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Chad's Boys
Part 42

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 42

How to get Billy to the Professor for the spanking our trio felt their friend deserved? So far no one had given much thought about Rob and how he’d benefit from some spankings. Somehow he didn’t seem like someone who needed regular spanking. He wouldn’t be completely left out, as time went on. The weekend after Greg’s second visit all five guys were in Rob and Billy’s room, the three guests telling their stories of their times with Professor Dyer.

It was easy to see that both of their friends enjoyed hearing about the various spankings and both showed signs of some curiosity. They certainly were impressed with the shaves. I don’t know if I could get that smooth, said Rob, who was the hairiest of them all.

You guys should try a visit to the Prof, at least once, said Eric, looking directly at Billy who did shift a bit uncomfortably. He hadn’t admitted it to anyone but the Professor’s comments and what he was hearing from his friends had been getting the thought of being spanked regularly into his mind.

Later that night when the others had left and Billy and Rob were in bed, Billy brought it up. You think maybe I should get spanked? Or at least try it out? Dyer seems to think I should.

It’s up to you, man, said Rob, feeling himself get hard at the thought of Billy, naked, over Professor Dyer’s lap. He’d love to see that! Likely at the cost of good spanking for himself, though. Remember, we both got spanked this summer by Jay, so it’s not as if you don’t know what you’re in for.

In the other bed Billy, too, was getting hard as the discussion went on, and he imagined himself naked over the Professor’s lap. Yeah, you’re right. The memory came back quite fully. Jay gave serious spankings but Billy had felt good about them afterwards. Not much more was said, but by morning Billy had decided that, if nothing else, he needed to have a good talk with Professor Dyer. At the next opportunity he caught the Professor after class and asked to speak with him. Professor Dyer smiled, guessing (correctly) what this was about. He set a time with Billy when they could meet in his office.

The time set was the next day and Billy was there punctually. He was warmly welcomed. Professor Dyer indicated a chair, shut and locked the door, and sat down behind his desk.

No need to waste time, my boy, we both know why you’re here.

Billy was a bit startled. He’d expected there would be a bit of talking around the subject before focusing on it. His yes, sir came out of a somewhat dry mouth.

Professor Dyer continued. You think a spanking might do you good. Or, preferably, a course of spankings on a regular basis. I know they would do you good, son. Billy wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but this was moving faster than he had anticipated. Professor Dyer seemed to be making an assumption; Billy had not progressed beyond thinking himself curious. Yet, the way the Professor put it did seem correct. Professor Dyer now filled told him the same things he had told Eric, Daniel, Greg, and many other boys before him. Likely you know most of this already, the Professor said as he wrapped up. Nevertheless, you need to hear it from me, if nothing else to be sure you have heard it all. When shall we make your first appointment?

Damn, thought Billy, he doesn’t beat around the bush!

They discussed times, with five o’clock on Thursday being set. Professor Dyer wasn’t entirely pleased with keeping Billy away from studies on a school night, but for starters this would work. Some boys were not adversely affected by that, for many it was preferable as they returned to their dorm focused and ready to study. Professor Dyer sensed that a late afternoon spanking would be an all-evening distraction for Billy once it was over.

Billy did not need to be told by his friends that promptness was a virtue – and meant no added spanking – so he was there about five minutes early, pacing a bit out front before he rang the bell. Promptly at five he did and the door opened immediately. It was true what the guys said – Professor Dyer must have been behind the door already. Billy was given the same warm welcome that every boy received and immediately felt at ease. Not for long. In a break from the usual routine, Billy was told to undress completely before going further into the house. He knew this would happen in any subsequent visits, should there be some, but was not expecting it today. He had a moment of uncertainty, but the Professor’s look told him all he needed to know and quickly he was out of clothes, handing them over.

Now naked, he was led into the study. More quickly than most boys, his eyes lit on the paddles and he instantly popped a boner. Now he could add embarrassment to everything else! Shit! he thought, then he’s seen hardons before. He hoped the thought would relax him, but it didn’t really have the desired effect. He was invited to join the Professor on the couch, trying to sit such that his erection was not too obvious.

Sit up straight, son, said the Professor in firm tones. I’ve seen many a teenage boy with an erection and I’ll see yours many times should you decided on a course of spankings.

Yes, sir Billy mumbled.

Also I expect you to speak up at all times.

Yes, sir, Billy replied as firmly as he could.

That done, Professor Dyer now outlined his philosophy and general course of action. He told Billy why he felt that Billy particularly needed this sort of attention. Billy still was not sure that he needed taking down a bit, yet he trusted the older man and found himself accepting everything told him. As he listened he felt his erection receding, with was a relief.

Now, son, into the corner with you. Professor Dyer indicated where Billy was to go, the corner which had seen many a boy before him. However, those simple words brought back his erection which, in turn, caused him to get quite red in the face. Professor Dyer took in all of this, betraying no reaction. Nose right up the wall, Professor Dyer said as Billy positioned himself. This was quite a new experienced, being naked in a corner, his nose right up to the wall which, in turn, had his hard cock poking the wall, too. Even more embarrassing! This afternoon was turning out to be far different, and far more embarrassing, than Billy had ever expected.

With his years of experience it was no trouble for the Professor to read accurately all of these emotions. He was quite pleased at already having a strong effect on this particular youngster. He sat on the couch looking at the backside of the naked boy. The young man had a fine butt, as good as any that had been on display in this room over the years. Between that and the way things were going already, Professor Dyer knew that this would be a most pleasurable afternoon. At least, it would be for him. He knew it would not for Billy, which was as it should be. A bit sooner than most boys, Billy was fidgeting in the corner. This made Professor Dyer smile. He was getting through to the lad already and with very little effort. He would let this boy would fidget longer than most, enjoying the show, knowing that the anticipation was getting to his young charge. After a bit he could see color rising in Billy’s neck, always a good sign.

In the corner Billy was feeling foolish standing there like a little boy, especially with his erection pressing against the wall. He so didn’t want to fidget but could not help himself. This only made him feel more childish (which was the desired effect). The wait became agonizing. Just get on with it! As time passed he more and more came to dread the spanking to come. Also a desired effect. Even wanting to be released, he jumped when he heard the Professor’s voice calling him back. He took some small comfort in not being as hard as he had been, but he by no means had gone back to his usual soft size.

Obeying the command, Billy stepped out of the corner and walked over to face the Professor who was now sitting in the spanking chair. Step right up, son, the Professor told him. Billy did, getting close enough that the Professor could reach out and take each of Billy’s wrists in a hand. We both know why you are here and the time has come, son. You will get a good hand spanking this first time, not particularly painful, but it will be memorable, if only because it is the first one. Then you will go back to the corner until I tell you to return and we’ll discuss your needs and how we will structure future sessions. Billy could not help but notice that this speech assumed there would be future sessions.

Lecture done, the Professor took Billy and guided him over the lap. Billy had been over laps before, but this was so different. Before Billy could give that much thought he felt the Professor’s hand coming down firmly and repeatedly in a steady rhythm. At first it didn’t hurt much, about the same as spankings from his buddies. The Professor, though, had a way of making the smacks accumulate and get very uncomfortable. Billy started responding vocally in a way he never had in his life. Grunts and ow slowly turning to yelps as the steady assault on his bottom continued. He grabbed the legs of the chair, not wanting to give in to his chastiser, yet at the same time making faint attempts to roll off the Professor’s lap. The Professor knew how to hold a boy tightly and Billy was going nowhere.

Now there was an increase in the tempo. Not for long, but long enough to change the feel of the spanking for Billy. This made him really struggle, still to no avail. Then, as suddenly as that had started, the pace dropped back. Billy didn’t think he would cry, but he certainly was giving out some good yells! Finally the pace slowed again, but this time for the five hardest smacks of the day. Plenty of time between each one, all received by an already sore, red, and yelling teen.

It was some minutes that Billy remained draped over the lap, his mind taken up with the pain in his butt and the view of the Professor’s rug. When his breathing had returned to normal the Professor stood him up and sent him back to the corner with the usual stern injunction NOT to touch his bottom. Billy was wise enough to know better than do that!

Again, the wait seemed endless, though it was nowhere near as long as previously. Billy wasn’t fidgeting this time, but was doing a version of the bad boy dance, shifting his weight from leg to leg in a futile attempt to ease the pain. The pain, though, was keeping his erection from returning, which felt like some small benefit. It wasn’t soon enough that he heard the Professor calling him back. The man was now back on the couch. Billy walked over and stood in front of him.

I suspect you don’t want to sit at the moment.

No, sir.

That’s fine. You may rub now, if you wish. As did every boy, Billy did wish, and he rubbed, furiously. It never changed anything, but every boy had to do it. You know you needed that spanking, don’t you son?

Yes, sir, Billy replied, surprising himself at how sincerely he meant it. What was it about this man? Billy now felt like a naughty little boy, caught by a parent, getting the spanking and lecture he deserved. It was embarrassing, and yet... yet it felt right, just what he needed. Even, he suddenly thought, what he wanted! In that moment his fate with Professor Dyer had been determined. He felt relieved, even knowing that it meant a weekly sore bottom.

Before Professor Dyer could say more, Billy blurted out, Sir, I need this every week from you! Professor Dyer smiled in a way that made Billy feel warm and even loved. Instinctively he reached out and put his arms around the man. The hug was returned, which felt wonderful.

This is very good, son, Professor Dyer said when the hug ended. You may not think so, but it shows wisdom on your part.

Thank you, sir, Billy said with emotion. As he knew would come next, Professor Dyer told him about the shaving rule. When the Professor was done, Billy, to the surprise of both, said, Could I have my shave now? This was a first. Even boys who were immediately keen on the idea always wanted the week, usually so that they could try it themselves, though in almost every case a touch-up was needed the following week.

This is an unusual request, but if you have the time, I see no reason not to. Billy didn’t know it, but his very sore bottom would be shaved, too. The Professor was most curious to see how that would go. Wait here while I get things ready. Sit, if you are comfortable.

Thank you, sir. Billy gingerly sat on the couch. It was some ten minutes that he was there, left to his own thoughts. He studied the paddles on the wall. Each a different size, and of different materials. All looked like they would make a strong impression! He knew he’d feel them at some point over the next few months, and even into the next few years, if he stayed on with this. The thought was frightening and exciting. He wondered if he’d ever be spanked here with one of his buddies. Or even someone else. He thought of Rob. Might he get Rob to try it out? As he thought his hand wandered to his cock. His own touch made him stiffen slightly, but the pain was still such that erotic needs weren’t surfacing.

The Professor returned and invited him to join. Upstairs they went. The bathroom was set up as it had been for his friends, the customary box waiting on the counter. Professor Dyer did the usual first round of trimming public hairs with the barber’s shears. He asked Billy for his first name. William, not Billy, the boy replied, then supplied the full name. Professor Dyer wrote it on the box in his neat script and put the clippings in it, to join his collection. So far none of the boys had discussed this particular facet of the adventure, but Billy made sure he did later.

Trimming done, he now lay back on the bench. The Professor put on the warm shaving cream and quickly Billy was fully defoliated, pubes gone, balls nice and smooth, treasure trail removed. Professor Dyer dusted some talcum powder on the shaved area, which felt good. Turn over, he instructed. Now he felt the warm cream on his still-warm butt and cried out. It stung! The Professor chuckled and told him to relax. The cool blade crossing his lightly-haired bottom actually felt cool and good. That shave done, the Professor rubbed a crème into Billy’s bottom.

Shaving done, they returned downstairs and a schedule was made for future visits. Clothes restored to him, briefs and pants gingerly pulled on, Billy was on his way, after heartfelt thanks. All the way back he reflected on what had just happened. He really didn’t know what to make of it and just how he’d talk to his friends about it. Already he felt he was eager for next week’s visit.

That night four boys compared their shaves. Greg still felt spankings were not for him, but supported his buddies. Everyone, including Rob, was impressed that Billy had been shaved on the first visit.

In his study, Professor Dyer reflected on now having three fine boys, all friends, boys he had admired the previous semester, both as young men and students, who he would be seeing for a spanking weekly. He knew it would be good for them, and felt it would be good for him, too, a feeling he rarely had. Now he was having it with three boys! Before the semester was out some other boys from the college had joined the ranks, but the Professor never discussed who he was spanking with any of his boys, so no one was the wiser.

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