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Jackie and Clair
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Jackie and Clair

Jackie would hear the familiar call from the upstairs bedroom, and it could mean a lot of different things. It could mean that he needs something from another room; or he wants you to lay with him. He just wants to talk from a pleasant conversation to a stern lecture, you just never know: He, being Clair, Jackie’s mentor, confidant, and friend.

But it could also mean that you’re going to get your ass beat but good. Shit!

That thought occurs every time, but you love him and you know your duty. Upstairs you go. Getting your ass beat is another way of describing a spanking. These are not for play. These spankings Clair gives are real, bare bottomed, harsh discipline. The two men agreed to these rules of engagement from their beginning.

So spankings could be for just about any stupid thing a person might have done. Intentionally or unintentionally, the method of delivery was usually not quite known. In other words what would be involved, how it is delivered, and how long and hard the discipline would become, were always also on your mind. They were never light and easy.

In the early days of their relationship, Jackie got it quite regularly. It was a painful turn-on so-to-speak. But that was a decade ago. They don’t happen as often but they do occur now and then.

Last Sunday just about everything happened. The day started innocent enough. Jackie woke up a little early. He’d had a good night sleep after cleaning the house all day the day before. Clair is a bit picky and likes the house well organized. Jackie spent a lot of time in the basement sorting through old boxes.

He had cleaned the rest of the house quickly. They were having a dinner party that Saturday for about 8 people. The party was fine. Clair is an excellent cook and all had gone according to plan on Saturday night.

Jackie has noticed Clair when he was waking up the first time around 6 am. The big man had been tuckered out from all the work he had done on yesterday’s meal. Jackie took care of his every need Sunday morning. After that, Clair went back to sleep.

Jackie went down stairs to finish straightening up the dining room. It was almost 10 o’clock when he heard Clair moving about upstairs. At that time, he heard the familiar call. Jackie, come upstairs please.

He wasn’t concerned though however there is always a slight sinking feeling he feels when he is on route by a call to the bedroom. The house was in order so all should be good.

Jackie peers in the bedroom but Clair is not in the bed. Then he hears a second call.

His voice was slightly terse. Clair said, I’m in the bathroom. Bring me a roll of toilet tissue please...Now!

That Now sealed it.

A flash memory hit him and he realized he forgot to stock that bathroom. He had remembered the guest bathroom but he forgot theirs. Crap! loudly resonates in his head. He’s in trouble.

Clair had a rough week at work. His students were rehearsing for the school’s annual musical and Clair had worked late every night last week. Resigned to what ever will happen, Jackie goes into the bathroom with a roll of toilet tissue.

I’m sorry Clair. I must have forgot. Jackie tries for a normal sounding tone.

Hm, hum Clair utters with a distantness. Just as Jackie starts to turn to walk away, Clair grabs him by the sides. He looks up directly into his eyes. With firmness he said, Now go bring me the paddle. The big one...

Then he tended to his clean up. Jackie’s body freezes up. Clair looked sharply at him again. You heard me!...

Jackie looks down at the floor and mutters, Yes Sir... He walks out of the bathroom over to the creaky drawer. Jackie opens it and stares at the frighteningly large 18 inch by ¾ inch hard wood paddle. He dreads it.

He takes in out of the drawer. Images of the coming beating and pain to his rear end flood his mind. But Clair has ordered it. Damn.

Jackie goes back into the master room bathroom. Clair has wrapped himself up in his robe and was sitting on the closed toilet seat. He had brushed his teeth, combed his curly hair before getting himself in the familiar position. He takes the big paddle from Jackie’s hands.

When Clair punishes, he doesn’t say much. He can direct with just some minor head motions and a looks from his eyes.

Clair grabs Jackie by the waist, removes his pants. He then stands and props one leg on the covered toilet seat, then he leads him across his one leg.

Crack! Whap! Whoop!!! Whoop!!! Crack!...

Clair had encased Jackie’s cock and balls in a grip like a strangle hold. If Jackie tries to avoid the swats, Clair intensified his grip.


The paddling started stronger and ended stronger. The sound of each whack echoed off the short walls in the bathroom. Jackie’s cries and yells then there was rapid breathing from both men.

A final, Crack!!!)))...

The sound reverberates all across the upstairs floor. Snot drips from Jackie face. He didn’t expect it would be so severe.

Clair told Jackie to go and lie on the bed until he tells him otherwise. He should get undressed too. His ass was on fire! With teary eyes he watches Clair dress for the day. He leaves the room and then the house with firm instructions to Jackie that he is to stay in the room until after he gets back from the market.

He didn’t dare leave the bedroom. He did clean up in the shower very quickly. Clair might be gone for an hour or more but then again, he could be back in 10 minutes too. You never knew for sure. Clair liked it that way.

It was about a half an hour later when Clair did get back. When he entered the bedroom Jackie caught a glance of satisfaction he thought. Clair stayed dress and got into the bed next to Jackie. He kissed his forehead.

In the old days Jackie would be rock hard after the kiss. He was stimulated but he wasn’t a kid any more. He said, I’m very sorry I forgot the bathroom yesterday. I normal don’t.

Clair said little. He reached down Jackie’s belly to his groan with left hairy arm. He said, Put your head on my chest

He slipped his other arm behind Jackie’s back. The two locked into a firm embrace. Clair rubbed Jackie’s now erected penis and teased him for quite awhile. After a short time he intensified and Jackie shot his load high into the air.

Clair always did enjoy that.

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