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Jian-Michael and Rob
2: Bare-back Riding

by anonymous

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Jian-Michael and Rob arrived at the stables promptly on that last Saturday night of the summer. They were going to ride for a few hours and welcome the dusk with a bottle of wine. It had been very hot that day, low 90's and business for the owner was slow. He told the friends that they could have their pick of the horses and keep them out as long as they wanted. The tourist trade had been dismal since the mosquito scare in the county. No one wanted to be out in the palmetto near dark.

The younger and smaller of the two men approached the owner and asked a quiet question unheard by his companion. The guy, dressed in rumpled jeans and sucking on a cigarette held only by his lips, nodded and walked over to a beautiful mare the color of worn suede and patted her neck affectionately. Within minutes, Jian-Michael swung up easily into the saddle and waited for Rob to choose his mount. He went for a big chestnut gelding that looked like he might be a bit hard to handle. The young horse danced around, tossing his head and fighting the bit. Rob's friend warned him that he might want to choose another because he could get hurt, but Rob was adamant that he had just what he wanted.

The friends set off across the fields, starting easily, then breaking into a full gallop as they became more comfortable. They raced each other, doubled back upon themselves, used the horses in games of 'chase me' and 'catch me if you can', their spirits soaring at the pleasure of the ride. Their competitiveness was revealed in constant one-upmanship as each vied to impress the other. It was still too hot to keep up their games for long. The rocking motion, the heat and sensual feel of the horses bodies, even the smell of sweat soon started to turn the two men on and they began to exchange sideways glances and knowing smiles.

Jian-Michael suggested that they ride into the palmetto, but his friend, a much more cautious person said no. So they went to a spot under a large live oak draped dramatically with Spanish moss and slid down to give the horses a breather. There were coarse blankets rolled and secured behind their saddles. Jian-Michael tied both horses to a low branch and spread the blankets over the rough ground while Rob handled opening the bottle of red wine. There were no glasses, just a corkscrew in the backpack.

Rob took the first swig, pulled Jian-Michael onto the blanket under him and let the wine drizzle between the other's parted lips. They shared about half the bottle that way until the smaller man squirmed away from his friend's grasp. He went to the cinnamon-colored mare and removed her saddle, placing it behind Rob so that he could lean against it for support. Rob straightened up smiling, convinced he knew what was to happen next, but he was wrong. Jian-Michael did strip down to a white cotton jock that seemed to glow in the growing twilight, but then he untied the mare and entwined his fingers into the long mane. With a barked command and a running jump, he pulled himself onto her back. He bent low onto her neck, gripping her sides with his strong legs while riding her like the wind around the tree in ever smaller circles, showing off for his friend and lover.

Rob sat under the huge mossy oak grinning and finished the rest of the wine knowing exactly what he wanted: that little bare ass that kept flashing by, right across his waiting knees. The kid was teasing the hell out of him with that cheeky smile, ignoring his repeated calls to, "Come over here."

"I mean it, come over here now or I'm going to really spank your butt." The one riding bare-back kept getting almost within reach, if Rob could only jump up quickly enough to grab him. Jian-Michael was careful to stay just so far, then he'd pull on the mane with a laugh and they'd prance off in another direction. After several moves like that, it seemed that the excited mare was joining in to torment Rob, too.

Finally Rob got smart and tried a different tactic. "Get over here NOW or I'm NOT going to spank you!!" Smiling seductively, Jian-Michael cantered over to him and Rob secured the mare to the tree again. He stretched up his muscular arms and pulled his smirking friend to the ground. The tease wore a red bandanna knotted around his forehead to keep his black hair out of his eyes, so Rob removed it and tied Jian-Michael's wrists tightly behind him.

That wiped the smile off of his face. He started to whine and plead, as was so typical of him when he got caught. "Please Robby, I was only having fun! Don't be angry, please! Don't hurt me, I was only playing!" His knees, weakened from gripping the horse so tightly, started to buckle and Rob easily pulled him across his thighs as he settled against the saddle.

"Now, it's my turn to play, mocoso.", Rob murmured as his hand landed a hard blow, enough to leave it's telltale mark on the quivering little ass cheeks. "This kid is never going to learn who's boss, is he?", he thought to himself as he happily whaled away at the reddened bottom squirming around over his lap. Although Jian-Michael yelped, wheedled, whined and cried, Rob could feel that he was as erect as he was. With determined vigor Rob worked at keeping him that way the best way he knew how, with his large strong hand. It was time to really make a punishing impression on the brat. That way, when he got the kid back to the hotel, he'd have an obedient, although crying boy to take to bed.

He watched carefully, just learning the intricacies of gauging how far he wanted to take it before returning the horses. The rosy red glow on Jian-Michael's bucking little tail matched the approaching sunset over the palmetto and scrub pine. Rob was learning to listen to how hard his boy was crying and he was finally rewarded by some breathless heaving sobs.

Time to head back to the hotel where those hot buns would need some icing after the bare-butt ride back to the stables. Then Rob would really get down to some serious lectures about coming when Jian-Michael was called.

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