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A BEAR-Assed Lesson
Part 2

by Buckcub

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I laid there, helplessly bound to the heavy mahogany cocktail table, staring at the blue carpeting of the sitting room. "Now, cub," Daddy said, "Each of us is going to give you twenty with this strap." I clenched my butt-cheeks tight together in terror -- twenty whacks from seven men, with that horrible scary strap!!! "Please Daddy, PLEASE, I'll be a good boy I SWEAR!!" I begged. "Yes, boy, I know you will. We're going to make sure of it right now!" he announced firmly.

I was still crying quietly, I was so scared and I didn't know what was really going to happen. Then Daddy said, "Here, Tony, you go first." I squeezed my eyes shut -- but in a minute I felt warm breath on my face. I opened my eyes and Mister DiNardo was squatting down to talk to me. "It'll be okay, boy," he said quietly, "You just have to learn to mind your Dad. Okay?" and he put his hand under my chin to make me look him in the eye. I was too afraid to answer him, but I nodded. He stood up and I heard him move around behind me.

I felt the scratchy hair on his arm and the back of his hand touch my thighs and butt, as the Italian bear reached between my legs and took ahold of my smooth-shaved balls. "You think these make you a man, cub?" he growled, tugging hard on my balls so I got that sick ache. "No, sir, I know they don't!" I answered quickly. He gave them a rough squeeze and I yelped "Ow!" "That's right, cub, you're a BOY, and when boys misbehave, this is what happens!"

"ssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSTHWAAAAAAAACK!!!!" The strap whistled through the air and crashed against my pushed-up naked bottom!

"YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWOOOOOO!!!" I screamed!!!, Oh my god, it felt like I'd been hit across the bare behind with something white-hot!!! I could actually FEEL the welt rise on the skin of my backside, pulsing sore and hot where the strap had bitten into the smooth skin. How could I take more than a hundred more of those?!?!?!?





Over and over the strap hissed downward and slammed across my bare bottom!!! I screamed with every blazing stroke, my butt a pulsing mass of fiery agony, but I couldn't do anything to stop the horrible punishment. It seemed like hours before the twentieth slash of the strap exploded against my fiery behind!!! I was screaming, sobbing, tears pouring down my face, my throat raw with shrieking, my wrists and ankles stinging from my struggles against the bonds.

Blurred through my tears, I saw Daddy squat down in front of me. "Are you starting to learn that you should obey me when I tell you to?" he demanded. "YES Daddy, please please sir NO MORE!" I sobbed and hiccuped -- my bare bottom was burning so hot I almost expected to hear sizzling!!! He looked at me, like he was judging whether I was really in as much pain as I acted. "Boy," he said, "I have to admit I'd forgotten how think-skinned your cub ass is, like a baby's behind almost. I can tell you right now that your whole behind is covered with welts. I don't want to really hurt you, but I have to make sure you've learned your lesson."

I could see by his face that he was concerned about me, but he didn't want to back down and let me off. That's why I love Daddy so much -- he really does care for me, and he still worries about me even if it means letting go of a little bit of his authority. Right then, even with every muscle in my bottom twitching and the hot welts throbbing, I wanted to be his good cub, the boy he knew I could be. "I can take the rest, Daddy, I'm sorry I yelled so much," I cried softly. His face softened a bit. "Rest a little while, boy, while I think," he said. I relaxed against the cushions on top of the table, still sobbing and whimpering quietly even though I tried hard to keep still.

I heard him whispering with the other men across the room for a few minutes, while I prayed for the blazing glow in my behind to cool some -- but that thick strap had really done its job, if anything the draft from the air vent seemed to fan the flames in my beaten butt even higher!

Pretty soon he came back and knelt down in front of me again. "A change in the game plan, cub, but you're not off the hook!" he growled. Daddy took out his pocketknife, and went around the table slitting the plastic tie-bonds. "Stand up, boy," he ordered. I tried, but I was a little dizzy and my legs were wobbly from the strapping. As I stood up I stumbled, and Mr. Stafford caught me. He straightened me up, my backside bumped against his jeans and I jumped! "Oww! Oooo!" I couldn't believe how sore my butt was, just that gentle graze against his jeans felt like sandpaper ripping over raw flesh!

"Be quiet, boy," Daddy ordered me, while Mr. Stafford, the big muscle-bear, held me gently by the shoulders. "I can't agree to going on with the strap," Daddy said, "Your ass is already welted more than I've ever punished you. Instead I've decided that, since you're a disobedient boy, you're going to be handled like one. The rest of us are going to take you across our knees, and spank your cub ass so hard you'll never, ever misbehave again!" he announced. I was still scared, but anything had to be better than that terrible strap. Even so I felt my face flush at the humiliation -- I was going to have to bend, bare naked, over the knees of all these men and be spanked like a little kid!

Mr. Stafford walked me over to the desk chair. He turned it around, sat down -- and flipped me face-down over his lap like I was weightless. "I'm gonna teach ya ta behave when your Dad tells ya, boy!" he snapped at me. "Get those legs apart!" I spread my legs, and he put his right leg over my left thigh and then wrapped his arm around my waist; I was totally pinned in position, with my bottom upthrust and my crotch nestled on top of his left thigh. I could see the shoes of the other men, all gathered around to watch -- I was more embarrassed than I think I've ever been! I could feel the end of Mister Stafford's long beard tickling my bare back. He laid his hand on my sore behind, and......


O JEEZ, he started to spank my bare backside fast and hard, one whack right after the other, all over my whole butt already sore from the strapping!!!


I bucked and bawled and yowled, he was STRONG and he was putting a lot of force into every smarting spank -- I was kicking and squirming, but there was no way I could get away from that barrage of hard hand-spanks landing all over my bottom!!

It hurt BAD, not nearly as awful as the strap, but red-hot stinging, and he spanked so fast and hard I couldn't "get used" to it. Even so, when he finally stopped after a few minutes and I laid there bawling over his lap, he reached between my legs and grabbed ahold of my dink -- and I was hard as a fencepost. "Kinda liked it, huh, cub?" Mister Stafford said. "NO sir! I - I can't help that," I said with a sob. "Well, boy, I can help it," he said. I heard him spit, and then his hand was around my hard dink again but this time all slippery and wet, and he started to jack me off slow with his big wet paw. I was still squalling a little bit from the spanking, but oh! his big hand around my dink felt so good! While he jacked me off, every once in a while he'd give me a whack across my bottom with his other hand -- low down, so the tips of his fingers landed in my crotch behind my balls. I was still flushed red, humiliated that these strange men had watched me strapped and spanked, and now they were watching while this big bear played with my dink -- even so, it didn't take long before I felt my nuts start to tighten up, and the hot feeling in my crotch. "Sir, I'm gonna -- I'm gonna --" I said with a strained voice. I didn't want to shoot on him and get his pants wet! "That's the idea, cub, go ahead and shoot, c'mon, shoot for me!" the big muscle-bear said, and started to jack me rough and fast while he spanked me low down on my butt. Then I felt it start!!! "OH SIR! OH I'M GONNA SHOOOOOOOOT!!!" I yelled, and I came really hard, squirting all my stuff into his fist wrapped around the head of my dink! Man, it felt so good!!!

I laid there breathing heavy for a couple seconds, then Mister Stafford said, "C'mon boy, kneel down here and clean up the mess." I didn't know what he meant; I knew I hadn't shot on the floor, cause it seemed like he deliberately moved his hand to catch all my cum. But I got off his lap and knelt down -- and he held out his big paw to me, full of my hot juice. "Clean it up," he said. Daddy was standing behind him, and nodded sharply. I never ate cum before, mine or anyone else's! But I leaned over and started to lap my stuff up out of the muscle-bear's hand; it didn't taste bad, actually it tasted a little salty but I think that was partly his skin. I licked his hand all clean carefully and then looked up. Daddy was smiling at me, like I'd been really good for once, and Mister Stafford was smiling too! Yay!

But then I heard Mister Copper say, "You're not done yet, boy!" and I looked over at him. He was sitting in one of the armchairs, rolling up his sleeve over a big arm covered in dense red fur. Then he patted his knee. "Put it right here, cub!" I sighed under my breath (if I did it out loud I knew Daddy would be SUPER pissed off!), and walked over to the Irish man, with my sore hot bottom flinching in anticipation of ANOTHER spanking! Somehow, I knew, I'd get through the afternoon -- but I didn't know if I'd EVER be able to sit down again! be continued........

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