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Chapter 17

by Diggerman

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Chapter 17

I awoke early the next morning, feeling Billy spooned up tight behind me. I smiled, feeling a very hard pole pushed up against my butt. He was still sound asleep, dreaming what could only be sweet dreams of the night before. I moved just slightly, spreading my legs just a bit, and that pole dropped right over my back door. I eased back on him, and he slid in with the residual lube there from last night. Billy moaned, but stayed asleep as I backed my way up his shaft to the end, and just held him there, loving the feel of his dick up my butt. I was boned up myself as I started a slow easy rocking up and down his shaft. I grabbed the clean up towel from last night, as I felt a good stirring in my balls that said hey, we are loving this. Billy whimpered, but otherwise didn’t move as I kept the motion going, a bit faster as I came closer to nutting. I tensed, and flooded the towel with fresh new day spunk, listening to Billy moan loudly as my ass muscles contracted around his hard rod. He finally awakened, pushing in all the way and unloaded his balls up my butt. What a fine way to start a Saturday!!

We dozed after that, until we heard some clunking around that said mom and dad were getting ready to head to the airport for their honeymoon. Billy gave me a short sweet kiss as we extricated ourselves from each other, pulled on some loose shorts and headed for the bathroom. Getting downstairs, we found Shelly and Aaron in the kitchen, a light breakfast thrown together for us all, with their luggage at the back door. We gave them both hugs and sat down to enjoy the toast and eggs before Josh came to collect them.

Shelly went over the list that she made up of chores for us to make sure they were kept up. She also went over the meals in the freezer that she made ahead for the 10 days they would be gone. We were looking in the freezer when Josh came in the back door. Aaron joined him in lugging the bags to his pickup, coming back in just as Shelly finished addressing us. She finished up with a few things for Josh while picking up her purse and light jacket. We got hugs from both Aaron and Shelly and they headed toward the door.

Oh, Shelly said with a quick turn back. Make sure you boys have your schoolwork ready for Josh to look at when he gets back. I don’t want you two to fall behind. Bye!

As the door closed behind them, I had a sinking feeling, and by the look on Billy’s face, so did he. History? he asked.

Yeah. What about you?

I bombed a math quiz. I studied the wrong stuff. I hoped with the wedding she wouldn’t find out.

Yeah, me too. I have a feeling this time with Josh will start with a bang.

Yeah, Billy said, then he smirked, giving me a little sly look.

Oh right, I started. You are boning just thinking about being spanked by Josh, aren’t you? I smiled.

Maybe, he whined.

You know it won’t be any fun, right?

I know, but there is something about being taken over his tall knee, hanging like a little boy. Billy moved up to me. And seeing you hang over his knee like a little boy is gonna be cool too.

You deserve a spanking for even thinking that, naughty boy, I growled, taking a handful of already hard Billy package. Come on, we better shower up and change before he gets back.

We had showered, changed and were working on breakfast cleanup when Josh came in.

Well, they are off, he said, a big smile on his face as we gave him hugs in greeting. Billy took his bag up to the guest room and Josh got himself settled in. He came down to fill a glass with water and sit at the table as I finished up the dishes, wiping down the counter tops.

Okay, guys, Shelly said you had your school work to look over this morning. Why don’t you run and grab that, so we can get that out of the way?

I think he saw the looks on both of our faces, that it might not go so well.

Uh oh, he said, concerned. Anything I need to know about beforehand?

History, I muttered.

Math, Billy said forlornly. We both headed upstairs to gather our book bags and brought them to the kitchen. Billy’s horny thoughts about being spanked by Josh were tempered by the reality of it happening shortly.

Josh hauled out a sheaf of notes that Shelly had prepped for him, one stack for me and one for Billy. He started on my school work as we both stood aside, waiting nervously. After a few minutes, he looked up.

Well, Ty, it all looks good except for history again. I’m afraid that, according to what you and Shelly agreed on, we will have to discuss this grade over my knee in a few minutes, right?

Yeah, I kind of thought so, I muttered just as there was a knock on the back door.

Ah, good timing, Josh said. Ty, would you let Caleb in please?

I took a quick glance at Billy, whose eyes were big as saucers. I headed to the door.

Hey, bud, I said, standing aside to let Caleb in and closing the door.

Hey. Has he looked at your school work yet? he asked, a cringe on his face.

Yeah, just started. I am toast already.

Shoot, he said looking down. I noticed he had his book bag with him. We got too busy last night for him to check mine over, so he told me to show up here and he would do it then, he finished with a nervous shake to his voice.

You may as well come on in and join the party then, I said, trying to lighten the moment.

We got into the kitchen just as Josh was pronouncing judgement on Billy’s math attempt. By the look on Billy’s face, he was still struggling with being excited about being taken over Josh’s knee and horrified by it. He brightened a bit at seeing Caleb walk in. He exchanged greetings all around, giving Josh a little peck on the top of his head as he handed over his book bag. Caleb took to standing nervously alongside Billy and me.

Well guys, Josh said after a few more minutes. I didn’t think it would be possible so soon into this weekend, but all 3 of you have earned spankings. Caleb’s face fell at the statement, knowing he had just joined the naughty boy group. Caleb, he continued, I have spanked you before, but always alone. I will take you upstairs if you wish, or spank all 3 of you together, your choice.

There was a moment of embarrassed silence as Caleb debated his fate. Billy and I had been spanked together before so that wasn’t an issue. Caleb had never been spanked in front of anyone else, save relatives when he was a lot younger, so this would be all new to him. I saw his nervousness and tried to ease it.

Caleb, Billy and I have seen each other spanked, and we both bawl our heads off, so it is no big deal for you to watch us get it, but if you want to go upstairs for yours, it’s cool.

Billy nodded his agreement, but I am sure, inside, he wanted to see Caleb get it.

Well, when Josh spanks me, I am a blubbering idiot before he gets done. If you guys won’t think any less of me because of it, I will take it with you.

Hey, what happens here, stays here, I said, sounding more confident than I felt right then. Besides, you are a good friend too. It’s what we do, I smiled.

That got a smile and a back pat out of him. Okay, Josh, I am with them.

Alright, boys, lets go to the infamous family room, shall we?

Josh steered us that way while he ducked into the laundry room to grab a bath towel, then followed us in. We stood in a sheepish line while he kicked the ottoman into an area of clear space.

Okay, who is first?

All 3 of us continued to look at our feet with side ways glances at each other.

I’ll go, Billy squeaked, taking a few halting steps toward Josh. Josh closed the gap, Picking Billy up under the arms and setting him on his hip, Billy’s legs around his waist, as he said a few quiet words in his ear, Billy nodding a few times, before being set back on the floor. Josh undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees before putting the towel over his left thigh and lifted Billy over. He did look small over that big muscular mans thigh. I must look tiny in comparison, I thought just as the first of many fast spanks fell on Billy’s round little butt. It did not take long for Billy to break down and start crying. I looked sideways at Caleb and saw his jeans bumping out severely as the spanking continued. I looked up at his face, and saw his eyes were on my largely bumped out jeans, before our gaze met and we sheepishly looked down at our feet again.

Soon enough, Josh helped the wailing Billy off from his knee and smothered him in a hug that showed how much Josh cared about him. Billy settled down soon after, with Josh telling him to ask for help if he needed it on his homework. Billy nodded and gave a good big smooch on his cheek, which brought a smile to Josh’s face. He led Billy back to his place, his jeans still at his knees. I rubbed his back as Josh asked again, who is next?

I looked up and knew it had to be me. I stepped forward and was taken by Josh into a pre-spank hug.

You know I hate to start off my stay this way... he started whispering in my ear.

Hey, big bro, I earned this, I whispered back. Thank you for caring enough to do it. Then I kissed his cheek.

A smile on his face, Josh undid my jeans and peeled them down to my knees, exposing my trainer underpants for all to see. He turned me with my back facing him, and, picking me up under the arms, lifted and turned me toward his upraised knee. Just before my package made contact with the towel, I saw a big wet area where Billy had just rested and knew I would be adding to that spot in a short minute. He laid me over, steadying me with a big hand at my back, while his other raised high and came back down. That first spank took the air from my lungs and I had to take a deep breath over the next few, because I was starting to break down to crying already. My nuts emptied into my underpants and towel and I was for sure bawling hard by the time he finished. He let me lay there a minute, emoting, before he helped me up and off his knee.

I will be happy to help you with any schoolwork that you need, buddy. Just ask, okay? Josh whispered in my ear.

I will. Thanks Josh, I said, giving his cheek another good kiss before he steered me back to the line, where I stood with my jeans still down and a big wet spot on my underpants. As I was walking back, I saw a blushing Caleb kind of covering the front of his jeans bump with his hands. I could see a bit of a wet stain out of one corner, before Josh took him by the arm to lead him to the spanking space. Billy worked his way behind me, putting his arms around me and pulling me close, close enough to feel the hard bump in his underpants.

As Josh was whispering to Caleb and taking his jeans down, exposing a sweet butt in white briefs, Billy whispered in my ear, Caleb lost control while you were being put over Josh’s knee. It was so hot. He tried so hard to hide it but he knows I saw. I told him it was okay, not to worry about it.

I leaned back and kissed Billy on the cheek between my huffs of breath. Caleb was being picked up just like I was and placed over that same larger wet spot on the towel. Billy pulled me hard against him, his hard bump in his underpants pushing hard against my ass as Caleb’s hard, narrow rounded butt was presented for his spanking. Billy gasped in my ear as the first spank fell on Caleb’s behind, and I felt a warm gush as his cum shot jetted through 2 layers of cloth. He pumped his bulge against my butt until he was finished.

I was relieved by seeing Caleb spanked. Being 16 myself and bawling like a baby every time I was spanked, I felt a little embarrassment with that. But then Caleb, at 17 years old, broke down after not much more spanking than I did, and started crying harder and harder, until he was bawling hard. I was relieved and sympathetic. I knew that Josh’s big hands were like paddles, so he really didn’t need an implement to be effective.

Soon, Caleb was placed on his feet, huffing his breath to control his crying while Josh engulfed him in a bear hug. Yeah, there was something there. Caleb hung on tightly as Josh whispered in his ear, then kissed him. On the lips. I smiled. I felt Billy tense up and saw him grinning when I turned my head. Josh kissed him back, with only a little blush to his cheeks. Caleb blushed hard when he remembered where he was. Billy and I shuffled over to them when Josh extended a big long arm out, to wrap us all in a hug.

Caleb was still blushing. Sorry guys, I forgot where I was when I kissed him.

I looked at Josh and Billy before I leaned in to kiss Billy on the lips, then did the same to Josh, and last of all Caleb. There, no more embarrassment, I said laughing. The hug got as tight as it could with the 4 of us in a group.

Josh broke the hug. Okay, boys. You each used that towel heavily, so it is shower time. Ty, would you take Billy in with you? I think I’m going to take Caleb to the other shower, he said with a grin. That towel wasn’t thick enough for the three of you, he said, looking down. Sure enough, he had a fair wet spot on the leg of his jeans. Laughing, we all trooped upstairs and showered. Billy and I spent some good quality time under the warm spray. We smiled at each other when we heard the water finally turn off in the guest bathroom while we were toweling off.

Billy and I were dressed in jeans and t-shirts, and I was getting our undies to soak before washing them when they came back downstairs. Got anything I can add to this laundry load? I hollered over my shoulder.

Yeah, how about these jeans, Josh said, walking in behind me. I’ve got Caleb’s jeans and undies too, if you do a pre-soak on them, he added. I’ve got him wearing a pair of my sweats for now.

Absolutely. Let me add his to this bucket. Do your sweats even fit him? I laughed, looking at the big wet stain on the front of Caleb’s jeans.

We all ended up in the family room again after I got the washer running. Caleb still looked embarrassed.

I, um, have a confession to make, he started haltingly. I know Billy caught me, Ty. I kind of shot off in my jeans while you were being spanked, and I feel kind of bad about that. It kind of took me by surprise.

If you have to confess, then I do too, Billy said quietly. I came hard seeing you go over Josh’s knee, he said to Caleb. Caleb’s eyes grew wider at that. I nodded. I felt every jet against my ass, I laughed with everyone.

I went over and put my arm around Caleb’s shoulders. Buddy, one thing to remember here. You are among friends. If you shoot off seeing me or Billy over Big Bro’s knee, then have at it, and we won’t complain. At least, as long as you don’t complain when we respond the same way, seeing your sweet butt in the same position, I smiled.

I guess I’ve been to shy about being open about how I feel, or sex in general. Josh has helped me open up a bit on that.

In more ways than one, young man, Josh smirked as he walked over to support his man. Being around these two miscreants will help you open up, at least among ourselves, he smiled, giving his man a hug.

Caleb, I said. you have helped me be who I am in wrestling. I learned a hell of a lot from you, bud, and I don’t regret a bit of it. I also enjoyed wrestling with you. If I may be totally honest, you feel real good in my hands. Just like I feel for Josh, I love you like a brother, and I believe Billy has the same feelings. You be yourself here, without embarrassment, or Billy or I or Josh will spank your hot hard butt until you do relax, got me? I smiled.

Can I really spank him? Billy asked, a naïve but lustful look on his face.

We all laughed at that, even Caleb. I rushed at Billy and took him down in a tackle on the couch, tickling him into a screechy submission. We stayed reclining on the couch, me against Billy with his arms around me as Josh took Caleb on his lap in the big chair.

I think I see what might happen here, and I am cool with it if you are, Josh started. Ty, we both have guys we are really tight with, but have friends we may want to play with, right?

I think that is right, Bro, I said. We can’t mess up our individual relationships for want of play though, does that make sense? I would not want to mess up you and Caleb, the same as you would not want to mess up me and Billy, am I right?

You got it. Why is it you can sound so damn smart, but poop your pants when it comes to history, Josh laughed. We all joined in.

Matters of the heart versus matters of the mind, big Bro, I smiled. What do you guys think, I asked, leaning back to look up at Billy.

I would be cool with that, he said, his eyes wide with the possibilities of what might happen.

What do you think, bud? Josh asked Caleb, patting his thigh.

This is all so new to me, the openness I mean. I kind of like it, he smiled. Yeah, I think I could go for that.

I think we had better be clear that if someone objects, or is nervous about doing something, then it can’t be pushed on someone, Josh said wisely.

Caleb leaned back to look up at Josh. I did tell Tyler that I owed him big time for putting us together.

Hmmmm, sounds like we both do then, bud, Josh added.

I was feeling uncomfortable with Josh and Caleb saying they owed me. I couldn’t let them feel that way without expressing myself first. Okay, I’ve got to say something, and it’s going to be hard, I choked. As far as I am concerned, I owe all three of you, and Aaron too, my life, I said, my eyes puddling up. All of you came for me at my worst moment, and I will never forget that, so as far as I am concerned, it is me who owes, not any of you, I sniffed. Billy drew me in real tight.

Not going to let you off so easy on that, Tyler, Josh started. We all love you like a brother, so it was a pleasure to help you out. When the word came that you were in a bad place, we ran, because it was you, no other reason. The way I see it, Caleb and I have some serious one on one time with you coming up.

Aw come on, guys, Billy said. Don’t leave me out on this.

I leaned back to look at my worried little brother. Billy, when one is with me, the other is with you, get it? I asked, a wet, horny smile on my face.

His face went from concerned to ready to go in a second. Oh, yeah, I can do that, he smiled. I leaned back and gave him a sweet kiss. When I turned back, Josh was finishing a sweet kiss with Caleb.

Alright, boys, if we keep this up, we will have more laundry to do, Josh smirked.

Laundry! I sputtered. Let me go put the things in the dryer. At least Caleb will be back in his own clothes, instead of soaking Josh’s sweats with precum, I laughingly teased.

Oh shit, Caleb sputtered while we all laughed at the new wet spot while I got up to move things to the dryer. Billy followed me.

So, how do you feel about things, I asked, opening the washer and beginning the transfer.

I can’t wait, he breathed, coming behind me as I bent over to transfer the clothes, putting both of his hands on my waist. I could feel the hardness through his jeans as he pressed himself against my butt.

I am excited too, about this friends with benefits stuff. It could be fun, but I don’t want to mess up what we have, you know? I said quietly, standing and turning to face him.

I don’t want anything to come between us, he whispered, his lips a hair from mine. But I think it will be fun and kind of open things.

Yeah, I feel the same, I breathed as his lips closed the distance. We shared a tender moment before heading back to the family room. It looked like our tender moment wasn’t the only one shared.

Okay, Josh said, refocusing us on the day. There are a few chores to do, but what say we delay most of them until tomorrow? Billy, I need to take you over to Conner’s to pick up your part of a project to work on this weekend, right?

Yes, oh man I forgot all about that, he said with relief.

Okay. How about we go do that now, and Tyler, you work some chores. Caleb, maybe being as your jeans and undies are still in the dryer, you help with the chores. Then when we get back, we go out for a late lunch and see what’s playing at the cinema? Deal?

Deal, responded a chorus of 3.

Billy and Josh left shortly after, to be gone a little over an hour. I was going to start on some dusting, and have Caleb do some vacuuming, but as soon as the door closed, we looked at each other. Two buddies had found out a lot about each other in a short time, and that couldn’t lay there without some talk.

So, kind of a whirlwind for you this morning, eh? I started as we moved to sit on the couch.

Oh man, I don’t know what to say. It all seems so new, so odd, yet so perfect, Caleb responded, a bewildered look to his face.

I meant what I said about you not owing me anything. But I am fine if you force the issue, I smiled.

That touched my heart, buddy, what you said, Caleb said with a serious smile.

Every word was from my heart, I said, shifting right up to him. You are no different to me than Josh is, and I care a whole lot for that big guy. I just wanted you to know that.

Thanks, buddy, he said. I feel like I can say anything here, so I will. Stop me if you want, but remember when we talked, when you put Josh onto me, I said I was jealous of you, having Aaron as someone who cares for you, cares enough to spank you? Well, now I have that too, but now, I am jealous of Aaron, Josh and Billy, he said, blushing again.

Why would you be jealous of them? I asked, puzzled for sure.

This may sound stupid, but I’m just going to say it. I am jealous of them because they have shown how much they care about you by disciplining you, spanking you. Stupid, right? he finished, a deep red to his face.

My heart went right out to Caleb at that point. He took spanking just as seriously as I did, as to showing how much someone cares about another. I turned, straddling his legs and sitting on his thighs, facing him.

I have spanked Billy, for real, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I felt it right here, I said, putting the palm of my hand on his chest, over his heart. After that, I can’t think highly enough about anyone who sees’ fit to take me over their knee for proper reasons and the right frame of mind. You have already shown the right frame of mind with me, a number of times.

What? When? he sputtered.

When coach sent you after me the meet before the bad weekend. My head wasn’t in the game, but you chewed me out and put me on the right path by laying a couple hard spanks to my butt. The other time? You helped save me, I said, my eyes starting to puddle again. So yes, if you EVER see me being a dick, or naughty, or screwing up in any way, you have my permission to pull down my pants and spank me till I am a blubbering idiot, you hear?

Caleb’s eyes were puddling now too. Yeah, I hear, and thank you, brother, he stammered.

We stared for just a minute into each-others puddled eyes. I’ve...kind of...always wanted to...kiss the dude I was...working out with, he stammered.

I smiled a wet full smile. Now is your chance, stud, cause I have had the same thoughts about you.

Our lips met, kind of tentative at first, but then with more deepness, a feeling we had both had, but never felt safe acting on before this moment. I heard the dryer ding just as Caleb blasted his cum load into Josh’s sweatpants, thoroughly soaking the right side. Aw maaaaan, he shuddered. Josh is gonna kill me, he sighed.

I doubt it, but you may end up wandering around here naked next time, I laughed. This time, I want a taste, though, smirked, backing up and dipping my mouth down to the wet spot, licking and sucking his cum load through the material, right at the head of his still hard dick.

Oh man, that feels so good, he gasped.

Next time, there won’t be material between me and that sweet dick, I smiled. Come on, let’s get your jeans and undies out of the dryer so you can be ready to go when they get back. Looks like I have another load of laundry to do, I smiled.

We stood, and Caleb lightly smacked my butt. This will be a sweet friendship, I think, he said. Just what I hoped for when we wrestled the first time.

As we stepped into the laundry room, I stood to the side as Caleb came in. Come on, buddy. I want to luridly stare at you while you take those sweats off, I said with a sexy smirk.

Tyler, you aren’t being naughty again so soon after your last spanking, are you? Am I going to have to test out my new spanking privilege with you? he grinned, fiddling with the knot on the draw string of the sweat pants.

Maybe, I said shyly, but with the smirk.

Caleb took the few steps to my side. Naughty boys get spanked, Tyler, you know that, he said, a huskiness entering his voice.

Yes sir, I said quietly, his fingers on one hand undoing the buttons on my jeans while the other hand cupped the curve of my hard little butt. My hard on pushed the material aside as he opened my jeans, then slid them down to just below my butt. His right open palm and fingers trailer over the curve of my backside.

I like these underpants. These are trainers, aren’t they? he asked.

Yeah, I said, blushing. I have a history of forgetting to get to the bathroom on time, so my ma put me back in them.

Is that how you ask for a spanking when you are stressed? I only asked because Josh told me you did something to earn a spanking if you felt you needed one. He didn’t tell me anything else, figured it would be best to come from you if you wanted to say.

Yeah, if I feel a need for stress relief, I would rather be naughty and get spanked rather than just ask for it. Asking for it seems to take away the loss of control. Sorry if that sounds weird, I blushed.

I don’t think it sounds weird at all, just different, Caleb said. How did Aaron handle it?

He said if he ever caught me having an accident in my pants, wet or fill, on purpose or a real accident, I would be getting a hard spanking on the spot, I laughed. Shelly said she agreed, just from the extra laundry, I chuckled. Billy and Josh have told me the same thing, and that they wouldn’t tell my secret.

Well, don’t expect me to tell either, bud, Caleb said quietly. It does make sense. You are naughty and the only thing’s that get hurt are your underpants and your butt. That’s not a bad way to do it. If Josh and Billy have said that, then I will too. If I ever catch you having had an accident, count on being taken over my knee, he smiled.

Thanks, bud, I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Your butt is still red, even below your underpants. You sure you still want me to spank you a bit? Caleb asked tentatively.

Yep, because I gotta get off. If you spank me till I break down, I should make more laundry for me to do, I smiled. Now, don’t get a big head because I break down quick. My butt is still sore, so it shouldn’t take much.

You got it, bud, and I’m sorry, but I already have a big head, but it’s from stroking your sweet ass, he laughed.

He didn’t disappoint. Caleb is a good spanker, learning from Josh on the receiving end. His hand flew from one spank to the next, moving all over to cover my already sore backside in a hurry, and his spanks hurt. If he spanked me for real, I think I would be breaking down just as fast as when Aaron, Josh or Billy spanked me. I was already tingling down below from his stroking my butt, and his spanking sped that along. I felt my voice catch at about 8 spanks, and I started to cry. My balls shot a big load into my underpants, considering I had already shot off what, twice that morning? Caleb’s left hand went from my belly down to my package and cupped it, and as soon as he felt the jets of cum and pumping slow down, he stopped the spanking. Whew. It took only a minute to settle down as I hadn’t gotten to hard crying. I felt his hand rubbing sensually over my backside, settling me down even quicker, as he let me straighten up. We embraced, warmly and firmly.

You know, he said into my ear, after you told me a bit back that Billy had spanked you, you were the star in a wet dream that I had.

Really? I asked, incredulous.

You have been the star a few times, little stud, but that was the first time I had a dream about you and I having screwed up and Billy spanked both of us. Do you think Billy would spank me if I screwed up and you or Josh weren’t around?

I am sure he would, bud, but be warned, I have never been over his knee for real where I haven’t been a bawling snotty mess by the time he finished. Remember that, I laughed.

I will count on that, he laughed as we extended to a short arms-length from each other. I’ve been worried about being kept in line once Josh head to college early for football.

I could see the worry enter Caleb’s face. Buddy, you know I would spank you if you needed it. I think Billy will be there for you too.

Thanks, Caleb replied with a big smile. Josh was going to talk with someone, I don’t know who, but it might be Aaron, to fill a fatherly roll too. I hope it’s Aaron. He is smokin HOT, he laughed. You are one lucky dude to have him for a dad.

I couldn’t help but laugh and agree with him. Oh, I know it, but like Billy, he spanks hard, so be good, I smiled. But, he spanks as one who cares or loves, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Just like Josh, he replied with a smile.

And Billy, I said as our foreheads touched. We have good boyfriends, Caleb, and I am glad we are friends, with benefits, I smiled at him.

Amen, brother. We kissed for a minute, then decided we had better get the laundry moving again. I had spunked undies to wash and he had Josh’ sweats to launder. We both stripped down and I started the washer again as we changed into clean undies and jeans to await our men to return home. We sat on the big chair in the family room together, me on Caleb’s lap. We talked, learning new things about each other. We kissed a little too, just to cement the friendship and gain a trust. Josh and Billy returned home, a little later than we thought they would. Turns out, they had stopped off for a Danish and talked too, creating a new bond between them. We totally enjoyed the afternoon at the cinema, the latest super hero movie on the screen. I loved cuddling up to Billy, and Caleb snuggled up to Josh. Pizza for supper, and it was a sports night in front of the television. What a great first day of this new friendship. As I thought, while crawling under the sheets with Billy and cuddling up to him later that night, this was to be a friendship of more benefits than just discipline and sex. The friendships being formed would last a lifetime.

I felt my boyfriends lips touch my head as I thought with a smile, I can deal with that.

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