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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 12

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures, Part 12

Rob Visits Jay over Thanksgiving Break

Rob’s first semester went flying by. He met some cool guys on his floor, Eric and Greg who were roommates, and another guy named Daniel. Soon all were having regular naked nights, sometimes spanking each other, along with other naked adventures, sexual or otherwise.

When the Thanksgiving holiday was getting close Rob called Jay, as he did every week or so, with most of those conversations being Rob telling Jay what was going on. Rob and Billy were developing their sex lives based on what Jay had taught them, and had passed along some of it to Nick and Greg, though those two seemed to be figuring it out pretty well by themselves.

Jay let Rob know some of what had been happening with him but Rob knew there was much being saved for when they were together. At least, he hoped he’d get a lot of news when they were! On this particular call Rob got around to telling Jay that he’d like to get together early in the week, if they could. Jay said that was a great idea and said Monday would be ideal. So, it was set.

Dad had picked up Rob on Saturday morning. The drive wasn’t too long, but Dad had stayed overnight Friday. He was wise enough to know that he shouldn’t intrude on Rob and Billy, so didn’t show up at the dorm until Saturday. He and Billy, as always, were delighted to see each other. The boys had dressed, but showed every sign of not being happy about it. Dad could see that and was amused, but said nothing. Billy’s dad arrived soon after and all four chatted as the boys finished their packing. Billy would visit Rob on Friday and Rob’s dad would take both boys back to school Sunday morning, take the day off Monday and have a leisurely drive back home. Billy’s dad showed no signs of having any idea as to what the boys often were up to, but Rob’s Dad had developed (accurate) suspicions over the summer. In any case, he knew it was likely that two teens would be naked in his house for the bulk of the weekend. They had been when Billy visited over the summer, so why would this be different?

Back to our story. Monday was set. Rob told Dad he’d be eating with Jay which was greeted with stay all night if you want along with one of those enigmatic smiles. Monday afternoon Rob took the bus into the city, arriving at the site of his summer employment at about 4:45. He waited in the lobby. Right at five people started leaving. A number of men and women recognized him from the summer and said hello, some asking about college life. Towards the end of the line was one of the younger men, Chet. Rob guessed he was no more than twenty-five. Rob knew that Chet had been checking him out all summer and was quite sure that Chet was curious about Rob’s time with Jay. He also had seen that Chet was curious about Jay, but so far had no idea if anything had happened.

Hey there, how’s college life? Chet asked, as they shook hands.

Y’know. Keeping me busy, studying, the usual.

I bet you get right to the bottom of things in some classes, Chet added with a wink.

Rob shot back, right to the seat of the matter and watched Chet’s reaction, which was an involuntary small smile. Rob would be asking Jay some things later.

Good to see you. How long are you here?

Just the week.

Dinner with Jay tonight?

Yup, and here he is.

Jay emerged and took in the situation, smiling at both young men. Ready, Rob? Rob said yes, Chet and Jay made their farewells, and Rob and Jay went to Jay’s car.

We’ll eat at my place, said Jay. Diner au naturel, he added, laughing. Rob laughed, too, as he felt himself getting hard.

Rob felt a bit bold and said, Tell me about Chet. I didn’t really get to know him over the summer.

Well, I think you can easily guess that Chet has spent some time in my office over my lap. The last visit he got the hairbrush. Rob’s hardon was throbbing hearing this. Chet was good looking and had a good butt; nice to imagine him naked over Jay’s lap, getting the brush. At least, Rob figured he got it naked. I think he wants it. The last time felt like he had maneuvered me into spanking him. Not that I minded! He got it good, too.

How’s that bottom of yours, young man? We’ll need to give it some attention later. Rob’s excitement was mounting. He agreed readily, which made Jay beam at him. Clothes off as soon as we arrive!

Rob stayed hard the rest of the ride and up the elevator to the apartment. Inside and door closed, Jay wrapped Rob in a big hug, strongly returned. Holding Rob close, Jay could feel Rob’s hardness through both Rob’s pants and his own. Hug done, Jay said I said au naturel, so it’s time for those clothes to come off. Just leave them in my room. Rob went quickly down the hall, returning after a brief moment, fully naked, erection standing out in front of him. Jay had left the hairbrush on the bed where it could not be overlooked. Sure enough, Rob had it in his hand. Jay thought this was quite a lovely sight – a hot young man, naked, hard, hairbrush in hand for future use.

Another long hug, Rob naked, Jay exploring the naked boy a bit with his hands. Jay then led Rob to the couch. He sat in the center and took Rob over his lap.

We may as well get started. This is the first tonight. There will be at least one more. Jay had taken the hairbrush and left it on the kitchen counter – that was for later. For now, his hand would do the job quite efficiently. Rob was surprised at how eager he was for this. Something about spankings from Jay was different from any other spankings he’d had. Really, other spankings had been in fun with his friends. Jay was an older man, showing his care and affection by guiding Rob.

This spanking was different. The swats didn’t hurt more than usual, but seemed much more deliberate, sometimes with a wait between swats. Certainly it was the longest spanking Jay had ever given him. The discomfort, of course, increased as the spanking went on, yet Rob felt no urge to cry though after a while he was making noises as each swat landed. If anything, his erection, snugly held between Jay’s legs, seemed even harder as the spanking went on!

A few harder swats – SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK – wrapped up the spanking. Both rested for a while, each in his own way savoring what had just happened. Jay enjoyed the sight below him – a nice, round bottom with a lovely red hue, thanks to the spanking. Rob lay there feeling safe and secure, even with the sting in his bottom.

After a bit Jay rolled him over so that Rob now was on his back across Jay’s lap, erection standing up straight. Jay gently teased Rob’s hardon, being rewarded with a gasp of excitement. He teased for a while, then firmly wrapped his hand around Rob’s hard cock, as hard as Jay ever felt it. Rob moaned with excitement. Jay stroked slowly, again quite deliberately, as with the spanking.

I know you have plenty in you, so no harm in unloading some and getting you soft for a while. If anything, it will be good for you. He beamed down at Rob who just nodded, at the moment unable to speak with the flood of sensations. The handjob seemed endless! Rob tried to buck to speed up the process but Jay managed to hold him down. This would be entirely on Jay’s terms. Rob gave in. He reached a point when he knew there was no holding back.

I’m gonna cum! he shouted and did just that. A big load, all over his stomach and chest, and Jay’s hand. Jay kept stroking, intentionally setting off some aftershocks. Rob was gasping. Jay stopped and they both settled down. Jay had a towel at hand and gently cleaned up Rob and himself. The boy was now ready for some social time, nicely soft and able to turn his attention to other matters.

They stood. Set the table, please, said Jay. Inside, I guess. It’s a bit cool to be naked outside. Speaking of which... He undressed and before Rob could get to the utensils they had a long naked hug. Rob stayed soft, but could feel Jay growing a bit. This meant some excitement later! Hug done, Jay set about the dinner and Rob got the table in order. Jay had made salads before he left for work so all that was needed was a few minutes in the oven for the main course. While they waited they went back to the couch and enjoyed each other’s nakedness, along with some conversation, catching up on things. Rob wanted to know more about Chet. Was he likely to get spanked here sometime?

Jay chuckled. I haven’t decided, to be honest. He needs work, that’s for sure, but there is a difference between a good punishment spanking and forming a true intimacy. I know Chet would like to fool around with me – he’s hardly subtle about it, even though he hasn’t said anything. He’s not bad looking, but I just don’t see him that way. Oh, it’s nice to have him naked over my lap, don’t think otherwise! They both laughed. I think it has given him a thrill, which is why I think he maneuvered the last spanking. However, I also think he has benefitted from getting spanked. His work has improved. So that’s all there is to say there, really. Now, I want to know more about your new friends.

Rob went into more detail than he had in the phone chats. Hearing all this got Jay fully hard, which Rob enjoyed feeling against him. His own was rising a bit, but he really wasn’t ready to be fully hard after that orgasm. Jay was intrigued by Eric and Greg. It sounds like real romance is going on with those two, he said.

I guess so, Rob replied. He loved Billy, he loved Jay, but didn’t feel a sense of true romance with either of them, so it was a bit hard to see his friends quite that way. Jay also was intrigued with Daniel. Rob had less to tell here, as he knew less. He did admit that it was fun playing with Daniel’s cock! They laughed.

The timer sounded so they moved to the table. Dinner conversation was more general. When they were done Jay suggested a break before dessert, to which Rob readily agreed.

No time like the present to get the next part of your spanking done, Jay said. Rob paled a little, but also felt a rise below. Unusual for Jay, he would stay naked for the spanking; in fact this was the first time. Get the hairbrush and bring it with you, said Jay as he moved to the couch. Rob did as he was told, extending his hand to give the brush to Jay before going over his lap. Some hand spanks started him off. Swat, swat, swat. Nothing too hard, but a steady rhythm. Color restored, Jay reached for the brush and now the spanking became serious. SMACK SMACK SMACK, over and over. Rob now was yelling and kicking yet enjoying that he was. Yes, it hurt, but this was Jay spanking him with the hairbrush. That made it special. As it went on Rob realized he likely would do anything for Jay, and endure any punishment Jay felt appropriate.

This, too, was a long spanking, longer than Rob could remember. Yelling turned to tears, but Jay kept going for a while until Rob went limp over his lap, broken and weeping. Jay let him lie there then, while Rob still was crying, turned him over, sat him on his lap, and let Rob cry it out on his shoulder. Good boy, Jay said now and then. Hearing that filled Rob with joy. He wanted for Jay to think him a good boy and call him that!

Spanking and tears done, Jay covered Rob’s face with kisses. Time for dessert. Rob sat gingerly, but the dessert was excellent. The two then set about clearing dishes and putting the kitchen in order, which also let Rob’s butt feel better. Jay said nothing about it, but had decided that Rob’s spankings were done for the evening; he’d let Rob wonder for a bit. That never hurt a lad.

When all was done, Jay led the boy to the bedroom. He turned down the bed and now it was time for lovemaking. Neither had a sense of how long it went on. Rob couldn’t believe how much he exploded again, after his earlier orgasm. Jay was not surprised. Rob felt a glow as he guided Jay to probably the best orgasm that Rob had induced so far. Exhausted, they held each other and fell asleep. When they did waken, it was after two o’clock.

Well, what do we do now? asked Jay.

Oh, Dad said I could stay all night if I wanted, so I guess I am. They both smiled at that.

We’re a mess, but I guess it can wait until morning. Do you think your dad suspects what’s going on with us?

I’m sure he does, but he’d never say anything. Anyhow, he really likes you, so I guess he approves.

He is a good guy, Jay said, to Rob’s delight.

Back to sleep. In the morning Jay dropped off Rob for the bus at a spot some distance from the office so that no gossip would happen. He said that Rob and Billy were welcome over the weekend, if that worked out. Rob said he’d let Jay know. With that, they parted, after their best night together.

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