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Barrett Family Justice Night

by Will Faber

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Blond, blue-eyed Danny Barrett told the following account to a friend who tape-recorded it. The details were written down some ten years later.


It happened when I was 13. I don't know if it was the worst spanking of my life, but it sure is the one I remember most!

One night last summer while our ten-year-old cousin Billy was staying with us, my nine-year-old brother Dougie set off a firecracker in our room. It didn't do any damage, but it sure was loud! My Dad heard it right away, and it made him mad as hell! He came storming into our room, and when he found out what had happened, he said:

"All right, I'm really going to clean house for this: Danny, get your pants off! You two younger boys–get yourselves bottom-naked. I want to see you all in the living room in five minutes!"

When Dad had left the room, Billy turned to Dougie. He and I were already taking our pants off. "What does he mean 'bottom-naked'?" Billy asked then.

"It means, you have to strip completely naked, stupid!" Dougie said angrily. I think he was mad really at himself, and scared and embarrassed. But he was not in the mood for Billy's question at this time.

"No," I corrected,"it means, you have to take off your pants and underpants just like Dougie." As I explained this I stepped out of my pants, and Dougie was stripping off his underpants.

"Hurry up!" I warned. If we're late, Daddy will whip us twice as much, and it really hurts!"

Billy undressed reluctantly. Even then it still didn't seem to sink in. "You mean, he's gonna whip us all?" he asked with amazement.

"That's right," Dougie assured him. "We're gonna get a hiney-whipping, and you are, too!"

"But why didn't Uncle Dan just take his belt to us when he came into the room?" Billy asked.

"We don't do things that way here," I explained to Billy: "When more than one of us get punished, we always have a kind of court in the living room or the den."

"And you have to take your pants and underpants off and walk in there with nothing on but your shirts?"

"And maybe our socks and shoes.."

"Oh, God!" Billy sighed. "How embarrassing! I feel worse than naked like this,- as though I'm wearing clothes but not to cover any of the places clothes were 'specially meant to cover!"

We headed for the living room. Dougie led the way. We always had to form a line in the hall. As I came out of the bedroom, I saw them both facing right along the far wall of the hallway. Dougie was looking just plain miserable, but Billy had a really intent look on his face. Then I realized what it was: He was staring at Dougie's bottom!

You know how little kids around nine and ten get these real round dimpled butts. Well, Billy was staring at Dougie's behind as though he was noticing it for the first time. Seeing a kid with only a shirt on but no lower clothing kind of has that effect. Anyway, Billy just stared and stared at Dougie's bottom, especially as we walked to the living room and the cheeks rolled like two little puppies!

We went into the living room. When Billy saw our mom sitting on the sofa, he tried to run back to the bedroom. But Dougie and I stopped him.

"You didn't tell me Aunt Edna would be watching!" he bawled.

"You didn't ask!" Dougie remarked.

"All right," our Dad began. "Dougie, you're the one who lit the firecracker, right?"

"Yes, sir," Dougie answered.

"Then you're first. Over my knee you go!"

He sat down in his chair and took Dougie over his knee. Then he spanked Dougie's bottom about ten times, hard, until both cheeks were bright pink. Next he took his leather belt and whipped Dougie about ten more times on the bottom and the back of his legs before he finally let him stand up.

When Dougie was set on his feet again, he was allowed to yell and cry as much as he wanted to, but while any of us was over Daddy's knee, he has to hold the noise in as much as possible, or he might get extra swats. So now Dougie really let loose, bawling bloody murder with both hands clutching his bottom, which now was cherry-red! Also, he jumped around so much that his little dick and balls flopped up and down, and he even made the china rattle in the cabinet.

Billy was next, and he was so embarrassed at having to stand bare-bottomed in front of everyone--especially our Mom, his Aunt Edna! Frantically he pulled at his shirt hem with both hands to make it cover his dick and balls. And for a while--maybe all of a minute--it would. But that made it wrinkle up in back so that it left his behind all bare.

Now Dad told Billy:"You know that when you stay here, you live under the same rules and get the same treatment as my own sons. So, I have just one question for you: Did you know that Dougie had matches and was going to light a firecracker in the house?"

"Yes, sir," Billy answered.

"All right, then, bend over. You're going to get a bare hiney-whipping too!" Dad told him.

"Please, Uncle Dan...." Billy pleaded.

"Bend over now!" Dad ordered. Billy obeyed.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Billy wailed as the strap came down hard across his bare bottom. He got it ten times altogether, as did I. When my turn came, I had to bare my bottom by pulling my underpants down in the rear, and I had to leave them like that all during and after the spanking. I asked if I could pull them back up after the spanking, and Billy and Dougie asked if they could get dressed again or at least put on some underpants. But Dad and Mom both said no: we kids all had to run around bare-bottomed until bedtime, which was about two hours away still.

So, we had to wash dishes and clean up the kitchen as we were. Dougie even had to go outside with no pants or underpants on when he took out the garbage. Boy, was he ever embarrassed! He kept looking over his shoulders every minute to make sure none of the neighbors was looking at him. As it turned out, two of our neighborhood kids, Josh and Adam, did happen to see him.

But that's another story, since we didn't find out about that until some time later.

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