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The BroJob

by Christophorus Volkov

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The loading dock door was always open at the local high school, and Jesse and Michael knew it.They’d sneaked in the back way as high school students so many times to avoid tardies. Today, they sneaked in the back door to get in a good workout, and they were happy to avoid the detentions they would have gotten a few years back. Once inside, the boys sneaked past the janitor’s office. Old Jack probably wouldn’t care they were there, but they just didn’t want to deal with him. Once they got down into the wrestling room in the basement under the gym floor, they’d have the mats all to themselves.

Jesse and Michael were college wrestlers, and they often worked out together. As best friends, where one went, the other was usually close behind.

Jesse was tall with a mane of dark hair on top of his head. He parted it on the right, and it swooped across his forehead. He never wore product in it, but it was always just perfect even when it was messed up. Maybe it was his model looks. His ripped six-foot frame and 197 pounds of solid muscle drew attention when he walked anywhere. The twenty-year-old looked like he was straight off the pages of a fashion magazine and not the wrestling mat.

Michael was a little shorter, but he weighed almost the same as Jesse. He knew he was going to have to cut weight once he was back on campus. Grandma’s pumpkin pie just was too great of a temptation for the five-foot-ten-inch blonde-haired 21-year-old. Michael had solid muscle, but it was hidden under a less-defined body than his best friend’s. Michael’s lower body was impeccable with thick quads and glutes. Jesse often made fun of his friend’s big ass.

Michael flipped the switch, and the lights came on with a buzz and a flicker. The wrestling room was as old as sin, and it smelled like about fifty years of boy sweat. It was, believe it or not, a welcome smell for both Jesse and Michael. They felt like they were home.

The two men stripped off the outer clothes they were wearing. Jesse wore a gray t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. Michael wore a simple white t-shirt and a pair of compression shorts under a pair of short shorts. It worked best for him because of the size of his thighs and glutes.

They began to practice and work out. Jesse had started the season on a tear, but, right before the short winter break, he had injured his right calf. He wrestled through it, but he was always in a bunch of pain. That, of course, is par for the course. Michael, while older, still looked to Jesse for advice.

When you shoot in, make sure you grab me there, said Jesse, walking Michael through the move. That way I can’t counter as easy.

Yeah, but what if I grab here? asked Michael.

Then, I have access to do this, retorted Jesse, flipping Michael on his back and jumping on top of him.

Wow, that was fast! said Michael.

As Jesse was grinding into Michael’s midsection to keep him down on the mat. Michael could feel something he had never felt before from Jesse: an erection. He looked down and noticed the outline of Jesse’s hard dick flopping around and pressing against his stomach.

Michael slapped Jesse on the ass hard.


Jesse immediately broke the hold and yelled out. OW! WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?

With a chuckle and a smile, Michael said, I thought you’d like it. Your cock was about ready to fuck me in the belly button.

Michael stood up and his face began to grow red, Dude, I’m sorry. I...I can’t control this damn thing lately. I mean, Lindsay cut me off.

Lindsay was Jesse’s girlfriend for the last six months.

No sex? inquired Michael.

Nah, nothing. She says she’s into this zen thing and if we lose bodily fluids and’s all this metaphysical shit I don’t get. Anyway, she won’t even give me a hand job. My balls sometimes feel like they are so full they are going to explode.

That’s gotta be tough, man. I know I can’t stand blue balls.

Yeah man, they are the worst. Sometimes I wish someone would just grab them and twist. It would feel better.

Michael chuckled nervously. He started to speak, but he paused in awkward silence. Jesse could sense his friend’s apprehension. What do you want to say, buddy? Did I make you feel uncomfortable? asked Jesse.

No, answered Michael. I just had a crazy idea in my head, and I probably shouldn’t say it.

Come on man, I know just about everything there is to know about you. Hell, we’ve even jacked off together before.

It was true. Before Lindsay was in the picture, the boys would often watch porn together sitting back-to-back and masturbate. One night, just after graduation, it went a little further, and they set side-by-side. It was really the first time that Michael and Jesse had seen each other nude. Jesse looked over at Michael, and he motioned toward his hard shaft. Michael grabbed the hard shaft and stroked it and his own cock until they both blew huge loads.

Jesse was inherently sexual, and Michael was more guarded. For Jesse, the mutual masturbation was just a release. For Michael, it meant a little more. Secretly, he loved his friend more than just as a friend. He wanted him, but he couldn’t admit it to himself. He was about to speak it out loud when his filter kicked in and stopped him. Jesse grabbed his friend’s trap muscles to the right and left of the neck and began to massage them. Look at me, said Jesse.

Michael tilted his head up slightly to meet his taller friend’s gaze. His eyes met Jesse’s and locked.

I know you’re uncomfortable, and I’m sorry. I think I know why you’re uncomfortable, and I want you to know you can tell me anything. I’ll always be your friend, Jesse said with his eyes welling up a bit.

Michael looked back down at Jesse’s legs and his gaze rose slowly. He stopped at the now retreating piece of man meat at Jesse’s midsection.

Thank you, man. You’re a great friend, said Michael, tears starting to flow from his eyes. You can’t possibly understand everything I want to tell you, though. It’s best we just get back to work and drop it.

Jesse’s grip was firm on his traps. It felt damn good. The love of a friend radiated through Jesse’s fingertips and into Michael’s muscles, but Michael wanted the love of a soulmate. He just didn’t want to risk his friendship. Jesse pulled him in and gave him a bear hug. Michael closed his eyes.

That’s when Old Jack came in. He dropped his push broom, and it echoed throughout the room. The two young men broke their hug.

What in tarnation are you two doing here? asked the custodian. His fake hairpiece was cold black, but his mustache was white as a polar bear. Old Jack grabbed his glasses from his left breast pocket and put them on.

Oh! It’s you Johnny! Good to see you, said the old man. He always called Jesse and Michael by the wrong names. What are you and Marty doing in here? It’s nearly midnight.

Hey there Mr. Jack, said Jesse. Coach Bohannon lets us practice in here. I thought he told you that we were coming in tonight. It was a lie.

He didn’t say nothin’ to me. Doesn’t surprise me. He don’t say much to me now. I think he might be losin’ a stringer of fish or two, said Old Jack. Don’t tell him I said that.

Secret’s safe, said Michael with a smile.

So, what are you two guys up to. Look at you big strappin’ young men. You’ve been gone out of here, what...10 years?

Nah, Mr. Jack. It’s only been a couple, answered Jesse.

Well shit-fire Nancy. I swear every time I turn young heathens is grown up.

The boys laughed. Old Jack was a great old guy. No one could remember how long he’d worked at the school, and it was clear that all the floor polish fumes he had inhaled over the years had warped a few brain cells.

Michael and Jesse made small talk with Old Jack for about five minutes. Jesse was getting hungry, so they decided to bail out after Old Jack told them about the vomit he had cleaned up in the freshmen stairwell. You ain’t never seen nothin’ like that. It was all up and down the stai...

Oh, we have got to go, Jack. It’s been good seeing you, said Michael.

You too, Marty, replied the old man. You guys have somethin’ special. It’s one thing to have a friend, but it’s another thing altogether to have a best friend. Nuggets of wisdom from Old Jack came out like random fortunes from a buffet fortune cookie.

The guys put on their sweats and walked back out into the cold, early January air. Not much was open except the local pizza joint. The guys chipped in for a pie and carried it with them back to Jesse’s basement. Jesse’s domain was all his, and Michael loved to hang out there. There was plenty of room to work out or mess around...even wrestle. Plus, with Jesse’s parents still in Colorado for a ski holiday, the place was empty.

When they got downstairs, they popped open a couple of beers and kicked back. Jesse turned on the TV, and Michael laid down on the bed. The boys devoured the pizza quickly. Full of pizza, Michael dozed off. He was still wearing his workout garb. The t-shirt rode up to reveal his smooth stomach. Jesse decided to hop in the shower.

When he finished, he realized quickly that he’d left his clean shorts and his towel outside the bathroom. He poked his head around to see Michael was still asleep, and he walked over to his dresser to grab some clothes and a towel.

Michael opened his eyes to see his wet naked friend standing in front of him. Jesse’s body was spectacular. He didn’t want his friend to know he was awake, so he quietly laid there. Suddenly, he felt his cock starting to protrude out the leg of his shorts. Horrified, he didn’t move.

Jesse looked over to see an apparently still sleeping Michael laying on his bed. He noticed his friend’s cock poking out of his shorts, and something about the situation was struck Jesse funny. He slowly walked over to Michael wearing just the shorts he had put on and waved his hand in front of Michael’s closed eyes. He grabbed Michael’s phone, and he posed and snapped a selfie prank shot of him with an open mouth near Michael’s cock. He then snapped another pointing at Michael’s cock and giving it a thumbs up.

He placed the phone back where it was, and he went back into the bathroom to finish his post-shower routine. He was just about to brush his teeth when Michael burst into the bathroom.

Hey buddy, said Jesse.

Don’t buddy me! said Michael. I know what you did.

Jesse chuckled nervously, What do you mean?

Michael showed him the newly-minted selfie that Jesse had just taken with his mouth open near his cock. You want to explain this? asked Michael.

Jesse smiled and didn’t answer right away. He put toothpaste on his toothbrush and began to brush his teeth. His tight shorts pulled tightly across his glutes revealing his muscled hindquarters.

Michael grabbed Jesse’s wet towel off the floor and began to spin it. With a quick flick of his wrist, he hit Jesse on the ass through his shorts.


Ow fuck! said Jesse with a mouth full of toothpaste. If that was for the selfie, I guess I deserved that!

Michael smiled and laughed. As Jesse bent over to rinse out his mouth, and Michael yanked down the tight shorts his friend was wearing. Now he was bare assed.

OK, now you’re gonna get it! yelled Jesse stepping out of his shorts. He grabbed Michael and pushed him out of the bathroom. Michael stumbled and fell backwards falling on to the carpet in the center of the room.

Jesse, now completely naked, followed him out of the room and quickly jumped on top of his friend. He grabbed him in a wrestling hold, and he tried to pull down Michael’s shorts. His hand slipped, and it slid down the inside of Michael’s shorts. He grabbed a handful of Michael’s pubes and pulled.

GAHHHH! yelped Michael. You’re gonna fight dirty, huh?

No holds barred! Winner takes all. yelled back Jesse.

Well, you’re the naked one! You might want to think about that.

After a few minutes of wrestling and some rugburn on their knees, Michael had ended up shirtless. Jesse had hopped on top of Michael and had grabbed his leg, Tap out!

Never! responded Michael.

Tap out!



You’re bluffing. You won’t break my leg, and you won’t get the chance anyway.

Why do you say that?

Because you left yourself vulnerable to this, said Michael grabbing Jesse’s balls and twisting them. Instantly, Jesse broke the hold. Jesse rolled over holding his throbbing nuts.

FUCK MAN! I think you broke ’em! yelled Jesse to a laughing Michael.

You said no holds barred. Well, I fought dirty.

Jesse mustered up a laugh amidst the pain he was feeling in his stomach. When the adrenaline calmed down, Michael began to feel bad for his friend who was still complaining about his balls.

Having won the match. He knew he could demand a consequence. After all, Jesse had taken a selfie of him in a compromising position. He had to pay.

So, what do I get to do to you for winning the match?

Huh? answered Jesse with a grouchy look on his face.

I mean, I won. You said, winner take all. I should get to do something to you.

What, like fuck me or something?

Michael glared at his friend. Jesse knew he had said something wrong. I’m sorry, said Jesse. I just didn’t know what you were getting at...ah...and my balls hurt. I trust you.

Then, roll over. You’re going to pay for that selfie you took with your ass. You deserve a spanking.

Michael’s crotch tingled with excitement. He’d always seen that beautiful ass of Jesse’s, but he was going to get to play with it.

Reluctantly, Jesse complied with his friend’s wish. He rolled over on his belly and he left his ass in the hands of his friend.

Michael grabbed and massaged Jesse’s glutes, and he was surprised by the feeling. While Jesse’s ass felt firm, but it had a little jiggle in it, too. Michael enjoyed kneading Jesse’s cheeks for a few moments. Out of curiosity, Michael parted Jesse’s cheeks and took a quick look at his hole. It was a tight hole with a ring of hair around it. Michael wanted to put a finger up inside his friend, but he knew that might be met with protest.

Are you going to look at my hole or spank me? asked Jesse, impatiently.

Michael chuckled and reached between Jesse’s legs and pulled back on his big nutsack that was still a little sore from earlier.

Hey! protested Jesse.

Shut up! said Michael with a chuckle and a smile.

This is gonna hurt, isn’t it? asked Jesse.

Michael didn’t even answer. He just swung back his hand and landed it on Jesse’s naked ass.


Jesse let out a little grunt as a red mark began to form on his cheek. Michael raised his hand again and...


The mark got redder, and the grunt became more audible.


Ahh! Jesse’s first out loud reaction.






Three in a row. Jesse contorted his body. Michael reached down and grabbed his cock again. It was stiffening again. Seems like you like this, bro.










Michael looked at his hand, and it was starting to redden. His arm was getting a little tired. He decided to go with 8 more to make it an even 20. He delivered them in quick succession. Jesse’s ass reddened with each handprint.


AHH! OH GOD! AOOOWWW! Jesse rolled around on the floor. His pain mixed with a little laughter.

Michael gave his friend some time to recover from the spanking. Finally, he decided to bring him some pleasure and give him a release that he had been craving.

Rubbing his ass, Jesse asked, Are you through yet?

Michael answered, Oh no. Lay back.

What do you mean? asked Jesse.

Lay back, reiterated Michael.

What are you going to do?

Just lay back.

You’re going grab my nuts again, said Jesse with a distrustful look on his face.

No. I want to do something for you.

Like what?

Just lay back. Don’t worry. You will like it.

Jesse laid back as he was asked to do by his friend, and Michael began to rub his friend’s body sensually. He began with his friend’s weathered feet. They were the feet of an athlete, and they did ache. He held each foot in his hand and pressed his thumbs into the arches.

Ohhh! cooed Jesse, in pleasure. Fuck that feels good.

Michael continued to rub Jesse’s feet popping each toe. Jesse was putty in Michael’s hands as he continued to work his hands up his legs to Michael’s thighs. Michael took the lean and sculpted quads in his hands and worked them with his fingers.

Jesse closed his eyes. He was enjoying every inch of this massage. His friend skipped his growing cock and rubbed the sculpted abs and ripped chest. Ahh! moaned Jesse.

Michael looked down and noticed that Jesse’s cock was full hard now. It stood straight up. It appears you’re enjoying this, a lot.

Jesse opened his eyes and smiled while looking at his cock. I’m not gay, said Jesse. Just so you know.

I know, and I am, said Michael. Just so you know.

Jesse grabbed Michael’s wrist. For a moment, Michael thought Jesse had taken offense to his comment. Instead, he looked his friend in the eye, It doesn’t matter to me, Michael. It doesn’t matter. I love you as you are. You’re gay, and I’m straight. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun now and then. I mean, we’re both consenting.

Michael smiled back at his friend. I want to give you a release. I want to give you a brojob.

A what? asked Jesse.

A brojob. I mean, I’m your best friend, right?

Jesse, who after letting go of Michael’s wrist was resting on his elbows, nodded, Of course you’re my best friend.

Let me give you a release. You need it. Let me take care of you since Lindsey won’t.

Fair enough.

Jesse laid back on the floor, and Michael took the hard cock in his hands. He started to rub it gently stroking the cut member. So, you want me to do this? he asked.

Yeah, said Jesse. Go for it.

Michael plunged Jesse’s cock into his mouth taking his friend by surprise. Moving up and down with his lips locked around the thick shaft, Michael kept sucking Jesse’s cock until he felt Jesse’s balls moving up towards his shaft. He noticed his breathing had changed, too. He squeezed his balls and the base of Jesse’s shaft, but he was too late to stop the oncoming cumshot.

Waves of pleasure began to fill Jesse as torrents of cum shot from his cock and down Michael’s throat. Michael had given Jesse the release he needed.

Spent, Jesse just laid there. I can’t hear. My ears are fucking ringing. Lindsay never gives me head like that.

Is that a compliment? said Michael.

Yeah. Yeah man, answered Jesse. He grabbed his friend and pulled him close to his chest.

Hold me while I do this, said Michael, sliding his shorts down to his ankles and kicking them off. He began to stroke his rock hard cock as Jesse held him tightly in his arms. In a matter of moments, Michael yelled out loudly, I’m cumming!

His cock blew hot white globs of cum across his stomach and chest. He closed his eyes and fell back into his friend’s arms. Michael was spent. Jesse was spent. The two naked men were two spent heaps on the floor.

Jesse looked over at Michael and smiled, That was some good beer we had earlier.

Michael smiled, Well, the only difference between a gay guy and a straight guy is a few beers.

Shut the fuck up! Jesse said, chuckling.

Pleasure filling them both, they just laid there until they fell asleep next to each other. In the middle of the night, Michael reached over and grabbed Jesse pulling him closer. They slept like that the rest of the night.

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