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Taken Out Behind The Barn

by Wayne M

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My favorite memory is the summer Tony came to work on the farm. He came from Australia under a farm exchange program and worked for dad during the summer. He was tall and well built, with a cute face, blue eyes, and a nice tight butt. I spent many nights lying in bed thinking about what it would be like to get a spanking from him. I never imagined that it would actually happen.

One Saturday afternoon my parents and sisters left for a two-day trip for the city leaving me and Tony to work the summer fallow. I was driving a tractor near the farm yard while Tony worked in the repair shop. Sometime mid-afternoon I cut a turn too sharp and knifed a tire on the plow with one of the blades. I had no way to fix the tire myself so I had to call Tony to come out and help.

When Tony arrived out in the field, he had no shirt on and his muscular chest was glistening with sweat. He began cursing me for having to stop his work to fix my mistake and, although he looked hot in his tight jeans and bare chest, his attitude angered me. You see, the first day he worked with this machine, he ruined a tire too!

All the way back to the yard, he continued ranting and raving about how stupid he thought I was. Even as he repaired the tire, he continued to taunt me.

Finally I had had enough of this teasing and shouted, "Shut up, you asshole. If you're so shit hot, why did you do the same thing when you first got here?! Sure--I fucked up--but you're not Mr Perfect either!" Oh, was I mad. . . .but I was not prepared for what came next!


As Tony slapped me hard across the face he growled, "You bastard!" And with that he turned and grabbed a length of rope from a nearby cupboard. "Yell at me will ya? I don't think so!"

Startled, I turned to run, but it was too late--Tony already had me by my collar and began to wrestle me to the ground. Once he had me pinned down, he tied my hands behind my back, threw me over his shoulders, and began marching across the yard toward the barn.

When we got out behind the barn, he laid me over an old fuel tank and used the rope to tie me down. In this position, my feet were off the ground and I could not move. Tony then left me there and went back toward the repair shop.

Even though I was plenty scared and surprised at what was happening, my cock had already begun to grow. As I laid there over that tank I wondered where he went and how long he planned to leave me out there. After a couple of minutes, I heard him return:

"Now, you little fuck, you're going to learn who's in charge around here," Tony began. "I'm tired of your shit and, when I get finished with you, your going to learn some respect!"


All of a sudden I felt a streak of pain in my ass. It was then that I realized Tony had gotten a switch from the trees.


Once again the switch cut my ass, followed immediately by burning pain. Tony then began lashing my butt with the switch, whipping me severely. The entire time he whipped me, he continued to lecture me about respect for one's elders and learning that he's the boss.

After about twenty strokes of the switch, Tony stopped whipping me saying, "alright, I think you've had enough."

He then untied me and let me down from the tank. I immediately began frantically clenching and unclenching my burning ass cheeks as Tony looked on in amazement. When I finally calmed down, I noticed that Tony was staring at the raging hard-on in my pants. Embarrased, I crossed my hands in front of my crotch, but it was too late--Tony had already decided on a course of action.

"Well," he began ominously, "it seems that you haven't had enough. I'm going to have to try harder to show you I mean business!"

With that he grabbed me by the back of my neck and lead me over to an old truck. As Tony sat down on the running board he continued his lecture, "When I'm in charge you do what I say without question, got it?" When I did not respond he quickly slapped me across the face and shouted, "GOT IT!?!" Not wanting to risk another slap, I nodded my head quickly. "I'm still not convinced--drop your pants! NOW!!"

I was too embarrassed to respond so I just stood there. Once again Tony slapped me across the face, this time even harder. I realized there was nothing I could do to avoid what was coming, so I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down. No sooner did I have my pants down than Tony grabbed me by the back of my neck and threw me across his knee. There I was in the position I had dreamed of so many times: pants down, over Tony's knee, about to get a spanking. I was terrified and turned-on at the same time.


Without any warning, Tony began spanking me. Although he used his hand this time instead of the switch, I only had my breifs for protection. Slap!! Slap!! Slap!! He must have given me about twenty slaps before he stood me up and said:

"Drop 'em!"

"Wha...?" I asked confused.

"Your shorts--drop em now!" and with that he slapped me again. Not willing to risk making him any madder than he was I complied. Once again, I found myself over Tony's knee, this time bare-assed.

Tony then began spanking me so long and so hard, I scarcely remember it. Until then I was turned on by the spanking, but now he was slapping with all his might on my bare ass--and it hurt!!

I don't know how long Tony kept up the spanking, but by the time he was finished, my ass was on fire and I was bawling like a baby. After several minutes I finally stopped crying so he stood me up and dried my eyes. I knew then that I'd never do anything to piss Tony off again--and Tony knew it too. To prove his point, Tony forced me to strip naked and finish my work that day in the nude.

I don't remember too much about the rest of that summer, but boy I'll never forget the time Tony took me out behing the barn!

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