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Basher Reform
Part 1

by Ret Taylor

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I met my husband, Rocky on vacation at an exclusive gay resort in the South Pacific. This is a resort like none other in the world. There is no desire that cannot be fulfilled. The island is staffed by gorgeous hunks of men whose only purpose is to see to your pleasure. No matter what your taste in men or what your fantasy is, it can be fulfilled at this resort.

What most people don't realize is that most of the men working on the island are graduates of a unique government rehabilitation program for gay bashers. Rocky's success is due to an innovative program called, M. A.M. (Men appreciating Men), that forces the assailant to confront his own internal issues and come to terms with his insecurities about himself and gay men.

I am fortunate enough to live in a country where assaults against gay men are not tolerated and the legal system deals with offenses in a swift, expeditious fashion. This program is just not limited to those who have physically assaulted gay men, but any man is found guilty of assault by his actions, words, or deeds. The law not only applies to adult offenders but any offender whether he's teenager or an adult. After being convicted of gay bashing, the assailant has no choice but to be enlisted in the M. A.M. program, there are no exceptions! Before he is discharged from the court he is forced to disrobe and stand in front of the court and apologize to his victim(s) and led from court to jail where he is held until his transport to the facility where he begins his rehabilitation program.

The program is administered in a facility, akin to a maximum-security prison system, on a remote island far away from the mainland, where there is no possibility of escape. There are no visitor's allowed any mail or television. There is total and complete isolation. When the military transport from the mainland transporting the men lands at the tiny airstrip, The assailants are ordered off the plane and told to strip naked on the tarmac. They are then lined up and upon the arrival of the commanding officer ordered to stand at attention for the commander's welcome.

The commander, a big cigar-chomping former Green Beret, who has absolutely no tolerance or respect for gay bashers, goes down the line and pushes every inch of his 6'5' 270lb. frame in the face of each offender and let's him know what a cowardly, worthless, piece of shit he is. The prisoner is told that he has committed a crime against man and nature must spend the rest of his life making up for his transgressions, however if he works hard and follows orders he can be redeemed. His nakedness is symbolic of the stripping away of his rights and privileges as a human being. He is now less than a human and has to earn his way back to manhood. His life now belongs to the facility, the world he left behind no longer exist. He is a ward of the facility. His every action and move will be under the scrutiny of the guard(s) assigned to his unit. All activities at the facility are monitored by closed circuit video cameras, even their shower and toilet facilities, which were placed in the center of the barracks, had video cameras. There is no privacy. The barrack guard assigned to his unit is his lord and master, and he has complete control over every aspect of the inmate's life. The inmate can't piss without his guard's permission....

His clothes and personal belongings are gathered up and burned in a pile right there at the strip. The prisoners are then marched naked from the airstrip to the facility, approximately 5 miles away. They are marched to the center of the facility where the other inmates enthusiastically greet them with cheers, jeers, catcalls, and whistles, onto a raised platform.

They are then holed down with ice cold water and trustee's climb up on the platform armed with bars of soap and scrub brushes. After being soaped and scrubbed to perfection, the

New inmates are given a very humiliating public physical examination by the medical staff. No orifice is missed.

The new inmates are then lined up and tied with cords to poles directly behind them. They are then subjected the first of many whipping. Each man is given a severe beating by a thin flexible switch to his bare bottom. Normally, each inmate is greeted in this manner by at least one hundred strokes. After every new inmate is whipped soundly and sobbing uncontrollably, they are left tied to their receptive poles for all the guards and inmates to come up and make closer inspections.

The next order of business is to be marched to the barracks and greeted by the your barrack guard, who may or may not repeat the same process as the commander, it's up to him. After the greeting the inmate is assigned a bunk, and work boots, and other personal items. Rules are laid down. Short military haircuts are given and any body hair the barrack guard deems unnecessary or unacceptable to him is shaved. Each man is assigned a buddy who is responsible for his grooming and hygiene. All the inmates rotated in maintaining any guard or officer who did not have a man assigned to him for his personal grooming. Before any man is allowed to participate in the daily activities or allowed to eat, he is inspected for proper grooming and hygiene.

Any disobedience from any one of the men, and the entire unit gets punished. They are to be their brother's keeper.


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