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The Black Bouncer and the White Soldier

by Arild Karlsen

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 15 Oct 1997

This story was told to me by a 66 year old man recently. The story took place somewhere in the south in 1951. Timmy was then a 20 year old army corporal, and he visited a whorehouse for the first time in his young life. But his luck wouldn't grant him a happy time with any of the girls...

The place had a big black bouncer. He immediately asked for Timmy's ID. "I don't need one, I'm 20," Timmy said. Timmy's uniform-shirt had short arms and the bouncer took a firm grip round Timmy's bare upper right arm with his hand.

His rough, giant working hand reached all around the white corporal's soft and slender bare arm. Timmy tried to pull his arm free from the black bouncer's grip, but to no avail.

Timmy's good sense told him that although he was the army lightweight boxing champion and he had some knowledge of Army hand-to-hand combat, it comes a time when a uniformed corporal finds it wiser to to walk obediently alongside a big stronger man with his right arm held firmly in the big man's strong grip, and his left arm dangling down by his side.

He felt embarrassed as he was led like this in his Army uniform through the flock of girls sitting in the sofa. "Hey, Jeremiah, don't hurt his cute little butt, he's so cute in his uniform, I don't know if I'm gonna spank him or fuck him...," one girl replied, to the instant laughter from the rest of the girls.

Jeremiah led Timmy to the Mama's office and told him to stand in front of her desk. "Arms by your sides, soldier boy" Jeremiah barked and Timmy's arms immediately dropped down to his sides.

Mama was a walrus of a woman, huge like a truck, with arms bigger than Timmy's slender waist. The black woman had to be at least 400 pounds of flesh !

"What has he done ?" she said to Big Jeremiah, as she measured the uniformed kid with her eyes. "The little white soldier boy refused to show his ID, he's just a kid, not old enough to shave yet," Jeremiah barked.

"How old are you, child ?" Mama smiled at him. "I'm 20," Timmy said. Jeremiah slapped him across the jelly soft seat of his uniform trousers. "Ma'm," he barked.

"I'm 20, Ma'm," Timmy said. "Arms by your sides, kid," Jeremiah barked. "Yes, sir," Timmy said.

"If you are 20, kid, why don't you show your ID ?" Mama said. Timmy didn't answer and received a new slap across the jelly soft seat of his uniform trousers by Jeremiah's strong hand.

"OW, I..I...don't have it on me, that's all...Ma'm," he said, wanting to rub his little backside, but finding it wiser to keep his ams hanging down by his sides.

Jeremiah enjoyed himself, this was the only job around, were a black man could hit a white man and get away with it. He couldn't hit a white man with his fists, but he had warmed more white backsides than he could count...

Over the years he'd warmed the little backsides of hundreds of white soldiers, as well as hundreds of other white backsides. Jeremiah truly enjoyed his job...

"Well, my little friend," Mama said, "if you can't provide us with an ID, you're out of line, and when little soldiers are out of line here, they have their cute little backsides warmed..."

Timmy raised his fists and shouted. "I..I..warn you, I'm a boxer..." Both Mama and Jeremiah looked surprised at the kid dancing around with his fists raised, then looked at each other, before bursting out in laughter. It was a real laughter, deep from their hearts.

Timmy looked dissapointed at the two of them, laughing at him, apparantly he hadn't managed to scare them the very least... He knew he was defeated anyway.

Mama finally managed to stop laughing. "Well, little Rocky Marciano jr.," she smiled, "boxer or not, it's time for you to have your little backside warmed, take off your clothes."

"Here, Ma'm ?" Timmy gasped in shock as well as embarrassment. "Yes, kid, here," Mama replied. "Al..all of them, Ma'm ?" "Yes, kid, all of them," Mama smiled.

"Strip you little shit, before I tear you a knew asshole," Jeremiah suddenly barked. There was nothing else young Timmy could do, so he started to take off his clothes.

He took off his tie, unbuttoned his uniform shirt and took it off. He took off his white t-shirt and exposed his slender, totally hairless boyish upper body and his thin pair of arms.

He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his uniform trousers and slid them down to his knees. He bent down and pulled them down to his feet, then he had to take off his army boots. His socks followed and then he stepped out of his uniform trousers.

Embarrassed, he turned his back to Mama as his fingers went inside the waistband of his underpants. He turned his head towards her and looked pleadingly at her.

"Down," Mama barked. "Please, Ma'm," Timmy begged. "You either take off your cute little underpants yourself, soldier, or I'll have big nasty Jeremiah do it for you," Mama smiled.

Timmy didn't have any choice and slowly pulled down his small underpants and stepped out of them.

Mama smiled as she looked at Timmy's boyishly cute little white bottom. "Take off your wristwatch, kid," Mama said. Timmy did as he was told and stood completely naked in front of Mama's desk.

"Turn around and face Mama, white soldier boy," Jeremiah barked and slapped his hand a few times over Timmy's jelly soft bare bottom, "arms by your sides."

Timmy turned and faced Mama, put his arms down by his sides, and watched Jeremiah take his clothes, put them inside a small room and locking the door. Now, Timmy really felt as naked as possible !

"Jeremiah will spank you in a few hours, kid," Mama said, "before that, you will be locked up behind bars too think about what happens to naughty little boys that comes to places like this, without their ID's."

Jeremiah took a firm grip round Timmy's arm and led the completely naked corporal down the stairs to the cellar.

Timmy was led through a long, narrow corridor. The cool air felt cold on his naked body, and he was now scared about what would happen to him. He tried to pull his arm free from his strong grip, but to no avail, Jeremiah bent his arm on his back so that he couldn't resist at all.

"OW, you're breaking my arm," he said, nearly crying. They come to the end of the corridor, which contained six cells, three on each side of the corridor, facing each other. Jeremiah released Timmy's arm, and unlocked one of the cells.

"No, please don't lock me up, I haven't done anyhting...," Timmy pleaded. Jeremiah gave Timmy a slap to his bare bottom, and Timmy stepped into the cell. Timmy stood with his hands round the bars of his cell, as Jeremiah locked the door. As Jeremiah walked back, he could hear the corporal begging him to let him out.

One hour later, Jeremiah came back down to the corridor, but apparantly not to spank Timmy. With a firm grip round his arm, he led a completely naked white man in this thirties towards the six cells.

"Why are you gonna lock me up in here, nigger ?" the man complained and tried to resist. But Jeremiah was far to powerful for him. He stood behind him, bent his arms on his back and held both his arms firmly in one hand.

"OW, it, you're breaking my arms," he yelled. "Oh, please, mr. white bwana, sir," Jeremiah smiled, "this nigger didn't at all want to hurt your cute little white arms." Jeremiah unlocked the cell with his other hand and then released his arms.

The white man's arms dropped to his sides, and Jeremiah stood behind him and put his huge hands round his naked arms and pushed him towards the open cell.

As the man stood at the door of his cell, Jeremiah let go off his arms and told him to step inside. "I'm not getting in there, and you can't make me, nig...."

Jeremiah bent down and looked straight at the man's little bare backside and gave it a good slap. It felt like, well, solid jelly. "OW...," the man yelled and took a few steps forward and into the cell. When he turned, he was locked up behind bars.

"At least give me my clothes to put on, I'll freeze my little behind off in here," the man yelled, as he put his hands round the bars in his cell. "Be quiet, white boxer," Jeremiah barked, "or I'll hide the skin of your cute little punk ass, you're not champ in here.."

As Jeremiah walked away, Timmy put his hands round the bars in his cell and looked closely at the man locked up behind bars in the cell opposite his own cell, and recognized him as the middleweight boxing champion of the world !

"I'm a boxer, too," Timmy said proud, "I'm the army lightweight boxing champion." The man shook his head: "yeah, well, I'm impressed, if you're such a boxer, why are you locked up in your little bare ass in that cell."

Standing in their cells, their hands holding round the solid bars, they talked about boxing, women, the army, movie stars, Mama and Jeremiah.

"Your're the middleweight boxing champion, man," Timmy said, "why didn't you just knock him out...?" The man shook his head: "you're kidding me, he's bigger than a damn dinosour, kid, who do you think I am, King Kong ?"

"I'd much rather have my little butt smacked, than have that overgrown monster land his fists in my face," the middleweight boxing champion said and slapped his hands round his bare bottom four times: "SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. SMACK,"

A while later, Jeremiah locked up another completely naked white man behind bars. Then he opened up Timmy's cell and took a hold of his arm.

The two naked men stood in their cells, their hands wrapped round the solid bars, watching as long as they could at the naked Timmy walk alongside Jeremiah, his right arm held firmly in his grip and his left arm dangling helplessly down by his side.

Timmy was led back upstairs to the office. Mama sat behind her desk and Timmy was bent over her desk, with his hands holding the far edge of the desk. He looked straight at her.

"OK, kid," Mama said, "Jeremiah will spank your tender little baby-tail now, the next time you will remember to bring your ID, I'm tired of all you little underage white soldier punks not-yet-ready-to-shave-your-smooth-baby-faces, coming to my place to fuck my girls, bringing the POOOlice to my door."

"What makes you little soldier boys coming here, anyhow, my girls may look cute, baby-boy, but they're maneaters, able to fuck your tiny brains to shreds, and then ask for seconds..." Mama smiled.

Timmy blushed at her remarks, and then big nasty Jeremiah came and stood by his side. "Since you're just a kid," he barked, "I'm gonna spank you with my hand, but don't play John fucking Wayne, or I'll smack your cute little white baby-tail with the table in that there corner...boy."

"SMACK." No warning had been given, as Jeremiah slapped his hand across the little bare target. "OW," Timmy shouted, "that hurt..." "Shhhiiiittt, you think I'm here to lovlingly caress your smooth little baby-tail, kid ?" Jeremiah smiled, "I leave that to your mommy, I'm all fresh out of baby-powder, now shut the fuck up and take it like the man you're claiming to be."

"I am a man," Timmy said, doing his best not to cry. "Men got hair on their posteriors, I can't count any on shut up," Jeremiah barked.

"SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK." Jeremiah stood with his side to Timmy's side, holding his left arm wrapped around his narrow waist, Timmy stood bent forward, his hands holding the far edge of the desk, trying to avoid the smile on Mama, who looked straight at him.

Jeremiah was a master at this, his large hand smacked first the left little cheek, then the right. Timmy's little bottom was in agony, but he was determined not to cry right in Mama's big smile.

"SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK." Timmy struggled not to cry, but couldn't help himself from occasionally yelling out as Jeremiah's large hand just kept on smacking hard into his helpless little bottom.

"SMACK," "Ow," "SMACK," "Ow," "SMACK," "Ow," "SMACK," "Ow." When Jeremiah had given both his cheeks more than thirty hard smacks, Mama said: "OK, Jeremiah, that's enough, he's just a kid, now let him stand up."

Timmy was released and didn't think about hiding his privates, but cupped both his burning litle cheeks in his hands. "You are brave, kid, you didn't cry, I'm proud of you," Mama said and stood up and walked over to him.

She was much taller than him and even taller than Jeremiah ! She pinched his earlobe and Timmy's arms immediately dropped to his sides. "But don't come back without your ID, or you'll get worse than this, child." she barked and slapped him gently a few times over his babysmooth litle bottom.

"Yes, Ma'm, I've learned my lesson." Timmy said. "Good boy," Mama smiled and slapped him one more time gently over his bare bottom. She released him and his hand could finally rub his smarting earlobe. "Give him his clothes back and get him out of here," Mama said and sat down behind her desk.

Timmy took his clothes in his arms and had to walk completely naked in front of Jeremiah all the way outside, to the cheering laughter of the the white girls. "You're lucky, soldier," one girl laughed, "we get spanked by Mama, and she does it harder than Jeremiah." "Soldiers has such cute little butts," another girl said.

Jeremiah was led outside and the door was shut behind him and he put his uniform and the rest of his clothes back on. His toughts went to the middleweight boxing champion down in the cellar, locked up behinds bars, awaiting his punishment for what ever it was he had done. "I wish his little butt all the luck in the world," he tought to himself.

Driving off in his military vehicle wasn't that comfortable, though, since he had no choice than to sit down...

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