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My sales team
Part 3 – Russ gets bred

by TheBoss334

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My sales team pt 3: Russ gets bred

This week at work was much better than last week. All of us were past the awkward phase of having just had sex for the first time with each other. Everyone was smiling and joking like we had been before we decided that this was now going to be a weekly occurrence. There was a calm unspoken expectation and anticipation for this Friday night. There was no pretending it wouldn’t happen and we all couldn’t wait. It was my turn to host so I had gone to the store and bought booze and some food for the guys as I knew we would work up quite an appetite. But what I didn’t know was that I was not the only one who went shopping to get ready for the night.

The guys showed up together around 8. Unlike last time Russ actually looked excited for the evening. He had finally started to except the fact that he was a sub and was realizing just how much he loved hating it. He still had some reservation in his eyes but I knew that once we got him naked and started in on him that it would turn to pure lust right away. Jake had a sly smirk on his face that I couldn’t quite figure out. He had a backpack slung over his shoulder that looked almost full. I doubted that it contained food or drinks.

Whatcha got there Jake? I threw out casually.

Oh just a few things I picked up from a shop near here that I thought we could use tonight to kick things up a notch and give Russ here an orgasm that he’ll never forget. Jake was beaming as he said this.

Russ for the first time looked nervous. I thought you just brought clothes for tomorrow?

Well there’s that too, but I did grab a few other things as well. Jake was grinning ear to ear as he started to unzip the bag.

In my best Brad Pitt voice from se7en I exclaimed Oh come on what’s in the bag...What’s in the bag?

Jake rooted around for a second then pulled out an enema kit and sat it on the table. Russ looked confused while Jake looked like a fox in a hen house. What is that? Russ asked as he picked up the box and looked it over.

It’s an enema kit. The guy at the store said it was kind of BDSM 101′ so I picked it up with a few other things. But we’ll get to those later. Jake smiled at me and winked. I knew he had something truly amazing planned.

Ok boys, beers in the fridge, shots are ready to be poured and there’s plenty of food so as always... don’t be shy. I waved my hand like a good host to showcase the spread I had laid out for them. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and hit play on the DVD player which had some good hardcore bondage porn on it. And since I lived in a house and not an apt we didn’t have to worry about sound so I put it through the stereo so we could feel the noise.

After about 30 minutes of watching porn and drinking Jake was getting antsy. Ok Russ you ready to get started?

I guess, Are we gonna use that thing to start off or is that the grand finale? He asked half excited & half nervous.

Jake answered back We’re going to start off with it. So get your clothes off and head into the bathroom.

Russ slowly undressed as he couldn’t take his eyes off this box which contained a small device that was so simple but yet so mysterious. Once he was naked and his huge cock was exposed I could see that he was half hard already. I walked over and grabbed it with my hand. I’m glad you’re done pretending you don’t want it like you tried last time.

Well to be honest I am still a little scared. I mean it does really hurt and I honestly can’t stand it but for some reason that’s what makes the orgasm so intense. The last two weeks those were the best two orgasms I have ever had. So I guess I just realized that if I have to go through hell to get out the other side then so be it. Plus I trust you guys. I feel closer to both of you then I ever have any friend or girlfriend I’ve ever had.

Jake was so ready to go that the gravity of what Russ had just said went over his head so I decided to slow things down for a second. I shot Jake a look that said follow my lead Russ on behalf of both of us I really appreciate your honesty. I know that this is new for all of us and it means a lot to hear you say that. I know that the things that we do to you may hurt, but I want you to know that we will never hurt you.

I motioned for all of us to group hug and we did. We held the embrace for a few seconds before I exclaimed Ok let’s all do a shot then we can get the party started. I poured 3 shots of Patron gold and handed them out to the guys. We toasted and sank them like it was nothing.

Russ started to walk into the bathroom. I spoke up He’ll be in there in a sec ok.

OK He replied and then disappeared into the bathroom in the hallway.

I looked at Jake half scowling. Look I know why you really bought that thing. Jake looked busted and was about to open his mouth when I beat him to the punch. Does he know you plan on fucking him tonight?

Jake replied back with a guilty tone No, I wanted it to be a surprise.

Well he better be ok with it or it’s YOUR ass. I pointed at him for added affect and he gulped a little. I merely smiled.

Better get in there, he’s waiting. I put some sarcasm on it to let Jake know I was serious.

They were in there for about 20 minutes. Finally I heard the shower start and Jake walked out. Well he’s as clean as a whistle.

Good, now what else did you bring with you?

Jake’s face lit up as he went over to unload his bag of tricks. Besides the enema kit he had bought a 3 piece butt plug starter set, lube, some nylon rope and a bottle of poppers. He then pulled out a ping pong set that had two paddles in it. As he set that one down he just looked over and smiled. This ok?

Ya I’m cool with it. This certainly will be a night to remember. I told Jake to put the stuff back in the bag except for the rope and to help me turn the couch around. We heard the water in the shower turn off as we were re-arranging the room.

Russ walked out just as we set the couch down facing backwards and a little out from the wall so that we could get behind it. I pointed at Russ and motioned for him to come over to the couch. I poured a shot and handed it to him to take before we started in on him. As Russ finished it off Jake was separating out the ropes. I turned Russ to face the back of the couch and bent him over and used my feet to spread his legs as wide as I could. Jake handed me 2 pieces of rope and held 2 of his own. We tied Russ’s ankles to the back legs of the couch then went around and tied his wrists to the front legs. I was honestly shocked that there was no objection from Russ on this. He truly was accepting his role.

Once Russ was secured in place I grabbed Jake and pulled him aside. I have an idea so follow my lead. Jake nodded in agreement. Grab those poppers and get in front of him.

Jake picked up the bottle and removed the wrapper. He then walked around so he was standing directly in front of Russ’s face. I could tell that he was rock hard even though he still had all of his clothes on. The look of anticipation on his face was priceless.

I walked up behind Russ and grabbed his balls in a gentle caressing manor. Ok Russ here’s the deal. We’re gonna do things a little different tonight. Instead of us just beating your ass then you blowing us we’re going to combine the two for the first part of the night. I took a pause for that to sink in. When Russ didn’t respond I gave his oversized balls a squeeze.

Yes, that’s fine. Yes Ow shit please let go. Russ chocked out.

I released his balls and slapped his ass. Good boy! Now here’s what’s gonna happen. Jake is going to give you some poppers and then he’s going to stick his cock in your mouth. You’re going to suck his cock until he cums. Got it?

Yes, I got it. He replied

Good. Now while you’re doing that I will be spanking your ass the whole time. So the better you do blowing him the faster you will stop the spanking...Understand?

I was barely done getting the words out when Jake ripped his clothes off and opened the bottle of poppers. He held them in front of Russ so that he could inhale them. Two big whiffs in each nostril and Jake put the cap back on the bottle and grabbed Russ by the hair and lifted his head a little. Jake stepped forward and put his thick cock in Russ’s willing mouth.

I picked up the old fraternity style paddle that I had sitting on the table and started in on Russ. I began by moving the paddle all over Russ’s ass to build anticipation. Then the swats began. I used the paddle to hit every part of Russ’s spread ass to make sure that there was a good foundation for the evening. I was swinging at a decent pace but not very hard at first. I was more concerned for Jakes thick cock then I was Russ’s ass.

Hey Russ, a word to the wise, no matter how hard you get hit I wouldn’t bite down. Otherwise this could be a very long and painful evening for you.

Russ couldn’t really talk so Jake talked for him. Don’t worry boss, he’s doing just fine.

With that I started to intensify the swats. I had already delivered about 25 – 30 warm up shots and now it was time to dig in. I wasn’t sure how long Jake could last so I skipped medium and when right to heavy swats. Every time I hit Russ I could see Jake move back slightly. And even though he had a mouth full of cock I could start to hear Russ whimpering as I was tanning his hide. After another 20 swats Russ was starting to fight his bindings. The more he squirmed the harder I hit.

Stay still Russ. We’re just getting warmed up. I exclaimed.

Jake looked like he was in heaven. Watching his buddy get his ass beat while he was getting an incredible blow job had Jake on the edge of cumming. He uncapped the bottle of poppers and took a large whiff. He capped the bottle held the back of Russ’s head and shot his wad. He pumped into Russ’s face as he roped shot after shot of hot jizz into Russ’s mouth. All the while I kept paddling Russ. Finally Jake stopped pumping and pulled his softening dick from Russ’s lips. He bent down and kissed the top of Russ’s head and said two words Thanks man.

Russ’s head dropped to the couch cushion as Jake walked away. Whimpering and slightly sobbing Russ awaited the next turn. Jake handed me the poppers and I handed him the paddle. He put the paddle down and picked up Russ’s belt and smiled.

I positioned myself in front of Russ and lifted his head up. I shook the bottle of poppers and then opened it for him. I plugged his nostril so he could inhale better from each side. After 3 big hits on each side I capped the bottle and took my clothes off. Like Jake I was already solid as a rock before disrobing. I slowly inched forward and let Russ slurp up my cock.

Jake didn’t start slow as I had. His first hit was a vicious strike that brought about quite a whelp from Russ. And he didn’t let up after that. Jake was painting Russ’s back porch a dark shade of red. Russ was struggling to take it. He was trying to scream but my cock prevented that from happening. Luckily he was still keeping his mouth open enough that he wasn’t biting despite the pain. Since Jake was a lefty he was hitting at a different angle then I was so even though Russ’s ass was already red and sore each hit felt new. I didn’t last too long unfortunately. After about 5 minutes of this I opened the poppers and took a big hit as Jake had done and then I exploded. I don’t know how many strokes Jake had dished out at this point but it had to be over 100. I grunted loudly and shook a little as I burst in Russ’s mouth. I was breathing heavily and felt light headed but amazing at the same time.

Jake stepped back and took a long look at Russ’s ass to admire our work. I let Russ continue to keep my limp cock in his mouth while he sobbed. Finally I pulled out and walked around to see what his ass looked like. And just as I thought it was a dark red. I high fived Jake and exclaimed Well done sir.

I walked over and poured us each a shot and handed Jake one. We clanked glasses and tossed them back. Then I poured one and gave it to Russ. We each smiled and I walked over to Jakes bag and grabbed pulled everything else out. Since Russ was still tied up he could hear what I was doing but couldn’t see. I opened up the plugs and set them all out. Then I grabbed the ping pong paddles and opened them up as well. Once they were out I handed Jake the poppers and told him to go give Russ some.

Jake complied and gave Russ a few good hits in each nostril. Once he was done I told Jake to put a few pillows under Russ’s head so he could rest. As soon as he did I knelt behind Russ and started to lick his ass. This was the first time Russ had even been rimmed and he was LOVING IT.

OH man, oh my God, holy shit, oh my God that feels so good what are you doing? he babbled as the poppers kept him flying. Oh man, oh my God please don’t stop.

He kept this up the whole time I rimmed his hot tight ass. After a few minutes I stood up and motioned for Jake to take my place. I extended my hand for the poppers so I could give Russ some more. Jake looked at me slightly hesitant to pick up where I had left off. I gave a look of disapproval and motioned for Jake to get down there. I poppered Russ up and let Jake go to work. Even with a red throbbing ass Russ was in heaven. And the longer he was down there the more Jake got into it. Finally he was full on tongue fucking Russ’s hole. After about 10 minutes he pulled back and stood up. Russ was purring like a cat in heat.

I reached over and grabbed the lube and the smallest plug. I lubed it up and started to slide it in to Russ’s wet hole. What are you doing? he exclaimed.

Just relax Russ, let it slide in. I said comfortingly.

No, ow stop, take it out. What is that?

I motioned for Jake to go give Russ more poppers while I continued to slide the plug into his virgin hole.

As Jake poppered him up I could hear Jake whispering to him. Relax Russ you’ll love it, trust me.

I finally got it in and his hole closed around it like a vice grip. Russ was tugging at his restraints. I reached up and grabbed his balls and gave them a gentle tug.

Russ trust me you need to relax. Your hole is a muscle, if you tense up it’s going to tighten and it will hurt. Once you relax it’ll loosen up and it will feel good again.

With that I let go of his balls and slowly started to rub the back of my hand against his now raging boner which hung down halfway to the floor. Jake was petting his head and whispering to him to relax and not tense up.

Finally Russ gave into it and I could feel his whole body go limp over the couch. I signaled for Jake to give him some more poppers. As he was doing this I began stroking his massive cock and licking his balls. After a minute or two he was back to purring like a kitten. Jake and I switch places so he could have some time making Russ feel good. I leaned down and whispered softly into his ear We’re gonna make this feel good so just go with it. Mixing pleasure and pain will intensify both so be ready. You are NOT allowed to cum until we say so. So if we get you close you have to tell us so we can stop. Got it?

Russ nodded and put his head back down. He was now truly 100 percent ours for the rest of the night. I stood up and leaned over and began to wiggle the plug while Jake was rubbing his cock head and slobbering on his balls. This was driving him crazy and I could tell he wanted more. I would wiggle and then push it in deep then wiggle some more. He was moaning like I had never heard before. I tapped Jake on the head and motioned for him to trade places with me.

When I got behind Russ I slowly started to take the plug out. Russ winced a bit when it came out but quickly slumped back over the couch fully relaxed. I set the plug on the table and grabbed the next biggest one and the lube. Without me having to say it Jake got Russ poppered up again and as soon as the cap was on the bottle I started pushing the new plug in. This time Russ didn’t fight it and it slid right in. I patted him on the back and said There’s a good boy.

Again Jake and I took turns licking Russ’s balls and playing with his gigantic cock. He squirmed and moaned and we kept torturing him with pleasure until he said he was getting close to cumming.

At that point Jake and I grabbed the ping pong paddles and got behind Russ.

This will help cool you down. Jake said as we started to swing the paddles wildly. Switch hitting each cheek with hard fast strikes had Russ switch from moaning to whimpering in no time. After each one of us would give him 25 licks we would stop to wiggle the plug and play with his balls. Then we would go back to the paddle. We repeated this cycle for at least a half an hour. Russ’s whole body was now shaking with the extremes of both intense pleasure and excruciating pain. He didn’t know whether to cry or cum. And Jake and I knew he was close to both.

I told Jake to pull the plug out while I ran in the back to grab something. I returned with a magnum and a towel. I told Jake to get Russ some poppers. I grabbed the lube and got Russ’s he cock all slippery then I slid the condom on him and rolled it up as far as it would go. I set the towel down underneath him as well.

I don’t want you cumming on my couch or carpet got it. I smacked his ass as I said it.

Russ was now ready to get fucked. Jake was rock hard so I let him go first. He stood behind Russ and slowly pushed his thick cock into Russ’s tight hole. It was just like the first plug Russ tensed up and was fighting it so it hurt. I moved in front of him to give him poppers and remind him he had to relax. I ran my fingers through his hair while ha panted and tried to relax. Finally it happened. He slumped back over the couch fully limp and relaxed. Jake tilted his head and said There it is.

Jake started to slowly pump in and out of Russ. Every so often he would pull almost completely out and drizzle more lube on his cock and then slide back in. Jake was going very slow and steady so he wouldn’t hurt Russ. As badly as Jake had spanked him earlier he was equally doing his very best to pleasure him now. Jake was now thrusting his cock in balls deep each time but not very hard. Russ was once more moaning like he was earlier. Jake took this as a sign to go harder.

He grabbed Russ tightly by the hips and started to pump hard and fast. Each time Jake got all the way in Russ yelled in exstacy. Jake got going so fast that eventually Russ couldn’t yell and he just grunted. Thrust after Thrust Jake plunged deep inside Russ and I honestly couldn’t tell which one was enjoying it more. Finally Jake slowed down and thrust deep and stayed there. He was emptying his balls for the second time tonight inside Russ. He held on tight and stayed deep inside him for as long as he could. Finally he took a deep breath and exhaled then pulled out. Jake wobbled a bit as he stepped back but gained his composure quickly. He picked the towel up from the floor and wiped himself off them put it back underneath Russ as we were not finished with him just yet.

Jake knelt down to give Russ some poppers as I lubed up and slid my throbbing Cock inside his incredible ass. It was so warm from Jake having just fucked him and I could feel Jakes load as I went in. Since Russ was already loosened up I didn’t need to go slow. I began pumping long and hard right away. To my amazement I looked down and saw that Jake was now making out with Russ passionately kissing him as I worked over his wanting hole. Russ was in a blissful trance. He was grunting and snorting like a wild animal. I knew I wasn’t stretching quite as much as Jake did, but I also knew I was getting deeper. I grabbed Russ’s shoulders and pulled him back as far as I could. I really wanted to hit his prostate. I told Jake to push back on his shoulders while I fucked him. It took awhile to get it right but I finally started hitting it.

Russ was now screaming with pleasure and yelling for me to fuck him harder. He was so lost in the moment he just wanted more. I did all I could and fucked him beast mode for as long as I could. After about 15 more minutes I heard Russ make a sound that I have recognized right away. It was a guttural yell that could only mean one thing. He was cumming. I felt his hole tighten around my cock and that pushed me over the edge. I exploded my load into him at the same time he was cumming hands free for the first time in his life.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! he yelled for what seemed like forever.

His hole was so tight now I couldn’t pull out if I wanted to. Not that I did. I stood there quivering from the orgasm that had just rocked both of our bodies. After a bit Russ relaxed and I felt his hole let go of my now soft cock. I slid out and pulled away. Jake had now stood up and come around to my side of the couch.

Holy shit! He yelled as he pointed down. The condom was hanging off of Russ like a water balloon from a faucet. He had cum so much it was unreal. It was just hanging there swinging slightly as Russ moved a little bit for comfort. It was almost about to hit the ground before Jake bent down and removed it. Russ’s enormous cock now started to go limp. Jake grabbed the towel and wiped him off then handed me the towel so I could do the same.

Jake was about to go throw the used rubber away before I stopped him. Wait. I have an idea.

I pushed Russ back into the couch as much as I could so his ass was almost straight up in the air. I took the condom from Jake and emptied the contents of it into Russ’s gaping hole. He let out a sigh as it poured in. He now had all 3 of our loads in his no longer virgin ass. I grabbed the last and biggest of the plugs and stuck it in capping Russ’s backside for him. I smacked him on the ass and told him to hold still. We untied him and stood him upright. It was group hug time for sure. Not just because we wanted it but because Russ would have fallen over without it.

I patted Russ on the back and told looked him dead in the eyes when I spoke. You were amazing tonight. I am so proud of you.

Russ smiled but still couldn’t speak. Jake tussled his hair and repeated what I had said to him as well. We all smiled and stood there in the embrace for a few more minutes. Finally Russ broke the silence and asked Can one of you guys grab me a beer?

I eagerly went to the fridge and got him a cold one. I even opened it for him. He downed the whole damn thing right off the bat.

Thirsty much? Jake said jokingly.

Yes I was. You fuckers had me tied up for close to 3 hours. Russ replied.

And you loved every second of it. I chimed in.

We all smiled and went over to the table and had a few shots and ate some finger food that had been sitting out. I started to clean up and told them to head to the bedroom so we could get some sleep. I told Jake to grab some aloe out of the bathroom for Russ’s ass.

Once I got everything put away I walked into the bedroom and crawled into bed. Jake was on his back with Russ on his stomach laying in his arms. I turned on the TV and put a movie on Netflix. We all passed out in each other’s arms in no time. This was quite honestly one of the best nights in all of our lives.

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