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Part 8: Bar Trip

by TopLegal

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 16 Apr 1997

Bar Trip

WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between two adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, don't read it.

REMARK This story picks up in the world set up by the stories Spanking Party, Justin Returns, and others. If you haven't read them, I recommend them based on the overwhelmingly positive stream of feedback I've received. Full chronological list is at end of this story.

Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental.

Author: TopLegal,

(c) 1997, TopLegal. Permission is granted for distribution via Usenet and the Web in full.


As you already know, I'm a practicing attorney in our great big city. I travel in a circle of hot friends and love to spank among other S&M proclivities.

This story involves Mike, the hot black bar tender featured in Spanking Party 2.


I woke up, looked around, hot male bodies everywhere. David shaved and sore. Rob looking hot as ever pressed against his sore punished boyfriend.

Geoffrey and Tom were also pressed against each other on the side of me, they looked hot and for the first time ever I didn't see the smug self satisfied appearance on his face. Tom looked content with his new beau.

Justin was nestled as ever in my chest, he was beautiful.

Sun was streaming into the room.

I moved Justin and roused him from his slumber. We kissed and crawled out of bed leaving the other couples to find their way out. We showered together taking our time to savor each other. It was Sunday.

After I dressed myself, I woke Dave and Rob quietly and took Dave to the bathroom. He looked embarrassed and his ass was red and sore still. He looked at himself in the mirror. Justin woke Rob up with a blow job at my request as I talked with Dave about how I wouldn't tolerate him cheating on Rob and I would give the beating if he did something like this again. I rubbed my hands over his now smooth -- shaved -- head. I cupped my hands around his ass. He had the point.

Rob came in looking very satisfied and I let them shower as I turned to Geof and Tom on my bed. I woke Tom careful to let Geof still sleep. I asked him how he felt about Geof in front of Justin and making Geof live by the same type of rules that Justin did. He nodded, but I knew he wouldn't give the spankings that would help. I had Justin take him to the other bathroom so I could spend some time with Geoffrey.

I looked at him as he woke up. I saw the slight smugness returning, I kissed him awake, "Tom?" he asked. I smiled. I pulled him up and took him to the bathroom and with Rob and Dave still in my shower, I shaved his crotch and arm pits. "Keep them like this." Geof nodded. I slapped his ass firmly, that got the message home.

I took him back to the bedroom and handed him a jockstrap, Tom says you won't be working any more, you will be staying at home most of the day, right? Geof nodded meekly. I showed him a jockstrap. You will be wearing these at home and here from now on, Justin will be doing likewise if we visit you, he already does it here as you see. Geof smiled broadly.

As for discipline, Geof frowned at the mention of his ass being punished, Tom is not quite ready to provide you all the help you need, I know he lives a good 15 blocks from here, but from now on, I will be supervising punishing you. I'll be over nightly if necessary and you will be spending all weekends from after dinner on Friday till Sunday here, if Tom wants to stay that's fine, but you will be here.

I headed out to the living room to wait for my guests to finish up so we could get brunch. Geoffrey sat nearby contemplating the life


The six of us went to brunch. Dave bumped into at least 5 different doctors he knew at the restaurant -- I planned that more or less by my choice of locations -- and was mighty embarrassed to have a shaved head. This was not going to go over well at work, which was the point. I figured whoever he was fucking around with wouldn't be amused either. Plus I took pleasure in his apparent pain from sitting as he shifted from cheek to cheek in his chair looking for freedom from pain.

After brunch, Dave and Rob headed home, I was certain Rob would be keeping Dave under a tight leash for a while.

Justin and I went over to Tom's to help Geoffrey out. On our way, we stopped at a drug store and I had Justin help pick out some supplies Geoffrey would need.

And then I made Geoffrey buy it for himself while the rest of us watched. Then we hit Tom's apartment. In spite of his actual wealth, Tom lives in a relatively small walkup brownstone. As we entered the door, Justin immediately started getting out of his clothes, down to his jockstrap. Geoffrey went to sit down. I immediately walked over, grabbed him, bent him over, pulled his pants down and slapped his ass 30 times. Then I let him get out of his clothes.

I took him up to the bathroom and set up his supplies. I had Justin give him an enema while Tom and I watched while kissing and talking to each other. Justin was quite thorough and even a bit cruel.

He took a small piece of soap and shoved it up Geof's ass after the first enema and then inserted two more loads of water with the enema kit. Geof was howling and cramping quickly. Tom asked Justin to leave his ass plugged for a while and provided a butt plug he had. Justin helped Geof sit on the toilet seat cramped with a soap suppository enema filling him and hurting as Tom lectured him.


Tom explained that he had lousy relationship after relationship with guys that just weren't willing to be there for him. This was different. Geof begged to have the water released and Tom refused.

Tom continued that Geof could leave whenever he wanted, but to stay he would be a fuck-toy houseboy getting spanked by me or Justin whenever necessary to control his behavior and smug attitude. Geof was in pain from the enema/plug/soap suppository combo and Tom seized the moment and ordered Geof to perform squat thrusts.

10 reps.

Geof struggled through them with great pain. When he finished I had Justin let the enema out.

Justin and I headed out to leave the two alone, I made a point of reminding Tom of my cell phone number in front of Geof before we left. As Justin dressed I thought about rendezvousing with that hot bartender into caning from the Dungeon.

Afternoon Frolics

Justin and I wandered the gay ghetto areas of the city together arm in arm, enjoying the hot men surrounding us. We sat in the park and enjoyed the warm spring day for a while also. Being with Justin was so wonderful. My cell phone rang, Tom. I said I would be over. I pointed Justin towards the bar where Mike -- from Friday night worked -- and suggested he handle the bartender while I handled Geoffrey.

We agreed.

Justin had gotten to payback Geoffrey already, but I sensed he wanted a shot at the bartender for spanking him publicly the other night.


I headed over to see what the problem was and arrived by 3. Tom summarized quickly, Geof didn't want to have sex since he felt sore from the enema still.

I walked up to the bedroom and found Geof sulking in his jockstrap in the corner. I pulled him up to me, kissed him, then bent him over, still standing, and began spanking him firmly. After about 30 slaps he pleaded with me to stop. I kept going firmly working his ass sore with just my hand against his bared cheeks. Tom came up and fingered his fuckhole while I slapped away. This hurt I was certain from his pleas.

After spanking him and letting Tom finger his hole, he started begging Tom to fuck him so I would stop the spanking. I did and he quickly let Tom fuck his sore ass through. I watched my buddy fuck this new hot boy toy with amazement. For someone unwilling to do the dirty work of spanking he certainly knew how to enjoy and manipulate his new toy.

I watched him fuck Geoffrey for over an hour just sitting and stroking my cock, when he came inside Geof, he ordered Geof to suck me off. This was something Geof was not thrilled to be doing since I had spanked him just now, and the night before and well, you get the picture. I had put him into this life -- a far cry from his life at the top of the law world.

I enjoyed the blow job thoroughly.

As he finished, I shot my load into his wide smug brat mouth. I pulled him over my knee and resumed spanking him with my hand to help him understand delaying Tom's gratification was not acceptable.

When I stopped spanking him around 7 pm, his ass was sorer than all fuck. Although I just used my hand, I work out enough that I have a lot of strength and endurance.

His entire ass was red from the spankings and only at the fringes could you make out where the tips of my fingers had slapped his ass. He was not crying but was clearly sore. Tom wandered back in as if nothing happened and told Geof he wanted to fuck again, Geof seemed ready to protest but a slap of my hand on his ass and he was bent over on the bed, ass in the air for rear entry.

Tom and I have fooled around now again over the years we have known each other. When he is horny, I've seen him fuck repeatedly four or five times in quick succession. Heck, he fucked me six times in a row when we first met, which was shortly after Justin had left me five odd years ago. He is a hot man in spite of his short comings. We mutually fuck and suck still. Geoffrey opened his ass wide and Tom's massive cock rode him good.

When Tom finished he brought Geof back over to me for more spankings. He also handed me his wooden hairbrush. Geof was already pleading, but I took him over my knees as Tom left the room, unwilling to be involved. Geof started crying and pleaded for me to stop, but I started spanking him with the brush. This was going to be an important lesson for him.

After just two or three cracks, he was crying loudly and pleading for an end to the punishment. I worked the hairbrush firmly and quickly across his buttocks as his struggled mightily in my lap. After 20 strokes I was satisfied that the crying brat in my lap would behave -- at least for a few hours.

I left him crying on the floor and kissed Tom on my way out. I heard Geof crying as Tom started fucking him again.

I headed out the front door for home it was almost 9 o'clock and I decided to head home as I had work the next day.


By when I got home, Justin was naked and waiting for me and looked happy, after I gave him his bedtime spanking, he curled against me and told me about Mike.

He had found Mike finishing the afternoon shift when he arrived and he took him down to the stockroom of the bar. Mike was expecting me perhaps, but Justin, as I was quickly realizing, had acquired some excellent spanking knowledge in his month or so with me.

Down in the stockroom, Justin quickly stripped Mike buck naked, just like he himself had been Friday at the Dungeon. Justin found a yard stick against the stairs and bent Mike over a barrel. His hot hairy black body pressed over a keg.

How I wish I had been there, my cock throbs against my hot boy who spanks so well. Justin kisses me and continues explaining how he beat Mike.

First Justin worked his hands on the hairy ass cheeks exposed and bared for his pleasure. He slapped them in syncopated rhythms and then simultaneously playing them like a percussion instrument. Pausing as he had been taught to tease and rub the hot warm flesh underneath. Slowly two red spots appeared on the hairy ass underneath him. Progress.

He ground his groin in between the hot exposed cheeks and then lifted the ruler. Resting the yardstick on the bare butt and one hand on the small of Mike's hairy back, Justin began giving Mike what we had both seen Mike loved: caning marks on his butt. Some were visible from Friday and others from earlier trips, Mike was into this heavy and Justin had the mean streak to give it to him, I know now.


The yardstick struck the exposed trapped ass cheeks violently...


Mike was in pain, Justin was not going gently.



Justin lost track of the strokes as he brutalized the ass underneath him. Justin had no finesse for the tender gentle aspect of the pain infliction that went with spanking, but this is what Mike wanted and I knew this from seeing the deep cane marks the other night. I was also certain that although Justin would probably enjoy spanking, he would tend towards the harder side.

All in all, Justin estimated he gave 50 strokes, brutally to the hot hairy muscular bartender. Then, he fucked the bartender's burning hot hair black ass with vigorous pumping action making sure to slam his body against the tender sore red ass cheeks surrounding the fuck hole.

Mike never cried during the spanking and Justin left without talking to him after cumming.

I pulled my hot boy close to me and fell asleep against him.

Epilogue by the Author

This story is completely fictional and is an outgrowth of my own fascination with spanking. I find spanking so erotic because it is such a release and such a power trip. After I've had an erotic spanking session with someone I find myself so relaxed and at peace.

Let me know what you think of this story by writing me email. I've gotten a number of very positive responses to the original "Spanking Party" story I wrote and continue to receive them. As a result I've written more. Continued feedback means continued stories.


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