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A spanking of a B'day gift

by anonymous

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This is a story of a good friend of mine called Jim. Jim was very horny, especially on Fridays and his favourite manner of enjoyment was to drive around town with his pants down and his right hand roving all over his pubic area. Little did he know about an equally horney pair of police - man and wife - who were keeping a eager lookout for a horny guy to assist in a spanking session, one which the wife had promised to the husband as his birthday gift.

Well, this guy Jim is driving around as usual with hir pants around his knees and his right hand lovingly fondling his organ and sac, reaching down at times to run a hungry finger down his assline to his asshole, to tickle it a little. At times like this Jim, likes to drive along the small dark roads where the chances of his being discovered are practically zero.

Little did Jim know, during one such outing, that he was being followed by a policewoman, who had noticed his antics. Driving along a dark lane he suddenly sees a cop car, without the lights, but asking him to pull over and stop. He tries to reach down and pull up his pants, but the cop comes near, flashes a gun and asks him to get out as he is. Jim feels very embarassed, but still gets down and tries to cover his crotch with his hands. The female cop strikes a deal with him and says he will not be put to any trouble if he goes along with her to her house to give her husband a daddy of a spanking, which she intended to give him as his birthday gift. This is right up Jim's alley and he is delighted with this offer. But, the cop says she has to see is he is deserving of the honor. Saying this, she asks him to put his hands over his head and turn around. Then she flashes her light at his butt and runs a hand over it, feeling the firm globes of his butt-muscles. She then proceeds to run her hand ll over his thighs and cups his cock till she is satisfied that this is the kind of meat her husband would like.

On reaching her house, our young Jim gets a warm welcome and the hunk of a husband is delighted when his wife describes his butt and cock to him. The game starts when the wife puts out most of the lights and asks the husband to apologise for the many times he has been rude to her. He says no, and she points her gun at him and asks him to bend over the couch. He plays along and pretends to be frightened and asks what should he do to make up ? The wife says, "you cannot make up now. I have your executioner here". Then she asks Jim to feel her husbands butt over his pants to see if he can get enough feel to spank satisfactorily. He says his pants are too thick and she makes him, under the threat of the gun, to pull down his pants and step away. Jim then runs his hands all over the half exposed butts and says, no, the underpants should come off to. The male cop is now clothed only at the top and his jacket is folded over and tucked into his belt so that his butt and groin are exposed. He then bends over the couch and Jim lands his first one TTTWWHHAAKKK.... The male does not expect the first one to be so hard and screams out in surprise. The other cop cooly motions a "good one" and asks Jim to go ahead. Jim then runs his hands over the back of the thighs to locate the area where butt met thigh. He then goes "thwack" once again, with all his strength and the male wails out again " not so hard please ". Jim very compassioately runs his hand over the sore areas on the butt and carefully picks his next spot. This time the other cop says "enough in this way ". Jim looks at her in surprise, thinking that this got over very soon. But the cop has other ideas. She now points her gun at him and asks him to take off his pants. Jim is very embarassed to do so in front of a female and a male together, but does so, enjoying being finally nude. She wants him to be nude and do some more spanking and then change roles with her husband. SO after a couple of blows, Jim bends over the couch and is spanked soundly by the male hunk, till his butt turns all red and blue. After each hit, the hunk used to caress Jim's butt lovingly and look for the next not-so-red area. Jim loved every bit of it.

Next in a gesture of compassion, the female asks both the males to lie side by side, strips off herself and rubs lotion all over their butts to ease their pain. What happens then is another story !! If you want that, post a note saying so.

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