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Bare assed Spanking

by paddle

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(Note: This story is pure fiction and is intended for mature audiences enjoying stories regarding gay sex and spanking.)

It started out as a normal Saturday. I got up, showered, put on my old baggy sweats and a tight crew necked tee, made a pot of coffee, and read the newspaper. After I was done, I opened the box that contained a couple of new porn tapes I had ordered. I bought a "Buy 3 get one free" offer. The "free" one was a complete surprise. It was a 4-hour anthology of men spanking men.

I had been spanked regularly when I lived at home. I was even spanked once when I was 20 and produced a shitty grade report from the U by my father....and since I'd just gotten home from the gym, it hurt like hell because all I had on was a tee, jock, and a pair of spandex workout shorts. I remember that I had gotten hard when he spanked me and ended up jerking off after stripping naked and seeing my red buttocks. Oh well, that was then and this is now.

I decided to bypass the other tapes and unwrapped the spanking tape and put it into the VCR. It started out with a fast paced number where a Daddy-type was spanking a hot young guy over his knees. The kid was wearing jeans but, soon they came down and his white briefs were paddled. Then, you guessed it, the kid's underpants were yanked down and Daddy proceeded to beat the kids smooth asscheeks bright red. The kid stood up and sported a huge hardon while Daddy reached for the wooden paddle and made the kid bend over a chair. The kid got another 30 or so hard swats with the paddle before Daddy got the belt, then a hairbrush, and finished with his hands after stripping the smooth boy naked.

My cock was hard as a rock and tenting my baggy sweats. There was a good-sized spot of precum that had soaked through the cotton material as well. As the tape continued, the Daddy made the boy stand with his hands behind his head while he took a buzz clipper and shaved the boy's sparse patch of pubes down to the nubs and then dry shaved him smooth....and since I'm an avid shaver, my hands quickly dived down into my sweats to start to feel my own smooth shaved crotch and to stroke my 7" hardon.

When the kid was draped over his Daddy's lap again and spanked with a leather-covered paddle, my cock erupted in volumes into my sweats and all over my hairless crotch, cock, and balls. As I was basking in the afterglow of a very intense orgasm, my doorbell rang.

It shocked me out of my stupor long enough to realize that I had just significantly shot a huge load of hot cum into my sweats and they were rather wet. I quickly stopped the VCR and yelled at the person on the other side of the door to wait. I yanked down my sweats and grabbed the closest piece of clothing I had - nylon running shorts - the ones without a supporter in them and tugged them on. While my cock was still semi-erect, I could at least answer the door. I was hoping whoever was out there, did not want to come inside.

On answering the door, I discovered that it was the repair service I had called to install a telephone system for my business - as I also keep an office in my home. I invited him in. "Mark" as it read on his uniform shirt, looked to be in his 40's. He was about 2 inches taller than I and had a great body that his tight, dark blue uniform looked glued to. His uniform pants (particularly his basket) were a remarkable sight. I had not been with anyone for quite a while as I developed my business so I was more than ready for some hot, naked guy fun.

I showed him around the house trying to concentrate on anything else but him so I wouldn't get hard while wearing just a pair of nylon gym shorts....which were already showing a minor wet spot leftover from my previous "shoot" into my baggy sweats. When he went out to his truck for the equipment and the cabling, I dashed into my bedroom and threw on a pair of tight CK briefs and a pair of my best "show off my basket" Levi's. As he was coming in the door, I was descending the stairs. He stared at me and I said, "I just woke up when you got here." "Oh."

He found the entry for the telephone lines and I watched his beautiful ass encased in his uniform pants as he attached some of the modular equipment to the wall. He got up, asked for a drink of water, and followed me into the kitchen. I had forgotten all about the open videos I'd unpacked and left on the dining room table. As we walked by them, I was hoping that he wouldn't notice. I poured him a glass of cold mineral water, he drank it, and we walked back out into the main part of the house. I watched him as he stopped momentarily when he noticed the videos lying on the table.

"Hmmm," he commented, "I haven't seen that one yet."

I blushed a dark red when he looked at me and I answered, "I haven't either. I just got them yesterday."

"Can't get these around here that I know of," he said. "I've got quite a collection, but I have to order them 'cause the stores don't have 'em here. You gay and into spanking? (He paused) Don't be nervous. I'm not a red neck. I'm gay."

As I stared at my installer, my cock was doing quite a number in my tight briefs and jeans. I mustered up my answer and said with a nervous and shaky voice, "I'm gay too."

"Well," he answered, "You into spanking?"

"Er, ah, well, I have never been spanked since I moved out of my folks house but, I was watching the tape when you rang the bell and well, 'er, had just shot off into my sweats."

"Thought I smelled manjuice when I came in," he answered. "You're a great looking guy. How old are you?"

"Thirty-two. You?"

"Forty-three and in the best shape I've ever been in all my life."

I couldn't help but blurt out, "Yeah, you certainly are."

He just smiled and went back to his work. My cock was hard as a rock and when I saw him turn around, so was his.

He worked for about an hour and then moved into the living room were I wanted a phone installed. I was sitting in a chair reading a book when he came in and said, "You know, if you want to watch your tapes, it's OK by me. I haven't seen any of them yet."

I smiled at him and answered, "I'd like to but, they get me rather hot."

"So what," he said, "Maybe we could jerk off together."

I wasn't shocked as much as I wanted to be kneeling at his feet with his pants down around his knees while I sucked his cock!

"I need to take a break anyway," he added. "Mind if I sit and watch?"

"Uh, no, 'er, I guess not."

He reached for the remote and turned on the TV and VCR and pressed play. The spanking tape started again and showed a guy (about my age) having his jeans pulled down by a guy (about his age). The spankee was then draped over the other guy's fully clothed knees and the spanking commenced with a hairbrush to the spankee's tight, white briefs. My cock was almost in pain as it was trapped inside my tight clothing. I noticed a formidable bulge in my new found friend's pants as well.

The tape continued until the guy had been spanked in numerous positions and was finally naked. The spankee's crotch was completely shaved as well. The scene ended with the spankee sucking the spanker's cock and then laying back and shooting a huge load of cum all over his smooth chest and stomach. I was almost breathless and trying not to move as I could feel that, if I did, I'd lose another load to my pants.

He reached over and turned off the VCR and looked at me and said, "Get over here boy. You need a good spankin'!"

I froze. I didn't know how to react. I wanted it, but........

I got up slowly and walked over to him. He reached out for my jeans and slowly unbuttoned them laying the flaps back to expose my white briefs and significant hard cock bulge. He smiled a little and said, "You know boy. You young guys have always had it too easy. Well, I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget. (shouting) PULL DOWN THOSE JEANS BOY AND GET OVER MY LAP!"

He scared me but I obeyed answering, "Yes sir."

I skinned my jeans down around my ankles and crawled over his muscular lap. My hard cock was pressing against his hard leg when he raised his hand and started spanking my muscular ass through my briefs. It hurt too, but I was never more aroused and fighting back my cumload.

Swat, swat, swat - it continued. My ass was stinging and felt on fire as he kept up his pace. I started to flinch and yell "OW!" but he kept right on whacking me. I finally could stand it no longer and said, "Please sir. No more. You're gonna make me cum in my underpants."

That made him more determined and his pace increased as well as the force of his swats. I could hold back no longer and cried out as I had the most intense orgasm (of at that point, my life - but the first of that day with him). My shorts quickly felt hot and gooey. He stood me up and stared at my cum soaked briefs and then at he leg of his uniform pants. "Boy, you sure made a mess. STRIP! NOW!"

It shocked me again. I stood back from him and pulled off my tee and then skinned out fo my cum soggy briefs. Go stand in the corner. I obeyed.

While standing in the corner, he disrobed and walked over to me and said, "Turn around boy."

I was still hard as a rock and oozing precum all over the floor. He smiled when he saw my totally shaved body. I gasped when I saw his. He was in perfect shape. Broad shoulders, great pecs, flat stomach all covered in a light down of clipped short hair. His cock was at least 8" and his balls were shaved and his pubes were very neatly trimmed and short. There was a clear drop of glistening precum oozing out of his piss slit. I knelt down in front of him, wanting to taste his gorgeous cock.

He immediately stopped me and told me to bend over the arm of the sofa and spread my legs. He grabbed the belt out of my jeans and told me I was about to experience the taste of leather. I pleaded for him not to, but I felt the sting of my belt across my already stinging ass. I remained hard as a rock as he administered over 30 well placed whacks. Tears were rolling down my cheeks when he was done, but I was hard and throbbing still.

I felt his fingers exploring my asshole. I knew I was about to be fucked....and I wanted it bad. When I felt the head of his precum slickened cock against my asshole, I must have whimpered a bit as I heard him groan contentedly as he spread my burning buttocks and enter me.

He fucked me like no other. It was incredible. He pulled down and I felt my hot, red ass splattered with his hot cum. It hit my back and shoulders too. He stood me up and knelt down in front of me and engulfed my hardness and quickly brought me to yet another explosive orgasm.

We stood there for a minute dazed. He smiled and told me he would finish installing my phone system. He pulled on his briefs and went back to work. I just stood there. I knew I wanted more from him.

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