my tight, worn Levi’s. His hand has never failed to bring me to crying, and even with my jeans up, I broke down after just a dozen or so spanks. By the time he quit, I was a crying hard as expected. It wasn’t the hardest spanking I had earned from him, but he never fails to get my attention. A good hard hug, another smack to my butt, and I was clearing up my mess.

After that little incident, the weekend passed spank free for me. Billy got one later Saturday afternoon for another screwup that he had been warned about, but it was about the same as mine. During showers that night, we compared butts and we were both already to light pink at the worst.

Monday at school I ran into Caleb at lunch and we sat down to eat together.

How was the weekend, I started off.

I had a great weekend. I’m kinda glad wrestling is done. I can get back on top of my homework again, he said with a smirk.

Someone watching you closely on that? I smiled, a little suggestion to my eyes.

You know it, he laughed. I’m doing better in most of my classes other than history, so tell me I am nuts. Caleb lowered his voice to a whisper. I’m trying to think of a way to get him to spank me, just for fun. His face blushed all kinds of red at that. PLEASE don’t tell anyone I said that, especially Josh, he laughed.

Our secret, buddy, and I am glad you two are getting along so well. The same with me on history. Did you do alright on the last quiz?

Not as good as I wanted too. How about you?

I am hoping that with all the running for the wedding, my grades won’t be looked at for a bit. I’m sure Josh will give you a hand if you didn’t do so good, I smirked.

I still owe you big time for putting us two together. I was in a real bad place when you sent him my way. Things have turned around totally. I am learning a lot about myself too, stuff I wouldn’t have learned if Josh wasn’t around.

Hey, what’s this? Josh said in mock horror as he sat down next to Caleb. I will always be there for you, boy. Count on me!

Yeah, yeah, Caleb said, a sudden somberness to his voice. I’m not looking forward to you being a few hours away once college football practice starts. I’m gonna miss you too much.

I could see a look on Caleb’s face that this subject was bothering him even more than he just said.

We will figure something out, bud, Josh said with a secret rub over Caleb’s back with his big paw.

I had to pipe up after seeing that. You guys are too cute together to see you separated by distance. There has to be some way to make sure you get together as often as you need to.

Yeah, we will figure something out, Caleb sighed, not all too convinced.

Hey, Ty, sounds like I will be managing your house while the rents are away!!

Aw cool! They told us you were checking your schedule. I’m glad that will work!

Wait, what? Caleb sputtered, not having heard of the plans for the following week yet.

I’ve got to watch Tyler and Billy while Aaron and Shelly honeymoon for 10 days.

Oh, cool, Caleb said, not looking like it was real cool to him right then.

It will be great, I started, trying to build Caleb back up. I kind of figure to see you over at the house too, you know. We won’t want to come between you two, I smirked.

Caleb’s eyes lit up a bit more at that suggestion, and I had to remind myself to talk to Billy about Caleb being over too. We spent the rest of lunch yakking about the potential naughtiness that might ensue while the parents are gone.

The rest of the week flew by, with school, workouts and chores taking most of the time, as well as prep for the wedding. Fortunately, the dress was going to be casual, but no jeans, so Billy and I were taken to a local men’s store to buy slacks. I ended up with a gray wool type and Billy was closer to black. A bit of tailoring to fit my smaller frame and we picked them up Thursday evening.

Aaron and Shelly picked us up Friday right after school and took us home to change. We quickly showered and dressed, putting on the nice button-down shirts Shelly had picked up for us. I had never owned such nice clothes before. I was straightening my collar a bit in the mirror when I felt Billy’s hand lightly caress over my butt in the new slacks.

Your butt feels so nice in this material. It molds to your butt just perfectly! he whispered, a tinge of impending horniness in his voice.

I reached behind him and found out why he said what he did. His butt was perfectly encased in the thin material, looking very fine. I let my hand trail over his backside for a moment too before whispering in his ear, Yours too, buddy. It has me looking forward to peeling these off you later tonight for our special time, if you are still willing.

Oh, I am still willing and ready, he giggled, knowing that if all went as desired, he would no longer be a virgin back there after tonight.

Boy’s, get a move on!! was hollered up the stairs at us. We ran down and were soon on the way.

What a great time we had. Billy and I, along with a few of Aaron and Shelly’s friends, stood up for them as the judge did the ceremony. Then it was off to the restaurant, where more of their friends were waiting for us. Josh, with Caleb along as his date, (we found out later), were there too and we had a blast. They both loved our new slacks and copped a feel on a couple occasions. Billy and I grinned huge and did nothing to stop them.

After the party ended, we went home with the knowledge that Josh would pick up Aaron and Shelly in the morning to bring them to the airport. Sitting in the family room, Shelly on Aarons lap in the big chair, and me leaning on Billy on the couch, we reminisced about the changes in this house, as well as talked of the changes to come. I leaned back with a big yawn and looked side-ways at Billy.

Time for bed, you two, Shelly yawned. It was after midnight now and I was feeling it. We kissed Aaron and Shelly good night and made our way up the stairs, and to the bathroom. Once we accomplished our duties there, Billy took my hand and led me to the bedroom, closing the door behind us. We turned and looked at each other in the gloom of the room, a certain electricity starting to gather as we knew what time it really was. I moved toward Billy first, and rested my hands easy on his hips.

I’ve been thinking about this all night. I am so ready for this that I about blew a load in my pants when Caleb copped a feel of my butt, he grinned, whispering hoarsely.

I am with you there, buddy. Josh let a finger drag that about did it for me, I laughed. I leaned in and gave Billy a light kiss. That kiss turned into another that lingered sweetly. The next kiss was more urgent, our hands starting to wander. I had to get us out of these clothes before we made a mess in them, so I started undressing Billy. After getting him stripped except for his pants, I slowly undid the clasp and lowered the zip, letting my hands easily peel the material off his sweet butt and down his legs, where he stepped out of them. He returned the favor for me, and soon we stood before each other just in our briefs.

Getting in bed, we drew the covers and started making out again. I had Billy on his back and worked my way down from his neck to the waistband of his briefs before pulling them off him. He was hard and dripping, ready for what was about to happen. I took my briefs off and settled on top of him, looking into his eyes.

Are you sure? I asked, wanting to make sure that he was ready for it.

You better believe I am, he said, the lifting of his knees confirming his intentions. I kissed him deeply as we prepared. I lubed us both up and pointed the head of my hard rod at the target, looking into his eyes. A slight nod of the head and I pushed, not hard, just easy and steady. Billy’s mouth gaped open as I saw him experience what I did when he did me. I put my lips over his and pushed, stifling the groan and squeak when my dick popped through his ring. I intended to hold still just inside him to let him get used to it, but reaching around to my butt, he pulled me in down to my pubes in one thrust. He let out a big breath that he was holding.

Oh man, that hurts, he whispered hoarsely.

This was my first time fucking, so my mind was overwhelmed with the feelings of being inside Billy. He felt so hot, and so tight that I had to hold there, or I was going to bust a nut right then. After a few minutes, I started a slow in and out, letting us both get used to new feelings. The slow in and out didn’t last long, however. Billy started to get worked up, his dick dripping onto his lower belly, and I was getting a heavy tingling down there, so I picked up the pace and soon had to just bury myself in and hold as jet after jet of cum shot deep into Billy’s ass. He felt me let go, and tensed up, shooting his seed all over our belly’s. I collapsed on top of him for a few minutes, just getting our breath back as I eased myself out of him.

So, how was your first time, I panted, rolling off him and grabbing the hand towel by the bedside.

That was so hot, he breathed, panting as hard as I was. I never thought it would feel that way, it was strange, but my dick liked it a lot, he laughed quietly.

I know what you mean. That was my first time fucking anyone, and you felt so good around my dick, I said as I gave him a quick peck on the lips. Billy dried himself off and rolled up on his side, looking at me.

I’m still not sure which I like better, he said. We may have to do that a few more times before I decide.

I looked at his big grin. Anytime you want it, buddy, I smiled back.

We laid there for a few minutes, his hand trailing over my belly and lower down. He looked pensive.

What’s on your mind, bud? I asked.

Billy cupped my balls, rolling them around. Do you think Josh will mind if we play while he is here? I mean, we can do this at night without trouble, I think, but I was thinking we might try some stuff before bed time without mom and dad here, but I don’t want to offend him or, I don’t know, leave him out either. Does that make sense? I mean, you gave him a blow job once, so I know he will be cool, but I just wondered...

You might want to have play time with Josh too? I asked, a glint in my eye.

Billy smirked. I was just wondering.

Well, I started. Caleb will be over on occasion too while he is here. They are becoming an item, I smiled.

Billy’s eyes lit up, even in the darkness of the room. You think Josh will spank him here? That would be cool to see.

Whoa there, boy, you are getting all too excited about this, I said, feeling his renewed bone against my thigh. He may take Caleb to a private room if he wants, so don’t get your hopes up.

But we could tell him it’s okay, I mean maybe we could be naughty at the same time or something.

Thoughts of my history quiz briefly came to mind.

You have a thing for seeing guys get spanked, young man? I teased.

No, only you, and Caleb is just a slightly larger sized you, so yeah, him too, he giggled.

It sounds like we need to talk to them about possible playtime with them while they are here. Is that what you are thinking?

YEAH! he whispered hoarsely, flopping his body fully on top of me. I mean, we will have our time, and I don’t want to screw that up, but if they want to play a little, I would be cool with that, he grinned, humping on me down low.

We better ask, then, I smiled, raising my knees as Billy quick lubed us both, and slid himself into me this time. This felt natural as he began to push harder and faster, his lips covering mine as we both exploded again, thoughts of fun times to come on our minds. Sleep came easy, wrapped in Billy’s arms, my head on his chest.

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