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Adoptive Brother

by Y Lee Coyote

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I was yelling at mom -- again.  To be fair, she was also yelling at me.  It was because Mrs. Assistant Principal had called about school; actually, about my conduct in school.  Yes, of course, I go to school for I'm only twelve.  It has been tough for both of us since dad is gone and we moved to a new neighborhood which, naturally, means a new school.  Even in the eighth grade that has its problems as the new kid around.  Anyway we were going at it hot and heavy when Nikolas came in.

Nick has made life bearable; even worthwhile.  He's my next door neighbor who is fifteen and my best and closest friend.  Every since he said "Hi kid; I'm Nick." to me the day mom and me moved in we've been close and gotten closer.  We were made for each other as he wanted a kid brother and I wanted a big brother so after a while we adopted each other.  He taught me lots of stuff and taken me places that mom would never go nor let me go alone or even with my classmates.  Stuff that a guy just can't ask his mom; stuff that you need a dad to talk with; stuff that they don't really explain in sex education class; stuff about changes in me.  He lost his father a couple of years ago so he really understood my need for a substitute.  He also became my <shudder> babysitter.  Mom does not want to leave me alone as much as I would like.  Nick is great as a minder.

So, as I was saying, Nick came in and we both stopped yelling.  Then, calm as calm could be, he said quietly but in that special way that lets me know he is THE BIG BROTHER IN CHARGE.  "We need to talk, Samuel.  Now.  Let's go to your room."  BTW, I'm Samuel and Nick never, ever calls me by the babyish 'Sammy'.  Then with his strong hand on the back of my neck we headed upstairs -- my 'cave' is on one side and the attic on the other.

He let me bitch about mom, school and the world in general for a bit.  Then with just ten words he totally devastated me.  "You're acting like a baby; a naughty, disrespectful little boy."  Yes, that's from the one person in the whole world who loves me and I him more than anyone else (even mom).  He explains that a young man does not get into a yelling match with his mother.  This I've heard before but it's different somehow this time.  We never got into the school bit at all when he continues with a question.  "What happens to naughty, disrespectful boys, Samuel James Wodham?"

I know I'm in deep; very deep doo-doo when he uses my full name.  I hesitate and then I realize he going to teach me something; something important because I got a strange feeling.  I shook my head and he said, simply, as a matter of fact: "They get punished."  He has punished me in the past with some sort of timeouts/groundings or missing treats but there was something different this time.  "Naughty little boys get their pants removed and _spanked_ on their bare bottoms."

I was shocked.  I've never been spanked (although I've read about it).  Nick was sitting on my desk chair (yes, one of those traditional straight backed things) and he just pulled me over to him.  I watched, silently, as he opened my belt and jeans and lowered them along with my briefs to below my knees.  We seen each other naked many times in the last six months I've been here but this feels very different.  I feel like a little boy and that is emphasized by seeing my few newly grown pubes while I know that Nick has a big, hairy, manly bush.  (They don't have pictures like that in sex ed class.)  He pulled me over his lap and clamped his hand on my waist to hold me still.

I felt his hand stroking my butt and then a hard SPANK!! on my left check immediately followed by one on my right check, SPANK!!  It hurt, but not as much as crashing into another dude on the football field but it affected me very differently.  The spanks continued to rain down on my bottom and continued to hurt.  I wanted, desperately, to be a big boy, no, a young man -- brave and macho -- but I could not.  I heard myself making noise.  Two things were coming out of my mouth -- yells of pain alternating with pleads to stop.  But Nick did heed my pleads and then I realized that I was crying like a little boy; like a baby.  I went limp and just cried as Nick continued to spank me hard.

Eventually he stopped and lifted me up.  I continued to cry as he held me although I soon stopped.  He told me to think about my conduct with mom and parked me in the corner -- to stay there until I've figured out what I have to do.

I thought about what I did as I slowly regained my stability.  I was still confused by Nick's actions.  He spanked me like I was a baby yet expected me to know or at least figure out what I should do.  Well, babies or even little boys don't do that so he must be expecting me to act grown-up.  I pulled up my jeans carefully after looking in the mirror to see how my butt looked.  (Need I tell you it was redder than a polished Macintosh apple.)  Then I washed up, grateful that no one but Nick had seen me bawling.  I went downstairs where mom had finished fixing dinner for Nick and me before going out.

It was difficult.  I'm sure that I stuttered as I tried to apologize to mom.  It was hard.  But she helped a lot by coming over,  giving me a hug and accepting it.  She added that we'll talk about the school matter tomorrow and not to give Nick any trouble this evening.  As we ate Nick inquired about my butt and how I felt about the spanking.  "It hurts!" I exclaimed stating the obvious.  "I don't like it at all."

"But it got you thinking." he said in that knowing way but without being nasty.  I nodded my agreement.  "Then it won't happen again unless you behave like a naughty little boy again.  Only little boys get spanked like that."  He went on to explain in more detail and he moved on to the original problem -- what I had done at school.  He let me tell it all and then asked me lot of tough questions about it until I practically confessed to trying to topple all of Western Civilization.  It was surly different not being treated as a little kid but like a grown-up.

While Nick did his homework, I worked at my 'puter on the apology to both my teacher and the principal.  I was shocked that I could get some four hundred words written in just a couple of hours.  Nick went over it with me but didn't make me change anything but a couple of grammar errors.  (My word processor took care of the spelling.)  Soon it was neatly printed and tucked into my notebook ready for school.  I felt good about doing it; even somewhat more grown-up.

After I had showered and brushed my teeth I was surprised to find Nick waiting for me in my room.  "It's time to redden your tail so that you will remember all of this, Sam."

"But you said you would NOT spank me unless I acted like a _little_ boy." I protested.

"True, Sam," he smiled, "I'm not going to spank you but to strap you like a big boy or young man for those shenanigans at school."

I watched, somewhat terrified, as he slowly pulled his wide, heavy leather belt out of his jeans.  Then he folded it half and slapped his palm with it.  I know I flinched.

"Bottoms off.  Bend over the bed for six cuts.  If you move, the stroke won't count."

I did as he ordered and waited -- fearfully -- for the first blow.  I did not have to wait long.


There was this searing pain as the belt landed on my already sore ass.  Later Nick told me that a nice red stripe appeared.  I gripped the bed tightly and clenched my teeth and let the pain course through my body.  It was much more painful than a thousand spanks but I did not cry.  I did not even yell.

I braced as I waited for the second one.


It was even more painful but I stayed still.  Then came the third.


Halfway and I had not cried out.  I wondered...hoped I could take the rest as bravely.


That was the fourth.  I braced myself for the last two.  Nick did not keep me waiting very long and they came in quick succession.


"OK, you may get up."

I got up.  My ass was ablaze but I was not crying.  I had not yelled.  Nick congratulated me on taking it like a young man and explained about future punishments.  And ordered me to bed.

My butt was on fire long past when I slipped into sleep but I had learnt a lot that evening.  I resolved not to be childish and get spanked.  I resolved not to get strapped either.

But if my best friend, mentor and adoptive brother decides that I should, then I'll take it like a man and learn something.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 28, 2003

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