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Adjusting the Pack's Hierarchy
Part 1

by Y Lee Coyote

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We had been neighbors for more than a decade and I had watched Zeus' boys grow up since Thor was seven year old Timmy and Ares was five year old Arny.  For that matter I watched myself grow from a shiny new college grad with an essentially worthless BA to a thirty- three year old hack stuck teaching in a community college.  Zeus, a semi-skilled construction worker, moved in with the kids when he was thirty.  It had been a messy divorce but he got the boys at the price of high alimony.  We had both chosen this location for the low costs and as we were down a side road did have any other neighbors.  We grew to be family to each other.  Zeus was effectively my older brother wise in the ways of the rougher, non-academic world and I was Uncle Lobato (and resident tutor) to the boys.  We filled a need for each other.

It was great fun for me to have two lively nephews who loved me as if I was really their uncle.  They were in my house as much as theirs and I regularly babysat them.  We often did things together like hiking or when the boys were older, a movie.  It was always on the economy plan since there was never much money.

Zeus' rules for the boys were always strict and the boys knew well the consequences for breaking them -- spanking.  By the time they were in the fourth grade, they were even expected to confess their misdeeds and ask for their spanking.  They found that it was a good thing to do for it reduced the penalty.

As I mentioned, we grew to be like family but it was a lot like a pack.  Zeus believed very much in order and that extended to our relationship.  He was the alpha male and I was the beta.  It had always been clear that he had a dominate personality and also believed in physical domination.  It was less than a year after he moved in that our relationship became well defined.  The boys were at school and he came over to my place.  It was in my usual mess.  "Lobato," he said calmly, "you promised to clean this up.  A man keeps his word.  A boy who does not, gets spanked."  With that he grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me over to the couch.  He sat down and started to open my belt and pants.  I objected and he just barked: "A another word, boy, and you'll get double."

Fortunately, I did shut-up.  It was rare display of common sense.  He was not that he was so big and I small but that he was much stronger and experienced in combat.  Seconds later my pants and shorts were about my ankles as he easily pulled me across his lap like dad had done to me many years before.  But that was more than half a lifetime ago but the memories flooded back as his hard calloused hand felt my buns.  He took a good grip on my waist and started to spank me like I was just a boy.  He hit hard, he hit fast and he hit everywhere.  I was yelling for him to stop and promising to clean up but he was not listening to me now; he was beating my butt -- hard.

I no long felt that I was almost thirty one but that I was ten.  Looking at the carpet close up while one's bottom is being spanked changes one self-image.  For the first time since dad really gave it to me with his belt when I was fourteen, I started to cry.  At first just a little sobs and then more and more until I was out of control.  Sometime after that he stopped spanking and I just lay there crying.  I remember that he carried me to my bed and pulled my clothes off and laid me down.  I remember crying into my pillow for a while.

When I stopped crying he was next to me and told me that I had better keep my word or the next time it would be with the belt.  I shuddered and he laughed.  He then gently caressed my hot red butt and, even sensitive as it was, it was nice.  Then he started to finger my hole.  As this felt good I spread my legs a little and he slipped his finger in.  It did not hurt so he must have had some lubricant.  It was not long before he had several fingers and was even teasing my prostate.  I just accepted what he was doing and then he replaced his finger with his hard cock.  As he covered me I was not in a position to object nor did I have the energy either being exhausted from the spanking.  I felt totally helpless as he took me but I loved it all; even when he bit my neck in the heat of passion.  I still can see the scar as a reminder of his conquest.  He kisses it very time he takes me.

Soon, too soon, he got up and dressed.  "Boy, you better get this place cleaned up by tomorrow." he said and left.  I lay there at least an hour basking in the afterglow of all that had happened knowing that he had taken me into his pack on his terms.  The terms would become clearer as he defined the rules.  Basically, I was his little brother and subject to his discipline as the head of the pack.

As you can guess, my house was much cleaner after that and within the month I was using the gym regularly.  After that he was a lot more physical with me.  But he was like a brother when others, particularly the boys, were around with just roughhousing.  He always won even when he gave me an advantage.  That, he insisted, gave him sexual rights to me as the vanquished.

The combination of being friend, babysitter and member of the pack gave me the right to discipline the boys and they were not unhappy with that.  They understood the order of things and who was in charge of whom.

Thor was just a lad of ten when he showed me that he really knew the rules.  I was babysitting them.  While they were playing, I was grading papers.  Thor shoved Arny and he fell.  Thor really changed gears.  He dropped the ball he was carrying, helped Arny up and told him he was very sorry.  Then he calmly walked over to me and said: "Uncle Lobato, please spank me for shoving Arny."  After he made clear to me that he knew why and that it had to be hard enough to make him cry.  As I dropped his pants and pulled him over my knee, I knew that he would resist crying as long as he could.  I really had to spank him hard to make him cry.  After some corner time he apologized to his brother again and thanked me for spanking him.

Even as Arny grow into Ares, he knew that he should obey his big brother particularly after Thor was twelve and formally given some formal authority over him.  It was just about that time that the boys caught Zeus spanking me.

I had messed up my bank account and, as I was trying to straighten out the mess of late fees and bank charges, Zeus dropped over.  Soon I was over his lap once again and sometime during the spanking the boys got home from school.  They saw their dad turning my butt into a hot flaming mess and my trying to soothe it with copious tears.  With my jeans and shorts about my ankles, I was sent to the corner to stand with my hands on my head just like they were.  Zeus calmly explained that I had been naughty because I was careless and made trouble for myself.  In many ways it was like their not doing homework or breaking a window.  They found that it was very interesting that an adult was spanked just as they were.  When Thor asked if he could spank me, like he could his brother, Zeus laughed.  "No, son, a boy does not spank a man."

"Some day, soon, I'll be a man, like you dad." he mussed out loud but not that his dad could hear.

Sports were a big thing with Zeus and the boys for it was a simple way to show dominance over others.  They were frequently team captains and things were quite orderly for they encouraged a clear pecking order with their mates.  There was no doubt that they always wanted to be top dog but when they were not, they totally supported who ever was.

It was lots of fun to watch these duels particularly in the warm weather after they were adolescents.  It was usually free from wresting until the loser yielded with a single word.  If they were in a group, the victor would help up the vanquished and shake hands.  They always had tents in their pants at that time.  If it was just a couple of youths, then the victor would often demand a clear indication of submission.  At first it was a simple act such as kowtowing but as they got older it preceded to cock sucking and, at least once, fucking.  I was able to watch these things from my window with binoculars.

One of things that I was concerned about was the boys knowing that Zeus and I frequently had sex and that he was always the dominant one.  We had always been careful not to let them see anything but kids observe a lot just like they had seen that spanking.  About three years ago I started to worry about what would happen when the boys got bigger and stronger.  Roughhousing had always been a game we all played but by the time they were fourteen and twelve the pair of them could always over power me.  Zeus can still beat the pair of them even now that they are seventeen and fifteen.  Of course, as he has since they were small, he occasionally loses intentionally.  Now they understand that and are very careful about how they boast of beating him.

I started to notice how Thor was increasingly slow to get off me when he and Ares were on top of me having beaten me together.  He seem to like sitting on my chest, holding my arms down and flaunting his bulging crotch in my face.  Truth be told I liked they way this young stud acted although I dare not admit it to anyone.  I wondered what he would do when he conquered me.

For the next few months, he was challenging me in a subtle way.  Thor and his brother would "attack" me and Ares would back off very quickly leaving the two of us to duel.  Then if he got close to winning either he would back off or Ares would join him.  I knew it was just a matter of time before he would beat me by himself and I'm sure that he knew also.

It was also clear that it was a sexual thing with him for he almost always used the 'Saturday Night Ride' manoeuver.  He would force my legs apart with his and then force my torso down as he slid up rubbing his hard-on against my crotch which never failed to get me hard also.  He would then back down and quit with a draw or let me win.  He was always smiling after these encounters.

I resolved that I would avoid being with Thor alone so that he could not challenge me but "the best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley".  It was after school and I assumed that Ares and Thor would both be home.  I was wrong and only Thor was there.  He was, as always, very polite and respectful and insisted that I come in.  The clipper I wanted to borrow was in the utility room next to the family room.  The was the last place I wanted to be with him for that was the place the dueling was permitted.  But I was trapped.  Once there he spoke: "How about a little fun, Uncle Lobato?  You seem to enjoy it last week."  While I was looking to a way to say no, he pounced.  Since we were both dressed in shorts and a T-shirt he had his excuse.

I must confess that he really got me properly.  In only three minutes I knew that he was completely in control of the situation.  Even though we both knew that I had lost, we continued the game.  Afterward he told me he was enjoying controlling me after all these years of being deferential.  But now I was finding his totally controlled, strong, lithe body extremely erotic as it pressed against mine forcing me to yield over and over.  All I had to do was say one word and he would stop but I could not bring myself to stop this.

As time passed, I tired much more than he did and he was able to control me more easily.  After at least of minute of rubbing his crotch on mine grinning at me all the while, he turned me over and humped at my butt.  "You're mine now, Uncle Lobato." he said softly with both respect and confidence.  I nodded.  "You have to say it, Uncle Lobato." he continued.

"I'm yours, Thor."

He eased up his grip and stayed still.  "You watched us with your binoculars long enough to know what I'm going to do, Uncle Lobato.  You wanted it for a long time and it will be more comfortable in the bedroom."  He got up and, after helping me up, led me to his den.  He was right.  He had noticed a great deal, particularly how I  had frequently looked at him.  In his den he quickly striped me and himself.  He gently pushed me to my knees and I looked up at him.  His body definitely lived up to his name; he was like a god that they write about in prono.  He poked me with his rampant shaft and I took it deeply into my mouth.  I could not ever imagine refusing him as I sucked enthusiastically.  I was not surprised when he blasted into me for whenever I had watched him from afar, he had always filled the vanquished one's belly.  What else was he planing for me?

He laid me prone on his bed and started to play with my butt hole just as his father had ten years ago for the first time.  I was thrilled at the prospect but scared at the same time.  Although he was just half my age, I was powerless to resist.  Then he mounted me and slowly, gently and, I suppose, respectfully slipped his arrow into my hole.  I felt wonderful.  He had barely started and already I felt it was the best fucking ever.  I was in heaven.

We lay still for a while and then I felt his teeth in my neck.  I tried to get away but he held me tight.  He was his father's son.  He released his bite and then licked me.  "You're my first man, Uncle.  That makes me a man also." he declared triumphantly.

But then he interrupted his fucking.  He withdrew and turned me over and re-entered me watching my face.  I sure that I looked as happy as he did.  This time he went all the way and as he approached climax so did I with even touching my hard cock.  Within a minute he also exploded shooting a load up my chute.  We remained still for a while and then I realized that he was still hard.  The stamina of seventeen.  He reached over to the night stand and got the towel and wiped me dry.  Then he let the towel go and he had a mustache trimmer in his hand that had been under the towel.  He turned it on and it buzzed softly.  Wordlessly, he then clipped my pubic bush completely off.

I was stunned but knew that this was his right.  He had fairly crushed me in battle and by the rules of the pack I was required to submit to his will without question.  He then took me into the bathroom and shaved the stubble away.  It was the very first time I had been chipped and shaved and strangely it felt very good.  Then back in bed he held and spoke with me.  He explained what was going to happen.  Outwardly all was to remain the same for it would not be good for Ares to know however in private I was required to show the proper respect and deference to the beta male.  Should I fail in these regards he would share me with Ares.   So that I would not forget my place, he was going to keep me shaved.

He even anticipated my concerns.  Don't worry about the gym.  It none of anyone's business whether or not you have pubes.  Don't even answer their questions.  Of course, dad is a different matter.  You are to tell him when he asks about this [as he rubbed my bald pubis].  I'm sure he noticed my reaction.  "Yes, Uncle, I've known about you two for more than three years."  He laughed.  "I'm sure dad will understand that he has to share you."

A couple of days later, before Zeus could learn that his oldest son had moved to the beta position in the pack, he had to go away for week long construction job.  As usual, I was left in charge of the boys and Thor and Ares repeated their usual promises to follow the rules.  Unfortunately, I failed not only to promise but, far more significant, to follow them.  That first night that Zeus was away, I went out with some friends and got wasted on booze.  I really don't know how I managed to drive home.  Luckily, even though I parked on the lawn, I did not crash.  I did not make it into the house but Thor and Ares found me on the lawn in my own puke in the morning.  It was obvious that I had been drinking to excess and, even worse, driving while plastered.

The boys