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First Time Bare

by Peter

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Peter must have been the age of 13. It was not long ago when his 15 year old sister got a spanking from her mother because she was get caught smoking. All kids were then lectured not to smoke. But only a few days later Peter tried his first cigarette with two other friends. Nobody noticed, so it become a sort of ritual, when they met in the afternoon that they practise their smoking. They did it most in a out of way place in the city-park. To make it short, after a few times somehow saw them and told it to Peters mother.

This evening Peter came back home quiet happy. So he was shocked when his mother shouted at him when he entered the kitchen and controlled his fingers witch where still smoking of the cigarettes. So Peter heard not the first time the words: "Wait until your father comes home". "It is a high time that your bottom is spanked out thoroughly. Up with you in the corner and wait until your father comes".

There Peter was now standing in the corner of the living room. Waiting for his father come home to spank him with the cane. It is was clear for Peter it will be the cane this time. Everyone of you who has also got spankings in the youth, knows very well the feeling of a thirteen year old boy waiting for his punishment. Peter was not crying but he had tears in his eyes. Tears of angry that he was in this situation and tears of fear. Peter was thinking of an excuse, but there wasn't one. He was feeling his bottom. He realised the tight trousers around his bottom cheeks. It was his old often washed cord jeans. Especially around the bottom cheeks the cloth of his trousers was very thin and tight fitting. Standing in the corner Peter remembered that this will be the forth caning he will receive in this trousers. Yes he was thinking of that. He was also thinking of the pain the cane will cause on his buttocks. He tried to remember the pain, for to be not so surprised from the first sting of the cane. He decided not to howl when he gets his thrashing. Two times he had to ask to go for toilette.

It took about an hour until Peters Dad came home. He got very angry when he heard why his son was waiting in the corner. Peter tried his best to calm him down, but there was no chance. The boy received a few handspanks on his strapping schoolboy buttocks. Again send in the corner he had to wait until his dad has changed his business cloths. Then he came back and Peter had to turn around to face him. There Peter saw him with the cane in his hand. Instinctively Peters hands touched his bottom cheeks. There Peter had it again that special feeling in his stomach and buttocks, he always has this feeling when he watches this yellow stick witch is only in the house to sting his boy-buttocks when he deserves it.

"Do you see any ground why you should not get your bottom caned?" What could a boy like Peter do in this situation. Unable to say a word he only shacked his had. Then go over, his dad commanded and hit with the cane on the armrest of the easy chair. Peter knows it. It was the usual routine. He always had to lie over the armrest of the easy chair when he gets the cane. Always his bottom right over the top of the padded armrest. This position worked Peters schoolboy bottom out, made his trousers fit even more tight around his buttock cheeks. His hands he had to cross on his back. With his left hand Peters dad fixed Peters hands on the boys back just right above his bottom and with the his right hand the dad let the cane do his work.

"This will teach you that you have not to smoke in your age." Said dad in a angry voice and with each word he brought the cane down on Peters buttocks. Very fast the strokes landed on the boys burning bumm. "Autsch, auttsch, oohw, ooowww, please please, OOOHHHWWW, no more NOOO OOOHHHWWW" the lad was crying. Will you smoke any more he was asked and "NOOO, NOOO" he was crying while the cane again thrashed on his well exposed bum. And his daddy fixed him well, no chance to hide his hot burning bottom cheek from the cane. Again and again the cane found his aim. "Will you learn to obey" dad shouted. "Yeees, yeees yeees i will" the boy howled. What else can a young scamp say, when he is bent over and receives the cane on his well exposed buttocks. He will promise everything to pretend his burning bum from more strokes with the stinging cane.

Dad made after each question a little pause. But he did not lose his left hand fixing Peters position. This meant it was not over. And again the next question came. And again each word was accompanied by a hissing stroke of the cane over the lad's tight thin trouserseat. Peter promised every thing but again and again the cane landed on his burning and stinging bum.

Peter had not received such a long and hard caning ever before. His whole bum and his upper thigh were in fire when he was finally allowed to get up again. He could feel the stinging wales through his trousers when his fingers touched his poor caned behind.

With his just before caned bottom Peter has to sit at the table and have dinner with the family. Very ashamed and still snuffling the boy had to go even through this procedure. Then he had to bring back the cane to his depository. Then he was allowed to go to his room.

In his room he fall stomach down on his bed and began again to howl holding his hot bum. Laying there his rage growth. His rage about his strict father, his rage about his friends who brought him in that trouble, his rage about ... every thing. When Peter inspected his red bum covered with wales and realised how long it will take until his nice boy cheeks will again be white his rage growth again. Yes the rage helped the boy to forget the shame of being caned, the shame of being flogged form his dad, my mother and sister watching him. It took a long time until the rage cooled down. But also it was clear for Peter that there will be no smoking any more.

On the next morning he still could see the wales on his bum, but they had faded down and there were only a few blue marks. It was a boy spanking Peter received. But for a lot of strokes the cane was not raised very high so on the next morning only a few wales leave. But those mornings after a spanking with the cane Peter still had a special feeling of his bum while sitting on the schoolboy-chair.

It was clear for Peter not to smoke any more. But you know how it is with school boys. On one hand they want to be good boys loved by there parents and on the other side they want to be fearless mans to their fellows. This brought our lad in conflicts. Of course he did not tell his fellows that he won't smoke any more in fear of the cane. So they smoked again. But with more attention that no one could see them.

But to make the thing short the parents of Peters friend Andrew found out that he is smoking cigarettes. It is not clear if Andrew or his younger brother (as Andrew said) told his parents that all three always smoked together. Peter did not know that Andrew's parents were told his name. Tommy told it to him the next morning very surprised that Peter had not been punished. Tommy had got his fathers leather belt on his bared bum and was not allowed out of home for a week.

I can think you can imagine Peter's feelings on his way home. Why had he no punishment yesterday. Did father know it or not. Yesterday his dad got home very late and he was already in bed. Will he get it today? It was one of the first warm days. Peter had his new shorts on. They were wide, for to grow in. He decided not to change in his washed out tight play-shorts. This shorts will give him a little more protection, even more protection than the washed out cotton trousers last time. That it will be minimum as serve as last time if dad know it was clear to Peter.

At home Peter's mother seems to know nothing. So hope growth. Anxiously he waited until dad came home. Dad was not in fury. This made him hopefully. When saying hallow to daddy dad asked Peter: "and you had been good today, done good at school". Quiet normal of course the boy answered "yes daddy". The next question alarmed him: "and not smoked any cigarette today". "No daddy" Peter answered alarmed. Nothing more happened. The evening proceeded normal. The family sat on table and had dinner. Suddenly Peter's father asked him calm "Peter when did i have to give you the cane last time? Every one looked up and Peter began to sweat. "Three weeks ago or so" he answered in a very low voice. "What was three weeks ago" "There it was" "What was there" "There it was" "What is it, cant you speak in a whole sentence?" "There i got the cane" "Tell me for what had you got the cane on your trouser seat my son?" "For smoking" "can't you speak whole.." "Sorry, i got canned for smoking" "Did it hurt you that canning on your trouser seats". "What is that an strange conversation" the mother interrupted. "Did you know that he continues smoking nearly every afternoon with Tommy and Andrew". Mother exploded.

So as dad told Peters mother the whole thing Peter realised that dad knows nearly all details. Peter was sitting there getting deathly pale. Then the dad again turned to Peter. "I don't know what to do with this boy." "Sometimes you are such a good boy and then you do such things. Didn't the last caning teach you the lesson" "Yes Dad it did" the boy howled and began tearful to tell all the things why he started smoking again. "Exactly this was intended in your punishment, to learn to do the right thing even when your friends wants to make you to do wrong. You have done the same fault again... ... therefore I cant give you the same punishment again Peter. This time I have to cane you the first time with your trousers down. Yes you will get it on your naked bottom." Peter had mentioned before a few variants, aggravating his punishment, but he didn't consider that. The boy began to weep again and begged "Please not.." but more he couldn't say.

Mother said "but first eat your meal" "I can't" Peter said. "OK with you stand in the corner" dad said. Still weeping the boy managed to do so. Standing there his dad followed him and commanded Peter to fold his hands behind his head. He had to do this the first time. Standing there with hand behind his head dad reached to Peters waist-band and opened his shorts. The wide shorts suddenly fall to the boys ankles when the buttons where opened. Then dad pulled Peters tight cotton boy-slip beyond his bottom cheeks. Ordered to stand straight and not to move he was standing there howling and weeping with bared bottom cheeks. Normally the shirt will cover a part of his buttock cheeks but with hands over the head Peter himself bared his thirteen years old schoolboy-bum.

What does a thirteen year old boy, standing in corner with trousers down, pants beyond the bottom cheeks and with hands behind the head self presenting his naked bum is thinking about? No clear thought. Peter was so in fear, same time ashamed and exited in presenting his naked bum and trying to take the ordered position. There were a lot of mixed feeling and impressions. Thinking was not possible. Fare away Peter heard his mother reminding his sister to eat and not to turning her head around and asking his little brother, if he could see when Peter gets the cane on the bare.

It took a long time until dinner was finished and the lad's bared bum had to wait a long time. Finally dad commanded the boy to step out of his shorts and also to pull his pants completely down and step out too. Then Peter was told to cover his private things in front with his shirt-tails and hands.

He had to stand before daddy between his opened legs while dad was sitting in the padded arm-chair. "You will get six with the cane across your naked bottom." A slight case of hope. Only six, this must be possible to take thought the boy. "But before you need a good warming up ..." Speaking this word dad pulled his son by the arms towards him, so that he came laying across his left leg. And then it started: " Oh no no please no autsch nooo ohho oowww au au .." Peter's schoolboy voice was heard mixed with the loud spanks daddy delivered with his hand on Peters bare bum. With no pause one spank after the other. Peter got terrified. His bum was burning more and more. No way to get his naked bottom out of these hands. No thinking of brave and pride. He was more and more crying and squirming. Nobody counted the smacks Peter got on his bare bum and upper thigh. He was crying like a little boy when daddy stopped. Still hardly fixed over dad's lab he continued crying. "Come on ten more" splash, splash, splash... one by one the hard smacks fall and crying and squirming started again.

Then Peter was again by the ear led to the corner. He had to put away his hands from his stinging bum and was commanded to fold them again behind his head, showing everyone his deep red boy-buttocks and thigh. He was told in 15 minutes his howling has to calm down otherwise he will get another hand session before the cane.

It was hard for the boy but he managed it. Then he was again ordered before dad, again hands hiding his front part. "Peter i know it is very hard for you but your lesson is not over jet - what is coming now?" "The cane" "What the cane" "I will get the cane" "Where will you get the cane and for what - come on a right sentence" " aah aahh i will get the cane on the naked bottom for punishment aa and it is because i smoked again." "You know it will be six. They will be hard ones, it will be hard for you, but i don't want you to cry. I think you can do that even it is hard. And i want you to count each stroke". "Will you try to do it?" "Yes dad". "This time it is over the table. Put your shorts and pants at the table edge and then bent over it - Put your hands in front and your legs not so close.. wider.. more - that's ok." The English of the writer is too bad to describe all the feeling a schoolboy had in such way presenting his bare buttocks but they were very mixed and diffuse. But for Peter the main thing was to do everything what daddy wants and this took his whole mind.

Then it began. "Don't forget to count Peter and no crying" "Yes Dad" Swischh, "Ohhw Ooohhw ooonnne one" "Don't leave your position, move higher , ok and legs as before." I will give you time to recover. This commands helped Peter to manage his position because the pain of the cane on his bare was enormous. It took quite a time the cane rested on the boys bottom. Then Peters dad lifted the cane again. Switsch "Twoooo ooohh ooochh" "come on boy you can take it" Swisch "Ahhh Ahh three three three" he tearfully said. Again the cane rested on his bum. Peter felt clearly the three burning stingers he already had. "Common out with that buttocks" "Ahh ah" Switch "Auauaua oooohhhhwww four" "Common out out right" Swisch "AAAAhhhh aahhh, fivee fivvee" . There was no pause in between. The last cut landed just between thigh and bottom cheek. Swich "OOOhhhww oooohhh six" Ohw this one he got across the highest part of his thighs.

"Peter stand up" he was ordered. It took a time to do that. "Face me - will you ever smoke again". "No Dad i promise you i won't" "OK take your cloth and up to your room.

The next free afternoon Peter met Thomas and Andrew, they didn't smoke. But Thomas saw the six red-blue weal across Peter's buttock and Peter saw the blue marks the leather strap made on Thomas bottom. Only Andrews bum was totally clean. But not long. The two friends gave Andrews bum a deep red color, he should not miss something.

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