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Part 10: New Systems

by Millard

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Please refer to previous FUTURESPANK stories for background.

With the decline in smoking revenues from the early 2000s, tobacco companies were looking for ways to expand their businesses, to diversify into more profitable areas of commerce. A keen observer of trends, Reynalds Tobacco took a giant leap into the Spanking Machine arena, with their new Flaggelatron 2050. A state of the art unit which was so affordable, that families could have one to enjoy right at home. The computers which controlled the new unit were so advanced, that within 2 seconds of placement, the machine will have: Determined the weight of the person. Determined the sex of the person. Verified the necessary bareness of the bottom target. Determined the size and body fat quotient of the buttocks. Recorded a base line temperature of buttock skin.

All the recepient had to do was to stand on the footprints on the base of the unit, while pressing against a screen with their bottom cheeks. Then, the person would lean over a padded area, not unlike a large, backward bicycle seat, which would require the person to separate their legs to straddle the unit. The machine would then automatically adjust the height and tilt of the machine, while gently lowering a padded shield over the person's lower back, and strapping both thighs and calves to the unit. There were no restraints for the upper body needed. The person could easily turn and look at the punishment mechanism, if they chose, or could look at a mirror which was split, showing their bottom from above, like a regular mirror, and from behind by the clever use of a second mirror.

The machine was capable of holding any size or weight of person, from a tiny child, to adult. It was fully waranteed, and guaranteed. And, best yet, could be paid for in easy installments.

Reynaolds estimated 80% of sales were to parents, and the rest to individuals without children!

The units featured a one step setting. One only had to push three buttons. BUTTON 1: Severity of punishment "Push One" Mild, Moderate, Severe. BUTTON 2: Instrument "Push One" Paddle, Strap, Cane, Combination. BUTTON 3: Video Taped? "Push One" Yes, No

Demonstrations were available in homes. Usually the salesperson would ask that the potential buyers invite neighbors, or friends who might also be interested. The demonstration involved a display of the machine (which only weighed 95 lbs), and a graphic video of a 14 year old boy receiving a moderate paddling, which left his bare butt bright red and inflamed. After his punishment, he was asked what he thought of the machine, and he said, with tears in his eyes that he hoped he would never see one again for as long as he lived. Real life demonstrations were both possible and encouraged.

Raymond was one of the first salesmen for Reynalds, and enjoyed the fact that the company's advertisments, some showing bare bottom kids in the machine, and some showing close ups of bright red bottoms, which looked suspiciously larger than children's bottoms, caused his list of potential buyers to increase every day. He had just one call tonight, but the client had set up a party, and had 5 other couples (and assorted kids) coming, which allowed them a feee video attachment to their own machine, if they bought it, and, a $100 discount on their machine for anyone who purchased one that night. This figure jumped to $200 if a live demonstration was held.

Raymond arrived at a ranch style home in a "nice" neighborhood. He smiled when he saw so many swingsets in the area. It meant more potential customers. While he had heard of some neighbors going together to share a machine, the sales presenteation showed clients the advantage of having their own, immediately available 24 hours a day.

The doorbell was answered by a stunning blonde, who invited Ray and his machine to the rear of their home, where the guests were waiting. Ray noticed a litte fellow of about 7 hanging onto his mother's legs as he wheeled the machine in front of him. The noise of the crowd quickly stopped as Ray entered.

He was pleased to see that they were all younger, family types, with several children in attendance. Ray was introduced to the group, and quickly went into his sales presentation, listing the virtures of the system. Knowing there would be questions about this system versus the free government Disciplinariums that were now springing up all over, Ray explained that having your own unit meant a return to instant justice, such as happened in the olden days, when a child would receive a quick smack on the backside, or worse just as soon as they did something wrong. (Ray was trained to read the crowd, and he liked seeing the nods of approval.) Ray told them that they cold still use the government machines, just as before. In fact, the big machines had some advantages. The most important being that the element of embarassment was increased at least one thousand times. Having to bare your bottom, and now, due to a recent court case, knowing that your whole punisment would not only be filmed, and shown in the waiting area for others who were yet to be punished to see, you might just appear on TV's new hit show "Court TVDiscipline Returns".

Ray did go on, however to show the ease of operation, and said the line "it is so easy, a person could even punish themself". He always looked at the faces in the crowd to see if there was any reaction, and, as expected, he did see two people's faces flush. He explained the safety features, and suggested they watch the DVD he had brought along of its use.

After the video, he said that some people actually wanted live demonstrations, and offered to show them, if there were any potential users here.

His hostess stood up, pushing two children in front of her, the little boy, and a little girl of about 10, or 11. She said that these two would love to demonstrate, since their Daddy left, they have been nothing but trouble. A man stood up, and pulled a dark hired boy who looked to be about 12. He said Carlos here has been asking to be a star of this show! Which caused them to laugh. (Except for Carlos, who suddenly had a red face.)

Ray asked who as first? Since none of the kids jumped forward, he pointed to the little boy, and had him come stand by the machine with his mother. He told her to get him ready. She quickly peeled down his shorts and undies, showing his little tiny penis atop a tightly pulled up bag, who's balls were brilliantly outlined by the squeezing. As expected, when Ray lifted him up onto the machine, his little butt cheeks were also clenched together. Ray explained that all mom had to do was have him stand with his bottom next to the reader for 2 seconds, and then the macine would take over once he was bent over. If she had a child who refused to co-operate, she could push th panic button after putting the child onto the machine. The macine would grab the ankles, legs, waist, and arms of the child, and perform all of the functions by itself. It would, however override the selection and set the severity selection to SEVERE.

The little fellow did fine, bending like he was told to do. Then, his mother set him up for a "mild" "paddling", and said "yes" to the video, saying that even if she didn't get the machine, she could play the tape for him whenever he was bad, which also brought an appreciative laugh. The machine fastened the little boy's legs, so that his bottom cheeks were now separated and stuck out. The machine had read that this wasa boy, so a plastic guard was now in place just behind his testicles, leaving his perineum and anal opening still exposed, (Important only with the "Strap" setting, but some parents worried about somehow hurting their boy's "family jewels", so the guard was automatically displayed on every setting.) He was secured, and, with a whirring motion, a lexan paddle, complete with holes, rose out of a hidden compartment, and turned and positioned itself over the boy's backside. Then, in rapid fire, it covered the entire surface of the litte butt, up and down both sides, all in the space of 3 minutes. The boy was crying loudly when the machine finished. He was released, and Ray encouraged anyone who wanted to, to come inspect his bottom.

The hostess then pointed to her daughter, who silently bent and removed her panties under her shirt skirt. She pleaded with her mother, who asked her how she would like to have the machine undress her and give here a "SEVER" punisment? Slowly, she dropped her skirt, and, quickly covering herself, stood on the machine and was fastened in. Ray showed them how the machine had determined she was a girl, and thus, the testicle protector did not deploy. Ray noticed that several of the parents, especially the men, and two boys, came to inspect his feature, which, of course, comletely exposed the little girl's sex.

A whirring noise, and a flexible strap came out and proceeded to strap the girl, covering both cheeks, and by moving itself onto a verticle plane, to strap along and into her butt crack, and perineum area. Although "Moderate" was selected, the pain for the little girl was obvious, and she got up holding onto her bottom, and hugging her mother.

Carlos, the 12 year old, now approached the machine. As he was stripping down, his dad set the machine at SEVERE and CANE. Once Carlos was secure, he told his son that he was sorry to tell him this, but he was going to get it good. He said if the machine didn't spank him enough he would finish right here in front of everybody. He said no son of his would ever be known as a thief. With that, a cane raised up, and proceeded to lay increasingly hard strokes up and down Carlos' butt, which caused him to rear back his head and scream out in pain. When finished, Carlos father held him close, and said that he though that was good enough. He also said that he was buying one tonight!

Ray ended up with three sales. Oddly enough, the blonde didn't buy one. She said she just couldn't afford it now, but felt the two videos would help keep the kids in line.

Ray smiled as he drove away. Oh, she'll be back, he thought.

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