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Tim Gets Even

by Y Lee Coyote

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I hated my older brother and for good reasons.  Ever since I could remember Douglas had picked on me.  It was worse than the usual sibling rivalry between two brothers  (that I saw with my friends and their brothers) for Doug was, to put it bluntly, a nasty bully and always had a nineteen month advantage over me.  Our parents were not very observant and Doug's threats to hurt me again were always effective because I was scared of him.  One particularly nasty thing happened when I was only six and Doug's friend had a sleepover.  While his friend held me down in my own bed, Doug peed over my crotch so that it would look like I had wet the bed.  This got me stuck in diapers for a week and prevented me from having my own sleepover.  Many times my homework disappeared and I got poor grades and detentions in school.  I think that my hatred was justified and constantly I dreamt of getting even.

The opportunity presented itself when I was twelve and Doug was thirteen and half.  Both of us were on the edge of puberty (I was relatively ahead with that) and Doug was only marginally taller and heavier than me.  It had been several months since I had been closely watching where he  was surfing when on the web.  It had been an easy task to put a spy program that recorded his URL visits and copied his e-mail; he was quite a dumb ass with computers.  The intelligence I gathered told me that Doug was interested in male/male domination/submission, bondage and spanking particularly with a military twist.  Truth be told, I also found a lot of the stuff exciting for my boyhood reared to its full size when I checked things out; especially when I thought of dominating Doug and getting even.  It was obvious as to the role he most desired and which were his favorites stories were for he had copied them and changed the bottom boys' names to his.

One day the Junior Thespians rehearsal was canceled because the teacher was sick so I got home some two hours early.  As I entered the house, I heard strange sounds from upstairs.  I started up the stairs and then I could hear more.  My brother was talking and there were slapping sounds.  As I listened, I got my digital camera out of my backpack and moved closer.

Now I was able to understand what Doug was saying and see what he was doing for the door was open.  Doug was lying on the bed with his naked ass to the door.  He was hitting himself with a belt and saying stuff like: "You're a bad boy, Douggie.", "Are you going to do your homework?" and "You deserve this spanking."  I was amazed but not too amazed to take several pictures and then swap the memory module.  I recognized these as lines from Doug favorite stories.

I took off my own belt and walked quietly into the room.  "Yes, you have been very naughty, Douggie." and swung my belt at the well positioned ass.  I connected much harder than Doug had been hitting himself.  Not only did I smile when I saw a wide red strip appear on Doug's butt but I almost creamed in my pants.  I managed to get another two hard THWACKS in before Doug jumped up shouting:  "What the hell?"

"WE'RE NOT DONE YET, NAUGHTY BOY Douggie.  THAT WILL BE TWO EXTRA.  GET BACK INTO POSITION, DOGFACE."  I snapped loudly, trying to be as commanding as I could forcing my tenor down to a barbitone.  I hoped I sounded like a DI.

My very surprised big brother Douggie said: "YES, SIR." and fell back on to the bed like the wimp he is.


Doug's butt was red all over and I'm sure that it hurt a lot more than when he had hit himself but he could not get up.  I had said the proper words and he could not escape from his fantasy turning into reality.

"You are a very bad boy, DOUGLAS OSCAR GRANT."  All the stories used full names when yelling at the naughty boys.


I was really laying it on hard.  I had many years of pent up hatred to drive me.  Then I heard Douggie sobbing and whining.  "I'll be good.  I'll be good.  I'll be good.  Please stop.  Please."

THWACK!!  "Will you do your homework?"  THWACK!!

"Yes, sir."

THWACK!!  "Will you clean your room?"  THWACK!!

"Yes, sir."

THWACK!!  "Will you be nice to your brother?"  THWACK!!

Douggie did not answer, so I had the strap ask the question again.


"Yes, sir."


That was just the extra to get Douggie to bawl.  I dropped the belt and picked up my camera again.  I got several pictures of the well strapped bottom both close up and distant to show the room in detail and then went around and got a couple of face shots.  Douggie was crying so much that he never noticed the camera which I then quickly put away.

As I paused and admired the glowing red hot butt of my wimp, bulling big brother I realized that my cock was trying to burst of out my jeans.  I yanked open my belt, ripped open my 501's and pushed down my tended boxers.  My cock snapped up, slapping my abs with a smack like it was a paddle spanking a bad boy's butt elated to be free.  Then I remembered one of his fav stories.  The story-Douggie was a plebe captured by the rival house at the military academy, tortured and fucked by the officers.  I grabbed the tube of lube that I used to jerk off with and covered my rampant rifle.  I pressed a glob on my brother's bull's-eye and stepped up to the firing line.  I pressed forward and he yielded for I was the irresistible conquering force.  My rifle slid in all the way until I was pressed tight up against his hot butt.  I held my position reveling in my conquest for a minute.

Then I grabbed his hips and started to fuck him hard and fast.  Boy, did that feel great.  Losing one's virginity as one chooses is always great but taking Douggie's at the same time was awesome.  As I thrust in and out, Douggie started to respond and through his sobs, was whispering "fuck me, Captain, fuck me, Sir."  My rifle exploded like it was an automatic spewing my cum deep into to my now compliant brother for the very first time like a hail of bullets.

Then I got a washcloth and started to comfort the big cry baby.  I sat on the bed (being careful not to sit where he had shot) and pulled him up and held him while wiping his face.  There was much snot and tears requiring mopping up.  I just used another line from his favs to remind Douggie that spankings are what happened to naughty boys but now that it is over all is forgiven.  (That last part was a big lie.)  As I held my brother I realized that we both still had hard ons.  I also noted that my brother had a few pubes.

After a while Douggie seem to quiet down and I said simply "When Douggie is a bad boy he gets spanked to teach him a lesson.  Now it is time for Doug to take a shower and then do his homework."  I was certain that this would be a good test for he absolutely hated to be called 'Douggie'.  He had shown his extreme dislike with his fists a couple of times.

"Yes, Sir.  Douggie go shower now." he said going off to the bathroom.  I was ready to fight but he just trotted off like a whipped puppy dog; DOG -- that's stands for Douglas Oscar Grant!  I quickly copied the pictures from the camera's memory into my PC and uploaded them to my home page.  By the time Doug returned from the shower, I was doing my homework as if nothing unusual had happened.  Doug did not say anything but just dressed and started on his own homework.  I smiled when I saw how Doug was fidgeting on his hot ass.

It was lights out time before anything was said.  I took the lead having won the latest battle and now planing to win the war.  I sat on my brother's bed and told him directly that I knew that he liked to play the naughty boy and as a dear, kind, loving brother I would help all I could even to elicit the help of our friends if necessary.  I knew that he would want to keep this a secret.  When Doug tried to speak I just placed a hand over his mouth.  "No need to thank me, Douggie.  No need to thank me at all." I purred.  I also rested my other hand on Douggie's crotch and could feel his boner.  I squeezed it and smiled.  "Yes, this is exciting and it will get even more exciting, brother as we do more like in those stories you love so much.  Now be a good little boy and go to sleep, Douggie."  At least for now it seemed that Douggie was too overwhelmed to object.

I then got into my own bed and added: "Oh, congratulations on losing your cherry." just to annoy him a bit more.  In the stories being fucked meant that he lost status and as fucker I gained it.  I'm sure that Doug was doing what I was -- wondering what the future would bring.  I slept very well that night in the satisfaction of having strapped my brother and knowing there was more -- a lot more -- to happen.  I guessed that Doug would worry for he now knew that his little brother knew his deepest secret.  What would happen?

The next afternoon Doug wrote to his e-mail buddy telling him of the strange event.

Kev,  the strangest thing happened yesterday....i was home alone and trying to spank myself with my belt just like we talked about several times....and my pesky kid bro came home early and caught me....and then started to strap me himself HARD!!....he said all the right words like in my fav stories and it was so totally exciting....he isn't the hunk that i dream of at all....i came from the strapping and it was TOTALLY AWESOME....he even claimed me as a proper conqueror does and i shot again....later at bedtime he promised me more like in the the fuck does he know about those can bet that i want more but i can not tell him....doug
I did some shopping on the way home.  I wanted to get things that I needed.  I was glad that I had read not only the stories but several of the how-to's sites.  My brother never though of looking there.  There were only two things that were essential to get.  First was rope and the hardware store had lots of that cheap as clothes line.  The second was a razor.  That was gotten as a two-pack at the drug store.  Gags and blindfolds can easily improvised.

Midday on Friday, I went to the school library and sent a very innocent looking e-mail message.

Conduct review and inspection at 1930h tonite; your quarters.
I also included a link to a couple of the pictures I took of his hot red ass.

I got home early and changed into a tight black t-shirt, camouflage pants and boots and went out and returned home at six for dinner.  Mother had set the table in the kitchen for us as she and dad were going out.  After eating, we went to watch TV in the family room.  At 7:25 I asked my brother if he had someplace to be.  Doug dashed off to our room and I smiled a great big smile.  Douggie definitely wanted to play some more.  A few minutes later, I put on my bomber jacket and mirror sunglasses and went to our room.

Douggie, sitting on his bed not really sure of what was going to happen was dumbfounded when he saw his me.  I was not the big stud that his dreams were made of but the other images were just right.  I fired off a whole rapid fire series of 'did ya' questions not leaving anytime for Douggie to reply which was my intention.

"Well, boy?" I snapped and again not allowing any answer continued: "It appears that you have earned yourself a whipping boy.  Get those clothes off, ASAP, boy!"  Douggie did not move.  "That's three extra for delaying, boy.  Now STRIP!"

Douggie slowly started to open his shirt. "Yes, sir." he said meekly and quietly.  I'll bet that my eyes were twinkling hidden behind the mirrors and I struggled to keep a stern scowl on my face.  I stood there enjoying my bullying older brother stripping at my command in preparation for another strapping.  I felt the power being coursing through my veins with every heartbeat.  I did not care why my brother was obeying just that he was.  My cock was super hard and was tenting my pants.  It felt good.  Everything felt good.

Douggie was now naked and standing at parade rest.  His cock was also hard but it did not point up and I could count that he had ten pubes.  That was more than I had and that would not do but first other things must happen.  "Pick up that mess and fold it properly on the desk, boy." I barked pointing at Douggie's clothes on the floor.  Douggie did at he was told.  As he started back, I put out my hand: "Belt."  Douggie pulled the belt from his own jeans and handed it to me.

"Over the bed, Douggie-boy."  Douggie knelt the edge of the bed so that his rump was out.  I stepped to the side and removed my jacket.  I folded the belt and snapped it.  Douggie flinched at the sound and I grinned.  I raised the belt and brought in down hard leaving a wide red strip and then again.  "What this for, boy?"

"Not doing my homework, Sir."

THWACK!!  THWACK!!  "And this?"

"Not studying for the math test, Sir."

THWACK!!  THWACK!!  "And this?"

"Talking back to mom, Sir."

I was amazed that this was so easy.  Douggie was submitting so much I could hardly believe it.  After some ten hits, he was sobbing and I was hitting faster.  I wanted to make Douggie bawl like a baby and he did.  Then I gave him a few more hits.

As Douggie bawled like a baby, I got the rope from my pack.  I selected four six foot lengths.  "Get up cry-baby."  Douggie stood up.  I yanked the top sheet and blankets from the bed.  "Lie on your back, Douggie-boy."

Douggie obeyed once again.  He lay passively as I wrapped the rope about his right wrist three times and tied the rope.  Then I tied the end of the rope to the bed frame.  I repeated the operation on the other wrist and then both ankles.  He was breathing heavily.  For the first time Doug was tied spread-eagled like in the stories and his dreams.  I stepped back to admire my work.  I let the camera admire it also.

The first bandana made a good blindfold and the second a good gag.  After a couple of more pictures, I sat down by the side of the bed and ran my hands over my brother.  I could feel how Douggie reacted.  "You really do like this, Douggie; don't you?"  Douggie nodded.  "I know what you need boy." I said letting my hands caress the tied up body.  I kept my hands moving all the time for I did not want Douggie to know what was next.  I even jerked Douggie's cock some as I slid the safety razor across his pubis shearing off his ten first-growth hairs.  He would surely notice that he was bald the next time he showered but he would not know how or why it happened.

I moved over him, put my knees in his armpits and removed the gag and blindfold. I hit his nose with my hard shaft and I could see how his eyes were following it.  He licked his lips a couple of times.  Then I brushed it cross his lips and he opened his mouth.  I released the grip I had on his balls and leaned forward so that my shaft moved into his open, hungry maw.  I kept moving forward and brushed his uvula and kept going.  He choked as I expected but did not try to bite.  I pulled back and repeated this several times.  "SUCK, DOG." I directed and he tried.  He needed to learn how but this was not the position for that.  I let him try a few minutes and then pulled out.

I untied his feet and got between his legs again.  I raised his legs up on my shoulder and moved forward.  I squeezed out some lube and coated my cock and his hole.  Was he pleading with his eyes that I should not do this again?  I was not sure so I said: "It not your choice, boy."

The look in his eyes changed.  I must have said the right words.  "Yes, Sir.  Please fuck me, Sir."  I'm a loving brother and I did as he