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Adjusting the Pack's Hierarchy
Part 2

by Y Lee Coyote

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Ever since Thor vanquished me, I can I could see the fire in Ares' eyes that he wanted to challenge and conquer me just as did his brother had.  It was only then that I questioned the wisdom sharing a house with Zeus and the boys after five years.  Economically, it was good for all of us but it assured that we would always be in close contact. My fears were well grounded for it took only a few months for Ares to make his move and really go for me.  It was shortly after his sixteenth birthday that we were alone.

Zeus was away working and Thor was at his part time job.  I was home sprawled in front of the TV when Ares came home after school.  He (not unjustifiably) took me to task for not really working for just this morning I had complained about the huge pile of stuff I had to grade and the obvious fact that I had not done my share of the household chores either.  Like a typical caught teenager I just snapped at him and started to go to my room.  He grabbed me as I went past and soon we were wrestling for real.  This was not a simple roughhouse game but a real fight.  A real fight which I realized I was rapidly losing.

Even though I had happily fantasied that this would happen some day, I was not able to yield and accept the reality of it.  Ares soon pined me on my back by lying on me so that I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine through his jeans and my boxers.  Then he sat with his full weight on my chest then so I could hardly breathe while I stared at his hard cock attempting to burst through his jeans.  As I panted trying to get enough oxygen to survive, Ares opened his pants and pulled his package free from his boxers.  I was totally unprepared for his next move.  He got up and flipped me over and lay on top of me.  As I got some air I could feel his cock pressing into my crack.  Then he pressed my face into the carpet while he pulled down my boxers with his other hand.  As he resumed his position his steel hard shaft pressed against my hole.

"No.  Please don't." I begged but it was too late.  Words were useless now as he rammed into me.  I yelled in pain as his dry, unlubricated fat shaft forced my still tense sphincter to yield to its irresistible force.  With the great energy of a sixteen year old testosterone saturated youth, he vigorously pumped in and out a dozen times before he exploded into me with a great yell of jubilation.  Even then he continued to hold me tight with his arms under mine and hands gripping my shoulders from the front.  His still throbbing shaft remained hard in my butt.

"I wanted this for so long, Uncle." he said gently nuzzling my neck.  "I'm sure that you expected this to happen one way or another."  He was right about that I had not expect that it would be so soon or so rough.  He let go and pulled out.  I remained still, exhausted, laying on the rug.  He settled into the easy chair and then pulled me up so that I was kneeling between his legs and with my face just inches away from his rampant tool jutting out from a thick bush.  I could not help but to stare at it and to lick my lips.  "Suck it, boy." he said softly but irresistibly commandingly.  I obeyed almost choking before he blasted his second load down my throat.

Ares was, of course, right.  I had been dreaming, hoping and expecting that he would do this -- that he would make me the delta male of the pack by exerting his raw male dominance.  I did not expect that he would be so rough though.  Something kept me from telling him that he was right; He had not made it a question but a simple statement of fact.  I just docilely waited for him to act.  And act he did quite promptly.  He lifted me up and laid me across his lap for the first time.

"You been a naughty boy, Lobato."  He was holding me about the waist.  "You have not done your work nor your chores."  He rubbed my butt.  "Now you must pay the price."  He started to spank me with his hand.  He spanked hard; very hard.  I knew that my butt was turning red as pounded by bottom.  It seem like the spanking was going on forever.  Over and over he SPANKED my  bottom.  He hit almost has hard as Zeus, his father, did.  This was the final step in making me feel like a boy -- a cub -- and I began to cry.  Shortly after that, he stopped spanking me.  Now that my dream had happened, I realized that there would be problems about the rest of things for he was still so young.  At least when Thor did it he was a senior almost ready to graduate and a gentleman.

Ares raised me up and hugged me once.  "Lobato, do your chores now and then your work."

"Yes, Sir." I mumbled through my sobs.

Then he went to his room.  Something told me that I had best do as he had commanded.  As I cleaned up the room, I saw that I had ejaculated on the carpet when he been fucking me.  I was in a daze as I mindlessly did my chores.  I did not even put on my shorts.  Then I went to my den and lay down on my bed.  In my sorrow I fell asleep.  As you can imagine, my hot crimson glowing butt was exposed.

I awoke to shouting.  Thor and Ares were fighting.  Ares was proud that he had disciplined me and Thor was telling him he had no right to do any such thing.  Ares was not ready to backdown in the least, and proceeded to boast that he had fought me and won.  "I really beat him completely." he boasted, "I took complete control; I pinned him; I fucked him hard at both ends; then I spanked him hard for not doing his chores and work."

Thor was not accepting.  "Father told you respect Uncle Lobato and to do as he told you.  He explicitly ordered you not to fight him."  Then Ares yelled some obscenity and I heard a hard slap and silence.  Then Thor started in again on his brother.  "Come with me, boy."

"You're hurting me." Ares was whining.  My door was open and I saw Thor pushing his brother down the hall with his arm in a hammer lock.

Like a ten year old kid wanting to see what the adults were doing, I made my way down the hall and hid behind the railing so I could see downstairs into the family room where Thor had taken Ares.  "STRIP!" Thor commanded sharply and Ares obeyed silently.  Thor also striped and I was treated to the sight of these two athletic young men readying for combat.  I could see that Ares looked nervous.  His big brother was mad and was forcing him into a conflict that he knew he would lose and did not want.  "OK, Ares, let's see what you are made of."  Ares stood frozen and Thor egged him on.

Ares finally tried something but Thor quickly parried it and forced him to the floor.  Then he pulled him up to try again. The third time Thor pounced on his prone brother and rubbed his hard cock on his brother's ass just as Ares had done to me.  Neither of them spoke any more as Thor raised up his loins and drove his shaft all the way into his brother with a mighty thrust.  Ares stoicism failed and he yelled.  He was not use to being fucked; certainly not so brutally and dry.

"You understand who's in charge around here, boy?" snarled Thor.

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy.  Now ask Uncle Lobato to punish you good and proper and beg his forgiveness."

"Yes, sir."

I quickly raced back to my bed and pretended to be asleep.  I heard some noise in the hall and Ares telling Thor that I was sleeping and he would wait.  I needed some time to think and I suspected that Ares did also.  There was some more noise in the hall and then quiet.  After I rested and thought some, I arose.  I found a note taped to my door frame.

Uncle Lobato,
      Please come to my room, Sir.
            Your most disrespectful nephew in disgrace,
I found Ares standing naked in a corner of his room.  On his bed was a paddle, a strap, the barber clipper, a razor and shaving cream.  I spoke his name and he came over to me and dropped to the floor at my feet.  This was not a position Ares was familiar with first hand.  He was not very articulate saying that he was so very sorry for being so disrespectful and violent, and requesting to be punished severely.  I could hear him almost sobbing as he forced the words out.  He was holding tightly to my ankles and even kissed my feet a few times.

I reached behind me and grabbed the strap from the bed.  "You have been very disrespectful, boy." I said as sternly as I could.  Then I passed the strap over Ares' upturned butt before raising it high and bring it down hard on target.  His grip tightened and he tensed knowing that it was but the first stripe.  I was sure that he would not move unless and until I told him to even if got him in the balls.  I proceeded to strap his ass over and over as hard as I could.  I even let the strap end get his hole a couple of times.  He made some sounds but he never made even the slight movement to stop me or protect himself.  I was sure that he was having a huge internal fight to maintain his submissive role with me after the events early in the day.

"Kneel over the bed, Ares." I suddenly ordered.

"Yes, sir." he replied.

I exchanged the strap for the paddle.  He was gripping the mattress as best as he could.  "Count 'em, Ares."  I tapped his butt so that he would know was coming and the swung hard.

WHACK!!  "One, sir."

I repeated this until WHACK!!  "Ten, sir."

His butt was glowing like a bed of coals with his rosebud right in the middle.  All of this had gotten me aroused and my shaft was poking through by boxers.  I exchanged the paddle for the shaving cream and coated my hard rod and Ares' hole.  I then knelt behind him and pressed forward slipping into him easily.  It was a wonderful feeling as I thrust in and out until I blasted a load into the disrespectful but penitent young pup.

I pulled out and sat on the bed.  "Clean me up, Ares." I commanded.  Never looking up he backed away from the bed and wrapped his mouth about my softening rod causing it to reharden as he administered to it.  It took a lot long than he had taken to come again but Ares was dutiful.  As I lay on his bed while he gently tended to my equipment I realized that, as great as this was, I really preferred it when Ares was in total physical control.  But this was not the time to tell him.

After some time, Ares managed to speak softy and with great feeling.  "Please, please, Uncle Lobato, please forgive me.  I'm really sorry for what I did."  I was sitting up by now and stroking his head.  I did not know quite how to accept his apology so I remind silent.  He reached over and picked up the barber's clipper.  As he stood up, he handed it to me and then placed his hands behind his back.

He was very proud of his bush so I knew that he was really repentant.  I briefly considered just putting the clipper aside, but he would have been very hurt as surely this was a matter of honor to him.  I turned the machine on.  Alone with its buzz, I heard Ares sigh and a small quiet sob escaped his lips.  This had to be done.  I ran the clipper across the  bottom of his abdomen and into his thick broad nest of pubes.  They fell like saplings before Paul Bunyan's axe.  In less than five minutes he was like a little boy again and I shut off the machine.

He looked down at his denuded crotch and with tears on his face and a cracking voice said: "Thank you, Uncle Lobato."  I stood up and we hugged.  As I closed his door I could hear him crying.

Ares was very quiet for the next couple of weeks.  He avoid everyone -- both family and friends -- hiding in his room as much as possible when not at school.  After three weeks, he came to me after school.  He had done poorly in a test and asked me to spank him for his negligence.  I suggested that he wait a day until his father would be able to take care the matter.  He reiterated his request until I acquiesced and went to his room.  Like three weeks ago things were on the bed.  He immediately stripped and formally asked, as Zeus had taught him and Thor to do, for his punishment.  I picked up the paddle and told him to assume the position.  I gave him a dozen  hard swats which he properly counted remaining in position as required until I permitted him to stand.  Then he handed me the clipper again and I could see that tears were forming in his eyes.  I dropped them back on the bed and said that would not be necessary -- this time.  First he thanked me for punishing him and promised that he would work harder.  Then thanked me for not making him endure being clipped again in school.

It was a couple of months later when Ares and I were alone again.  We were watching some game on the TV and I had a few beers so I was very relaxed and somehow the event of that faithful day when he took me came up.  I admitted to loving what had happened.  "I knew it." he roared with a big smile.  "But Thor is right, I'm too young to be in charge of you."  He paused.  "If only...."

I knew what he wanted and, in all honesty, I wanted it also.  I wished that there was a way and then it came to me as there was a commercial for a paddle wheel river gambling boat -- Mark Twain came to mind.  There can be two masters each with his own area of responsibility like the captain and the pilot on a river boat.  I explained this to Ares who loved the idea.  He immediately promised to be properly respectful and obedient except when we got physical when he would exercise his animal dominance.  I probably would never had done this if I hadn't been drinking but I had been.

It only took Ares a few minutes to pounce on me, his very willing victim.  I started to go for another beer, when Ares grabbed me and pulled me over his lap.  "You passed your limit, young man." he stated invoking a non-existent rule.  He then gave me several SPANKS on the seat of my jeans.  This was even better than the way he started months ago.  I immediately felt like a little boy over my father's lap.  He usually started to spank me before taking down my pants.  Naturally, I started to protest that I would be good, but Ares just continued for another minute.  He then stood me up and lowered my pants and briefs and pulled me back over his lap.  As he SPANKED me hard (and I mean hard) I could feel his cock grow to its max through his pants.  There is something that is very symbolic about being treated this way that in my head I was now a little boy.  A naughty little boy getting his due from his strict guardian.  My begging, promises and yells soon gave way to sobs although the torrent of spanks continued until I was crying.

Ares stood me up and stripped me completely as I submitted totally.  He then stuck me into the corner and put my hands on top of my head.  "Don't move, boy." he commanded and punctuated it with another hard SPANK.  A heard him fussing but I did not dare to try to peek.  Then he came over to me and just lead me to his cave.  He had me lay supine on the bed and got between my legs which he lifted up.  He stuck a glob of lube on my fuckhole and worked it in.  It was only microseconds after his withdrew his fingers that his hard rod pressed pressed against my rosebud and slid directly into me.  This was better than the other time for he was gentle in action while being just as dominating as the first time.  As I sunk into the oblivion of pleasure I could see that Ares was doing the same.  I just lay there in total surrender to his raw maleness.  Eventually I shot my load on my chest as he rammed my prostate repeatedly with his hard shaft.

I was jarred back to reality by his roar as he shot into me.  He lowered my legs so that they were resting on his upper thighs while remaining in me.  As he tugged at my very short pubes said: "You need another shave.  They have been neglecting your grooming."  He pulled the little table over to the bed and picked up a wet washcloth and wiped down my p