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Bare Bum Birching
Part 2

by Peter 2

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Well I new it was my turn next. Eric was still standing next to me with his hands behind his head, his buttocks throbing with pain. Headmaster (HM) Crithen made his way back toward the cupboard and pull out yet another birch rod soaking in brine.

HM Crithen turn to me and said "Am I to understand that Eric was the one that was copying from your paper?"

I didn't want to answer since I thought it would get Eric into more trouble.

Eric trying to protect me responded "Yes sir, I nudged John while Master Heard distributed the test and asked him to move his desk to the left so that I would have a better view of his test answers."

"So John new that you would be copying his answers and he allowed the cheating to proceed rather than refusing to let you cheat."

Eric just looked at me and didn't know what to say to HM Crithen.

I knew what HM Crithen was getting at, that if I would have taken responsibility and not allow Eric to cheat we wouldn't be in this position (pardon the pun).

HM Crithen said "Well John it looks like you're the real offender after all. First i'm going to punish you like a young boy for your misdeeds and then your going to get a severe chastisement for allowing this action to occur in the first place. But first if you're going to be punished like a young boy you have to look like one".

My heart began to pound and my knees shook as I stood there with my hardon waiting to see what HM Crithen meant by "you have to look like one".

HM Crithen open the top drawer of his desk and pulled out some sort of instrument that was the size of a pocket knife.

All this time Eric is still standing next to me with his hands behind his head, virtually naked as I was with our shirts tied above our chest exposing our erect nipples. As I mentioned before Eric was physically more mature even though we were both sixteen. His balls were almost to big for his ball sac. Rather than his balls hanging they were packed so tight that his sac looked like a balloon ready to pop. His soft cock just laid on the top of this "balloon" sac and was pointing straight ahead even though he was soft.

HM Crithen told me to come and place my buttocks on the edge of the desk and lean back so that I would be resting on my elbows. As I did this my feet were about 6" off the floor in front off me. I felt like I was in the doctors office waiting for a testicle exam. My hardon wouldn't subside and even though it isn't big at 5 1/2" it did have a presence.

HM Crithen stepped in front of me and opened his instrument which was a straight razor used for shaving. Now I new exactly what he meant by looking like a "young boy". Even though I only had two blond tufts of pubic hair on either side of my cock, the humiliation a being blad down there was to much for any 16 year old.

Adding insult to injury HM Crithen called Eric to the front of the desk to strip me of my dignity. He said "shave this boy clean and smooth, if I see even one strand of hair on his pubic area you'll lose your bush too". Eric took the razor in his hand and looked at me with apologetic eyes because he knew he was the one who got me into this mess. I reassured him with a nod that it was OK. At the same time I was really aroused by what Eric was about to do. It was obvious that he felt something between his legs because his cock was beginning to stiffen. I knew Eric used a straight razor to shave the peach fuzz off his chin and upper lip but I don't think he had any experience with pubic shaving. As he grabbed my cock in his left hand he began to slowly shave the right side of my cock. It only took a few strokes and the hair was laying on the floor. I could barely control myself as Eric held my cock and my hips started coming of the desk. This isn't the first time Eric had my cock in his hand but the arousal of the situation was to much. All this time HM Crithen was at the birch rod cupboard at work.

Eric then took my cock in his right hand and prceeded to shave the left side. Seeing the hair disappear and Eric holding to my cock was to much...I blew my load all over my stomach up to my left erect nipple.

"Everything going smooth over there" asked HM Crithen. Eric asnwered with a shacky voice, "Yes sir". Eric knew if HM Crithen saw the cum all over me it would be the end of both of us at that school.

Eric looked over at HM Crithen to make sure he was busy at the cupboard which he was. I couldn't believe what Eric did next, right there on HM Crithen's desk. He took my cock head in his mouth and licked all the remaining cum off of it and proceed to do the same on my stomach and chest. By the time HM Crithen returned I was clean shaven and cleaned up. HM Crithen mentioned that Eric had done a nice job, little did he know the full extent of the job.

HM Crithen order me to get on my feet and get behind the oaken chair. By now I knew the routine. He told me to "bend over the back of the chair and reach for the front two legs....step back so that your knees are straightened and you are up on your toes. Now turn your feet in slightly (which exposes the tender skin between the buttocks)".

HM Crithen continued "since you were deemed ultimately responsible for this crime you will receive a more severe chastisement than Eric".

I couldn't imagine how much more servere a punishment I could get since Eric received 24 strokes with the birch across his bare bum. But I knew I'd find out.

HM Crithen continued "you will received six strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks and then two dozens strokes of the birch rod".

I really started to sweat and get nervous. I knew I couldn't stay down for that many strokes.

"Do you have any questions?" asked HM Crithen

"Yes sir......would it be possible to tie me down since I don't think I can stay down unaided" I pleaded.

HM Crithen said "of course......but for that privilege you will have to take two extra strokes of the cane."

I said "It will have to be".

HM Crithen went back to the cupboard and retrieve four leather straps and a board approximately 3 feet long by 2 inches wide with 1 inch holes every 2 inches or so. It looked more like a paddle without a handle.

Eric still standing behind me had a full erection pointing to the ceiling as mine did before. He made no attempt to hide it since his hands were behind his head. HM Crithen summoned him over to tie me up. Each hand was tied to a front leg of the chair. As Eric was tying me down he whisper that my buttocks would be numb by the 18th stroke. I knew I had to make it that far.

HN Crithen took the board and placed it behind my ankles spreading them about 2 1/2 feet apart. He laced one leather strap through two holes of the board and tied my ankle tight and then did the same to the other.

I was now in a perfect position for a most severe chastisement. My arms were stretched tight in front as were my legs in the back. My buttocks were at the highest point waiting for the first blow of the cane. HM Crithen reminded me that I must count out each stroke after it landed and that if I mis-counted or lost count we would start all over again.

HM Crithen took his place behind me with his 3 foot long, quarter inch thick, bent yellow cane. I've been caned only once before on my clothed buttocks and it was only 3 strokes. I new that the last inch of the cane did the most damage.

HM Crithen said "now hold on tight boy your chastisement is about to begin"

By now I was already bent over the chair for ten minutes and worked up quite a sweat. I could feel the dampness on my buttocks and legs.

Without warning the first stroke SWISHED through the air landing on the center most part of my bum. Instinctively I yelled out "OOONNNNEEE" The pain was tremendous, my right cheek felt like it was branded with a hot iron. SWISH.....TTWWOO I yelled. This one landed about an inch lower. SWISH.....THRRREEE. I felt my hips jumping off the chair. SWISH....FFOOUURR. That one landed on my underbum where the buttocks meets the thigh. I was looking back between my legs at Eric. His cock was dancing in the air, he was enjoying this but I knew he felt sorry for me as I did for him during his birching.

HN Crithen stepped to the other side and SWISH......FFFIVE landed on the middle of my bum branding my left cheek. It was apparent that he was working in the same direction...down toward the underbum. By now my buttocks were on fire and every time the cane landed I yelled out the count and my buttocks were dancing in the air. SWISH....EEEight...landing in the most tender spot on my underbum. I later found out that at the end of each stripe was a thick reddish black blood blister. And HM Crithen would soon take care of those!!

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