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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 55: Weight Room Bullies

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 55: Weight Room Bullies

By Redspkscott

The Heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

[Author’s Note: With the team split up and embarking on different projects at the same time, I’ve decided to bounce between the different stories rather than going character by character and leaving several Blister Boyz out for several chapters. I’ll be sure to make note which chapters are connected. This chapter follows Murky Menace and The Humiliator after their training orders from Heat Blister in Ch. 52]

WHAP! WHAP! WHACK! Brian, in costume as Murky Menace, was writhing around on the floor in the fraternity’s private gym, his spandex pants pulled down to his thighs. Levitating Lexan paddles were viciously beating his bared, reddened butt. His task was to try to get away from them.

Though Brian was skilled wrestler and very strong, he was currently very outmatched by teammate Dennis. Dennis had used his telekinetic powers to tie Brian up with a half-dozen jump ropes, so he couldn’t grab the paddles, or even crawl away. Brian’s shadowy aura powers both allowed him to protect himself from physical harm and to teleport away. But there Dennis had outmatched him yet again. Dennis used his telepathic powers to keep Brian from using his own abilities. He was stuck, and Dennis just sat on a gym bench, doing simple arm curls, while paddling Brian harshly from a few feet away using just the power of his mind.

There was a way out for Brian, and that’s what this painful training session was all about. Brian had been told by the Augurer that his shadowy powers, once properly trained, could protect him from psychic attacks and controls. And that was a very important ability. Dennis was their most powerful team member, and he had been brainwashed and turned against the Blister Boyz by the evil Crimson Brotherhood once already. They needed somebody on the team who could resist Dennis when necessary. So team leader Heat Blister had ordered Dennis and Brian to train together. Success would be determined when Brian was able to reverse this situation. He needed to take Dennis down and beat his ass with Dennis unable to stop him.

The Blister Boyz all initially developed their powers as a direct result of getting their asses punished, and they needed spankings to trigger their powers. It seemed only natural to Dennis, then, to torment poor Brian some more to see if the pain would force his powers to adapt and expand.

Brian was a heavy-duty spanking power-bottom brat, though, and just paddling him might not be enough. So Dennis drew on all his sadistic imagination to try to add some humiliation to his punishment. Brian was as competitive as any frat jock. Sure he loved to get his ass beat, but he didn’t like losing. He had a stellar record as a wrestler. So it was deeply embarrassing for him to be bound up and shown off like this in the gym in front of the other Omega boys, with his strength and skills completely unable to help him. His frat brothers wandered by him in the gym, chuckling at his painful predicament. Brian muttered and yelped and cried as he was punished, and squirmed around helplessly.

It’s not working! he whined at Dennis. Let me out!

Get yourself out, Dennis said, glancing at his fingernails in faux boredom. Or maybe I’ll make you wag that sexy tail of yours like a happy puppy to show all your brothers how much you’re enjoying your humiliation. Brian narrowed his eyes at him. But eventually as the pain rose, he stopped squirming a bit and tried to concentrate. Brat behavior aside, Brian did understand the importance of building up his powers. He had gotten brainwashed just like Dennis had, and he didn’t want to let the team down.

HA! Look at your teammate, there, Toby! Maybe I should have Dennis do that to you next!

Dennis grinned and looked over to see McKenzie Mac Kellerman striding into the gym, followed closely behind by Toby Larramie. Mac was big, blond, burly bear-cub, a member of the football team, and Jason’s best friend. He was also a heavy duty bully top, not just for spanking, but for all types of BDSM. He had a bit of a split personality. He was a total sweetheart, and one of the nicest guys you’d meet, until you became one of his brats. Then he was all bully, tossing you over his knee and beating your ass for any reason or none at all. Teddy bear in the streets; grizzly bear in the sheets, is how he described himself with a shameless smile. He even made his victims buy him food and other amenities of life or face even harsher punishment. He bragged that he hadn’t paid for a meal since he was a freshman.

Toby was one of Mac’s brats, though he wasn’t nearly as mouthy as Brian. He was actually rather shy. Toby was a wrestler because his dad forced him to play sports in school, and it just became a habit. He was not aggressive enough to be terribly good at it. He was an average-looking, dark-haired prep type who would not stand out in a crowd. But under his baggy pants he was hiding one beautifully round bubble butt that attracted Mac immediately. Mac served as Toby’s big brother when he first joined the frat, and Mac just didn’t let him go. Mac still treated Toby like a pledge, even though he was a sophomore. The same was true of the other three guys he were part of his brat pack. Mac attracted bottoms who wanted to keep getting hazed, and he loved it. His Omega brothers called him Mac the Manhandler.

After the Omega boys all started developing powers, Mac and Dennis slowly started becoming friends. There were two reasons for this. First, Dennis had come out as a bully top like Mac, and so Mac was valuable(along with David) in helping Dennis learn how to be mean to guys in a way that turned them on and was also safe.

The second reason was due to the powers Mac had developed, and it also happened to be why he was wearing dark sunglasses indoors. Mac had mental powers too—fairly advanced hypnosis. His eyes were now purple and glowed when he used his powers. He had the glasses to keep from freaking people out too much and also to keep from hypnotizing people by accident while he was still learning to use his powers.

How’s the manhandling going? Dennis asked. He turned away from Brian but kept his punishment going. Brian was trying in vain to crawl across the gym floor, but the jump ropes were not having it. The paddles rained down hard on his ass. The ropes even pulled his sexy tail out of the way so his butt was completely vulnerable.

Heh, you tell me, Mac said with a nod. Not sure if I can compete with that. Though I am learning a few tricks of my own. Watch this. Hey, Toby?

Yeah? Toby asked nervously behind him. He was holding Mac’s gym bag for him. Mac turned his head to look him in the face. Then, Mac tilted his head down so he could peer out with his eyes over the rims of his sunglasses to make eye contact.

If you fart right now, I’m putting you over my knee right here and blistering your ass, Mac said. So unless you want a good, hard spanking, don’t you dare fart.

Toby furrowed his brows, and then his eyes started widen.

Wait for it, Mac said to Dennis. Toby looked nervously over his own shoulder.

Oh, no, Toby whimpered. Dennis looked on in amusement as Toby’s body started to quiver. I don’t want a spanking, right now, I swear!

You can say that all you want, Mac says. But you can’t lie to me. That glorious ass of yours needs some attention. I know it. You know it. Most importantly, your ass knows it.

Sure, enough, after a couple of seconds – PHBBBRTTTT! Toby cringed as he farted loudly, unable to stop himself. The entire gym heard it and a couple of guys over lifting weights even chuckled a bit. Mac looked at Dennis with a happy grin, then turned to Toby and gestured him over.

Please, Mac, do I have to ... — WHAP! Before Toby could finish his complaint, Mac reached out and slapped him across the face with his beefy right hand.

Talk back and get smacked, brat, Mac said as Toby yelped in surprise. Dennis winced slightly. He knew the face-slapping was part of their play, but he was still getting used to seeing other types of rough pain and impact play. Mac slapped Toby a lot as part of the bullying. Clearly Toby liked it, but the shy wrestler wasn’t the type to act out like Brian did or even to openly ask for play the way Keith was starting to do. So if you didn’t know the two of them, it looked like ... well ... bullying.

Mac grabbed Toby and spun him around. Then Mac grabbed him around the neck with his left arm and started yanking down his pants. Toby dropped the gym bag on the ground.

You know what’s great about all this now? Mac said to Dennis as he pantsed Toby. Look at his butt. Just look at it. Toby’s bubble butt was smooth and creamy white, bouncy and flawless, framed in a jockstrap. I blistered his tail just last night before sending him to bed. There were welts! And it’s all gone. Like nothing happened. And what does that mean, Toby?

More spankings, Toby whimpered in resignation.

So many more spankings, Mac said. It’s like a blank canvas! A sexy, inviting blank canvas! Watch this. Mac reared back and then slapped Toby’s left butt cheek good and hard. SMACK! Then he and Dennis watched for a few seconds, and a big red handprint appeared.

Hey, it’s our team symbol! Dennis said.

Yeah, funny you should say that, Mac said. I wanna talk to you guys about the Blister Boyz. Toby, get the thin paddle from my bag. Toby whimpered but did as ordered. He handed it over to Mac, who grinned. Then he grabbed Toby and made him look him in the eyes again. This time Dennis could see the purple glow from Mac’s eyes.

We’re gonna start with the hand, Mac said. If you fart again while I’m spanking you I’m going to shift to the paddle. And you know my bag’s full of toys. Every time you fart, I’m switching to something meaner. Got it? Toby looked down and nodded, and then Mac grabbed him and physically lifted him up. He sat down on the weight bench across from Dennis, put Toby across his lap and started spanking. Toby’s butt started turning red immediately, and he whimpered and squirmed from the stinging swats.

So how does the hypnosis actually do that? Dennis asked.

I can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do, Mac said while he spanked away. That’s not how hypnosis works. It’s not like your mind control. So that’s why I haven’t tried to jump on your team yet. I can’t make the bad guys surrender or anything. But if they do want to do something, even subconsciously, I can program them so that they have to. So I just programmed Toby. If he wants me to spank him harder, he’s gonna fart. If he wants me to smack him across the face, he’ll mouth off.

But he can’t control it? Dennis asked.

Nope, Mac said with a grin. I’ve got a direct line to all their secret fantasies. Don’t worry, though. I’ve programmed them all with safe words that they can only use if they really want me to stop. Toby, what’s your safe word?

I can’t remember, Toby said, wriggling and whimpering across Mac’s lap.

He will if he actually needs it, Mac said. Just wanted to make sure they don’t blurt it out if they don’t really mean it. It’s not really bullying if they can just turn it off, is it? If you want to check his head, you can find it in there.

Dennis closed his eyes for a moment and briefly probed into Toby’s head.

Chlorophyll? Dennis asked. Mac nodded.

Look at him squirm, Mac said. He’s trying so hard not to fart. Toby was wiggling his bouncing butt around and kicking away while Mac spanked away.

I’m surprised you let him squirm, Dennis said.

Oh, I make them squirm, Mac said. I love it when they squirm. I give him five minutes before he farts again.

Anyway, Dennis said, sparing a glance at Brian, who still showed no signs of overcoming his mind blocks, What about the Blister Boyz?

So when you guys got taken, I grabbed my brats and we sat down and had a good, long chat, Mac said. One where they had to tell me the truth. He tapped his sunglasses. When Mac hypnotized somebody, they couldn’t lie to him.

I love my brats, but you know they’re the passive types, he continued. Dennis nodded. That’s exactly why Mac was so aggressive with them and why it worked. They wanted to be bullied into taking their spankings. So they were never going to volunteer to be heroes. But they all have powers, too. And they’re all jocks. Wussy, wimpy little punks, but still jocks.

Hey! Toby complained, which caused Mac to spank him even harder. Mac was a powerful hand-spanker with those massive mitts of his. Toby’s butt was already a bright red all over.

So, like I explained. I can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do. But I wanted to feel them out about being heroes. They’re nervous. None of them would say yes, exactly, but they also didn’t say no. And that’s just kind of how they are about things. I think they want to be heroes, but I think I’d need to be a hero with them and kind of be their leader. And I’m not sure if Troy would be okay with that. Especially since my powers aren’t all that great in a fight.

What about your boys? Dennis asked.

They’re pretty well-rounded, and I’m not talking about their butts. Well, not just their butts. Ross has got super speed. Jin can fly and is super strong. Thank god for the hypnosis with him, heh. I can still make him submit and bawl like a baby. Preston can control water. And this little brat here can ... PHBBRTRT! Toby took that as a cue to let loose the fart he had been struggling with. Mac and Dennis laughed.

Maybe I should just show you, Mac said. He picked up the paddle that he had previously threatened Toby with. If you fart again, Toby, you’re getting the switch. Toby immediately started squirming again. He hates the switch, Mac stage-whispered at Dennis.

Let’s get those powers revved up, Mac said and started smacking away again, this time with the paddle. Toby started yelping as Mac truly started tormenting his bouncing bottom.

While you’re working on Toby, Dennis said. I think there are ways we could make it happen, but you’ll definitely want to talk to Troy when he comes back from the thing he’s doing with Walt. Right now David is training a reserve team that is being led by Terrell. I think the big thing is that we’re all going to be answering to Troy, and Troy has decided to use the tough coach model as team leader. Meaning we’re getting our butts busted for screw-ups.

Even Dennis gets paddled now! Brian said from the floor. Dennis nodded and rubbed his butt. It still stung quite a bit from the punishment paddling he had gotten this morning from Andrew and Dr. Pete. And if I can get out of this, I get to paddle him, too!

We may be tops in the frat, but we’re all bottoms when we’re in the Blister Boyz. Orders from Troy, Dennis said. We’ve been told by experts that there’s more to Brian’s shadow powers than he’s manifested and I’m trying to force them out of him. Both our asses are on the line here. Doesn’t mean much to Brian, but for me, you know.

Oh, I may be a grizzly with my brats, but my ass gets busted up and down the field by Coach Baldwin, same as everybody else on the team, Mac said. I’m in the same crew as Jason, and he and I have taken swats side by side I don’t know how many times. And David took a very hands-on attitude toward teaching me how to be a good top when I was a sophomore. And don’t forget, I have to get swats every day to turn on my powers, too. My furry butt takes the wood, plenty.

Whenever he gets spanked he just takes it out on us, Toby said. Mac happily nodded.

The tears flowing yet, you little punk? Mac asked. I want to show you off to Dennis.

Yes, Toby whined, squirming and kicking his legs.

So I think Toby’s powers are really strong, but he seems to really be struggling to use them. I really have to bust his ass to make them work.

That happens with Jason, too, Dennis said. He really needs to have a sore butt to focus his powers.

I can only get Toby’s powers to act