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Bare Bum Birching
Part 1

by Peter 2

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Eric and I had one more exam to take before our summer vacation in our sophmore year. I studied more than usual for a sixteen year old, however my friend Eric relied on me to see him through. I urged him to study with me but he always told me "not to worry".

The morning of the exam arrived and as usual Eric sat behind me in class. As Master Heard distributed the exams Eric nugged me to move my desk to the left so that he might have a better view of my answers. Needless to say I was apprehensive however I did as he requested. That turned out to be my worst mistake since we were caught by Master Heard about half way through the exam. Master Heard called us forward and tore up our exams in front of the whole class. As his temper flared Eric and I just looked at each other with a sense of fear.

Master Heard scribbled on a piece of paper, handed it to me and told us to report immediately to Headmaster Crithen. We did as we were told and before we new it we were standing in front of his office door.

Eric and I looked at each other again and he knock on the door.

Come in!

As we walked through the door Headmaster Crithen had a puzzled look on his face.

What are you boys doing here? Shouldn't you be in exams?

Yes sir, I responded immediately and handed him Master Heard's note.

He was getting noticeable angry as he look from the paper at both of us. "The last day of school and you pull a stunt like this"?

We had nowhere to look but at the wooden floor.

Headmaster Crithen jumped out of his chair. "Do you boys have anything to say for yourselves"?

At that opportunity we both said we were sorry, what else could we say?

Headmaster Crithen snapped "That's not good enough". "Since this is the last day of school we will have to take care of your punishment immediately.

Eric and I both new what we were in store for. Headmaster Crithen always uses a long supple birch rod for serious chastisement. They measure approximately 3 feet long and are bound in bunches to approximately 1 1/2" in diameter. The first 2 feet are bound with twine and the last foot is left to open in a spray of twigs.

Our only saving grace was that we were wearing our long trousers since it was a cool spring morning. At least that would give us some protection from the birch rod........that was our second mistake of the day.

Headmaster Crithen explained as he walked to the cupboard were the birch rods were stored. "Boys, due to the severity of your crime the punishment will be administered in the following way, listen carefully and do as your are told.

Eric and I were really worried since Headmaster Crithen was testing 4 different birch rods by swishing them in the air. Birch makes an unmistakable sound as it tears through the air.

Crithen continued:

"Bring the large oak chair from the corner of the room and place it in the center."

Eric and I quickly moved the heavy chair by sliding it across the room in position.

"Now, you will both strip from the waist down", we looked at each other wide-eyed frozen in our spots. "Didn't you hear me boys"? We started to fumble with our pants trying to get them unbuttoned. We didn't even notice that Headmaster Crithen put all 4 birch rods in a vat of brine which was standing next to the cupboard.

I couldn't believe this was happening. Eric had his shoes and socks off and was pulling his trousers down. I was right behind him. We have seen each other naked almost on a daily basis and played the games that boys of our age play but this was different. Finally we pulled down our underpants and folded all our clothes and placed them on the desk.

Headmaster Crithen instructed us to "take your position behind the oaken chair"

Eric and I moved to about 4 feet behind the chair. The only thing giving us any dignity was the long tails of our shirts. They were long enough to cover our bum, cock and balls.

Eric was a little more physical mature than I even though we were both sixteen. This would become evident to all of us in the room. "Now boys, I want you to unboutton the last 3 buttons on the buttom of your shirt and take the tails and tie them in a knot above your chest. I though my humiliation couldn't get any worse but it just did.

Eric and I did as we were told. Eric pushed his shirt above his nipples so that he stood virtually naked in the center of the room. He was humiliated put physically he had nothing to be ashamed of. He nearly had a full growth of brown pubic hair and a well endowed set of genitals.

As I fumbled with my shirt, the attention was turned on me. I tied my shirt in a knot above my erect nipples. I felt Headmaster Crithen and Eric's eyes examing me. I was a big boy of 6 foot, however my blond pubic hair was sparse with only two small tufts of hair on each side of my cock. I could feel my face burn with embarassement.

As we stood their nearly naked Headmaster Crithen continued with his commands. "I will take you boys over the back of the oaken chair. Eric you will receive your chastisement first". Eric approached the back of the chair and Crithen said "bend over and reach for the front two legs" as Eric did his bum was in full view. "Now step back until your knees are straighten", his feet were about two feet apart and he was on his toes, "now turn your feet in", which exposed the tender flesh on the inside of his cheeks, "now hold on tight".

Crithen instructed me to put my hands behind my head and take two steps back.

I was about six feet behind Eric in perfect view of his large round buttocks. I started to get aroused since I've been in this position before standing behind Eric. I could feel my cock getting hard and Crithen enjoyed humiliating me by watching.

Crithen then walked over to the birch rods soaking in brine and pulled one out. He took his position behind and to the left of Eric and stated "you will received two dozen strokes across your bare buttocks, after each stroke is given you will begin to count. If you should mis-count or lose count we will begin again. Now hold on tight and keep your buttocks high in the air your punishment is about to begin".

By now my cock is standing at better than a 45 degree angle pointing toward the ceiling. I would have given anything to start jerking off right there, but that was out of the question.

The birch rod was raised high in the air and with a loud swish Eric yelled out OOONNNEEE! The stroke was so hard that the oaken chair came off its back legs. Crithen let that one settle in raised the birch again and down it came.....TWWWWOOO, Eric yelled. After the sixth stroke Eric's bum was bouncing up and down, back and forth. By the eighth stroke Crithen had broken skin and little droplets of blood were visable on his reddened stripe bum.

I couldn't control my emotions, fear was being replaced with eastacy. Pre cum was glistening on the end of my dancing 5 1/2" cock.

After the 12th stroke Eric's bum was covered with weals and blood as the buds of the birch rod bit into his flesh. I knew the next dozen would sting like fire as the new birch that Crithen retreived was well soaked in brine.

Eric didn't lose count during the whole punishment but by the 24th stroke he was crying out without shame. His bum was a mess covered with weals and droplets of blood. He could barely get up from his chastisement, but finally he was standing next to me again hands behing his head.

I didn't even care if he noticed my hard on, I was just trying to prepared for my humiliation at the hands of Headmaster Crithen.

to be continued (part 1 of 2)

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