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Spanked by my little brother

by Arild Karlsen

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Here are a few stories from my boyhood. In the first I'm getting spanked by a female babysitter, but later in the story, I'm spanked by my two year younger little brother...

One summer, when I was 13 years old, I became friends with a boy my age, named Tom. Tom managed to be at my house about every day during that summer since he was allowed to sleep over as much as he wanted.

Of course, with my little brother, Anders, away on summer camp, me and Tom did act a lot like brothers sometimes and we often got into trouble together.

My mom and Tom's mom were extended, second mothers to us both and we had no sense of modesty with either. They treated us both the same and while they were loving and caring, they also wouldn't put up with any nonsense.

The sleep overs were standard. Tom liked sleeping over because I had bunk beds and when he was at home he always had to share a bed with his younger brother, Rolf. So he liked the luxury of his own bed.

This particular summer, mom was away on business, and she hired a 16 year old girl to be my babysitter. My babysitter didn't mind Tom sleeping over, and his mom allowed him after talking with my babysitter.

During sleep over evenings, we'd have dinner, go outside after dinner and play with the neighbourhood kids until about 8.30pm, then come inside and take our bath.

My babysitter would come in and wait for us to take off all our clothes in the bedroom, so she could take the dirty clothes and wash them while we bathed. Then she gave us both a few light slaps to our bare little bottoms and left the bedroom.

At 13 years of age, Tom and I was both to childish to care if my babysitter saw the two of us completely naked. Both of us enjoyed playing together in the nude, and maybe we had a little childish crush on my babysitter and wanted to play childish games with her without clothes on, too see how she reacted.

Off course, she didn't "react" in any way, she just played along with us, and played "mother" with us. Perhaps, she even enjoyed seeing the two of us completely naked ?

It was some source of amusement for us, as it is with many kids. But we were quite comfortable with our au naturel state, especially around my house where there were none of Tom's brothers or sisters to point out our unclothed condition.

My babysitter made no issue of if we decided to play completely naked a while before bath time. One evening she had just taken our clothes to wash and we were as bare as the day we were born.

Tom, always the one to challenge, dared me to run to the picnic table in the back yard and run back. The picnic table was in the middle of our big yard and we had open yards, no fencing, no visual protection.

Of course, being somewhat of a mischievous little teenage boy and always one to accept a challenge, I didn't hesitate. I ran out the door completely naked, touched the picnic table and ran back inside.

I didn't notice if anyone was outside or not. We laughed about the dare and I thought it was cool that I did it and managed to survive the challenge.

Then I dared little Tom to run to the side of the house and get a cup of water from our faucet and come back. It was a bit further and more open to the neighbours, as well as to the front of the house. But Tom bragged that it would be no problem.

We waited for my babysitter to go to her bedroom, where she was sorting laundry. Then Tom grabbed a cup, I slapped his babysmooth and jelly soft little 13 year old childish bottom and he dashed outside, just as naked as I had been.

I waited and hoped that he got back before my babysitter came back. While she didn't mind our natural state indoors, I was pretty sure she would frown on public exhibitions.

I waited and waited and it seemed an eternity. Tom should have been back and suddenly I got worried. I snuck out the door and creeped around to the side of the house.

I peeked around the corner and Tom was waiting there. He threw the water in my face and laughed and ran! I had been ambushed and it was a good trick!

We both ran pell mell to the back door and ran right into my babysitter. "What in the world do you think you two little monsters are doing? Get your two little bare behinds in the house this minute! RIGHT NOW!"

Sheepishly, we got inside, making sure we kept our little bare bottoms away from my babysitter's fast hands.

Once inside, she pinched our earlobes and the two of us walked by her sides, with both our two arms dangling down by our sides.

She led us to the kitchen and gave gave us a royal scolding, got her trusty wooden spoon and never missed a beat as pulled out one of our kitchen chairs.

"I do not appreciate you two little naughty monsters showing yourselves off to the neighbourhood and furthermore you should have gone straight to your bath, and you wouldn't be in this mess!"

We both looked and acted guilty. We had been busted and there was no getting around the act that we were 100 per cent guilty. As my babysitter patted the soft seat of the kitchen chair (they were padded vinyl) I knew the routine.

I was now more than a little self-conscious about being completely bare but that's because I knew my tender little bare bottom was going to get a pretty good spanking with the same infamous wooden spoon that mom used on me and my brother, and my dad !

Both me and my brother were aware of the fact that mom had spanked dad before they got divorced ! We had peeped through keyholes, to see dad being placed across mom's knee against his will. She had pulled down his trousers and pants and smacked his little bare backside with the wooden spoon, until he cried !

Now, after being divorced, if he was too late with his paternity order payments, or anything else, mom still never wasted much time in putting him over her knees, to give him a good spanking on his little bare bottom !!! This was a real case of a woman spanking a grown man against his will...

I bent over the chair and felt my babysitter grab me on either side of my hips and adjust me so my legs were off the floor. Fortunately, the soft vinyl didn't aggravate any private parts.

My babysitter hardly missed a syllable of scolding as the spoon soon rained down across my upraised bare buttocks. The fire started and my bottom was spanked with that spoon that covered every inch of my naughty little tender bottom and then some!

I wiggled and pleaded and apologised... but as with all my spankings, nothing stopped my babysitter until she felt like stopping. I think she gave me a good 15 smacks with the spoon and when she stopped, she lifted me off the chair and I grabbed my sore bottom and tried in vain to rub away the soreness.

My only compensation at this point was that my spanking was over and now I could at least watch Tom get his little bottom spanked. It was an intriguing spanking to watch and it etched itself in my memory even at that age.

I watched with interest, as I tried to rub the redness from my tender little childish bottom. My babysitter laid Tom over the chair and soon started spanking his well-rounded and naughty little bare bottom.

He put up a little more of a fuss than I this time because he had it set in his mind that wooden spoons hurt more than a hand for a spanking and so he was reacting to his own mindset.

I watched with fascination as my babysitter gave him as thorough a spanking as she had administered to me and when he had been well spanked, he was set up and we were both herded to the bathroom.

The scolding continued as my babysitter ran the bath water and she didn't have a lot of sympathy as we eased our sore little butts into the warm water. It was one of the few times she personally bathed us and she had a scrubbing brush that almost felt like it could take skin off.

Most of our bare bodies could handle it that evening, but when she scrubbed our sensitive bare bottoms, well, our expressions were probably set in a permanent wince until she finished.

After the bath we usually got to watch TV or play games, but this time we just had to put on our T-shirts and underpants and head for bed. We never tried any more nude "dashes" in public after that!

The following is M/M. When I was 17 years old, my 15 year old little brother was stronger than me, and enjoyed dominating me. When mom was away, she put me in charge as his babysitter, but unknown to our mom, he was babysitting me !

"Arild, get your little butt in here this instance !" Anders was furious. I was dressed in my usual summer attire: I was shirtless, had on small shorts, white socks and sneakers, just in from playing outside.

"Yes, Anders ?" "Arild, it's come to my attention that you were smoking cigarettes yesterday. Is that true ?" My blond young face blushed beneath my tan: "how did you find out ?"

"That really doesn't matter, does it?" he responded. "Turn around, and put your hands flat against the wall, and keep them there." "But, I only had one..." "DO AS I SAY, YOUNG MAN."

Nervously, I put my hands against the wall. Approaching me, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of my shorts and swiftly yanked them down to my ankles, eliciting a gasp of surprise from me: "What are you doing?" "What I'm doing, big brother," Anders said, "is prepearing you for your punishment, a sound spanking to your cute little backside."

With that, he swiftly repeated the process with my underpants, tugging them down and leaving my little bottom bare and ready for its spanking. The contrast between my deeply tanned legs and back and my milky white little buttocks must have been astonishing.

"Normally, I would give a 17 year old kid 20 whacks with my belt, but since this is a first offense, I'm going to go easy on you and give you only 10."

As I looked over my shoulder nervously, he slowly took the belt off and doubled it.

He brought the belt slowly back, and quickly snapped it across my little bare butt." "CRACK" "OW-W-W" I brought both my hands off the wall and placed them across my now stinging bottom. "Put your hands back on the wall, big brother, and don't remove them again."

Slowly, I followed his instructions. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, he placed three more strokes across my rear, eliciting gasps and the beginning of tears. 'Please, Anders," I said, "I'm sorry I smoked."

"No, Arild, you're not sorry you smoked - you're sorry you got caught and are getting your little bottom spanked." Six more swats followd, leaving my little bottom a nice pink from the top of my crack to just above my thighs.

After the tenth, he told me to turn around and face him. "Now Arild, I know I haven't been giving you a spanking since you was thirteen and I know you think you're too old to be spanked. I disagree. As I said. I would normally give a boy your age 20, but instead I gave you 10, but I'm going to follow that up with an old-fashioned spanking."

With that, he sat down, took me by my slender waist and pulled me across his knees. He then spanked me soundly with his hand, ignoring my flailing legs and flowing tears. He must have marveled at the combination of firmness and baby-softness to my now red and sore, tiny little bottom.

A few days later I tried to complain. "I'm almost a man, and you're only my little brother" I concluded. Anders smiled: "Ah - almost. Well, if you're 'almost' a man, you must still be a boy, right?"

"Well - I guess so." "Isn't a 13 year old also a boy, Arild?" Anders said. Flustered, I replied: "well, yeah, but...." "The fact is, big brother," Anders interrupted, "that you need spanking on your little bottom more than a 13 year old does on HIS little bottom, because you are almost a man and there isn't much time to make sure you become the right kind of man.

"Speaking of which, my dear big brother, didn't I tell you to clean your room up yesterday ?" "Yes, Anders, but I've been awful busy and...."

Pulling a hassock out, Anders ordered, "Arild, when I tell you to do something, I expect it to be done. Now take down your trousers and lay across the hassock. It's time for a spanking on your naughty little bottom !"

Faltingly, I unbuckled my belt, lowered my pants and placed myself across the hassock. Anders leaned over and, placing his fingers under the elastic band of my underpants, he slowly tugged them down to join the trousers at my ankles.

He then lifted my shirt off my tiny little buttocks up to my armpits, exposing my firm and youthful little babysmooth bottom, which still showed the tan of the previous day's spanking.

As I nervously waited, I watched Anders' belt doubled in his right hand. "Now Arild, I told you I think 20 whacks is about right for a 17 year old boy, but I'm going to give you a choice of 20 or, as before, 10 followed by a hand spanking."

I cringed at the idea of again being placed naked over his knee and spanked like a child, but I also remembered how much worse the pain of the strap was on my helpless little bare bottom than my little brother's open hand. "I'll take 10 with your hand, little bottom," I replied defiantly.

"It's your call, kid," smiled Anders, as he raised the belt and brought it swiftly down across my tender little teenage bottom.

"CRACK!" I bit my tongue to suprress a cry, as the sting of the belt expertly snapped across the middle of my childishly rounded, jelly soft and babysmooth little backside.

As the spanking slowly and methodically continued, I continued to arch with each swat, but fought back cries as the belt was laid across every inch of my little bottom.

Slowly, the pink turned to red, from the top of my totally hairless crack to just above my slender thighs. "CRACK!" "CRACK!""CRACK!" As the spanking continued, I, although still not uttering a sound, could not hold back my tears. At 10, the rhythmic spanking stopped.

"Alright, little big brother. Stand up, and stand at attention, arms by your sides." With that, Anders put down the belt and I, the 17 year old, slowly stood in front of my 15 year old little brother.

"Alright, kiddo, raise up you little arms." As I reluctantly raised my helpless arms above my head, he lifted my shirt and my t-shirt over my head, leaving me now completely naked, except for my trousers and undershorts still dangling around my ankles.

Seating himself, Anders placed his hands around my young narrow hips and bent me over his lap, simultaneously tugging my trousers and undershorts off my ankles and placing them with the remainder my clothing on the floor. I was completely naked !

"I always spank boys our age completely naked over my knee, the old-fashioned way, like mommy did with us.

Anders teased me by telling me that he couldn't help but notice with satisfaction how much younger I appeared in my birthday suit.

Smiling, he carefully positioned me so my now scarlet little childish behind was centrally placed on his lap and commenced bringing his open hand down against the soft swells of my rounded little buttocks.

As the spanking continued, my last bit of resolve crumbled and, kicking my bare legs helplessly and vainly trying to get my hands across my blazing behind, I broke my silence. "PLEASE ... IT HURTS, IT HURTS. I'LL BE A GOOD BOY, I PROMISE!"

Finally, noting with satisfaction the heat of my now severely chastened nates, Anders laid one last smack across the center of my tanned behind and lifted me onto my feet, with a helping hand round my baby smooth and jelly soft buttocks. Now, big brother, pick up your clothes, and get in bed."

"But its 3:00 in the afternoon," I replied in a cracking voice. "One more word, young man, and you'll be back across my knees, getting your cute little bottom spanked all over again ! Now move your tiny little butt !" I picked up my clothes, walked naked to my room and into bed, laying on my stomach.

One night when I was 18 years old, and was home on leave from the army, I went to a dance with my girlfriend, wearing my army uniform. Even though I was a soldier in the army, I still had to do as my little brother said, while I was home. I was supposed to babysit him, but guess who was babysitting me ?

I was supposed to be back by eleven in the evening after the dance was over. At the last minute when the dance was over, I decided to go to a party afterwards and eventually time slipped away, and it was three o'clock in the morning.

I went home by taxi. The drive took thirty minutes. I knew I was in trouble, as I approached the gate leading up to our house, when I saw the light in the living room. Anders was waiting up for me to get back home.

I went inside and found Anders waiting up for me inside the living room. When I came into the living room, Anders stood up on his feet : "were have you been, big brother !" he said. I quickly apologised to my angry little brother.

I told him my story, and he started scolding me telling me about my lack of respect, and how he'd been getting ready to call the police among other things. He told me I was too young to be out that late at night, and how I didn't even have the respect to give him a phone call. He had been waiting all night for me to get home.

I responded with any number of excuses, but unfortunately none would work, and Anders knew I was lying anyway. He said he wanted to