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A BEAR-Assed Lesson
Part 1

by Buckcub

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The following contains graphic exposition of bondage, sadomasochism,

Dominance/submission and homosexual sex. It is a work of fiction intended for the education and entertainment of adults. If you are offended by any of these themes and/or if you are not legally old enough to read sexually explicit material, STOP reading and exit this page NOW!

I knew things were going to be different this time from the moment I met Daddy at the airport. My Daddy Bear and I've had a long-distance relationship for about two years now. He doesn't get to visit often, but when he does I get spanked a LOT for misbehavior!

He likes me to call him "Daddy" all the time, and almost no one finds it odd -- mostly because they think he's probably really my father. Daddy's a "bear" -- a husky 5'10", chunky all over but believe me there are some serious muscles underneath, silver hair sprinkled with black, and a silver 'stache and goatee, in his 50's. I'm only 5'7" and a little over 140 lbs. in my 20s, so people just naturally assume Daddy's my father.

He had a funny look in his eyes when we met. His plane was due in at 4:27, and I'd been in the airport bar having a drink. As I left the bar to go down to the gates, I checked the clock -- 4:15, plenty of time! Then my gaze wandered down to "Arrivals," and I suddenly thought "uh-oh!" -- Flight 09 was early, it had already arrived! I started hightailing it down to the "D" gates, but it was too late. Halfway to the gate, I heard a gruff, familiar voice say, "Do I know you?" and there was Daddy. He gave me a big hug, but I could tell he was angry and disappointed I hadn't been at the gate to meet him. I apologized, and when he asked if I'd been in the bar, I guiltily admitted that was exactly where I'd been.

That's when Daddy got that funny look in his eyes.

We claimed his baggage, then went out to the curb to where the driver was standing, an Oriental man holding the big placard with Daddy's name on it for the hotel limousine. Daddy's pretty rich and he likes to travel in style, we always stay at the Ritz-Carlton when he comes to town -- it's nice for a "cub" like me who rarely gets to do anything "fancy." As soon as we pulled away from the curb, Daddy pushed the button to roll up the glass partition between the back and the driver's compartment.

He looked at me real sternly and said, "Boy, you were supposed to meet me at that gate!"

"But your flight was early, sir, I didn't know it would be there," I tried to explain. He gave me a kind of cuff on the head, not real hard, but enough to cut off my half-assed excuse.

"That's not the point," Daddy said, "You were supposed to be there to meet me at that gate and you weren't there. You misbehaved before I even got off the plane! Is that how you think you show your Daddy that you love him and obey him?" I had tears in my eyes -- nothing makes me feel worse than when Daddy is disappointed in me. "Don't you make sad eyes at me, boy!" he snapped at me. "Things are going to be different from now on!"

"Yes sir," I said meekly -- he was really angry and really disappointed I hadn't been at the gate.

Daddy opened up his briefcase and said, "To start off with, it's time you learned you'll be punished immediately when you misbehave, at least when I'm with you!" With that he took an oval leather paddle out of the briefcase! "Take your pants down and lie across my lap now!" he ordered me.

I was totally shocked. "Daddy -- the driver -- " I whispered. He wasn't going to paddle me right in the car with the driver?!?

"Are you going to obey me when I tell you to do something!!!?" he yelled. I saw the driver look in the mirror to see what the fuss was about. Daddy pushed the button again and rolled the partition down. "What's your name, driver?" he asked the man.

"Kim, sir."

"Well, Kim, my boy's disobeyed me and I intend to punish him with a spanking right here and now in the car. That won't be any problem, will it?" he asked just as coolly as if he was asking the man to stop for cigarets!!! I couldn't believe it!

I saw Kim smile in the rearview mirror, and he said, "Not at all sir," and Daddy turned to me again.

"Now get those pants down and get over my lap, or I'll have this car stopped and put you out!"

There was nothing I could do...."Please, Daddy!" I begged him once more in a small voice.

He tapped his big thigh with the paddle and just said "Now!" I had to obey. My face was bright red as I unfastened my jeans and pushed them and my jockey shorts down around my knees, then stretched out on the leather seat with my groin over Daddy's lap. I still couldn't believe he was going to paddle me in the car -- I realized he hadn't rolled the glass partition back up, so not only would the driver be able to see everything in the mirror, but he'd be able to hear everything too!

I felt the smooth cool leather of the paddle as he laid it gently on my bare bottom, then his powerful, furry left arm going around my waist to hold me in place, and he said "Now, boy, you're going to learn to do what I tell you, when I tell you, or I'll know the reason why!"

And then -- WHACK! "OW!" I yelped, I never felt anything as burning hot as the sting of that paddle on my bare backside! He'd never spanked me with anything but his hand before.... WHACK!! "OWW!!" Another hard spank square across both my bare butt-cheeks, oh jeez it hurt!


"OWW!!! PLEASE Daddy!"

"YEOW!!! Daddy I'm SORRY!"

"OWW OH OWW!!! Daddy NO MORE!"



I was bawling and bucking and kicking, my behind was on fire! I couldn't even beg and plead any more, I was crying and hiccupping and yelling, oh that paddle with the force of his strong arm behind it burned like a torch! And the spanking just went on and on, it seemed like forever, until he suddenly stopped.

"Sit up and fix your clothes," he said gruffly. I was still sobbing but I obeyed right away -- the cool leather seat stung like hell when my blazing butt touched it. I sniffled and winced while I pulled my pants and jockey shorts back up, even the soft cotton felt like barbed wire sliding over my sore skin! As I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand, I looked up and saw the driver grinning at me in the rearview mirror, and my face went hot and bright red again. I just wanted to get to the Ritz as fast as we could, and go away from this man who'd just witnessed me being spanked to tears like a little boy!

I didn't say anything for the rest of the ride. In a few minutes, we were in the elevator with the bellhop going up to the suite. My bottom still burned, and I couldn't help a little sniffle every now and then. I saw the bellhop looking at me curiously in the reflection of the mirrored elevator door, and I wondered how long it would be before the whole hotel staff heard the story of the young guy getting a bare-butt paddling in the back seat of the Ritz limo!

In a few minutes we were in the room; Daddy tipped the bellhop and then closed the door and turned to me. He took me in his arms and held me close, and said, "Now, boy, I want you to listen to me."

"Yes sir," I whispered against his chest. Daddy's hand glided down my back and cupped my sore bottom.

"If this is the only place I can teach you to mind me, I'm not going to hesitate," he said, gently squeezing and patting my burning behind through my jeans -- I knew he knew it hurt, and he was reminding me of who was in charge. "First, I want you to understand I wouldn't really have put you out of the car," Daddy said gently, "But I had to force you to obey me. I don't ever want to have to do that again, boy."

"No sir," I said softly. He held me back and looked in my face, he smiled a little and he looked almost like he was sorry for me.

"Go over and sit down in that chair, boy," he said, and then paused a bit, "...or you can lie down on your tummy on the sofa if you like. I want to talk to you."

"Thank you, Daddy," I said, grateful not to be made to sit on the stiff damask upholstery. I laid down on top of the pale blue sofa, wishing I could take my pants down to let the air cool my still-sizzling backside.

"You know I enjoy coming to see you, cub, don't you?" Daddy asked.

"Oh yes, sir! And I love it when you visit!" I responded eagerly. He chuckled and reached down to ruffle my hair.

"I know you do, boy. But there's always been a problem in the past. I can't be here to make sure you mind all the time, and by the time I visit, you have so many spankings coming that I need to give you three or four every day of my stay," he remarked.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I try to be a good boy for you," I said meekly. He laughed shortly.

"No you don't, not really, boy. You know you need to be over Daddy's knee getting spanked and you know you want it, too. You get hard every time I spank you!" I blushed, but I didn't say anything -- it was the truth. It wasn't so much the hurt of the spanking, as submitting to my strong, commanding Daddy that made my dink hard when his broad hand landed across my cheeks.

"We haven't been able to go out much when I've visited in the past," Daddy continued, "Because after four spankings your bottom is too sore for you to sit still. I know you can't help it, but I'd like to have you with me out at dinner, or to take in a play, without fidgeting on a tender backside."

"I could try to be better, Daddy, and then you wouldn't have to spank me so much...?" I wondered aloud. Daddy laughed loud and long.

"No, boy, I don't think so! No, I've decided on a better idea. This time, and every visit from now on, you're going to be punished for all your misbehavior at once, on the first night! That way, you should be able to sit down in a day, and we'll have several days to enjoy dining out or going to the theater." I went cold with fear and shock -- he was going to wrap 16 or 20 spankings into one?!?!?!

"D-daddy," I stuttered, "I don't know if I can take it, sir!"

"You'll take it, boy, whether you think you can or not!" he barked at me.

"Strip out of those clothes and go take a shower," he ordered me.

"Yes sir," I said, and got up and walked across the sitting room to the bedroom.

I took off my clothes and folded them neatly over the valet-rack (Daddy hates an untidy cub!) then went into the bathroom. The bathroom is one of my favorite things at the Ritz -- all that marble, the Jacuzzi, the big soft fluffy white towels with the lion's head embroidered into them, and especially the big white terry robes with the blue lion's-head crest. It always makes me feel like a millionaire. I heard Daddy pick up the phone in the sitting room and start talking, as I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. He was probably ordering a bottle of Absolut from room service -- Daddy's good to me, and he knows I like nice vodka. I stepped into the shower, and I couldn't help letting out a kind of little hiss when the warm water sprayed on my bottom. Damn, it still stung like crazy! I soaped up all over, then stood away from the spray and used a disposable razor to "touch up" my balls, between my legs behind my balls, and -- VERY gently! -- carefully all up and down between my butt cheeks. Daddy expects his cub to have nice smooth balls for him to lick -- or to squeeze until I whimper -- and he doesn't want any hair dragging on the condom when he puts his big hard dink inside me! I took my time, a good twenty minutes or more, I know I'm expected to be clean. I rinsed off and got out of the shower, dried off, and looked at my butt over my shoulder in the big mirror. It was red, alright! -- and there were a couple of curved welts where the edge of the oval paddle bit into the smooth skin on my backside. I rubbed some moisturizer on it, and put on one of the robes, then combed my hair neatly and folded my towel.

I walked out of the bedroom into the sitting room, and boy! was I surprised!!! Six men were sitting in there with Daddy, lounging in T-shirts and jeans in the big chairs and on the sofa. There was a bottle of Absolut in a champagne bucket full of ice, but the men were all drinking beers. Daddy looked up and saw me standing in the doorway in my robe, looking I guess like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck!

"Come here, boy," Daddy said, patting his knee. I walked over looking down -- I'm pretty shy -- and sat on his knee. "This is my boy Teddy," Daddy announced. "Boy, this is Mister DiNardo, Mister Colter, Mister Griffith, Mister Parker, Mister Stafford, and Mister Copper," he introduced them, pointing to each man in turn as I nodded hello. They were all "bears" like Daddy, although they were all a bit younger than him, and I guessed they must be men from the local bear group that Daddy belongs to. "Boy, that robe's damp and it's getting my suit wet. Take it off, and go fix yourself a drink," Daddy said casually. I was stunned, and looked at him with my eyes wide open. "Didn't we just learn about obeying me immediately?" he whispered sternly. My face got so hot I know it must have been blushing almost purple. But I stood up and took off my robe with my back to the room, and laid it over the desk chair.

"Uh oh! Somebody hasn't been a very good boy today!" I heard one of the men say -- and then I remembered my red bottom, with welts on it -- I was showing it to the whole room!

"Now Tony, don't tease my boy," Daddy said. He reached out and took hold of my hand. "Go ahead, cubby, make yourself a drink," he said kindly. I was embarrassed like crazy, naked in the sitting room with all those strange men, and my spanked-red behind on public display! But I obeyed; I walked across the room to the bottle of vodka on the stand by the double doors, took a glass, used the tongs to put some ice in it (Daddy taught me not to use my fingers) and poured in about a half glass of Absolut. I could feel the men's eyes on me as I made the drink.

"Make that a little stronger, boy," Daddy called from across the room, "I want you to relax and feel comfortable."

"But Daddy, I'm not used to it, and I already had a drink at the airport," I said. With one bound, he was out of his chair and across the room, then, WHACK! he smacked me hard across my bare behind with his hand.

"OUCH!" I yelped, jumping from the stinging spank. "Aren't you going to learn?" Daddy said softly through clenched teeth. "Are you going to embarrass me in front of my friends?" he demanded.

"I'm sorry sir, I apologize for talking back to you!" I said loud enough for everyone to hear. Then I turned back and filled the glass the rest of the way with vodka.

Daddy went back to his chair, and I picked up the drink and took a big long slug; it burned going down but I sure needed it. I turned around, and Mister DiNardo, a beefy guy with hair so black it looked greasy but big soft brown eyes, said, "Sit down here with me and Jerry," and he patted the sofa cushion between him and Mister Copper. I looked at Daddy, and he nodded. I was still embarrassed as hell, as I walked over I saw in the mirror that I was blushing all the way down to my nipples! I sat down, and without a word Mister DiNardo reached casually over and took ahold of my dink! I was so shocked I jumped and spilled a little of my drink on his bare, hairy arm.

"Boy!" Daddy yelled. "Clean that up right now!"

I was embarrassed and confused -- the big Italian man still had ahold of my dink -- I looked at Mister DiNardo, and he said, "Use your tongue, boy, go ahead." I looked at Daddy again, and he nodded sharply and angrily. I didn't know what was going on, but I sure did NOT want to make him angry! So I leaned down and lapped at the chilly wetness and the dense black hair on the Italian man's arm, licking up the vodka.

"There's a good boy," Mister DiNardo said with a real nice tone of voice, and I felt funny cause my dink started to get a little hard in his big hand.

I sat back up, and Mister DiNardo kept kind of gently playing with my dink; I squirmed cause I couldn't help it starting to get hard, but I was afraid Daddy would be mad if I DID get hard with someone else. But just then Daddy chuckled, and said, "See, Tony, I told you. It's those big teddy-bear eyes of yours!" and the other men all laughed.

The other guy sitting next to me, Mister Copper, he was a red-furred bear who looked like he might be Irish, reached over then and started to tickle me underneath my balls. I was blushing like crazy, but I wanted to obey my Daddy. What with the Italian bear