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Growing Pains
Episode 7: Smoke, Fire & Blazing Bottoms

by Paul Lewis

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 07 Mar 2018

Growing Pains, Episode 7: Smoke, Fire & Blazing Bottoms

Here is another instalment of my somewhat sporadic series, Growing Pains, featuring the misadventures of cousins Marc & Jonathan, the identical-twin brothers, David & Anthony and latest pal, Alan. It is suggested that readers re-acquaint themselves with earlier episodes in order to re-establish characters and situations in their minds. Enjoy...


Three days after the unfortunate incident with the speed-boat, Alan Bebbington walked slowly and thoughtfully upstairs to his bedroom. He still had not moved into the tent with the other lads but was hoping that, tomorrow, once things had settled down a bit, he could shift a sleeping bag down there and join them. The last few days had been so busy that there had been little opportunity for domestic alterations.

That morning, the twins’ uncles, Mike and Brian had left to head home and their father, Pat, had left that afternoon, leaving just Marc’s father, (Jonathan’s uncle), Neil, and the boys. Alan’s own Dad, Jim, had offered to store all the camping gear when the rest of them departed, ready for Mike to pick up at his leisure. Significantly, just before he left and, in the hearing of all the boys, Pat had given Jim full permission to discipline the twins if they needed it in his absence and the meaningful look he had given his sons left them in no doubt as to what he meant: discipline clearly included spanking, if and when required. As the implications of these remarks sank in, Alan’s penis had stiffened, perceptibly tenting the front of his shorts.

Closing his bedroom door firmly, Alan sat down on the bed, thinking about the unfamiliar emotions he was experiencing. Never before when he had been spanked, had he experienced any sexual arousal before, during or after the punishment. He thought back to the previous most recent incident, which had taken place about eight months earlier, shortly after he had turned fourteen.

It had all started with an argument with his mother over what time he should be home after a party given by one of his school-mates. Stupidly (and uncharacteristically), he had let himself become rude and abusive and, when his father had come in to see what all the fuss was about, Alan had used the F word to him and stormed out. A few seconds later, he had found himself grabbed by his silent but very angry father and pushed up the stairs into his bedroom.

Shutting the door and still without a word, Jim had seized his son and unclipped his jeans, tugging them down to his ankles. Then, sitting down heavily on the bed, he yanked the boy’s pants down and hauled Alan unceremoniously over his knee, feet just off the floor on one side, dark-blond hair brushing the carpet on the other and naked white bottom sticking straight up in the air.

Smaaack! The first slap echoed round the room like the crack of a gunshot and Alan had gasped and jerked forward then, getting into his stride, Jim had proceeded to deliver a lecture, each word interspersed with a resounding smack on the bare upturned buttocks, alternating right and left with every slap.

You smack! will smack! never smack! ever smack! speak smack! to smack! your smack! mother smack! or smack! I smack! like smack! that smack! again! smack! Is smack! that smack! quite smack! under-smack!-stood? smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack!

Ahhhh! Dad! Pleeeeease no Dad! I’m sorreeeee! Daaad! Alan wailed, twisting from side to side, bucking up and down and legs kicking. His jeans and pants flew off, landing in a heap, his legs, now released from their confinement, spreading wide and revealing his most intimate areas.

Jim, ignoring his son’s increasingly desperate entreaties, continued to smack his bottom steadily and hard. His technique had never varied, from the first spanking Alan had received at the age of about ten, right through to the present day. Having finished his lecture, he laid it on without a word, hard, resounding slaps that covered Alan’s pert mounds from crown to the tops of the thighs. He never slapped any higher than the peak of the buttocks and the steady succession of very hard smacks, from one cheek to the other, up and down, from thighs to crown and back again, was rapidly making his recalcitrant son very sore indeed.

With a last half-dozen sharp smacks Jim paused, looking down at his son’s naked rear. The once snowy-white, well-rounded globes were a fiery red all over and the boy’s bucking and squirming was giving a full view of his well-developed balls and tight pink hole.

Right. Up you get! Jim guided Alan up and back onto his feet. The boy’s face was almost as red as his backside and the dark-blond hair drooped over his forehead, tears standing in the deep blue eyes. Rubbing his sore bottom furiously with both hands, he jigged from one foot to the other, flaccid balls and penis bouncing up and down.

I’m sorry, Dad, he muttered quietly. I don’t know what came over me. I’ll never do it again.

See that you don’t, answered his father. And just to give you some further encouragement, I’ve got something to show you. Wait here.

Rising, he had left the bedroom, returning a few minutes later and holding in his right hand a thin, whippy rattan cane, about 30 inches long.

Right, my lad; this belonged to your Grandfather. You’re fourteen now and should be old enough to know better. However, I’m warning you, if I ever have to spank you again, you’ll be over my knee getting six of the best with this across your bare bottom. Understood?

Alan had looked at the cane. It wasn’t heavy but very flexible and he would have been willing to bet that it packed one hell of a sting. He nodded. Yes, Dad. You won’t need it though.

I hope not, Jim had answered, before turning from the room and leaving his son alone.

Alan shook his head ruefully at the memory of that day; he wondered whether, if he alone had been punished for the boys’ escapade with the speed-boat, he might indeed have ended up with six bright red cane stripes across his backside, rather than the group hand-spanking all five of them had received.

This turned his mind in a different direction. After his previous spanking his arse had been hot, red and sore but he had had no trace of an erection. There was no doubt about it, on that afternoon three days ago, it had been the effect of seeing the other boys being spanked all together that led to his arousal, particularly Jonathan who, at fifteen and a half, was only ten months older than himself. That, of course and the torrid mutual masturbation session they had had in the tent afterwards.

He shook his head again, almost in disbelief. All his sexual fantasies up until now had centred on girls, one girl in particular fuelling his nightly masturbatory activities. He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would ever get an erotic thrill with other boys but, in reality, he had enjoyed every minute of it – including, somewhat to his own surprise, and considering how sore his arse had been afterwards, being publicly spanked by his father. Moreover he would – he had to admit honestly to himself – be more than happy to explore further with the other lads if the opportunity arose. So far, however, there had been little chance for much more in that direction, though he and Jonathan had shared one quick and discrete mutual masturbation session the previous afternoon when, unusually, no one else had been around.

Remembering the sight of Jonathan, upended over his uncle’s knee with bare arse, balls, hole and, at times, large, fully-erect penis on full view, Alan’s cock began to stir. Then he thought of the view he, himself, must have been presenting to the younger lad behind him, Marc, wasn’t it? and his penis shot up, tenting the front of his shorts. He stood, stripped naked, opened both wardrobe doors and positioned himself between them so that he could observe his bare rear in the opposing mirrors. His full, rounded buttocks were their normal snowy white and Alan rubbed a hand over them, then slipped a finger into his crack, tickling his ring, and sighed with pleasure.

By now his penis was fully erect, its five-and-a-half inch length projecting stiffly upward from his groin in a gentle curve. Alan chuckled to himself, as he remembered how, the previous afternoon in a secluded part of the woods, Jonathan’s firm hand had grasped it, bringing him expertly to a shattering orgasm whilst he returned the compliment as, with a moan of ecstasy, the big ginger boy had ejaculated spurts of thick white semen onto the forest floor.

He stepped back and lay down on the bed, flat on his back, gripping his steely erection. He started to stroke it, rhythmically up and down, up and down, fantasizing that he was holding Jonathan’s six-and-a-half-inch monster. That was the final trigger, as his cock jerked and bucked and Alan gasped as spurt after spurt of warm spunk erupted over his stomach and chest. Satisfied, he grinned to himself then, after cleaning up and still naked, slipped into bed, turned out the light and fell asleep, anticipating the hoped-for delights to come over the next few days.


The following day, Pat, Brian and Mike having left, Jim suggested that, to simplify things later, the twins and Marc should assist him with breaking down the redundant tents and equipment and carrying them up to the barn for storage, whilst Jonathan and Alan went off to gather firewood for that evening’s camp-fire. The boys acquiesced willingly to this proposal and, whilst David, Anthony and Marc commenced work, Jonathan and Alan headed off into the woods.

As soon as they were out of sight and earshot of the camping ground, Alan turned to Jonathan.

Hey, Jon, now we’re on our own, what do you say to a quick ciggie? I whipped a couple of Dad’s this morning and there’s an old fishing shack not far away where we could go without anyone seeing – provided we’re not too long.

Jonathan grinned. He had suspected for a while that Alan, being a bit nearer his own age than the other boys, might be up for a few illicit larks given the opportunity.

OK, mate! But we’d better make sure we bring back some firewood as well, or they might get suspicious!

Alan laughed. Oh yeah, no probs. I keep a stash in the fishing shack anyway, so that there’s always some dry stuff if I want it in a hurry.

The shack was old and weathered, close to the edge of the lake and very secluded. Alan pushed the creaky door open and led the way inside. Within, they settled down on the floor facing each other and Alan extracted a couple of cigarettes and a box of matches from the pocket of his shorts.

They’re a bit squashed, he apologized, but I guess they’ll still be OK. He handed one to Jonathan then struck a match, lighting both cigarettes. They puffed away in silence for a few minutes before Alan continued, Y’know, Jon, this week’s been bloody amazing. I mean, I always knew it was going to be real fun, even before you guys showed up but I never thought we’d ever be doing all that other stuff! He grinned, knowing full-well that Jonathan would know exactly what he meant.

Jonathan chuckled. Yeah, can’t believe it myself in some ways, all the stuff that’s happened this summer. Anyway, now we’re on our own....? He trailed off with a mischievous grin, reaching out his free hand to rub Alan’s crotch. The other boy giggled quietly then reached across to rub between his friend’s legs, feeling the stiff length of Jonathan’s fully erect penis beneath the thin shorts.

Fuck, Jon! he exclaimed in a low voice. You’re rock hard already, you horny bastard!

Jonathan laughed. Always be prepared! he exclaimed. Anyhow, he added, rubbing Alan harder, You aren’t far behind! Dropping his partly-smoked cigarette, he used both hands to ease down his shorts and pants over his stiffly erect cock. Released from its confinement, it flicked up against his stomach with a slight but audible thump.

Alan laughed, then followed suite, dropped his cigarette and slid down his own shorts and pants, his gently curved penis springing into view.

Mmmmm, nice! he murmured, as Jonathan gripped him firmly and began to rub. He reached out, grasping the older boy’s cock and commenced masturbating him steadily, starting at the triangle of bright ginger hair and working his way up to the large, swollen knob, rubbing his thumb around the very tip.

Jonathan moaned with pleasure and he gripped Alan’s penis harder, rubbing it rhythmically up and down along its full curved length. Then, releasing his hold, he leaned forward to take the tip of the other boy’s cock into his mouth and started to suck.

Aaaah, ohhhh, yesss, moaned Alan then, almost by some unspoken agreement, both boys shifted round until they could lie on their sides, stretched out as far as the limited dimensions of the shack allowed, heads level with each other’s groins. Gently, Jonathan took Alan’s cock back into his mouth and Alan took his. Each with one hand firmly gripping the other’s smooth buttocks, they moved slowly back and forth, licking and sucking, until both were sighing and moaning ecstatically.

It was not long before both boys felt the tell-tale pressure in their balls begin to build. Ahhh! I’m going to come! cried Jonathan.

Ooohhh yesss! Me too, Alan returned.

Releasing penises from their mouths, they reached down and began, once more, to masturbate one another vigorously.

Aaaahhhh!! Aaaahhhh!! Aaaahhhh!! Oooooohhhhh! moaned Jonathan, as his big cock kicked and jerked and spurt after spurt shot across Alan’s flat stomach.

Seconds later, Alan’s penis bucked in Jonathan’s grip and, with a great moan, he, too ejaculated, ribbons of pearly white spunk soaking his friend’s ginger pubes.

For several minutes both boys collapsed, exhausted by their release, before Alan glanced at his watch.

Shit! We’d better get back! he exclaimed. We’ve been about half an hour and they’ll wonder where we’ve got to. Quick! Let’s get dressed, grab some of that firewood and get back to camp!

Rapidly, they cleaned up as best they could, yanked pants and shorts back up, seized an armful of firewood each and hightailed it back to the camp-site.

There, they found that the packing up was almost complete, though no-one made any remark about the length of time they’d been away. Dropping the bundles of firewood on the ground, they moved to get a couple of bottles of water.

Hey! What’s that smell? asked David, looking round. The others looked up then Jim Bebbington, who was nearest the edge of the woods, gave a sudden shout.

It’s smoke! Coming from over in the trees! Dropping the bundle of gear he was holding, he ran into the undergrowth, quickly vanishing from view with Neil and the rest of the boys not far behind.

Alan and Jonathan looked at each other as they ran. Oh shit! Those cigarettes! muttered Alan.

Jonathan shook his head. I was sure they were out!

Can’t have been! muttered the dark-blond boy. In any case, that was the last thing we were thinking about at the time!

Reaching the clearing where the fishing shack stood, they found Alan’s father rushing back and forth to and from the lake, bucket in hand and throwing water into the interior. Quickly the smoke died away and a rapid inspection revealed that, fortunately, interior damage to the shack was only superficial.

What the heck!!! exclaimed Jim Bebbington, how the hell did this catch fire?

He kicked aside the smouldering pile of dead leaves that had been the source of the conflagration and picked up a charred white stub. Cigarette end! he said sharply, swinging round. Alan, do you know anything about this?

Alan shuffled his feet and blushed red. His father, Neil, the twins and Marc were all staring at him. Come on, out with it! demanded Jim. Have you and Jonathan been smoking in here?

Alan looked at his feet, nodding dumbly. Right! his father continued. You and Jonathan up to the house now. The rest of you boys back to the camp. Neil, can I have a word? Go on! he rasped at Alan, get moving!

Alan and Jonathan left wordlessly, heading back through the woods towards the path leading back to the house. A few minutes later, the tall figures of Jim and Neil followed them.

Back at the campsite, Marc and the twins looked at each other. Bloody hell! exclaimed Anthony, You reckon they were smoking in there and set fire to it?

Looks that way, said Marc. David gave a mischievous smirk. Yes, and I bet you anything you like, they’re going up to the house to have their arses walloped!

Anthony nodded. Yep. I reckon they’ll both have red-hot bums when they get back here.

I’ll look forward to seeing them! grinned David. Just think of it, the two oldest ones as well!


Back at the cottage, two very shamefaced boys were standing in the living room in front of Alan’s father and Jonathan’s uncle.

Right, my lad! began Jim, glaring at his son. So basically what we have here then, is that you have been nicking my cigarettes again and the two of you slipped away for a crafty drag. Only problem is, you didn’t put them out properly and came very close to burning down that fishing shack. No thanks to you, it’s not too badly damaged. Right, Alan, you remember what I told you a few months ago? About what would happen if I had to punish you again?

Alan just nodded. The vision of that thin, whippy cane sprang to mind and he could only imagine the sting of it as it cracked across his arse.

OK, continued his father. I’ve had a word with Jonathan’s uncle and he is in full agreement with me. You are both going to get six strokes of the cane across your bare backsides! Now, both of you, up to Alan’s bedroom and we will be there shortly!

Sheepishly, the two boys left and slowly mounted the stairs. Alan shoved open the door of his room and they went in, pushing it closed behind them.

Fuck! Fuck! Shit! exclaimed Alan, looking at Jonathan. I’m really sorry, mate. If only I hadn’t pinched those fags....

Jonathan shook his head. Don’t worry about it, I was just as up for it as you were. And, he even gave a slight grin, we did have a bit of fun, though!

Alan snorted then, in spite of himself he, too, gave a thin smile. Yeah, that bit was good! And now we get to see each other caned!

Might be a turn-on, suggested Jonathan facetiously. Any further talk was cut short by the arrival of Jim and Neil. In one hand Jim held the thirty-inch rattan cane he had shown Alan some months earlier and under the other arm was a pillow which he placed diagonally across the bottom corner of Alan’s bed, moving on top of it the two that were already there.

He turned to look at the two boys. Right. Both of you, shoes, shorts and pants off and put them over there. You won’t be needing them for a while.

Glancing at each other, the lads slipped off their trainers, then slid their shorts and pants down and off, leaving tee-shirts hanging just below their waists, revealing balls, the tips of their penises and the lower curves of their buttocks.

Right, Jim continued. I was going to turn you both across my knee but I’ve had a word with Jonathan’s uncle and he has suggested a somewhat different approach. Jonathan, I gather you have already experienced this position earlier during these summer holidays and that it was extremely effective! Alan has not, but he will soon be finding out just how effective it is. Alan, get yourself over those pillows, face down, bottom up!

Alan looked shocked and as if he were about to protest but, at the stony glances of his father and Jonathan’s uncle, he moved forward, leaned over and draped himself across the three pillows head low, facing the open window, arms in front of him, backside sticking straight up and his legs spread wide across the corner of the bed. Jim moved across, rolling his son’s tee-shirt right up to his shoulders, leaving him naked to the ankles, then he flexed the cane and stood back.

Jonathan looked at Alan’s arse. Although he had seen the blond boy naked at various times over the last few days, he had never before seen him from quite this angle. The position he was in left absolutely nothing to the imagination and the full, pert buttocks, big tight balls and dark-pink, puckered hole were on full display. In spite of the fact that he would soon be changing places with his friend, he felt his penis begin to stir at the sight.
Jim tapped the cane experimentally across Alan’s snowy-white mounds then raised it.

Swish-Thwaaaap! The rattan hissed through the air and cracked across the peak of Alan’s buttocks in a dead horizontal line.

Waaaaaahhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Daaaaad!!!! yelled Alan, twisting from side to side and his legs flying up in the air at the powerful sting that burned its way across his bare rear.

Jim paused a few seconds to let his son settle then raised the cane again.

Swish-Thwaaaap! The rattan landed a second time, searing a second bright scarlet line about half an inch below the first.

Waaaaaahhhh! Ohhhhhh! wailed Alan, legs flying high once more, this time his hands shooting back involuntarily in an attempt to shield his smarting buttocks.

Hands away, or you’ll get extra! ordered his father. With a gasp, Alan complied, wriggling his bottom frantically.

Outside, down below, unable to contain their curiosity any longer, the three younger boys had sidled up the path towards the house and crept around until they were beneath what they knew to be the open window to Alan’s bedroom. Ducked down by the wall, well out of sight, they awaited developments.

Suddenly they all jumped.

Swish-Thwaaaap! they heard, then, loudly, Ahhhhhhh! Daaaaad!!!! as the third stroke of the cane landed on Alan’s bottom.

They looked at each other, wide-eyed. Bloody hell! whispered Anthony, Alan’s Dad must be giving him the cane!

David and Marc nodded. Sounds like it, agreed David Wonder if he’s going to cane Jon as well?

Marc nodded. Yes, I bet he will, ’specially if he’s been talking to my Dad!

Swish-Thwaaaap! Waaaaaagghh!!!

Hell! Their arses are going to be so sore! exclaimed David. He shifted slightly, rubbing the increasing bulge in the front of his shorts. The others looked at him with slight grins and he saw that they, too, were starting to tent the thin garments.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Ohhhaaaaaagghh!!! Daaaaad!!!! Pleeease!!!

Wonder how many they’ll get? muttered Marc.

Anthony shrugged. Probably half a dozen each, he offered.

There came another Swish-Thwaaaap! and another yell from Alan, then a much longer pause.

That must be it, whispered David. Now they’ll be changing over!

Upstairs, Alan was pushing himself painfully up onto his feet. His arse blazed with six bright red parallel lines from the peak of his buttocks almost to the crease of his thighs. He was rubbing his sore bottom furiously with both hands and his balls and cock bounced up and down as he jigged from one foot to the other.

Right! said Jim. Alan, stand over there, Jonathan get over the pillows!

Jonathan draped himself across, hips centred over the pillows, head and shoulders low on the bed and legs spread wide. His big penis was still half erect as he settled in position. Jim rolled his tee-shirt right up his back, leaving the red-head naked and fully displayed.

Alan stood behind him, still rubbing his smarting buttocks though, in his turn, he now looked appreciatively at Jonathan’s naked rear, at the big, pale, muscular mounds with their sprinkling of golden freckles, his large tight bollocks, and dark pink anus.

Jim drew the cane back and brought it down hard.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Ohhhaaaaaagghh!!!

Down below, the boys grinned at each other. That’s Jonno! whispered Marc. I know what he sounds like when he’s being spanked!

A few seconds passed, then again, Swish-Thwaaaap! Aaaaaaagghh!!!

Anthony grinned at the others. Jeez, wish I could be in there to see the action! Just imagine what their arses must look like! Then suddenly, without being able to stop himself, he sneezed. They looked at each other. David shook his head. Don’t worry about it – with all their yelling, no-one’ll have heard that!

Upstairs, Neil was watching with some satisfaction, the effects of the whippy rattan cane on his nephew’s backside, when he thought he heard something. Jim was raising the cane for Jonathan’s third stroke, when Neil signed to him he was nipping out for a moment but to carry on.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Waaaaaagghh!!!

Jonathan’s legs kicked up violently and he bucked like a bronco, lifting right off the pillows and showing Alan his cock, as a third tram-line burned across his arse.

Neil hurried quietly downstairs, through the back door and, moving very quietly, he peered round the corner of the house, seeing in front of him the backs of two dark heads and one blond.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Ohhhaaaaaagghh!!!

He thought he caught a slight titter from the group in front of him. And what, may I ask is going on here? he enquired quietly but menacingly. Three heads whipped round in astonishment.

D-dad! What are you doing here? stammered Marc.

More to the point, what are you all doing here? A bit of listening in, perhaps? I think we’ll all go inside right now!

Guiltily, the twins and Marc walked inside. Right, upstairs with you! ordered Neil and the three trooped up in front of him. Arriving at Alan’s door, they heard:

Swish-Thwaaaap! Aaaaaaagghh!!! Ohhhhhwoooow!!

Neil pushed the door open and the trio entered, to be greeted by the sight of Jonathan’s naked arse, now sporting five bright red parallel lines, one below the other across his buttocks. He was wriggling and twisting, bucking and kicking, legs flying.

Jim glanced round, raising his eyebrows, as the newcomers entered. Neil signed for him to say nothing but to finish off Jonathan’s final stroke.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Wowwawawawahh!!! wailed Jonathan, rising off the pillows once more before flopping back and pushing himself back onto his feet. Like Alan before him, he rubbed his sore buttocks furiously, balls and large, partially erect cock jiggling before him.

So, what have we here? enquired Jim, surveying the three younger boys standing sheepishly in front of him.

I think they were having fun listening to all the noise, replied Neil. What say you we investigate their own capacity for noise-making?

Jim considered. Well, I’m well into my stride now. What shall we say – three each?

Neil nodded. Sounds fair. Then you’ll have done the whole lot! Right, shorts and pants off, lads!

But Dad! protested Marc. You can’t cane us, we’ve done nothing, not really! The twins just remained quiet, not wishing to jeopardize their situation further.

Oh, I think Alan and Jonathan might disagree with you there, said his father. What do you think, boys, give these three a taste of what you’ve just had?

Bloody right! exclaimed Jonathan. Little tow-rags! Alan nodded his agreement, still rubbing his bottom.

Right that settles it! aid Jim. You three, get your shorts and pants down!

With looks of resignation, Marc, David and Anthony shucked their shorts and underwear and stood there, bare-bottomed.

Jim indicated David. OK, you’re nearest. Get yourself over those pillows! Being a little shorter than Alan or Jonathan, David’s feet were slightly off the floor when he bent over, raising his buttocks still higher. His tee-shirt was soon rolled up to his shoulders and his naked rear view on full show. Jim looked down at his latest target. The twins were much darker than any of the other boys, with olive-brown skin and straight black hair that fell in a wave across their foreheads. David’s buttocks were full and firm, and his young, but quite sizeable balls, were a dark pinky-brown. His hole, too, was dark pink and tight.

Alan and Jonathan watched avidly, the initial violent smarting of their own backsides had subsided somewhat and their bottoms were experiencing a deep, warm glow. Both of them, looking at David, were also starting to become distinctly hard again.

Jim raised the cane.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Aaaaaaagghh!!! Oooooffff!! cried David, bucking wildly, his hands flying back instinctively to protect his vulnerable rear.

Hands away! ordered Jim, or you’ll get an extra one! Same penalty as for Alan and Jonathan!

David groaned but forced his arms back in front of him, wriggling his bottom at the violent sting.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Ohhhhhwoooow!! A second dusky crimson stripe glowed across the smooth brown bottom about an inch below the first.

And the finale! said Jim, raising the cane for the third time.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Aaaaaaagghh!!! Ohhhhhwoooow!! Owwwww! wailed David, bucking and twisting madly, before pushing himself tearfully up and back onto his feet. Like Alan and Jonathan before him, he was rubbing frantically at the three crimson stripes across his neat arse, cock and balls bouncing before him.

Jonathan gave him a quick grin. Don’t worry, Davo – you only got half what we did!
David managed a sickly grin in return before continuing to massage his stinging rear.

Next up was Anthony and Jim grinned slightly as he looked down at the boy’s bared arse. Looks like deja-vu, he commented, eyeing the identical buttocks of David’s twin brother.

Swish-Thwaaaap! Anthony kicked and twisted, bucking even more enthusiastically than his twin and, watching him, Jonathan remembered that he had been the same during the group spanking on the first day. Then, Anthony’s uncle Brian had had him over his knee, smacking his bottom hard and Anthony had bounced, twisted and bucked more than any of the other boys. At the moment, he was certainly putting on quite a show and Jonathan realised that his cock was again almost fully hard. Glancing at Alan, he saw that the dark-blond lad had ceased rubbing his buttocks and was discretely stroking his own penis.



Anthony’s last couple of strokes fell in quick succession and the dark haired lad collapsed across the pillows for a moment, gasping and reaching round to rub his stinging arse vigorously. At last he pushed himself up and stood up, with three bright crimson tram-lines identical to his twin’s.

Marc! Over you go! ordered his father and his son moved forward, leaning over so that he was jack-knifed across the pillows. His smooth, snowy-white buttocks were as pale as Jonathan’s or Alan’s, in sharp contrast to the twins’. All the boys now had their eyes glued to the naked backside of the youngest member of their group and, despite everything, they were all, without exception, sporting partial or full erections which they tried to rub surreptitiously.

Swish-Thwaaaap! OOOOfffff! Arrrrrghhhh!!! Marc bucked, his legs flying up and showing his balls, as a thin scarlet stripe glowed across the peak of his buttocks.

Swish-Thwaaaap! A second stripe appeared just below the first and Marc wailed, displaying his most intimate areas for all to see.

Swish-Thwaaaap! The final stroke landed across the blond boy’s lower crack and he jerked forward with a gasp then, like the four sore-bottomed boys before him, he pushed himself to his feet, rubbing furiously.

Jim tucked the cane under his arm and turned to face the five sheepish lads, standing in a row, bare bottoms displaying the results of his handy-work and stiff or semi-stiff cocks and tight balls betraying the undoubted arousal that the group caning had brought on.

Right, he began, I hope you have all learned your lesson from what has happened today. Alan, I warned you that the next time I had to spank you, you would be getting six of the best with this cane and now you have. I hope that you will not be going out of your way in the future to get a repetition! However, if necessary, there will be a repetition, so just remember that!

He turned to Neil Let’s go downstairs and let these lads sort themselves out. When you’re ready, boys, back to the campsite!

So saying, the two men turned and left, closing the door behind them and five somewhat shaken boys looked at each other ruefully, as they listened to the sound of the men’s retreating footsteps as they headed away down the path.

Alan was first to break the silence. Bloody hell, guys! My arse has never been so sore! He turned, showing the others his six equally-spaced stripes, now glowing a hot pink. The rest nodded in agreement, each turning to show off his well-striped backside.

Hell! That cane really fucking stings! exclaimed David. Much more than a hand-spanking or even the slipper! I’ve never felt anything like that!

Jonathan laughed. Well think yourselves lucky, you three, you only got three strokes each! Alan and I got the full six! What the fuck were you hanging around for anyway? You could have stayed well out of it.

Marc gave a slight grin. Well, after you’d both gone up to the house, we reckoned you were going up there for a spanking... we were talking about it and just thought... well, I guess we were just curious and wanted to hear what was happening!

And got caught! put in Alan. Poetic justice, if you ask me! I suppose you all had hard-ons, listening to us getting our arses whaled?

The looks exchanged by the three younger boys told him everything. Hah! Thought so. Jon and I should put you all over our knees again and spank you even redder than you are now! At the looks of horror on their faces he winked at Jonathan and went on with a grin, however, I can think of a better penalty!

Turning, he opened a drawer in his bedside table and extracted a jar of cold-cream. He held it up. Really handy stuff after a good arse-whacking. Jon and I are now going to lie back down again and you’re going to give us a really good rubbing with that. Then we’ll do you!

So saying, he turned, re-arranging the pillows in two piles at the side of the bed. Then he lay down over one, spreading his legs and motioning to Jonathan to come down next to him. The twins and Marc grinned at each other and, opening the jar, each took a good dollop of the soothing cream. Then they went to work on the two striped backsides before them, rubbing the cooling lotion all over the hot, sore buttocks. Very soon, fingers strayed into cracks and the older boys moaned quietly with pleasure as their most intimate areas were thoroughly explored. Jonathan spread his legs wider and lifted his arse, allowing David to grasp his balls fully, rolling and massaging them gently.

Next to him, Alan was being equally well attended to by Marc and Anthony. After a good massage of his bollocks, he felt a hand move down to the base of his fully stiff cock and start to rub it firmly and steadily. He gasped and moaned, instinctively lifting his bottom higher and thrusting back and forth in time with the hand masturbating him. Soon, he felt his cock start to jerk and buck and, just on the point of orgasm, Marc’s finger, slippery with cream, found his hole, scratching, tickling and pushing slightly inside. Suddenly, Alan exploded with a great moan, jet after jet of spunk shooting from his quivering penis. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Oooohhhh Ahh! Oh that was soooooo good!

David had his hand down between Jonathan’s legs, fully around his straining cock, wanking it briskly, whilst the ginger boy thrust back and forth, his red-striped buttocks bouncing vigorously up and down. Alan now satiated, Marc shifted attention to his cousin, running his fingers into his wildly gyrating crack and lightly scratching around the periphery of the tight hole. Jonathan moaned as Marc found his most intimate spot and his penis tensed and kicked as, with a long moan, he ejaculated in great spurts, long streamers of spunk festooning the pillow beneath him.

Both boys collapsed, lying still for a few minutes, drained and breathing hard, while the others slowly rubbed the hot, sore buttocks, tracing the slight ridges of the cane stripes. Gradually, Alan and Jonathan recovered, rolling back off the bed and Alan reached a roll of toilet tissue out from beneath. He did a quick mop-up job where they had both ejaculated, then grinned at Marc and the twins.

Good job, guys! That practically blew my fucking head off! Jonathan nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Yeah, too right! I almost forgot how sore my arse is!

Anyway, went on Alan, I guess it’s your turn now. Let’s see what we can do for you! Quickly, he outlined his idea and the three younger boys grinned broadly at his suggestions.

Hey! laughed David, I’ve never tried that position before!

Alan’s idea was aimed at pleasuring all three boys simultaneously. First, he and Jonathan sat up on the side of the bed, spaced well apart, a pile of pillows between them. Then the twins knelt down, backs to the bed and raised their legs so that each slid comfortably either side of Alan or Jonathan, holding themselves up off the floor on their hands, their bare bottoms almost in the older lads’ laps, in what Alan called wheelbarrow position. Then Marc lay face down over the central pile of pillows, his naked rear sticking up nicely in the middle.

Jonathan and Alan grinned at each other then, each taking a good handful of cold cream, they proceeded to rub it all over the bare backsides