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Performing For Coach Kanta

by Buddy Wack

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For the alpha... I’m eager to learn another lesson from you.

It’s Thursday afternoon and we just got back into the locker room after basketball practice. I head over to my locker, drenched in sweat, and start stripping off my practice gear. My friends Kyle and Jesse have lockers next to mine. Kyle bends over to grab something out of his bag and I slap him on the ass. He jerks up in surprise.

Hey! he laughs, punching me on the arm.

I’ve got a reputation for being the class clown. I’ve always liked making people laugh. I have my fair share of run-ins with teachers and the principals at school, but nothing too serious.

After I take my shirt and shorts off, I slide my jock down and off. I’ve grown pretty confident in my body over the past couple of months. I’ve been working out a lot more, and my chest hair has grown in. Really makes me feel like a man. Girls have been all over me, and recently, I’ve discovered I don’t mind showing off in front of guys, too. I like the locker room because I get to hang out naked for a while without the risk of guys knowing I might be enjoying myself.

Now that I’ve got all my clothes off, I keep joking around with my friends. I reach over and twist Jesse’s nipple.

Oww! he yelps, laughing. Suddenly, I hear Coach Johnson call my name from across the room.

Aaron! I’d like to see you for a minute! he yells out. I roll my eyes. Seriously? It was just a joke. I didn’t even do anything. He’s been on a real power trip, lately. He acted like such an asshole that Coach Cooper ended up quitting. He was a really cool guy and a lot of fun to be around. We all miss him. Coach Johnson ended up hiring his son-in-law, Coach Kanta, as his new assistant. Together, the two of them are real pieces of work. They’re really riding us hard. No joy in Mudville, any more.

I don’t know Coach Kanta well enough yet to figure him out completely, but what I have figured out so far is he’s hot. Smoking hot. Probably in his mid-twenties and looks like the guy next door. Combined with Coach Johnson’s traditional Dad look, well, let’s just say thinking about both of them has made my dick hard plenty of nights at home.

Aaron! I said I’d like to see you! Get your ass over here, NOW! Coach Johnson yells again.

Fine, I think. If he wants to see me, he’s gonna see me! I smirk as I swagger across the locker room, buck naked, and stand in front of him.

What the hell do you think you’re doing? Coach asks.

You said you wanted to see me, Coach! Here I am! I exclaim, stretching my arms out and turning around in a full circle. I grin as the other guys in the locker room all laugh.

Fine, if you want to be a little exhibitionist, we’ll do this right here, Coach replies.

Do what? I ask him.

Coach Kanta hands his phone to Coach Johnson.

Something’s been brought to my attention, today, Aaron, Coach Johnson starts. You want to explain this to me?

I look at the screen and he has my Twitter account pulled up. My stomach flips when I see the tweet I sent out last week.

I... uh... I guess I got hacked, Coach! I exclaim, batting my eyelids at him innocently.

No, I don’t think you got hacked, he replies skeptically. Why don’t you read it out loud so everyone knows what we’re talking about.

I swallow nervously. A few of the guys start laughing.

Tfw your coaches are assholes, I read out. I hear a few gasps and everyone shuts up.

Uh-huh. Can you tell me what tfw stands for? Coach Johnson asks.

I don’t remember, Coach. I think it just a typo... I say with the best confused tone I can come up with.

It means that feeling when, Coach Kanta answers, glaring at me.

I see, Coach Johnson starts. So, Aaron. You feel that your coaches are assholes?

No, SIR, I don’t! I reply with too much enthusiasm.

Obviously you do, he states. And that feeling must be so strong you felt the need to broadcast it publicly on social media. Do you remember the Athletic Department Standards of Behavior you signed at the beginning of the season? he asks.

Here we go. He’s on a power trip again. This guy loves to lecture and bring up policies.

Yes, Coach, I mumble.

Do you remember what it says about athletes’ behavior, both on and off the field, as well as outside of school?

Yessssss, Coach, I reply.

Do you think the type of disrespect you’ve shown to myself and Coach Kanta is acceptable?

No, Coach, I sigh, overreacting on purpose with a pout.

Aaron, you’re not taking me seriously. Disrespecting a member of the Athletic Department staff gets you benched for 2 games, Coach Johnson starts.

I stop for a second. This is my senior year and I’m at the top of my game! I don’t really want to be in trouble and have to ride the bench!

However, he continues, You’ve not only shown disrespect to me, but also to Coach Kanta. In addition, since you posted this on Twitter, the public nature of your behavior reflects poorly on the entire team. I think more severe discipline is needed considering the situation you’ve caused, and your continued defiance during this discussion.

Oh shit, I think when I realize what he’s about to say. I think the other guys realize too, because it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop in the locker room.

Then Coach Johnson says a phrase that both excites me and makes me a little nervous.

You’re getting paddled for this.

Don’t think of me the wrong way. As much of a goofball that I can be sometimes, I still try to stay out of serious trouble. I’ve never actually done anything to get paddled before. My friend Kyle got a little cocky a few games into the season and ended up getting it from Coach Johnson. Even though the rest of us didn’t see it happen, we sure heard it, and Kyle’s terrified of getting it again.

Coach has a reputation for swinging hard when he wacks your ass. I’ve always been secretly curious about it and tempted fate just a little, but was always disappointed when I never ended up in trouble. Little did I know a simple tweet would earn me some swats to find out once and for all!

I try to play it cool in front of the other guys and make light of the situation.

Sorry, Coach, you’re right, I respond. Coach Johnson looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

If you do the crime, you gotta do the time, I say, looking around the room at the other guys. I’ll finish up and stop in your office to get it over with, I add, turning to head back to my locker.

Freeze, Coach Johnson orders. We’re doing this right here, right now.

I stop in my tracks and raise my eyebrows in mock surprise at the other guys. Some are trying hard not to grin. Kyle makes eye contact with me and has a look of concern on his face. No one has ever been paddled out here in the open as long as any of us have been on the team. This is definitely going to be different. What a great opportunity to put on a show, I think!

Okay, Coach. If you’re really that excited, let’s do it now! I say with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

Coach Johnson lunges towards me.

You think this is FUNNY? he yells, grabbing my arm. GET OVER THERE! He shoves me to the center of the room. His outburst catches me off guard.

OKAY!!! I yell back.

I’m standing in front of a wide bench. The rest of the guys are all by their lockers, in a semicircle around the walls of the room.

Bend over, hands flat, Coach Johnson commands.

Yes SIR! I reply mockingly. If he only knew how many times I’ve imagined him telling me to bend over, for another reason, I think as my dick starts to stir. I lean forward and place my hands on the bench. My bare ass is now on display for everyone to get a good look at. Most importantly, both of my coaches now get a good long look at it. Wonder what they think? I shuffle on my feet and wag my ass back and forth a little bit.

Coach Johnson heads into the office. I’m surprised when I look over my shoulder at Coach Kanta. He’s staring at my ass! My dick starts to get slightly excited. Before I can focus on it, Coach Johnson returns with the paddle. Holy wow. It’s thick and solid, with holes drilled into it. The only guys who ever see it are the ones who actually feel it used on them. Its appearance anywhere else is very rare.

Coach Johnson sets it against my ass.

Should have charged everyone admission! I joke. Some of the guys laugh.

Enough! Coach Johnson barks. Repeat after me, Aaron.

My coaches...

My coachessssss... I repeat with emphasis, shaking my head.


I’m so pumped up on adrenaline, I barely even feel that.

Are not... he says next.

Are... not? I repeat as a question to screw with him.


That’s as hard as he’s going to swing? This is child’s play.

Assholes! he exclaims.

Ass-hoooooles! I repeat with emphasis on the second syllable.


In the heat of the moment, I think of a strategy and clench my cheeks as the paddle connects with my ass. It actually feels like I dodged some of the impact.

Owwww! I exclaim overdramatically. I’m sorry, Coach! Oh man, am I sorry! You really taught me a lesson! I wink at a few of the guys I can see from where I’m standing.

We’re not done yet, he replies. I don’t think you’re learning as much from this as you should. Get up on the bench on your hands and knees.

Whaaat? I think. This is AWESOME! I climb up onto the bench on my hands and knees. Then I realize it wasn’t so awesome since I had no choice but to keep my ass sticking out. I can’t clench my cheeks to avoid the paddle any more.

Coach Johnson hands the paddle to Coach Kanta.

I know you’ve never done this before, but Aaron can be your first, he says to him.

Oh FUCK yeah, I’d love to be Coach Kanta’s first in more ways than one, I think. My dick starts to get harder.

Ten swats should make a lasting impression, he announces.

Damn. Ten? Well, ok. I’m always up for a challenge.

Coach Kanta stands next to me and places his left hand on my back. He taps the paddle against my ass a few times and takes couple of practice swings.

Too bad no one has any popcorn! I start to say. You guys could...


Well, SHIT! A solid swat without warning. Damn. That one actually hurt! I immediately shut up.


Another one right away. He can really hit hard! A grunt escapes from my mouth.


Whoaaaahhh! I yell without meaning to. I’m starting to feel it! My ass is on fire, but for some reason, my dick is rock hard. It’s betraying me to the other guys, but I don’t care at this point. I’m too far gone.


Okay! OKAY!! I cry out. Three in a ROW? Is this guy SERIOUS?

Last three, Coach Johnson calls out. Let this be a lesson in respect to ALL of you. Behavior like this will NOT be tolerated.

This is my chance, I think. I turn and look Coach Kanta in the eye.

Do me good, Coach! I whisper with a wink as I arch my back, presenting my ass to him.

Coach Kanta hesitates for a second before shaking his head and giving a little snort.

Smartass. I’ll do you... he mumbles. He pushes down on my back and I end up on my elbows, doggie-style. In this position, my cheeks are spread so far apart there’s no way he can’t see my hole. I thrust my hips back and forth a little bit.

I feel Coach Kanta line the paddle up on my ass. I brace myself for the last swats.


Oooh! I cry out.


Yes! I exclaim.

CRACK!! One final swat, harder than the rest of them slams into my ass, thrusting me forward.

YEAHHH! I yell.

The guys all burst into applause. I look around the room, grinning.

SHUT UP! Coach Johnson yells, red in the face. Everyone hit the showers and get out of here! Or you’ll be next! The guys stop clapping and start scrambling.

He turns to me.

I don’t know what kind of sick show you just put on, but I’ll figure out a more appropriate way to punish you at a later date. Stay there until everyone’s gone, then get your ass out of here, he says with anger.

Yes SIR! I reply with a grin. He glares at me in disgust and walks away.

I stay bent down, with my ass up, as the other guys shower and get dressed. I start re-playing what just happened in my head, my dick still rock hard. A line of pre-cum oozes down from it and sticks on the bench.

Kyle and Jesse stop by as they’re leaving.

Dude, you’re a legend! Jesse says. The guys couldn’t stop talking about this in the shower!

I sure as hell didn’t take my paddling like that, Kyle admits. Call us later, man!

I smile to myself. Success!

After everyone’s cleared out, Coach Kanta comes into the locker room.

Alright, Aaron, you can leave, he says.

I stand up, my dick fully hard, and stretch my arms, showing off my thick sweaty pit hair to him. Then I run my fingers down my chest, my happy trail and through my bush.

Enjoy yourself, big guy? I ask him, wiggling my eyebrows. He doesn’t say anything, but he’s definitely staring at my hardon. His lips curl a tiny bit.

I was impressed by your performance, he says.

So he DID enjoy it, I think with pride. My dick swells more.

Now, go take care of yourself, stud, he says with a wink, turning and heading back to the office.

That’s an order I don’t mind following. I can’t get myself into one of the bathroom stalls fast enough!

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