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A BEAR-Assed Lesson
Part 3

by Buckcub

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Mr. Copper had spread his legs and he motioned for me to stand between them and then bend over. So I bent over his thick left thigh, with my legs spread like I knew I was supposed to. My chest was resting on the upholstered arm of the chair. Again, all the men walked closer to watch; I was whimpering a little bit already, cause my butt was VERY sore from the strapping and then the hard hand-spanking. And even though I must've been naked in the room with them for more than an hour already, I was still embarrassed at being stripped bare and then punished in front of all these husky men I didn't know!

"Awww, poor li'l cub, your butt must be awful sore, huh?" Mr. Copper said. "Yes, sir, it really is," I said meekly. He seemed like a nice man, and I hoped he wouldn't spank too hard. "Yes, I bet it is, boy. It sure is red and hot," he said, running his big paw all over my stinging welted bottom. "Say, Tony, bring me that ice bucket, willya?" I heard him say. Pretty soon Mister DiNardo walked over with the ice bucket chinking and set it down. Mister Copper reached over and took some of the ice in his hand, and then he started to rub my fiery rearend with the ice. "Aaaahhhh...." I sighed, oh that ice felt so good cooling off my red-hot behind! The men all chuckled when I gasped in relief like that. "There, that's better, isn't it cub?" Mister Copper said kindly. "Oh YES sir, oh that feels really nice, thank you!" I answered. He rubbed and rubbed with the ice -- it was melting, and cold water ran down in drops into my crack and down over my balls. After a minute or so, he said, "Well boy, I'm glad you're feeling cooler. But now your behind's all wet, and I like cub ass fried, not steamed!" The men all laughed really loud, and I tensed up cause I didn't know what he was going to do.

One of the men left the room and then came back. In a minute, I felt Mister Copper patting my wet backside dry with a towel, he did it really gently and nice, he even dried in my shaved crack and real softly on my balls. "Now, boy, do you know how to cook?" he said, and suddenly his voice was kind of sharp. "A little bit, sir, not real well," I answered. "Well, cub, then here's a cooking lesson for ya. If you're gonna fry something, you have to start with hot oil!" The men all laughed again, and then "OW!" I almost jumped right off Mister Copper's lap!!! He was pouring something hot and wet on my bare bottom, not so hot it burned but REALLY warm, and it stung on top of the welts! Then he started rubbing it all over my butt, and I could tell it was oil or grease from the slippery feeling against my skin. "Now for some fried cub ass, yum yum!" he laughed.







He walloped his big palm against my oil-slicked bare butt, and I howled! Somehow the oil made the hard spanks sting and burn worse than on dry skin, oh jeez! a really sharp sting and a deep hot burn after every whack!


He spanked me slow but HARD and regular as a clock ticking, first one butt cheek, then the other, then across both at once, and always low down on the thick part of my behind right above my legs, OH damn it hurt so bad!!! "OWWWW PLEASE YOW! I'LL BE GOOD OWWOOWW!! I PROMISE!!! OWW OWWWWW!!!!" I was begging and bawling after only about a minute of the spanking, and it sure didn't feel like Mister Copper was going to stop anytime soon! I was kicking like wild and squirming my butt all around trying to make those scorching spanks land just a little higher, oh! if only I could somehow give the burning thick part of my bottom a rest just for a second!!! But the big Irish bear must've known that's the part of a boy's butt that hurts and burns worse than any other spot when it gets spanked and spanked hard, and no matter how I squirmed and wiggled, his hand kept walloping me right across that part of my bottom. Pretty soon I couldn't even make the words to plead any more, I was just squalling and yowling and sobbing -- I knew I should be punished but my whole bare backside felt like it was lighted on fire!

When Mister Copper finally stopped, I just laid there limp, sobbing my eyes out, right then I hurt so bad I didn't care about bawling like a baby in front of the strange men. "We're not done yet, boy," he said, and I busted out squalling really loud, I couldn't believe I was going to get more! He reached underneath my belly, and grabbed my dink -- his fist was all greasy, and he played with my half-woody till I was really hard. "Now here's the deal, cub," he said, "You get spanked till ya shoot, and I'm not gonna give you any help. You're gonna hafta pump it in my fist, got it?" "Daddy, make him stop, please!" I yelled -- I just shot fifteen minutes ago, I didn't think it was fair! "BOY!!!" Daddy roared at me, and like I said before, when Daddy roars he sounds like a REAL bear! "You're supposed to be learning to obey! DO WHAT YOU'RE TOLD!!" Daddy shouted. And then Mister Copper's hand landed hard across my bare bottom again!

I hitched myself up and started pumping my dink in the bear's greasy fist as fast as I could, and the faster I humped, the harder he spanked me! Oh jeez, oh it hurt!!! I was crying and moaning, my butt fiery hot and stinging and aching, my balls all tightening up and my hard dink heating up in the friction of Mister Copper's paw -- and through my tears I could see a couple of the men had their dinks out of their pants too, playing with themselves, I was so embarrassed!!! A couple of times I got really close to shooting but as soon as I did, Mister Copper would give me a super-hard WWHHAAPP!!! across my bare backside and the close-to-cumming feeling went away! Then all of a sudden he stopped spanking me, took ahold of my balls and started squeezing them and rolling them around, tugging them down, and coaxing me to shoot. "Yeah, boy, c'mon, shoot for Mister Bear, that's right, you do what your Daddy tells ya, c'mon cub shoot that load, shoot it for me!" Then he stuck his finger right up my hole!!! That was it for me, I yelled out "Here it COMES!" and I squirted all over his hand and his jeans leg while he twisted his thick finger in my hole -- it made my crotch ache cause I'd just shot a little while before -- and then I just fell limp, all sweaty and breathing hard, and my butt so hot and sore I bet it wouldv'e glowed in the dark.

He let me rest a minute, then Mister Copper said, "Okay boy, you know the drill, get down there and clean up after yourself." I was still sniffling a little, but I backed off his knee, knelt down and started to lick my stuff off his jeans. There wasn't very much cause I'd shot so much into Mister Stafford's hand. "This too," the red-furred bear said, holding out his greasy hand that was sticky with my cum, and I licked his hand clean, even getting between his fingers and sucking on every one.

"Cub, you are a MESS!" Daddy said, and I stood up and everyone laughed. I guess I looked pretty awful with my face all tear-stained and my hair all cowlicked and messed-up, and my front and belly all greasy. "Go fill that Jacuzzi and get in it, and don't come back in here until you're clean," Daddy ordered me -- but he gave me one of our private winks, and I knew he was telling me it was okay to stay in the Jacuzzi till I was ready for the other spankings. I ran over to him and hugged him, I held my belly and down there away so I wouldn't get him greasy, and said "Thank you Daddy!" and then I ran into the bathroom. I turned around and looked over my shoulder at my butt in the mirror, and wow!!! it was just as red as it felt -- dark red like a raspberry, with black-and-blue marks on the strap-welts! It was so sore I couldn't even rub it to try and take some of the sting away. But even though I knew it was going to hurt when I got into the warm water, I turned on the Jacuzzi and started filling it. I was going to stay there just as long as I thought I could get away with, without making Daddy mad at me!!!

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