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First Trip to the Woodshed

by Jack495

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First Trip to the Woodshed

This is a work of fiction and a product of my imagination. If stories like this offend you then please don’t read them.

That’s it! You’ve just earned your first trip to the woodshed, the father, Joe, said to his eldest son Jeff, Let’s go.

Jeff followed meekly behind as his dad led the way outside and to the large windowless workshop building in their secluded back yard. Jeff had been warned many times of the Woodshed Punishment but had never taken the threats very seriously.

It had been years since his dad had physically punished him or his younger brother.

Joe unlocked the door and turned on the bright florescent lights. Get in there! I want you buck naked when I get back.

The door was immediately closed and locked behind him. Naked? Shit. He was serious. Jeff kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his T-shirt and undid his jeans. He slid his jeans and briefs off together then folded them and put them on the floor.

It was chilly in the shed. He jiggled his cock and balls as he compilated what was coming. Never too old to be spanked his dad had been warning. He was eighteen now.

He heard the door being unlocked. That was quick, he though. He modestly covered his genitals with his hand. His dad came into the shed carrying his fraternity hazing paddle and an ominous looking black strap. Following his father was Jeff’s sixteen-year-old brother Andy.

Joe closed the door and slid the deadbolt into place.

Andy’s going to watch, his father said simply as he dragged an old wooden desk chair into the center of the shed and sat. I want him to see what he has coming if he keeps following your lead. He slowly rolled up his sleeves as he looked at his naked son.

Stop covering yourself like that! Hands by your side. Own your body; you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Look like a man who has accepted the fact that he’s about to get the good spanking he deserves.

Jeff fluffed his cock and balls before he dropped his hand. Although he was usually one of the best-hung guys in any locker room, the cold and his immediate fear of what was going to happen had shrunk him considerably.

Now, don’t think for a moment that you’re going to get off easy because this is our first time out here. You’ve been warned many times that this day would come. If anything, I want to make sure you won’t ever want to come back out here for another spanking.

You may want to know that I received my fair share of these beatings during my years in Catholic schools, prep school and my college fraternity. I even gave more than my fair share in the Frat house. Believe me when I tell you that I know what I’m doing.

He didn’t mention that he regularly met with another man, someone the boys knew as Uncle Mike, to trade spankings.

They don’t spank kids in school any more, Andy offered helpfully.

That’s too bad. They probably should bring it back. Especially the way your generation is going, Joe said.

Ready Jeff? Jeff nodded slowly. Let’s go, over my lap son, Jeff stepped over and awkwardly got himself over his dad’s lap. Joe forced Jeff’s legs wide apart then invited Andy over to get a better vantage point.

He warmed Jeff’s small firm ass with his hand for several minutes, teasing blows that caused very little in the way of pain or discomfort. Then Joe ramped up the intensity and began hitting him harder and harder as he delivered blows that covered every part of his son’s ass.

Joe took a quick break, We’re just getting started. He smoothed his hand over the boy’s ass. Jeff began to relax and took deep breaths. Joe slipped his hand between Jeff’s cheeks and felt his balls. He was surprised to find that Jeff’s cock was partially erect, It’s ok, a lot of guys get hard when they’re being spanked.

Joe took the paddle and delivered a painful barrage of firm well-placed blows across Jeff’s ass and thighs, turning his skin a deep shade of pink.

Jeff tried to block or slow the blows by moving his hand to cover his ass. His dad responded by holding his arm firmly against his lower back.

Jeff cried out. The crying became sobbing. Joe didn’t falter until he remembered he wasn’t beating a close male friend or an old frat brother. He stopped and slowly massaged his son’s tender ass. Go ahead and get up.

Jeff stood. He wiped the tears from his cheeks as he stared at the floor. We’re not done.

Joe looked at Andy. It was obvious that Andy had become aroused and was fondling his erection through his jeans pocket. Andy, since Jeff’s paddling turned you on so much, would you like to experience one for yourself?

Oh no, Dad. Thanks anyway, Andy quickly blushed bright red, surprised that his dad knew he was turned on and embarrassed that he had been caught fondling himself.

Well son, I’m going to give you one anyway. You’ve been pushing the edges a lot lately too. A hard spanking will do you a lot of good.

Andy looked bewildered. No Dad, really. I don’t need one. I understand. Really.

You know it’s not unusual to get excited by watching a bare-assed spanking, getting one.... or even giving one.

As if on cue, they both looked at Jeff’s partial erection. I have to admit I’m feeling that way too.

Joe stood and adjusted the bulge in his jeans. Let’s both get undressed. You’re going to see what it’s like to be punished like a man.

But Dad, I haven’t done anything! Andy protested.

Oh, you’ve done plenty little man. You want me to review the list of recent infractions? Andy shook his head no. He knew his dad was right. They stared at each other for a moment. I’m not asking Andy, Joe said softly.

Jeff listened to this exchange and watched in mild disbelief as his dad began unbuttoning his shirt. Don’t make me undress you son. Andy pulled off his t shirt.

Shoes and socks were next. Then belts were undone, and pants and jeans were pulled off followed by briefs or boxers. They were both naked within moments. Andy was completely erect and oozing pre-cum. His dad was partially erect and growing.

Although the boys had seen their dad naked many times at the gym and campground showers they had never seen him fully erect.

The brothers had been naked together thousands of times. Besides the gym and camps, they shared a bedroom plus their own bathroom; they weren’t big on privacy. They had also been in the same school gym classes, sports teams and had even masturbated while watching videos together when their parents were away.

Both boy’s attention was drawn to their dad’s hard cock as he stroked himself. It was much thicker and longer than theirs, and his balls were much bigger too. They had already known that he was circumcised, he had made sure they weren’t, but they hadn’t seen the difference it made when he stroked his cock until now.

He stroked himself several times as the boys watched and stroked themselves. They were well developed for their ages and looked much more like young men. He thought briefly about friends who speculated that family genetics led to shared interests in spankings.

There’s nothing quite like a man to man spanking to get the juices flowing. Maybe we’ll jack off together before we’re through.

Joe sat back in the chair and motioned Andy over his lap, Your turn, son.

Andy hesitated.

Come on. Don’t make it worse than it already is.

Andy slowly stepped over and got settled across his dad’s lap. Jeff, you can get closer if you want, he said.

Joe spanked and paddled Andy’s ass but not as severely as Jeff’s. Andy grunted and groaned and reacted to nearly every blow.

When Andy stood it seemed as if his cock had grown longer and harder from the paddling. Jeff’s certainly had.

Joe stood, picked up the strap and stepped over to the side of his workbench, Jeff, you’re up again. You’re going to bend over the edge of the workbench and grab the far edge like your life depended on it. Then you’ll spread your legs apart as comfortably as you can. You’ll keep your chest down.

Jeff moved into position. Joe smoothed his hand over Jeff’s ass noting that it was warm to the touch. He verified that he hadn’t inflicted that much damage from his paddling and knew that he’d be able to take a decent series of lashes with the strap. He let his fingers brush around Jeff’s hole before he slipped between his legs and felt his heavy and tight balls and hard cock.

He stepped back and took aim. The first crack was louder than he expected and resulted in an immediate red stripe across Jeff’s ass. Jeff seemed to suppress a low groan. Joe slowly added four more stripes, building above and below the first. Jeff’s responses grew louder with each one and he seemed to be shaking as he anticipated each strike.

Joe decided Jeff had enough, That’s it son. Jeff turned. He reached back and felt his ass. His eyes seemed wet from tears and his face was flushed red. A long string of pre-cum hung from the tip of his rigid cock.

Andy. Joe said. Take the position. You’re getting a taste of the strap too. Andy was still fondling his cock. He hesitated. Three strokes. Four strokes. Joe said.

Alright! Andy quickly moved into position. As he had done with Jeff, Joe smoothed his hand over Andy’s ass noting that there was no warmth of redness from his brief paddling. He let his fingers brush around Jeff’s hole before he slipped between his legs and felt his heavy and tight balls and hard cock. He glanced at Jeff and noted that he was watching intently as he worked his cock.

He stepped back and took aim. The first crack resulted in a loud Ouch! from Andy. He layered three more, each resulting in louder and deeper responses.

That’s it son. Andy turned and felt his ass. His cock had softened slightly, and he looked to be on the verge of tears.

That’s all for today, boys. Joe said. He set the strap on the workbench and moved close to both boys. The original purpose of the trip out here today was to give you both an experience that you wouldn’t want repeated. He took long looks at each of their cocks.

Given your responses though, I think this is a really effective way to discipline both of you. I’m going to make this my primary way of dealing with your behavior issues. There will be many more of these to come.

They nodded.

Joe began to aggressively stroke his cock, sliding his partial foreskin up and over the tip of his cock and back. His sons watched him as they did the same, working their full long foreskins.

Andy began breathing heavily first as his orgasm approached. He shot large hard bursts of cum into his cupped palm as he groaned in pleasure. Jeff was next a few moments later. It took Joe a bit longer, but they continued to watch as he finally crested.

They took turns washing up in the utility sink then quietly dressed.

As they left the shed Joe said, Two weeks.

Huh? Jeff replied.

I bet we’re back out here for one or both of you within two weeks, Joe said.

Wanna bet? Andy asked. be continued?

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