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Basher Reform
Part 2

by Ret Taylor

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Dec 1997

This story is for adult entertainment purposes only. If you are offended by stories involving male/male spanking, and Homoerotic content, do not read this story! All parts of this story are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people, places or institutions is purely coincidental.

Once the men are marched to their respective barrack units the real fun begins! Yes, introductions to your barrack guard. This man is your Lord and Master for a time that is determined solely by him.

It just so happened that the latest arrival of inmates included a very popular handsome movie star, Hal Berry. Now it seems that Mr. Berry had given an interview to a foreign language newspaper and in that interview had made some rather derogatory statements about gays and some of their sexual practices. To make matters worse the pompous ass thought he was above the law and neglected to even make an apology even when asked. He went on to direct a film that contained scenes that were very homophobic. Charges were filed and Mr. Berry got his day in court. He was under the impression that his money and influence would buy his acquittal, and all the fuss would blow over. In a highly publicized trial, a jury found the movie star was found guilty of gay bashing. The judge agreed, stating that by sentencing him to undergo the program it would set a good example for the rest of the film industry.

His apology in front of a packed courtroom was a full on emotion filled performance. Despite his award winning performance in front of the court and numerous appeals, his ass still belonged to the program, and now the Captain of the guards would direct his performances.

Captain Brown, the captain of the guards was a highly intelligent, very well respected career military man. His hard rugged face reflected his Welsh ancestry. He was a highly discipled, no nonsense kind of guy who had lost his young lover to group of young street punks out looking for trouble one night. He left his position at the pentagon to take this prized assignment.

Needless to say, he was delighted to have this ass-hole in his unit, and upon laying eyes upon the movie star he knew whom he would mold into his new personal slave. After going up and down the line of nude men standing at attention he walked back up to the middle of the line and addressed his charges, "We know who you are and you know why you are here. I am Captain Brown and the two men who escorted you here are sergeant's Stephen's and Thompson. You will address me as Captain Sir, and these two gentlemen as Sir. Do I make myself clear?'

"Yes, Captain Sir."

Captain Brown paced up and down the line. "Let's review the facts scum bags... I will come up with new names for you as soon as I find something appropriate for each of you... The facts are, that you have been convicted of a very serious crime against your brothers, and you are here to pay for that crime and make amends."

"IF, you complete the program successfully, you may be allowed to serve your fellow man in the capacity of a human being again, but for now your ass belongs to me. I am the judge and the jury." "If I do not feel you are making sufficient progress and are not meeting the objectives of this program, you will forced to visit, "The island", as a last ditch effort to modify your behavior.

(The Island on the other side of the world was said to be inhibited by fierce man-hating female warriors who delighted in hunting down their victims, and performing public male genital mutilation. Few men ever return).

"Do you bitches understand the seriousness of this situation?"

Caption Brown got a mumbled "Yes, Captain Sir".


"Yes, Caption, Sir"

"Good. A team of specialists in human behavior has constructed the regime of the program. I have been trained to observe the results and have been authorized to use any means I deem necessary to implement the program. The heart of this program is discipline. You will obey any order no matter how trivial." "As you have already been informed, You will be assigned a partner responsible for your grooming. He's also your bunkmate. No one sleeps alone here."

"YOU WILL, develop a profound appreciation of the male body and soul, and WILL yearn with all your heart to love and please a man. Don't worry, it will become completely natural!"

"As you may have determined, there is no means of escape from this facility. The only way out is by air. We are within a military gunfire range as clearly marked on any navigation chart. Commercial and private vessels do not come here."

"The facilities are sparse. We have a kitchen, latrines, training rooms, and laundry - all of which you will all become familiar with. Everything, our quarters, your barracks, the training facilities will kept up by you. You will not socialize with anyone outside your barrack unit. Food and supplies are flown in once a week. You will have no contact with the world you left behind."

"There will be no unauthorized sex. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Captain, Sir."

"As you can see, we have a semi-tropical climate here, so there won't be much need for clothing, and what clothing you might be issued in the future has been designed to display your goodies. Which you are to present at the discretion of any guard or officer here. But since you are all now in the no-good-bitch stage, there's no need for clothing, is there?"

" No, Captain, Sir."

Captain Brown barked, "A-TEN HUT!

The men marched into the barracks, a large room with beds, footlockers, wall lockers, a few chairs and desk's, with shower and toilet facilities at one end of the room.

"Now the first order of business is to select my pussy-boy, slave", as he paced up and down the line of men.

" YOU, the pretty bitch", addressing the movie star. "Front and center!"

Hal rushed forward and stood at attention. The Captain, looked him up and down, grinned, and reached out and grabbed Hal's cock and balls in a vice grip. Hall screamed out, "Let go of my balls, you sick bastard." Captain Brown, drew back his well-muscled arm, and slapped the movie star so hard in the face he lost his balance and fell to the floor.

The Captain then took his left foot and grounded it into the movie star's crotch.

"Apparently, you did not hear me clearly, Your ass belongs to me now! That means I own you, bitch. Now get your ass up."

The movie star struggled back up to his feet, and resumed his position.

"Now, as my pussy-boy, you the distinct privilege of demonstrating to these other bitches how a man is to obeyed and served. Believe me, you will develop self-esteem in learning how to serve a man, and maybe some day you might be allowed to train a bitch. Now won't that be fun Bitch?"

"Yes, Captain Sir" Hal whispered.

A footlocker was pushed to the center of the room by one of the sergeants. He approached the movie star and gave him a slip of paper.

"Now, Mr. Bitch movie star I want you to read out loud and clear exactly what is written on that piece of paper and you are to see to it that you and your fellow inmates commit every one to memory. I assume you can read?" "Yes, Captain, Sir." The movie star whispered, his voice shaking as he read the words on the page.

"Sir, I have misbehaved, Sir! I am a low common no-good bitch and I serve to be punished, Sir! Please correct my behavior and make me worthy to serve you. I want to be your boy, your slave, Sir! and it is my will to be punished my you until I am deemed worthy to be called your boy, Sir!

"All right assume the position, bitch!' The Captain ordered as he pushed Hal over the footlocker.

The Commander stepped forward, and displayed a riding crop. "Let's see how serious you are bitch"

WHACK!! Hal body shuddered and shook with the force of the first blow. WHACK!!! , WHACK!! And WHACK again. A red welt appeared across Hal's ass. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, more welts, as a sob escaped from Hal. Tears of pain and humiliation begin to flow from his eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, the Captain stopped swinging the crop against Hal's naked red ass. Hal's sobbing had turned to uncontrollable crying.

"What a lousy bitch, I only counted 100 strokes, you will require extra special training" Won't you "

"Yes, Captain Sir"

"Stand up, Bitch"

Hal shakily raised himself from the footlocker, his whole body trembling with sobs. His ass was bright red, and the welts cris-crossed each other.

"Turn around and face the others." Hal turned and give everyone a full detailed view of his hard-on, sticking straight out into the air, trembling in time to his breathing.

"I didn't give you permission to get hard, did I" Before Hal could answer, the Commander brought his riding crop down on Hal's cock and balls with quick rapid and precise strokes.

"You don't get hard, unless I give you permission. Is that understood, bitch?"

"Yes, Captain, Sir" Hal cried as his hard-on quickly disappeared.

"Get down on your knees, crawl over to me and thank me for showing you the error of your ways."

With his head hanging and still crying, Hal kneed and crawled over to the Captain.

"Captain Sir, thank you for punishing me. I deserved it and plenty more. I want to earn the right to be called your boy and I will do what ever it takes to earn the right to be called your boy, Sir"

"Well Hal, that was almost a decent beginning but, you have a long way to go before I'll even allow you lick my smelly ass-hole."

" If I remember that interview you gave correctly, you have a problem with guys, who take it up the ass. Well, we'll have to work on that, won't we bitch?"

"Yes, Captain Sir"

"Back in line Bitch"

TO BE CONTINUED.............

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