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My Adventures at Summer Camp

by anonymous

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My sophomore year in high school I was beginning to become a bit of a troublemaker. I was 16 and rebelling against my parents and teachers and getting into trouble at school - typical things 16 year olds do. The final straw came in May of that year when the principal called and said they found marijuana in my locker. Since I had been in no serious problems at school the principal agreed with my parents not to call the police and ordered me to stay after school every day for the rest of the year as my punishment. The principal also told my parents that I had been rebelling against several teachers and thought I was lacking in discipline. He told my parents that he thought maybe as a punishment from them I should spend the summer at summer camp instead of going on vacation with them (all of us were planning on taking a three month European vacation during summer vacation). My parents discussed this in his office and agreed with him. They felt as though since I was carrying pot to school I sure did not deserve a three month vacation. The principal told them of a summer camp nearby that was for all boys and was in session for the whole summer. He also said that the counsellors and staff were allowed much more freedom than your typical summer camps in disciplining campers and that maybe that would straighten out my attitude problem.

I tried talking my parents into letting me go on vacation and kept saying how sorry I was without any luck. They said I had been getting away with too much lately without any punishment and they were sitting their foot down this time.

My mom had bought me a camcorder before getting in trouble at school and planned on giving to me at the time of our vacation as a present. June 1 came and it was time for me to get on the bus for camp and my parents decided to give me the camera anyway seeing I hadn't gotten into any trouble since the pot incident and to make my camping adventure more enjoyable. On the bus trip to camp one of the campers that had been there several other seasons informed me that the camp could be fun but to keep out of trouble because of the discipline freedom the staff was given. I asked him what he meant by that, and he said all the counsellors and staff were issued paddles to use on the campers if they wanted and not all the staff used them but quite a few did.

My camp counsellor was Greg and he was gorgeous. He was 18, about 6 foot 2 inches and weight around 190 pounds and was well built. Greg gave us the general rules that night and didn't mention anything about discipline so I figured either the kid was full of shit or that Greg was one of those that didn't believe in the use of corporal punishment.

Two weeks had passed and I forgot all about the spanking stuff until we went back to our cabin after swimming time. There were 8 guys in our cabin and Greg announced that Randy, one of the guys in our cabin had been caught smoking dope (I could relate to that). Greg got into his foot locker and pulled out his camp paddle. It was about 18 inches long and 3/8 inch thick and finally sanded and polished with holes in the blade. Greg said those veteran campers should now what that was for. He said those of us first year campers should know if we didn't already that the camp issues every counsellor a standard camp paddle and every counsellor is free to use it. He said drugs is one thing he will not put up with and we were all to find out what happens to drug users at camp.

Randy begged Greg not to paddle him. Randy had been to camp several other times and had other experiences with the paddle. Greg told him to assume the position. Randy know enough to bend over the folding chair and grab the seat. All Randy had on was a pair of tight speedo bathing trunks and begged Greg to let him put on his jeans. Greg said no and that maybe the paddle would get through to him quicker on a pair of wet thin pants then sturdy denim ones. Greg gave him 8 hard ones right on the ass and as soon as Greg was done, Randy started jumping around rubbing his ass and looked like he was ready to cry. Greg left the cabin and we started asking Randy about the spanking. Randy trying to brag, said the spanking hardly hurt and Greg might as well have been using a feather. Little did Randy realize Greg heard every word he was saying. Greg told him that obviously only 8 on a pair of bathing trunks wasn't enough to hurt and he was going to get a lot more on the bare ass and he would make these a lot harder with his razor strap to make sure they heard and to report to the tool shed at 6. Randy freaked.

Steve, the first guy to tell me about the camp's method of dealing with discipline said that the tool shed was used for punishing severe offenders. The camp allowed the use of bare ass discipline but not in the presence of another boy (unless if he was a victim involved in the punishment for which the spanking was taking place) and that all bare ass discipline had to take place in the tool shed. The tool shed was just a big empty building with several chairs and some old camp equipment, the perfect place to paddle a guy. There was also a razor strap hanging on the wall, the one which Greg intended to put to good use. Steve and I decided to put my camera to good use and hid it in the tool shed and set it to start recording at 6. We also set it to record at other times when Greg or one of the other counselors was planning on putting the tool shed to good use. A session was always announced several hours in advance so the boy could think about his punishment and allow the counsellor time to cool down. Every cabin had a VCR and TV for viewing movies at night and on rainey days. Steve and I would skip activities and sit around and watch these hot spankings. We would also smoke pot. One day Greg was wondering why we weren't at softball practice and came hunting for us. It was just our luck that Steve and I were both really horny and jacking each other after smoking a joint and Greg busted us jacking off while watching the video. Greg said that since we got so excited over spankings we would be really excited at 6 because we were going to get a first hand look (and feel) of one. We tried talking our way out of it but were unsuccessful. He still smoked the aroma of the pot and also confiscated that.

We reported at the tool shed at 6. There were 20 other guys there. All 20 of those guys had been videotaped there by us. Greg watched the whole tape and invited all of them there. Camp rules allowed it since they were victims of a crime for which were being punished. Greg pulled out a chair and told Steve that he should know what to do. Steve bent over in his skin tight jeans. Greg was holding a switch he had cut from a tree outside saying that he only used a switch for very serious offenders and that it would do a lot of damage over jeans. He said if we were ever there again we would get it bare assed. He gave Steve ten hard ones on the jeans and Greg was already rubbing his butt afterwards. Steve then told me to assume the position. I got ten hard ones also. I didn't think a boy only two years older than myself could spank harder than my dad or a teacher but he had a hell of a swing. My butt hurt like hell, but I figured it was better than those bare ass beatings that some of the other guys we videotaped got and I thought our crime was a lot worse.

Steve and I apologized and started to leave but Greg said our punishment was just beginning. He said when he disciplined a boy in the tool shed that it because the session is to be bare assed and that the victim of the spanking will not be able to sit for a while. He told us to take our jeans down. We did. We both had underpants on and started to remove them. He told us to leave them up. (That meant another session bare assed) He grabbed his paddle and told me to assume the position first. He asked how old I was. I said 16 and he give me 16 hard ones on the ass. They were even harder than the switch. Those air holes really stung and I was crying my eyes out. Steve was 17 and received 17. Greg said each time he progressed in a spanking it was to be with less clothing, a harder instrument and more and harder swats so that meant to bare our asses. That meant more than 17 swats and harder. I thought he was hitting us his hardest with the paddle but I found out soon I was wrong.

He told me to assume the position and I did. He told Steve to bring him the razor strap on the wall. I tried to talk him out of it, but he told me to be quiet. He said since we watched twenty campers getting the razor strap we should each get 20 with the strop. These swats were harder yet and on the bare ass. I knew I would not be sitting for a while. The razor strap hurt more than the paddle and he was paddling us harder. Steve than got his 20. We started to put our underpants on but Greg didn't think that our fellow campers were fully satisfied with our punishment. Greg pulled out another chair and made us each assume the position again bare assed. He allow each camper to give us one swat as hard as they wanted with his paddle. That paddle hurt like hell bare ass and each camper was pissed so they were giving it to us full strength.

Steve and I decided to go for a walk so that the guys in our cabin who didn't get to witness the paddling wouldn't see how much pain we were in and to allow our asses time to cool off. When we got back to the cabin, we found out Greg hid the camera and allowed the guys to watch our paddling instead of a movie that night. Oh well, I guess we deserved it.

Steve was to be 18 the next year and said he was anxious to see if he would enjoy giving a spanking as much as watching one and I better watch my step because I would still be camper and I could be his first victim.

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