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Stripped & Humiliated

by Adam

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I always was at odds with my teacher. She was a nun. I was in a Catholic school. I was in the 9th grade at the time this happened. The principal was a priest that was really strict. I knew that if I was ever sent to his office my butt would be red for days. My teacher hated me. I was always giving her a hard time. She was ugly and I think she hated all boys. Finally one day she said that she and I were going down to the principal's office for a little discipline. I was scared to death. The priest who was the principal was known to spank boys over his knee on their bare butts with his bare hand.

She marched me down the hall in front of her and we came to the principal's office. She went in alone first and spent a few minutes talking with the priest, then she came out with him. He called me into his office and I went in and stood there with my teacher to my right and the priest standing in front of me behind his desk. My teacher's arms were folded and she had this smirk on her face like she knew that I was about to really get it. I was trembling a little.

The priest spoke first and said that my behavior will not be tolerated in the school and that I had become a distraction to other students. He said he was going to spank me until he felt like I had learned my lesson. Then he said, "Do you understand?" I was too scared to protest. I just said "yes sir."

I was hoping my teacher would leave but she was still standing there. The priest then walked around his desk and said to my teacher that he would take it from here and that she could go. My teacher then asked the priest if she could stay and watch saying, "I believe that humiliation is a large part of discipline and I think if I were to watch him being spanked that he would not be so quick to act badly again." The priest agreed. I really felt sick to my stomach now. My teacher watching me get spanked would be the worse humiliation I could imagine. She hated me and I know she would gloat over my humiliation forever.

There was nothing I could do. I protested to the priest, but he would not listen to me. He walked over to a straight back chair and told me to come to him. I walked over to him as I glanced at my teacher standing there with arms folded and with that same smirk on her face. I stood in front of the priest and he told me to sit on the floor and take off my shoes and socks. I did so and stood up again. Then he unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. He handed my shirt and my shoes and socks to my teacher. It was so humiliating to see her take my clothes and hold them. Then he undid my belt and my jeans and pulled them down and asked me to step out of them, which I did. He handed my teacher my jeans too. I looked at her briefly and she had a slight smile. Now I was standing in front of both of them with only my underwear briefs. The priest then put his fingers in the waistband of my underwear and quickly jerked them down to my ankles and he asked me step out of them too. I was totally stripped and humiliated. I put my hands over my private parts and he handed my underwear to my teacher which she took and held with the rest of my clothes.

I started to get a slight erection standing there. My teacher was off to my right and she could see my naked butt, but my hands were covering my dick and balls. My pubic hair was sticking out above my hands because I could not cover the whole area. Suddenly the priest grabbed my hands and arms and lifted them up over my head. I was shocked. My dick bounced a little because it was half hard now and I glanced at the priest and my teacher in embarrassment and saw their eyes go immediately to my semi-hard dick and balls. He held my arms up in the air and then walked me around to his right side where he pulled me across his lap. By now I had a raging hard-on and my teacher had seen the whole thing.

I was so embarrassed. The priest asked my teacher to hold my legs still and she walked around to face my upturned ass and she knelt down to hold my ankles. She was staring right at my naked ass as the priest began to spank me. He spanked me hard and for about 20 or 25 swats it seemed. I squirmed but he did not slow down. My dick was really hard now. My teacher held my feet and ankles tight as I was being spanked naked over the priest's lap. I was so humiliated. I could feel her slightly spreading my legs as she held me. I knew she was doing it on purpose to further humiliate me. I am sure she had a good view of my balls and my dick as I kicked and squirmed under the spankings.

Then the priest made me stand up as I was rubbing my ass. I forgot that my dick was sticking out with a hard-on until I noticed my teacher looking at it with disgust and a slight smile. He then told me to go over to his leather couch and lay on my back. This was the worst.

He had me lay on my back on his leather couch totally naked and then he pulled my feet up and over my head so that my legs were pulled back and my butt up in the air like a baby getting a diaper changed. He asked my teacher to hold my feet again. This time she was holding my feet tight and pulled over my face and my legs were spread with my butt up in the air. She could see my hard-on and my ass-hole. I know she was loving this. I was completely humiliated. The priest began to spank my ass again with his bare hand as my teacher held my feet back and down around my ears. The way she held my legs down made me spread my legs and she could see my balls, erect cock and my ass-hole.

The priest spanked me hard again. After about 10 swats I was crying and begging him and her to let me go. Then he stopped. He told my teacher to keep holding me in that position and that he would be right back. When he left the room I was wimpering a little from the crying and the pain. My teacher said to me as she held me naked with my erect cock exposed and my ass-hole exposed that I should learn my lesson and behave from now on. She said it with a smile. I was devastated. Pre-cum juices were dripping down off my erect penis unto my flat stomach as she held me there. It seemed like an eternity. I was completely humiliated by the whole thing. I would never be able to look her in the eye again. I glanced up at her and saw that she was intently looking at my ass-hole. When I saw that it made me squeeze my ass-hole automatically and I'm sure she saw it tighten up because she looked down at me and smiled as she held my feet.

Then suddenly the priest came back into the room with a ping pong paddle. He said that this would be the last time he hoped he would see me in his office. I cried out "no!"---"please don't spank me any more!" But he would not listen. He spanked me and spanked me and spanked me as my teacher held my feet down around my ears. It hurt so bad. I was crying and sobbing uncontrollably. My hard dick was now soft and pre-cum juices were all over my stomach.

He finally stopped spanking me and my teacher let go of my feet. I collapsed and stretched out naked on the couch not caring if they saw my dick now. I slowly stood up and the priest had me stand with my hands on my head as he lectured me about my behavior. My teacher stood beside him and was enjoying it all. Slowly, standing there stripped and naked, with my hands on my head, I started to get another erection. I couldn't help it. I tried to think of something else but it only made things worse. My penis slowly stretched out and began to rise until it was at full attention, pointing to the ceiling at a 45 degree angle. With my hands on my head I looked at my teacher and she was staring at me and my erect dick with that same smirk. The priest was also looking at my erection as he lectured me. My butt was burning big time.

He finally told me to put on my clothes and I did. Then my teacher walked me back to her class, again in front of her. I entered the room with red eyes and all knew that I had been spanked. I went over to my desk and sat down and put my head down on the desk. My teacher continued with the teaching that day. I have always disliked her immensely since that day. She did not have to stay and watch me get stripped and humiliated and spanked on my bare ass. I never got over the way she looked at me in my nakedness. When I got home that day, I went into my bedroom and locked the door and masturbated for an hour. I made myself come about four times to relieve myself of the stress of the whole thing. I was not looking forward to seeing her in class tomorrow. I slept like a baby that night, even though my ass was sore. Catholic schools can be rough when it comes to discipline.

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