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A Boy's Big City Adventures
Part 5

by Y Lee Coyote

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 25 Sep 1997

This story is all the product of my imagination (i. e., totally fictional). This is a sequel to "A Boy's Big City Adventures I to IV" which should be read first as the characters are introduced there. Feedback greatly appreciated.


It was late Saturday morning when Kris woke up. He felt great, particularly as he was entwined with Tom. As it always was since he had reached puberty, his shaft was hard not withstanding all that it had been though (in ?) just a few hours earlier. Tom was still sleeping and he watched the older man quietly for a while. He noticed the other's bare pubes and his own very short 'short hairs'. He felt himself and then Tom. This was the first time that he had hair and his partner didn't since he and his high school buddy did it the first time. That had been a very happy experience and they then spent the day together at the amusement park. It had been an extraordinary day.

He kissed Tom who started to get up. It took only a few minutes for Kris to get into Tom and they beamed at each other in the subdued light that slipped in around the window shades. Then Kris asked Tom if there was an amusement park with rides and stuff. "Of course, we got everything here in the Big Apple." Tom smirked (not being so far from the truth).

"I should have known you were going to say that. Let's pretend that we're high school kids and have fun. I've had enough culture for one trip. I want some earthy fun."

"Great idea! We can go as soon as you finish fucking me." snickered Tom.

"And also spanking you!" countered Kris. And he did that as soon as he finished the activity in progress. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled a non-resisting Tom across his lap. He then proceeded to heat up the freshly fucked buns stopping after they were a nice rosy pink. Tom then returned the favor. After all, everyone loves hot buns for breakfast. They were loving and fun spankings just to make each other feel good. After showering, they were on their way a little later wearing swim suits under their jeans and carrying a backpack with towels and other necessary stuff.

Tom refused to tell Kris any details just promising that it was what he asked for and would be fun. Stillwell Ave on the subway's F[uck]-train destination marker was not any help. Without any warning, the train left the dark underground tunnel and was in bright sunlight on some viaduct. And it was soaring up higher. The view took Kris' breath away as he stared over Brooklyn and back across the East River at Manhattan gleaming in the bright midday sun. And then, a few minutes later the train sped back into a dark tunnel. Tom still refused to tell Kris anything about where they were going. Every question was answered with: "Wait and see." and the silly grin of a teasing smartass friend.

"Stop looking like the cat that ate the canary, Tom and tell me something, please," implored Kris. "If you don't stop acting like that, I'm going to spank you."

"That should be 'coney' not 'canary'," he replied impishly and added: "And is that a promise or a threat - SIR!" grinning. By now they were outside again but there weren't those magnificent views any longer. And then, abruptly, the train turned and he saw it: a huge Ferris Wheel and a strange tower that was even higher. Tom dragged Kris off the train but the "West Eight Street/NY Aquarium" station marker meant nothing to Kris. This certainly wasn't the West Village on West Eight Street he was in last night. As they went down the stairs, Tom said: "Welcome to the Island of Rabbits." And after Kris' very puzzled look added: "Better known as CONEY ISLAND."

They rushed along the pedestrian bridge to the Boardwalk. Kris noted the Aquarium and the Cyclone roller coaster now some seventy years old on the way to the boardwalk. Crossing the wide boardwalk Kris saw the water and a huge expanse of sand. The beach was deep - about a tenth of a mile to the water! And stretched for two miles along the shore. Some seven miles across Lower New York Bay could be seen Sandy Hook.

They stripped to their swim suits and applied sun block and tanning lotion to each other's backs and enjoyed the heat of the sun followed by a refreshing romp in the sea with much horse play. Then about 4, Tom insisted that they go on to other things. They washed off in the open cold water shower and surreptitiously dressed in the public rest room.

The first thing they went to was the Aquarium. There they looked at the exhibits. The large all-white Beluga whales were so beautiful and friendly looking that they both wished that they could ride them but the only thing to touch this day were the rays. Actually, it was the rays who were allowed to touch the visitors. Kris was not unhappy that he didn't try to pet the large sharks with big teeth in even bigger mouths. It was interesting to watch the sea otters groom themselves. They were acting like 80 pound cats the way they brushed themselves with their paws and doing cartwheels in the water. This day one of them gave himself a blow job. Tom told Kris that once when he was there one of them had a hard-on and a little girl asked her dad: "What's that?" referring to the doglike red shaft. Her smart daddy answered: "That's his nose." The little girl wouldn't have any of that and after a couple of minutes said with a happy smile: "I know; that's his wee-wee."

The Cyclone was next. It's a wooden and steel roller coaster from the '20's and still packs a mean ride. They limited themselves to just two rides - once in the first and once in the last car. In both cases, the first drop and twist is fierce. You know for sure that you have been in free fall when you can hear the wheels click when they shift between the top and the bottom sets riding on the restraining tracks. Of course, they could not agree which is the rougher ride.

Next they ate at the quintessential Coney Island spot - Nathan's Famous. The large tower was explained as the remnants of the parachute drop ride long since defunct and then a long walk out to the end of the fishing pier. A peaceful ride on the Wonder (Ferris) Wheel where they could and did get real physical with each other in the relative privacy of a swinging car. Along with the great view, they wondered how Harry Lime got the door open in "The Third Man" high above Vienna. They then crashed cars in the bumper car arena. It was fun to be rough and not a problem since the little kids were gone and the place was full of macho adolescents practicing their driving skills. A peaceful ride on the carousel where neither of them caught the gold ring finished up the day at Coney Island.

On the way home on the subway, Kris complained that they did not have any fireworks. "The fireworks have been on Tuesday nights since before your father was born just like the sign said." Tom snarled at him but continued: "I'll show you fireworks, boy! We're going to S.O.S." They took a different train back and now emerged from the tunnel onto the Manhattan Bridge complete with lovely views of night time New York. When the train returned back underground Kris resumed his questioning but didn't get any answer but: "Wait and see, boy. You'll find out soon enough young man."

A little later our two heros were climbing up a badly lit, creaky staircase to S.O.S. On the door at the top the signs were explicit: Society of Spankers: Men and Bad Boys and Welcome to the Spanking Room - A Men's Spanking Playground. At long last Kris was quiet; actually speechless. Tom paid the admission fee and dragged the stunned Kris inside.

"Give me your shirt and jeans, boy" Tom ordered in a commanding voice. Kris (somewhat in shock) did as he was told and stood there, in his briefs and sneakers, while Tom stuffed Kris' clothes into the backpack and checked it. He (still dressed) then led the nearly naked Kris into the Spanking Room.

It was not yet crowded but there was already some action. The room was mostly dark and on a raised platform, in the harsh glare of a spot light, was a young man leaning over a padded police line barricade. He was buck naked and his butt was already red. A second young man, identically non-attired was holding his wrists so that he couldn't straighten up. A third young man was using a paddle on the first to make his butt even redder. As Kris, mouth agape, watched the paddle was raised and quickly brought down the waiting target. "Thank you, Sir. Five, Sir. May I please have another, Sir." said the target boy. The paddler obliged again and again. The target butt got hotter and redder. Kris asked what was going on and Tom told him that there was one way to find out for sure. Kris, with a gulp, declined to investigate further.

Tom and Kris got drinks and started to explore the room. An older man was spread eagle on a rack on the wall. He was wearing just a jock strap and some very red welts across his back. The cat-o'-nine-tails resting on a stool next to him had obviously been used some. Kris read the sign attached to the stool: "Please help me to repent my sins, Sirs." He picked up the heavy cat and tried it gently on his hand. It stung; it was much harsher than his father's belt ever was. The man in a weak, plaintive voice said: "Please, Sir, please." Kris knew that he could never use the cat on the man. As Kris returned the cat to its place he reflected if the man had meant 'please do' or 'please don't do' and how long would he remain there.

One corner of the room was set up as a teenage boy's room. It was shocking similar to the one Kris had shared with his older brother just a few years ago. They watched and listened as a gray haired man was being lectured by a twenty-something man as a son is lectured by his father: The sentence that stuck in Kris mind was: "David, you have been a very naughty boy and have brought disgrace onto this house." It was the usual stuff about respect, chores and homework. Kris could imagine that he was watching his own father dealing with his own older brother, David. This triggered an unpleasant thought: for every time he had gotten to watch his older brother get it, it was always because he was also going to get it next. The younger man sat down on the sturdy chair and pulled David to him. He yanked David's belt out of its place and opened his slacks. One could hear the pleas, promises to be good and please don't spank me daddy. But, the pleas fell on deaf ears. David's pants were pulled down to his ankles and his boxers quickly followed. A few seconds later he was over his daddy's lap and the belt was turning his bottom red. David soon was crying but the strapping continued until his butt was completely red hot. Then he was left to ponder his wrongful ways with his hands on his head and nose in the corner where all could observe his well-spanked fundament.

The spanker then came over to Tom, said hello and asked if this was the naughty boy, Kris, that he had heard about. At this indication of notoriety, Kris blushed all over but the tent pole in his briefs got a little bigger. "Kris, this is Uncle Alex. He is an expert in disciplining naughty boys as you have just witnessed. Naughty boys just like you."

As they shook hands Alex stared directly into Kris' eyes and asked Tom: "Has he been a good boy today, Tom?" As Tom shook his head to indicate no, Kris tried to release Alex's hand but found he was caught in an iron grip. "Well, boy, what do you say? Good or no?"

Kris tried, but he knew that he was going to get spanked no matter what. "Pretty good, Sir," he tried, "but not perfect." They both glanced at Tom who was nodding in agreement. Tom took Kris' drink while Alex led Kris to the chair. After a brief lecture, Alex lowered Kris' briefs and pulled him across his lap. Kris felt that he was back home and across his father's lap again. The hand with the grip of iron was attached to a proportionally strong arm Kris quickly discovered. The very strong blows on his bare butt soon had a powerful effect on Kris. He was last spanked by his father that way when he was twelve and then felt very small and weak. Now he had these exact same feelings and knew what he had to do. Something that he had not done in many years - cry, just like David had, a few minutes ago. He tried to resist like he did when he was twelve, but it was hopeless and soon he was bawling like he had done when he was a kid. He also had a sexual climax just as he started to bawl and then everything felt right. He did not know anything else until he realized that he was now in the corner. In the corner with his hands on his head and his red hot butt hanging out for the world to see. Then he realized that Tom was calling him.

He went to Tom who held him until he regained his composure. They stayed around watching the activities but Tom had only one thing on his mind. He kept asking Tom: "Let's go home, please, daddy." It wasn't until he was putting on his jeans that he realized that he had lost his briefs and had been naked for the last half hour. He did not care.

Back home they showered together and Tom shaved Kris so that he would be very smooth. That night Kris was the perfect boy. He was totally devoted to Tom giving him a exquisite blow job and then being a very receptive hot fuck.

Then, just before he left for the airport to go home, Tom gave Kris his birthday spanking a little early -- just four months and seventeen days early.

-- The End --

©Copyright A. I.L., September 10, 1997

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