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I have a dad now
Chapter 1

by Jaxon

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CHAPTER 1: I have a Dad now and he spanks

I ate lunch AND dinner! I have a house to live in! I’m wearing socks! NO holes AND they match! Apparently, I’m also a minor? Oh! And I have a DAD! It’s been a crazy busy month and I have to organize my thoughts a bit. Remember how the building sup said he’d let me stay the month in account of what happened, but that’s it? You know I don’t like talking about Mom and the accident and her well... passing... but I guess that’s where I have to start for all that’s happened to make sense. I was sticking to the plan I’ve been telling you the past week. I was going to find a cheaper place to live, as I can only rely on my work at Mickey D’s. I probably have to forget about school and look for a more permanent job. In the meantime, I had to fill up all kinds of forms because of what happened to Mom and the new situation. It turns out Mom was using a fake birth certificate for me all along. The real one was found and it turns out I’m actually two years younger. TWO! (Mom had the certificate changed twice. She could then leave me in daycare, so she could work.) That means instead of being a legal 18, I’m only 16! But it’s a blessing (not entirely sure about this part yet) in disguise because my case worker then found I had a dad.

I’m still rolling it around my tongue – Dad. Dad. Dad. Now, before you go thinking (like I did at first) he was some deadbeat who abandoned Mom and me, it turns out he didn’t even know Mom was pregnant with me. He’s still single and doesn’t have any other kids (that he knows about that is). He has a job (military) and best of all – he likes me (I think. Okay. I know so. Actually, he claims he loves me. But I’m not really sure about that yet because... Well, more on that later). Dad feels cheated as he missed out on a lot of things and it’s as if he’s trying to make it up to me, you know? So, we’ve been to a couple of ballgames, movies, arcades and the like. I felt weird at first with all the money being spent (I can hear Mom’s voice saying we should save instead) but Dad only says, You have a dad now. I’ll admit it’s nice hanging out with him even if we’re just in the house like watching sports or just talking by the couch or something. I still have chores (like cleaning my room) but some chores I get to share with him now (like he cooks and I clean or the other way around while I used to do both when I was with Mom as Mom was busy with two jobs). And, surprise! Surprise! There are even chores that I don’t have to do now (like taking out the trash or changing light bulbs and stuff) He’ll get this goofy grin and say, You have a dad now.

There’s a flip side though; because just as I lucked out on a caring dad, I also got stuck with an old-fashioned one. I now have to mind my language (no cursing and I have to call anyone older than me sir or ma’am); watch my attitude (I don’t have one. REALLY!); and just generally try to behave like a good boy. It’s not as if this is anything new or what, but it’s hard to adjust as I was an adult. (Okay. So, I was only 18 for two weeks before I learned I was a minor. But I’m WAY mature for my age. Just ask my mom!) I guess I’m used to getting my own way (Mom wasn’t around much to object or anything). Yet, suddenly, I have to follow rules (I have a curfew AND a bedtime. Can you believe it?) And I generally have to be accountable for what I say or do. This is a problem because when I say old-fashioned, what I really mean is that... Well... Uh... Dad kinda spanks. There! I wrote it down and I can’t unwrite it. Don’t get me wrong. He’s not abusive or anything. But we did agree on some rules. Yeah. I must have been out of mind at that time. It sounded simple enough – just 4Ds – Disobedience, Disrespect, Dishonesty and Dangerous things – but I’m starting to find out most things will fall under these categories eventually. Dad’s also good at listening to my side of the story then explaining how what I did was wrong after all. If I’m honest, I know I deserve it. But, it’s just that it wasn’t that big a deal before and I’m too old to be spanked.

Take for example the other day.

I was doing this boring math homework when one of my friends, Luke, called to say he got a new game. He asked me to go over his house so we could play. I mean who could resist an invite like that, you know? I knocked down my books and such, as I was in a hurry; but I didn’t bother to pick it up, as I planned to be back before my dad got home. I just made sure to turn off all the lights and lock the door before going to Luke’s place.

I told Luke I’ll only stay until 6 pm, leaving me plenty of time to get back before Dad came home. But one game led to another and another. And still another. I hear the vague ringing of the Pozens’ home phone in the living room and next thing I know, Luke’s mom pops her head in the rec room.

Andrew, honey? Your dad called asking if you were here. I take it you forgot to tell him you were coming over?

Holy sh**! I’m f***ng dead! Suddenly, I found I could leave the battlefront with no problem at all. As opposed to earlier when it seemed I had to stay on and play with Luke.

Your dad sounded so worried, honey. You should have left a note or...

Uh, thanks, Mrs. Pozen. I’m... I’m sorry. Luke, I gotta go, man. I know I was interrupting Mrs. Pozen but my priority is to get back home ASAP.

I ran the few blocks back to our house and saw Dad by the front door, obviously looking out for me.

Dad, I’m....

I didn’t even finish my apology because Dad was suddenly hugging me to death as he guided me inside the house. I’m not kidding. I thought I was going to suffocate... Da-aa I manage to croak out.

Ooops! I’m sorry. He blushed a bit. But darn it, Andrew! I thought something bad happened to you. I can’t...

I’m sorry, Dad. I say at the same time. And, this time, I do feel sorry not only for going over to Luke’s house but for making him worry. I know what he meant to say was I can’t lose you. Actually, that’s my fear, too. One of the after-effects of what happened to my mom, I guess.

Anyway, Dad takes a deep breath. Okay. We’ll talk about this, no doubt. But, first... Dad hugs and kisses me again and I automatically hug and kiss him back, as it’s a routine we have established ever since finding each other. The next step is usually Dad taking off his shoes and loosening his polo shirt or taking off his tie if he was wearing one as he sits down. I noticed he’s only doing this now, as he probably didn’t have time to do it earlier because he was busy looking for me.

Why don’t you get comfortable, too, son?

It was a question, but it’s also part of our routine now. As soon as I get home, and especially if Dad’s here, I can keep my shirt on but I have to take off whatever bottoms I’m wearing (shorts in this instance) and just be stripped down to my briefs (no boxers for me. Old-fashioned dad, remember?). I asked him early on if the purpose of taking off my pants or shorts is to get comfortable, then how come he’s not stripped to his boxers, too. Dad just chuckled and messed up my hair. Because I’m the Dad and you’re my baby boy. (This is also his same excuse on why he gets to wear boxers and I don’t.) I took exception to that, naturally, and what was a light-hearted conversation suddenly turned into a contest of sorts.

I learned two things that day. One: Dad used to be a wrestler in HS and all my evading techniques failed. Even over his lap, my wriggling around and waving my arms and kicking my legs were dealt with effectively. There’s no escaping it. If he says I’m going over his lap for a spanking, then that’s what will happen. The second lesson I learned was that Dad’s hand could spank longer than I could complain, plead or shoot off my mouth. It wasn’t a hard spanking even, just a long one. In the end, all I got for my efforts was a sore butt, a mouth soaping (for all the curses I hollered) and the loss of the privilege of wearing my briefs for the rest of the week.

YES! ONE WEEK! It meant that as soon as I came home and entered the front door, I could keep on my shirt as usual but I had to be bare bottomed. Dad says it would make me appreciate that I’m even allowed some briefs. I tell you. I appreciate it now. REALLY! Especially when there was a close call when the plumber had to come in and check our kitchen sink. I was in real panic mode and Dad refused to relax the no underwear rule or at least allow me to escape to my room or something. At the last minute, Dad relented and handed me a ladle. I was holding it awkwardly and it barely covered anything, I tell you. But the lesson worked and I haven’t complained about stripping since.

The recollection makes me move faster, as I see Dad already sitting on the couch. I quickly sit down on his lap, as this is another part of our routine. Of course sitting on Dad’s lap to talk about our day or whatever makes me feel embarrassed. I’m 16, not 6! I’m too big to sit in my father’s lap. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. At least physically, that is. I’m your typical lanky teen while Dad fits the military stereotype – tall, athletic, high and tight haircut. He doesn’t seem bothered by my weight as I sit on his lap and bounce a bit when I’m being particularly enthusiastic in telling him about my day. Dad also insists this is the best way to talk to boys as it keeps them respectful and obedient. I’ll have to agree with him. It’s hard to be cocky or belligerent when I know that Dad can just easily flip me over his knee and pull down my briefs for a more serious discussion. (As he has demonstrated a few times now.)

Okay, kiddo. Mind telling me what happened? Dad massages my back as he starts the questions.

Well, I was doing my BORING math homework....

Dad raises his eyebrows at that so I quickly continue.

Anyway, Luke called to say the game he was waiting for arrived and did I want to check it out with him. I was only going to be a while, Dad. Honest. I was supposed to come back right away. That’s why I didn’t even bother picking up my school stuff from the floor, you know?

And are you allowed to leave the house without my permission no matter how long or short you think you will be gone?

Well... Ah...

There was not even a note, Drew. I found your homework on the floor...

I knocked it over in my haste, I explain.

You scared me, kiddo. The scattered papers made me think you were taken forcibly or something.

Dad, look. I’m sorry for scaring you. I try to calm my dad in case he was still on edge. I was just at Luke’s. He’s just a couple of houses down the street. Nothing happened, you know? Besides, Luke’s my friend. You can’t keep me from having friends. I used to spend a lot of time out of the house before. I know how to take care of myself. It’s no big deal. I go on the offensive now.

I’m not saying you can’t have any friends. But I am saying you can’t just go anywhere and do what you want and come home anytime like before. You have a dad now. And your dad worries about you. A LOT. I expect you to ask for my permission before you go anywhere and I want to know who you’ll be with and what time to expect you home.

So, I’m basically a prisoner until you come home? And, by then, you’ll say it’s late and I won’t be able to go anywhere, just the same. I huff in frustration.

The massaging in my back turns into warning pats on my hip. Hey! Watch your tone, kiddo. You could have called me on my cell. It’s not as if I would say no to you going to your friend’s house just to spite you or something. BUT...

Okay. I’ll call you next time. I interrupt flippantly.

Let me finish. As I was saying, I’d likely say yes, BUT your homework wasn’t finished yet. And you know I want you to finish your homework before you do anything else like watch TV or go to a friend’s house.

I said, I’d call you or leave a note. The frustration seeps through my tone. How dare this guy tell me what I can and can’t do! Besides, it wasn’t that big a deal. I was just at Luke’s. I wasn’t doing anything bad or illegal. Your rules suck! Oops! Did I let that thought slip out my tongue?

Okay. That’s it. I know of a better way a boy listens to his father. Dad flips me over his knee and unceremoniously pulls down my briefs.

Dad! Nooo!!! I don’t know why I’m surprised to find myself suddenly bare-bottomed over Dad’s knee.

SMACK SMACK SMACK What’s the rule about you leaving the house?

Ow! Dad! Come on! It was just at Luke’s!

SMACK SMACK SMACK You don’t remember, huh? I know a surefire way to jog your memory. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

Ow! Wait! Ow! Ow! Ow! Wait, Daaaaad! Ow! Ow! Oweeee-aahhh! I remember... I remember!

SMACK What’s the rule?

I’m to go home straight from school. And I’m supposed to ask for your permission if I’m to go out.

SMACK SMACK SMACK That’s right. Does it mean you can go out without permission if you’ll leave a note? SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

Nooooo! Noooo! No, Daddeeee!

Does it mean you can leave if you’ll only be gone SMACK SMACK SMACK a short while? SMACK SMACK SMACK Or to a friend’s house? SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

Ow-ow-ow-oweeeee!!! Nooooo! Daaaaad! I’ll remember! I swear! I’ll remember! I’m sorrrryyyyy!

Dad stops spanking at this point and massages my butt a bit. Sh... Shh... You’re all right. You’re all right.

I try to stop crying at this point, glad the spanking is over. A few hiccups and I try to get off my dad’s lap. I’m really sorry, Dad.

Dad puts his hand on my back and pushes me back down gently. No, not yet. I want you calm for this because I really want you to listen to me.

I’m listening. I’m listening, I reassure Dad as I try to put my hands back to rub my butt.

Dad puts my hands away and SMACK!

Ow! I was so not ready for that smack. What did you do that for?

I said I wanted you to listen – without attitude, kiddo SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK

Owwww! Owwweeee! I’m-owweee-listening! Stoooop! I’m-owwwwww-listening! Owwwwwweeee! Daaadd!

Dad stops spanking and rubs my butt again. I don’t make up these rules just to make you miserable or prevent you from having fun with your friends, Drew. My heart stopped beating when I saw all the lights off and your homework on the floor. Dad expels a sigh. I wish... I wish you were unaware of such things, but you didn’t exactly have a sheltered childhood, baby boy. That’s my fault. But you know there are all kinds of fu... Dad censors himself... I mean there are all kinds of weird people out there who can just up and take you for whatever reason. Or I don’t know... You could just be crossing the street and there could be an acci... Again, Dad hesitates. And we both know we’re thinking of Mom’s accident now. There could be an accident. He finishes in a rush. I can’t bear it if something happens to you, Andrew. I’m sorry, but I ca... I just can’t. At this point, Dad’s voice breaks a bit.

This time, I do get up and put my arms around my dad. I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t think... I mean... I know. I just... Well, I’m sorry, okay? I won’t do it again. I promise. And this time, I meant it. I didn’t realize how my leaving must have sacred my dad.

Yeah. Well... Dad patted my back then my hips. We’re nowhere near finished, kiddo. Back over my knee. This will be a scorcher. He guides me over his knee and adjusts my position that my head and legs rest on the couch with my butt at just the right distance from his swinging arm.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Let’s take it from the top, baby boy. What Ds did you break?

Being spanked again after having a little rest is torture, I tell you. It was as if those smacks are doubly painful in intensity. I knew Dad was referring to our rules, so I was crying from the get-go; but I answered him as best I could. Ow! Ow! Owwwww! Oweee! Disobedience, Dad.

Ten smacks land on my right cheek. That’s right. You go straight home from school and you ask my permission if you want to go anywhere. Ten smacks for my left cheek. No going off on your own or leaving a note; because you not only have to inform me where you’ll be, but you actually have to ask for my permission. This time, ten smacks right in the middle of my butt. You got that?

Owwwwweeeee Aggghhh Owwweeeeee-yes-yes-Dadddeeee

What’s next? Dad asks.

Dangerous... What I did was dangerous, Dad. I’m sorrrrryyy! I was crying even before the smacks rained on my butt because of the guilt I was carrying, too.

That’s right. We talked about that and I won’t belabor the point. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. My dad’s spanks rained on my butt relentlessly as he let his hand do the talking.

I’m-sorry-owwwwweeeee!!! I’m sorry, Daddeeee! Owwwww! Aaaaaaaggghhh! My legs are kicking and my snot is running as I say this, the guilt in me coming out and washed by my tears. Sooooorrrryyyy

Dad traps my kicking feet with his other leg and I’m pinned down more effectively. What else?

Huh? I don’t know if all my crying has fogged my brain, but I couldn’t think. More? There was more? Disobedience and Danger – that was it. There was no dishonesty because I didn’t have time to lie or anything.

What about all the flippancy and attitude you were displaying at the beginning, huh? SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Another volley of smacks rain on my butt, this time concentrating on my sit spots.

Owwwwww! Daaaaddd! I’m sorrrrrryyy! Disrespect! Disrespect! I fairly shouted, this time not in arrogance but as an appeasement. I was disrespectful and I’m sorrryyy! Dadddy! Pleaseeeee!

The spanking stops and I am pleasantly surprised Dad stopped at my pleas. But just as I was about to congratulate myself, Dad readjusts my position and I see his hands going to... Oh, no! His belt!

My eyes bulge out of their sockets and I plead desperately. Dad? Daaaad? Please? I won’t do it again. I promise. I promise.
I know, kiddo. But you’re developing an attitude and I don’t want my baby boy going down that path. We’re nipping that right in the bud right now. The last 10 will be with the belt. Dad adjusts my position once again and I can’t help it. I blubber. Dad... Please, Dad... Pleaseeee..

Now, now.... Dad rubs my butt a bit. It’s just an extra 10 licks. Maybe next time we can do without the attitude, okay? Let’s go wrap this up.


I jump at the first crack. Yeouch!!!

PAK PAK PAK PAK PAK PAK Dad doesn’t give me a chance to further complain as he spanks me with the belt.

Owwwwweeee-Dadddeeeee-Daddeee—Aaaaaaahhhhh-I promiseeeeeeee! I promiseeeee!

PAK PAK PAK The last three he gives on my sit spots – one on the left cheek, one on the right, and the last one dead center.


Dad discards the belt and pats my back. It’s done. It’s over. It’s all right.

Dad’s words finally penetrate the haze of pain and I start to stand up at the same time putting my hands back to rub my butt.

Uh-oh! Dad intercepts my hands and guides them away from my butt. No rubbing. You know that. You can do anything, even the spanky dance, but no rubbing. SMACK! Dad emphasizes the edict with another smack.

Ow! I jump like a bullet at the smack. And although I hate it and I know how funny it must look, I can’t help but do the spanky dance as my Dad calls it. You know what I mean – jumping and writhing around this way and that, trying to minimize the sting on my butt. But since I’m not allowed to rub, my hands are just kind of fanning the vicinity of my butt while I wriggle this way and that, trying to shake off the pain.

I frown, as I think I see my dad trying to rein in a smile. Daaad!

I’m sorry, kiddo Dad finally gives in to the smile. It’s just that you look so cute when you do the spanky dance.

I give Dad another glare, but he catches me on my next jump and carries me to the couch. He makes me sit on his lap again, this time with my butt hanging over his legs so it wouldn’t hurt as much. He is serious now, his voice above a whisper. Sh... Sh... It’s over... We’re all right. I love you, baby boy. I got you. I don’t hear the words as much as I’m concentrating on trying to stop my sniffles and hiccups. But I do hear one phrase clearly. You have a dad now. I realize that I do. I do have a dad now. And it makes me... I can’t really describe it... pleased and glad and warm and kinda tingly inside. You know? It’s not bad. In fact, it’s not bad at all.

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