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Be Careful What You Ask Santa For

by Y Lee Coyote

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 21 Dec 2001

I posted the first part of this as "Dear Santa".  Then I started thinking (always dangerous) and ended up with this fun story about a boy and an elf.  Fascinating things can happen when you get something wondrous made by the elves in Santa enchanted workshops.  Obviously, this is fiction and involves spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and reposting and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments -- pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

1.  Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I hope that you are well.  I am fine.  I hope that you have time to read my letter.

I know that you have two lists, and that you have checked them twice (it must be much easier now on the elves with computers).  I'm afraid that I'm on the wrong list and you probably have me marked down for coal. [sniff]

I really don't have any use for a piece of coal since we have gas heating and a gas stove and I'm still not allowed to use matches.  It really does not sound very interesting to take to school for show 'n' tell.  Maybe you can give it to some poor boy who can really use it.  A boy who is where it is cold and has real fires to cook and for heat like I see on the news that mommy and daddy watch.

Anyway, Santa, I'm really very sorry that I was not a good boy all year.  It's very hard to be good with a brat of little brother and an awful big sister who hates me.  Now I've read stories about what happened to naughty boys in the olden days.  The stories always explain that the spanking HURTS but all was FORGIVEN when it was over.  The stories often have the spanker saying that "this is going to hurt me more than you" but since it is only the boy that cries I don't believe that is really true.

Would you bring me a real spanking, Santa, please?  I'll be in my bed like all the kids should be.  I'm in the bed near the window and Jimmy, my kid brother, near the door.  Jill is in the other room by herself.  And even though we don't have a woodshed would you please take me into another room so they won't see me cry.  Jimmy really does lookup to me and he wouldn't understand my crying like a baby.  Jill would just tease me about it.  Of course, if they have to watch ... that's ok too.

I would really like a VIDEO GAME but they are very expensive.  I wouldn't care if it wasn't perfect as long as it worked.  Or a nice BICYCLE -- in fire engine red.  That's pretty expensive too but a second hand one and a can of paint.  Dad was very happy with his second hand car and said he saved a lot of money.  Well, I'll understand if that is too expensive also.  A couple of game cartridges so I could play with a friend who has a video game.

Jimmy would be very happy to get some actions figures and trucks.  Even thou he is a pesky brat, I still love him.  Oh, and Jill would love another doll.  She has lots of dolls but that's what she likes and always wants another.  I don't understand girls, especially her.

Merry Christmas to you and Mrs Clause and all the elves.

Your trying-very-hard-to-be-a-good-boy,


2.  Elf visit in the night

Elron stood in the hall outside Peter's apartment in the run down tenement build so long ago that it had long past its prime.  This assignment was a toughie -- and the old man would surely be checking up on how he did.  He shook the remaining slush off his boots and parka and walked through the triple bolted door.  Yes, the kitchen and family room were to the left so the bedrooms must be to the right.  There was no doubt which was the boys' room; the No gRils alLoWEd! sign said it all.

Elron walked though this door also and looked about the room.  It was a typical boys' room -- messy.  The bed by the door had the smaller body so that must be Jimmy.  He was sleeping soundly although not dreaming of sugar plums.  Fierce, bloody battle after battle surged through his king/general's mind.  That must be Peter over there.  He was dreaming also; a bit sad though.  His nose was pressed against the shop window and he was dripping yearning for the wonderful machines on display.  Wondrous and beautiful bicycles.

Elron gently shook Peter.  This was a very delicate operation.  The boy awoke with a startle.  Elron put his hand over the boy's mouth; "Be quiet Peter.  We don't want to wake Jimmy."  Peter's first thought was that someone had broken in; what could they want with him?  "I'm Elron, Peter, Santa sent me in response to your letter."

SANTA!? Peter screamed inside his head.

"Yes, Santa.  He actually read your letter personally and I've been assigned to take care of it and you.  I'm an elf.  Let's go to the kitchen so the others won't hear us."  Elron removed his hand,  stood up and walked through the door as Peter watched with saucer eyes.

HE WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR.  Pete got up and tried that and failed.  If this was a burglar he was not any ordinary burglar.  After opening the door Pete walked down to the kitchen where Pete was sitting at the table with can of dad's beer.  "You have the milk and cookies, Peter."

Pete just started at the visitor.  He sure did not look like any elf he seen before.  They were always in green tights and red jackets with silly hats and pointy shoes.  This guy had a leather jacket, jeans and square tip boots.

"Pete, I'm really an elf working with Santa.  I'm not in my class-A uniform like when working the malls or department stores.  Yes, the old man, er, Santa really took a personal interest in your letter.  He doesn't have time to read the millions he gets but he read yours."  Elron took out the letter.  "It's very unusual Peter.  Did you really mean everything you wrote?  Think carefully for it very important.

"Yes." said Pete with honest simplicity.

"Santa expects one other thing, Pete.  He expect that you be good this coming year.  He's known boys for a long time and does not expect you to be perfect but good."

"I'll try, Elron.  Really I will."  Pete paused a bit and both took another swallow of their drinks.  "Do I have to cry, Elron?"

"You don't have to, Peter, but you will.  Actually we want your tears on your letter.  Sort of like signing your name in blood."  Pete nodded and wondered and the elf answered.  "No promises for this year Pete.  I'm only in the customer service department.   You realize that this a very busy night for the shipping and delivery departments.  I can assure you it will get you a clean start for next year though."

Peter stood up and Elron moved his own chair away from the table.  "Whenever you're ready."  Peter removed his pj's; first the top and then the bottom.  He bravely walked over to Elron who guided him over his lap and grasped hm tightly about the waist.  He gently patted the cute boy buns which had never been spanked.

"Go ahead, Elron, I'm ready." he said bravely.

SPANK.  Pete was surprised at the noise and feeling.  It hurt but no more than when he and friends traded punches or fought.  Elron smiled at Pete's thought.  Elron no longer worried about the noise because of the magic shield.  A half dozen more SPANKS and Pete was warmed up.  Then Elron began the spanking in earnest.  Methodically, he spanked the boy's bottom with hard SPANKS until Pete understood what a spanking was deep inside his soul.  He began to cry.  Elron continued to SPANK for a few minutes more until the boy was completely broken.

Elron held the boy for sometime until he stopped crying.  "Wipe your tears on the letter, Pete." ordered Elron.  He then helped him into his pj's.  "Now to bed, young man."

Elron walked out through the door as Peter watched.  Back at his reindeer, he took out the communicator and reported in.  He wished he rated a sleigh even just a two-reindeer one as he mounted up and went off to his next assignment.

Peter watched a Elron fly by on his reindeer and got into bed.  It did not take very long for Peter to learn that spanked boys sleep on their tummies.

3.  The morning after the night before

It was eight o'clock when Jimmy pulled off his covers and slapped his butt to wake him up.  "Pete, wake up.  Dad said we can not open presents without you."  In the family room the necessary greetings were exchanged.  Peter held back Jimmy so that Jill went first.  He remembered past years and it was better when she was occupied with her own things when he and Jimmy opened their gifts.

Jill was happy with a couple of dolls.  They were in plain boxes wrapped in plain tissue so they were not new.  She did not notice that though.  Jimmy dived for his box.  He got a Game Boy and a pack of action figures.  Pete went for his box.  There was a can of bright red enamel paint, a can of metal primer paint, some sandpaper and a paint brush.

There was a large tag with PETER in big bold letters but only attached to a string.  Pete followed the string to the closet and opened the door.  A real bike, truly in need of a paint job practically fell on him.  "Looks like your size, Peter." said dad.

"It's beautiful!  Thank you very, very much." yelled Pete overjoyed.  "Look Jimmy, there are buddy pegs -- you be able to ride with me.

Dad reminded him that it would be a lot of work to fix it up but that should be fun.

There was another box for Jill.  It was a locking diary with a voice lock which delighted her.  "That will keep out spying boys." she declared most emphatically.  Little did she know that it was her mother that was the real spy and that there was a backdoor in the program especially designed for snooping mothers.

Then they went through the usual bits of underwear, sox and gloves.  At the very bottom was a small box like for a tie but relatively heavy whose card said: "To Peter; From Santa." and an envelope addressed to Pete.

"I thought we went through everything we got, dear." whispered dad to mom.  "Well, open it Pete and let's see what it is."

Pete opened the envelope.  It was a letter. «Thank you very much for your wonderful and generous gift of a large lorry load of coal.  It will keep us warm all winter.»   It was signed by the twenty boys of some orphanage in Bosnia.  Only Peter understood and he did not say anything.

Then he peaked in the box.  It was a small, boy sized, paddle made of leather about three inches wide and ten inches long.  He chuckled and quickly closed up the box before his siblings could see it.  "Dad, please keep this for me until I really need it."

Both Jill and Jimmy wanted to know what it was but he refused to say anything but "It's a big boy thing and just between Dad and me.  I'll tell you when you're older Jimmy."  He handed the closed box to dad.

His dad peaked into the box and read the inscription (silently): «Peter -- for when you need a little extra help to be good -- Santa».  He also noticed the little imprint on the handle: «Made in Santa's Workshops by Elves».

"Of course, son.  I hope that you won't need it."

"Me too, dad."

"Let's have breakfast." said mom.

It was only after sitting on the hard wooden chair did Pete notice that his bottom hurt.

After they finished breakfast mom started to tidy up the mess from all the presents.  The box that held Jill's dolls rattled so she gave it to Jill.  It was a piece of coal.  Pete and Jimmy both had a good laugh and Jill accused him of putting it there.

"Were would I get any coal, stup..., er, Jill.  You should remember that naughty GIRLS get coal.

When he took off his pj's, a small card fell out of the pocket.  It was Elron's business card.  On the back he had written: "I hope you like Santa's special gift.  Be a good boy."  Pete knew that he was going to be a good boy this year because there was not any doubt that there really was a Santa.  He put the card in his wallet like a big boy.

4. The Test

Peter did very well for the next six weeks.  He managed to stay out of both fights, the principal's office and not upset his parents.  It was a few days before a class trip when he managed to mess up in school and get into a fight.  The school never cared who's fault it was and the note to his father was not good.  A note from school meant being grounded for a week, period.  That would cause him to miss the class trip and that made him very unhappy.  As he sat at his desk not really getting his homework done he thought about things.  Maybe there was a way.  He then found he could really get his homework done.

At dinner, he asked dad if they could talk privately about 9.  By then he knew that Jimmy would be in bed and Jill hiding in her room.  He also asked dad to bring the box he asked him to hold until he really needed it.

There was not any easy way to say what he knew he had to say.  Dad, I been a pretty good boy since Christmas, haven't I?"

Dad nodded adding "Surprisingly good, son.  Your mom and I have been wanting to tell you that."

Peter went on to explain his problem -- some missed homework and the fight that generated the principal's note.  He then asked dad to sign that note and the permission slip for the trip.  As expected, dad hesitated at the second because of the school note grounding rule.

"That why I need extra help, dad.  Please use this" handing him the paddle "and then sign the note."

Dad was a bit hesitant for he had never spanked his children.  "Where did you get this idea, Peter?"

"From the old stories and you even you told how you got spanked by your dad."  Then he let slip that Elron had spanked him on Christmas night and that it did wonders."


"He's an elf that works with Santa, dad.  That's who sent this."  He held the paddle so that dad could read it.  "I think that it made a difference."

"So you want me to spank you, Peter?"

"Need rather than want, father.  But please don't tell Jimmy or Jill; especially Jill."

Dad looked at his son for a full minute before agreeing.  He moved the chair away from the table and Peter stood before him.  Peter started to open his belt but dad stopped him.  "Tell me why you're getting spanked, son."

"Because I messed up at school and this will help me to do what I should, dad."

"Very good, Peter." said dad as he reached for his son belt and opened it.  Soon Peter's jeans and briefs were below his knees and he was across his father's lap.  He did not struggle or resist.  This was the first time that dad had seen his son's bottom like this.  He patted it a few times then raised his hand and brought it down.  SPANK!  Peter yelled but remained in position as dad watched the red hand print form.  Again and again he raised and lower his hand to turn the entire bottom to a hot red.  Dad remembered when he was in this position a long time ago and was proud that his son did not try to get away but accepted what he was due.  He heard quiet sobs and knew how hard Peter was trying.  A few more hard SPANKS and Peter let his crying go.

Dad held him while giving him a few light spanks.  Then he picked up the little paddle and gave Peter six strokes.  He was a bit puzzled that the first three really made Peter jump but the last three did not seem to do anything.  "That's all, son." and lifted him up.

Peter stood between his father's legs and hugged him tightly as he cried for a short time.  When he composed himself, he gave his father a kiss and whispered "I love you dad." right into his ear.  Dad reached down and gently pulled up his son's pants being very careful not to rub the hot buns.

"Better go to bed now, son."

"Yes, sir." responded Peter and started for his room.  After a few steps he stopped and returned to the dad at the table.  "I need these signed for school tomorrow, dad, please."  As dad signed both papers, Peter studied the paddle.  "This pack quite a wallop, dad.  The first three really hurt.  Thanks for going easy with the last three."

"Let's hope that you don't need it again.  G