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Bare Bum Birching
Part 3

by Peter 2

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Well I made it through the caning, eight strokes across the bare bum would have been enough of a punishment, but mine wasn't over yet.

As I was bent over the back of the oak chair, hands tied to each of the front two legs and ankles tied 2 1/2 feet apart with Headmasters (HM) Crithen's special board (see description in Bare Bum Birching II), I could still see Eric standing behind me with his huge hardon pointing to the ceiling. As I looked to the floor in front of him I knew that he had lost control at some point during my caning.

My bum was so sore and HOT. I could hear HM Crithen getting a birch rod out of the brine filled vat. Thank god I was tied down because I new that I couldn't sustain 24 strokes of the birch rod untethered.

By now I have been bent over the chair for a good fifteen minutes with my buttocks high in the air. My shirt, tails tied in a knot above my erect nipples, is totally saturated by my sweat. The sweat is running down my back toward my neck on one side and down my buttocks and thighs on the other side. To my regret, this was not the only thing that would be running off my buttocks and down my legs.

As I mentioned before I had 8 reddish black blood blisters on either buttock left by the end of the cane. My whole bum ached but these areas were THROBING.

HM Crithen finally came back from the cupboard with two birch rods in hand (see description in Bare Bum Birching). He placed one down on his desk which was about 3 feet in front of me. I could see the brine dripping off the buds of the birch rod. The brine actually made the birch rod more supple not to mention the sting more menacing.

He took his position behind me and told me to remember that I must count each stroke after it landed and not to mis-count or lose count for if I did he would start all over.

I answered "Yes sir".

He continued "Now boy hold on tight".

My knuckles were white as I held on to the legs of the chair. Although the caning leaves deep muscle pain I knew the birch would shear my skin.

SWISH came the first strike.....ONNNEEE, I yelled. The pain was unbelievable. I've been birch many times before but never after a caning. hips came off the chair back as my buttocks jumped toward the ceiling. SWISH...THREEEEE....the sweat was dripping off the end off my nose and from the ends of my hair. SWISH......I could only yell out OOOWWWW....SWISH.....SWISH....SWISH.....all of a sudden the next stroke didn't land. I could see HM Crithen standing behind me. Was the chastisement over?

HM Crithen asked "John have you forgotten my instructions already?"

OH MY GOD! I knew that I had stopped counting because the pain was so intense.

HM Crithen said "Shall we take it from the top?"

I knew eactly what he meant. I knew I had to concentrate and yell out the count after the stroke had landed. "Yes sir" I replied.

SWISH....OONNEE I screamed....the ends of the birch rod were now assulting my right hip as they followed the curvature of my buttocks.






I could now feel warm fluid run freely down my right leg. HM Crithen to his delight finally broke a blood blister.







HM Crithen walked in front of me to pick up the second birch rod which was still dripping with brine. I knew these would REALLY hurt as the salt made its way into the wounds.

By know I could see drops of blood on the floor at my feet. Eric just stood there in disbelieve as he stared at my buttocks. He was getting a real show evidenced by his enormous hardon.

HM Crithen position himself behind me again but this time on the opposite side.


SWISH....FOURTEEN the birch rod sheared the blood blisters on my left buttock and the blood began to flow.



SWISH...EIGHTEEN buttocks were jumping all over and I was pulling at my restraints but to no avail. I just kept telling myself not to lose count.





SWISH...TWENTY FOUR...I yelled out at the top of my lungs. I just hung over the chair, drenched in sweat and blood.

HM Crithen told Eric that he would be back in 15 minutes and that he should untie me. As HM Crithen left Eric came to the front of the chair and bent over and asked me how I was doing. Teary eyed I said unconvincingly "OK".

I told him he was right that after about the 18th stroke my bum was numb.

Eric said with a little smile "that's about the time your cock started getting hard again, I noticed it from behind"

I said, trying to muster a smile "I almost enjoyed the last few cuts"

Eric knew that I was aroused and just stood in front of me. I asked him "are you going to untie me now?"

He said "Crithen wouldn't be back for 15 minutes" with a smurk on his face.

Even though I'd been whipped I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to make my friend smile.

He stood right in front of my face and pushed his cock down so that it was parallel to the floor. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth real wide.

As soon as I felt that he was in I start to suck hard moving my head back and forth, he did the same with his hips. I took all 6 1/2 inchs of his cock into my throat until his brown pubes tickled my nose and his "balloon" ball sac was pushing against my chin. I could feel his sac tighten and he rewarded my effort with a burst of warm cum.

Summer vacation was now here.

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