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21 – MB Super Charged

by Spank master

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Reader reference: Read chapter 20 to get some of the chemistry that has been happening between the boys, Aiden (15) Darren (16) and of course David (16)

There is also another new character appearing in this chapter.

I cannot go into any details for this chapter so we are going straight into a conversation about an earlier event —

You two suck at edging!! Aiden said when Darren put his foot down (accelerator).

Fuck me this is one hell of a ride! David said sitting comfortably in the leather contour seat of the car that seemed to just feel like a ten ton rock gliding like a hovercraft churning away effortlessly no matter the width or incline of the undulating road.

Car coming up!! David added as the vehicle darted in between the traffic that just came up like a fly would buzz towards one’s face.

Geeez, watch out dude!! Aiden yelled from the backseat looking white as a ghost. What turned out to be a dare and a joy ride has now become a ride from the fast and the furious.

Hey, where did you learn to drive? David asked hesitantly gripping the side handle as his eyes bulged.

I didn’t! Darren replied focused on the task ahead.

Yeah, explains everything perfectly! David replied with a stammer.

Fucking watch out!! Aiden screamed.

Just keep it down man, you are fucking distracting the driver!

Fuck me! David replied shaking his head and so wished he could just close his eyes knowing he was in safe hands.

You’re doing 120 miles an hour!! Aiden said freaking out in the back seat.

And your point is? Darren said as he kept his eyes mainly on the road since he just couldn’t for a second be distracted or they would probably spin out in a pretty bad sort of way alla Princess Diana.

Okay pussies, I’m going to do the legal thing now okay ... happy? Darren said with a frown.

Yeah great, hey it’s like we are walking! David said feeling relieved.

Real cool dude! Aiden said looking out the back window.

I just wanted to see what it was like, that’s all? Darren whined as his heart pounded from the excitement that was still hovering —

Guys, there’s a cop behind us! Aiden said twisting about.

Yeah, he’s been behind us for a while? Darren sighed, thinking taking daddies Mercedes instead of doing the gardening was such a bad idea.

So why didn’t you stop? David asked darting back to see the red blue and gold lights.

I wanted to see if I could out run him?

Really? David replied.

God you are stupid! I didn’t know he was there until we slowed down! Um, when I pull over you and I will lap it over? Darren said darting a quick glance to David and one to the rear view mirror.

Come again? David asked getting aroused at the suggestion.

Fuck me! We have to swap seats without getting out? Darren said, indicating, speeding up and then slowing down real fast before accelerating again to make the cop keep his distance.

Oh ... why exactly are we doing that? David said with a puzzled expression.

You have a license! Darren yelled.

And ... you don’t? David steamed back.


Oh shit man! David said rubbing his face thinking, why did he ever get in this car!

Yeah and if you do the rap for this then you won’t have a license either! Aiden grinned.

Fuck ... David steamed.

Darren pulled the car over slowly to do the switch whilst the cop was so confused at this point that he sped straights passed them. The guys did the lap thing with Darren sliding over David’s anticipating hard-on that Darren felt along his thigh.

What? David asked sheepishly hanging on to Darren’s hips.

Of all the times you have to get excited about a bit of lap dancing? Darren said annoyed and excited at the same time.

Can’t help it, so far it’s been the best part of my day? David replied tugging Darren a few times before letting him go.

Fuck me!! Darren steamed.

Yeah that was the idea? David said with a wry grin.

The cop approached the front of the vehicle and then towards the driver. David was trying to stay as impartial as possible since he didn’t want to give the cop the wrong impression. But how could he possibly not? Three young guys in a Mercedes? The cop must have already made his assumptions ... rich brats ... which for the record, neither of them were! But stolen vehicle may be closer to the cop’s take, especially with Darren’s cat and mouse routine.

The officer came to the driver side where David stared at the officer momentarily with all the innocence he could muster, but alas in did nothing to quell the officer’s rage!

The officer took hold of David through the window and pulled him straight out in one effortless motion that seemed like a maneuver he had rehearsed to perfection. Darren and Aiden were left stunned by the sudden turn of events.

Step out of the vehicle!

Okay? David said from the bitumen to the big man cop who had a knee firmly pressed into David’s back along with a good grip around his neck.

License and registration papers?

Um ...

You will undergo a full search!

Um .. David muttered as the cop patted him down.

Reckless driving, endangering other motorists as well as potentially self-harm with fellow passengers?

Um ...

No regard for the law or public property?

Um ...

You are so lucky you’re driving V12 Mercedes, otherwise I would have your ass in the pen and your car in the pound ...or is that the other way around? The cop said with sarcasm.

Please officer, we’re just stupid and got carried away? You saw we chilled out after? David spluttered.

Um, that was when you saw my lights flashing?

No no, honest we were getting scared about going too fast so slowed down! We just wanted to see how fast she would go? David professed his face white with fear.

Are you kidding me? The cop asked looking over the German version of a muscle car that was streamlined into a limousine with attention given to every detail.


It’s not some heap of shit to see what range it still has?

Yes sir?

It’s like a brand new V12 Mercedes twin turbo!! It’ll do whatever it says on the odometer?

Oh really? David said with some sarcasm of his own.

Is that what you were trying to figure out?

Yes sir, I mean no sir we just wanted a bit of action?

Oh you want action?

Yes sir, we are hardworking students just enjoying summer break? David said whilst Aiden and Darren just held their heads down hoping this will all just blow over.

I will give you guys a break! The cop said as he yanked David up from the road.


I’m going to break your ass in two! The cop said throwing David against the car and then leaning into him –

Okay you have two choices?

Okay? David asked as he felt the weight of the law on his back.

If I take you to the slammer you will get locked up? How does that go again? Oh right, lock up, judge, lock up, jail! The cop said, tapping David’s ass with his baton.

I’m only 16!

Stupid kid ... you are going down with this shit!

Just take my license and be done with it!

Yeah it’s a bit more serious than that son!

What then?

Okay, I tell you what, since you’re fresh kids I’ll let you off with a warning!

Really? Aiden said with a wry smile when he suddenly recognized who the cop was.

Get out of the fucking car!

Hands on the roof, move them, and I will shoot you in the ass! The cop said with his gun drawn to scare the crap out of at least two of the boys.

Okay, okay don’t hurt us! Aiden said going along with it when the cop approached him.

What are you doing Aiden? He whispered in his ear.

Fuck me ... I don’t know, it was just a prank? Aiden quietly replied.

Just get in the car! You too (to Darren) but I have to do the driver!

But he was the driver!! David said spilling the beans.

Do not move boys, I’m going back to my vehicle! Remember I will shoot you in the ass if you move! The cop said positioning Darren and David against the car giving each a thump on the ass with his baton.

You asshole!! Darren said next to David.

Hey it’s my ass on the line as well? David replied in defense.

Why did he let you go? Darren asked peering at Aiden who was relaxing on the back seat.

He knows you! David added.

Yeah, lucky me and lucky for you two as well! Aiden replied chilling from all the excitement, his legs wide, his blonde hair loose and light as he blew a breath to it.

Is he a good cop?

Not exactly... Aiden said tossing his hair about then darting a quick look to the patrol car in front to see if there was a second cop.

Bad cop!! Darren and David both blurted out.

The officer fiddles with the dash camera before coming back.

He turned off the fucking camera I’m telling you! David insisted.

Okay boys, I didn’t pick up the actual driver when I passed you, so since you were in the driver’s seat that means you’re it ... and you (to Darren) can get in the back of the car.

Thanks man! Darren said with a sigh of relief.

That’s Sir to you!

Yes sir, sorry sir! Darren replied with a smile that the cop eased to.

What about me? Um, can I go too? David asked when the cop shoved him against the car without great force.

I’m what they call an in-between cop? The cop said close to David’s face.

What does that mean? David asked with a worried expression thinking there is no in between with this guy, he’s all fucking bad! But then the term became suddenly clearer to David.

I’m going to perform a body search!


I have to check for concealed narcotics! The officer said putting on a rubber glove.

What’s that for? David asked perplexed.

Not very bright are you? The officer said as he patted David down before checking his bottom. His shorts were tight so they had to come down.

Um ... God ...Jesus is this necessary!! David moaned under the cavity search.

Meanwhile Aiden and Darren were making the most of it on the backseat.

Man I love good cop bad boy routines! Darren said as he fumbled in his shorts.

Hey dude that is not a good cop! And you’re doing that all wrong! Aiden said as he sat there his shorts down holding onto to his extension.

You little wanka! Darren laughed.

ha ha ha ...come here you little whore! Aiden said as he glided a hand between Darren’s thighs causing him to shake it all over. Darren sighed, melting to the caress that traveled to his knee and around his inner thigh.

Oh yeah, up and down! Aiden said as he kept up the momentum occasionally fondling right between Darren’s legs giving him a little upward push against his crotch.

Fuck you got a nice touch!

Practice makes perfect ... come on lover let’s get those shorts down! Aiden said as his hands did some more magic unwrapping Darren’s butt.

Oh God you are so fucking hot!

The boys were oblivious to the outside world as they enjoyed each other’s warm and tender bodies whilst David was about to find out about option number two.

You really need to get your little backside belted for this! The cop said smacking David’s ass.

Is that the other option?

Um yeah son, that’s option number two, it saves me a lot of paper work and time, hey, even the judge loves option number two!

Can I keep my license?


No charge?


Okay me bad cop style!! David said bending his butt.

Smart ass!! The cop said as he rolled out a wide leather belt.

I’m about to put the brakes all over your ass!

Yes sir! David replied bracing for impact but it was useless as the pain was nothing like he ever would have imagined, let alone experienced before. The first hit left him doing one hell of a dance routine that would shame a professional.

Do not step away from the vehicle!


You will attract attention from other motorists!

And didn’t he ever ... Darren and Aiden were in stitches, even the cop couldn’t help grin at David’s anguish. And sure enough there were motorists that caught a glimmer of David’s bare backside doing a jig —

Fuck me ... good cop bad boy routine!

Yeah and you drove straight past ...idiot!

Look mom that boy’s getting a spanking!

Holy shit! One teenager said springing a hard-on from the backseat of a passing car.

David finally went back reluctantly to lean against the car crying in anguish.

Do the crime does that go again ...fuck I don’t know? The cop said sarcastically as he held David’s shoulder.

How many more? David spluttered.

What’s that juvi?

How many more swats?

Swats, yeah good one ... um, well a few more I guess? The cop replied relaying the second. This time he held David against the car to let the sting settle over him.

Fuck man that hurts!!

Um’s supposed to? The cop said coyly.


God almighty, I got myself a 16 year old baby!



Meanwhile Darren and Aiden were making the most of their misadventure with shorts and shirts off and taking turns at being on top. They also managed to give David some moral support —

Get a load of him squirming man! Aiden said tickling David through the window.

Ha ha ha ha!

Take a fucking picture man! Darren said.

No way man, you can’t take a pic otherwise that cop will do you for it! Aiden said giving a quick smile to the cop to show no pics are being taken.

Whatever man just do me!! Darren said waving his cock at him.

You do me!!

I’m top!

Dude I’m top!

Fuck you, little shitter! Darren said as he wrestled Aiden all over the backseat.

Get off me!! Aiden said struggling under Darren’s weight.

Um, are you going to suck?

No way!!

Well, I’ll just do you as you are! Darren said as he began his motions, his cock pressing firm into Aiden’s belly.

The boys became more and more entangled with Darren’s ass doing its thing to the rhythm of David’s ass getting belted beyond his wildest dreams. It was a shame David couldn’t take in the view as he missed a cute love making session between the boys. The cop however did enjoy their antics to the beat of that belt as it landed generously across David’s bare backside more times than what was probably necessary.

Fuck you are so fuckable!! Darren said close to Aiden’s face as he hovered above him.

Just kiss me!!

Oh God I’m gonna blow!

Don’t you cum!

I gotta man ... I can’t ...ahhhhhhh!!!

Oh fuck me toooo!!

You sooo suck at edging dude! Aiden laughed as Darren spunked out and just relaxed over the top of him.

The cop finished as were the backseat lovers whilst David agonized against the car; for a moment everyone was left spellbound until the cop pulled up David’s shorts to make him decent.

Arrrrrrrrrr!! He cried out when those shorts neared his swollen ass. David turned around and then walked about as if his ass was set in plaster.

Okay boys we’re all done here ... um, had a good one? The cop said to the backseat lovers tapping his hand on the roof top.

Yeah sure thanks Roger ... you won’t tell dad? Aiden asked with a wry smile.

Hey son ... I wouldn’t do that to you! Cop Roger replied with a smile and a wink.

What about me? Darren asked in an unusual shy tone on account his ass was exposed.

Judging by the stripes across your butt, consider yourself in very good company son!

Sir? Darren queried.

I’m friend’s with Aiden’s dad? He’s the good cop? Ha ha ha! Roger chuckled.

Thanks man I owe you! Aiden added with a chuckle.

Yeah it’s cool dude ...hey I used to this shit all the time when I was your age! Roger smiled giving the boys a salute.

Which part? Aiden asked with a cheeky smile.

Both! Do not tell your dad! Roger said smiling as he walked off to see David trying to get a reality check on his ass as he took a piss —

Are you okay son?

What do you reckon!

Ha ha ha, thought so ... when you’re done, get your skinny ass in the car and fuck off then!! He replied. He gave David a slap to his sore butt along with a quick glance and a smile to die for.

Ouch, what a fucking ride!! David cried but still managing a bit of a wolf whistle watching bad cop Roger do the walk back to the patrol car.

Suffice to say the ride back was quiet with only a few sniggers and the occasional exchange of lips and tongues between backseat passengers.

Consider us even? Darren coyly said as he leaned up towards David.

You ... and you ... are both dead to me!! David replied looking in the rear view mirror sliding carefully about in his seat thinking this was definitely the worst hiding of his life.

Don’t be a bitch! Darren yelled.

Look who’s talking, fuck you!! David yelled back.

No ...fuck you! Darren steamed coming closer to David’s face.

Shut the fuck up or I will tell your daddy all about your driving skills!

You wouldn’t?

Try me ...(Darren shuts up along with Aiden) thought so! Little pair of fuckers you both turned out to be! David said licking his lips.

Sorry man? Aiden replied with a chuckle.

Thanks, what about you? I saved your ass twice over? David asked turning momentarily to Darren.

Okay ... thanks man’re a fucking saint! Darren replied with a smile, extending an arm to pat David’s shoulder.

You’re still both dead to me ... at least until my ass gets back to normal and I get over the stress I suppose? I still can’t believe the coppa let you guys off? David said mumbling as he thought about the how and the why whilst Aiden and Darren looked at one another with wide grins before exploding into laughter.

Fucking hyenas!! Fuck that’s sore man!! David whined, shifting and doing his best to keep his ass from sticking to the leather. He turned on the music and somehow found some relief.

Oh fuck, turn that shit off! Darren steamed.

I don’t mind it? Aiden added shrugging his shoulders.

It’s kind of relaxing? David said turning the volume up.

Turn it off ... you know I can’t stand that shit!! Darren yelled.

Turn it off yourself!! David said as he cranked up the volume a bit more. Darren tried to get to the front but was held back by Aiden’s grip along with a few good slaps to his ass.

Sit down or I will spank your ass!! Aiden said smacking at Darren’s behind.

What a pair of shitters you two are! Darren steamed as he sat back down under the weight of the somber music of J.S. Bach’s cantata BWV48.

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