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A BEAR-Assed Lesson
Part 4

by Buckcub

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 02 Nov 1997

This is part 4 of A BEAR-assed Lesson, a M/m spanking serial. Parts 1 through 3 are already available in this archive. WARNING!This story contains graphic exposition of sadomasochism and homosexual themes. It is intended as education and entertainment for legal adults. If you are under the age of majority in your place of residence, and/or if you are offended by such themes, STOP reading and exit this page NOW.

I guess I must've been soaking in the jacuzzi for about twenty minutes when there was a tap at the door. Then the door opened and Mr. Parker stuck his head inside. "Taking your time, boy?" he asked me.

I was kind of annoyed -- it wasn't really his business, but only my Daddy's, how long I was taking. "It's kind of hard to get all the oil off, sir," I answered. He smiled and came into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"That's what your Daddy thought," he replied, "He told me I could come in here and help you." With that, he started taking off his clothes! I didn't say anything, but I was surprised that Daddy would let him come into the bathroom alone with me.

As he stripped off his clothes, I saw he was about the furriest bear I'd ever seen. He had really thick hair all over his chest and belly, and on his back. It was darker than the blonde hair on his head, kind of a deep gold color. He wasn't super-chubby, but he had a hefty, stout kind of build. He took his pants off with his back to me, and I saw his butt and legs were thickly covered in that gold fur, too. But boy, did I get a surprise when he turned around!

"Like what you see, boy?" Mr Parker said with a laugh. I guess my eyes must have opened up wide when he turned around and I saw his dink. You always read in all those porno stories about guys with these gigantic dinks, but I never saw anybody who had a reallybig one -- till now! He had a half-a-woody, it wasn't even hard all the way, and his dink was at least nine inches long, and thick. It had a big dark-red head like a red mushroom, wow -- I am talking about a really MAJOR dink this bear had on him!

"You're very big, sir," was all I said -- I didn't want to get in trouble by acting like I was interested. He chuckled and came over to the Jacuzzi. "Slide over, boy," he said, and stepped into the tub with me. He sank down into the water and sighed. I didn't say anything -- but sure enough in less than a minute I felt his hand between my legs, taking hold of my balls and playing with me. "Umm -- sir, I'm not allowed to play with anyone without Daddy's permission," I said, pulling away a little bit. The blonde bear gripped my balls tightly and gave them a tug that made me yelp! "I told you your Daddy said I could come in here, didn't I Teddy boy?" he said sharply.

"Ow!Yes, sir, I guess I didn't understand, I'm sorry!" I answered quickly. My sore butt was just beginning to stop throbbing, and I didn't want any new pains somewhere else!

He took the soap and lathered it up between his hands, and then started to lather my shoulders and neck. The soap felt smooth and nice, and his strong hands felt good too. My dink started to rise a bit. I sighed and relaxed even more when he started to massage my neck with his soapy hands, oh it felt so good. He went on for a few minutes, then ordered, "Okay cub, flip over."

I turned over so my back and butt were facing him, and rested my chest on the ledge of the tub. The big blond bear soaped my back, rubbing with strong, smooth strokes that relaxed me even more. "Mmmmmmmmm, that feels nice sir," I said as he kneaded the muscles. My dink was getting harder -- the warm water bubbling around us, his wet fur rubbing against me, it just felt really good.

Mr. Parker took hold of me by the hips and moved me so I was resting across his thighs, with my chest on the jacuzzi ledge, and started soaping my sore spanked butt. "You're right, boy," he said after soaping me there for a minute, "This oil is really soaked into your skin. Maybe we can brush it out." He reached over and picked up the long-handled bath brush that was on the ledge, and in a second I felt him start to scrub gently at my bottom with the soft bristles. The bristles brushed down into my butt-crack sometimes, tickling against my hole, and that really got my dink hard! He chuckled and reached underneath me, fitting my woody between his wet shaggy thighs, and then gave my dink a hard squeeze with his strong thigh muscles. I was wriggling around as he kept on scouring my bottom with the soapy brush bristles, and I felt a little startled as I realized that even though my dink felt good stuck between his thighs, he had a strong grip on me there!

I heard his voice again behind me, but his tone wasn't as friendly as before. "Boy, I just don't understand why this oil won't come out -- it didn't look to me like Mister Copper put that much on your bottom. Did you put more on when you came in here?" he questioned me. "No sir -- I got right in the tub," I answered. "Are you sure you're telling me the truth, boy?" he demanded -- and I jumped a little as I felt him lay the cold, hard back side of the bath brush on my wet bare butt. "I swear, sir, I'm telling the truth!" I answered quickly. My wet, soapy bare behind came completely out of the water as he lifted his legs a bit, and I got a sinking feeling inside.

"Boy, I don't know if you're lying to me or not, but your Daddy says you misbehave too often. I think I'll take care of my part of your education right now!" the blond bear said sternly, tapping the back of the bath-brush ominously on my upturned behind. "Please sir, not with the brush, please!" I begged. "Yes, Teddy, withthe brush!"

WHAP!The back of that longhandled brush smacked down across my wet bare bottom -- it was big enough to hit both cheeks at once, and it felt like a firecracker exploding on my behind! I jumped and yelled, "OW!", but Mr. Parker slipped his left arm around my waist with a strong grip, and whacked my bare butt again with that awful brush.


Oh jeez, the hard brush on my wet bare skin stung and burned like wild!! I squirmed and yelped and yowled, but the strong bear just kept on paddling me hard and fast, yelling at me over and over, "Are you gonna be a good boy now?!!" Every lick of that brush felt like it was red-hot -- I was kicking and splashing water all over the place, but no matter what, I couldn't get away from the fiery whacks Mr. Parker was covering every inch of my butt with.

"OW! OW! Yes sir, YES I promise, OW!" I was pleading and promising, I would have promised anything! My butt was burning like a torch, oh! -- so hot and sore and stinging, but he kept on spanking me! All of a sudden I just busted out bawling, this was worse than any of the other spankings! I kept sobbing "I'll be good, I'll be good!" through my tears, and I just quit kicking and gave in to the spanking -- this bear was going to paddle my ass until he was done, and there was nothing I could do about it except cry and feel the sizzling pain of every solid whack.

It was only 20 or 30 seconds after I quit kicking and fighting when the blond bear stopped whacking my behind. "Do you know why I stopped, boy?" Mr. Parker asked.

"N-no, ssir," I stuttered around a sob.

"I stopped because you surrendered. You stopped fighting me and accepted that Iwas in charge," he said more gently.

"T-thank you for tteaching me, sir," I sobbed out, and he swept me up around to face him, and cradled my tear-stained face against his big fuzzy shoulder.

"Aw, it's okay now boy, c'mon, calm down," he whispered to me, stroking the back of my head gently while my crying slowed. "That's right, that's a good boy," he said softly, hugging me and rubbing my back. He started kissing my neck -- it tickled, with his chinstrap beard nuzzling my skin -- then slid me up higher and licked at my nipple, which made me giggle a little bit even though I was still crying some. Then he let me slide slowly back down his slick, furry chest -- and I felt his big hard dink touch my sore butt!

His broad hands slid down and took hold of me by my hips, and he wiggled me around until I could feel the head of his dink between my stinging, paddled butt cheeks. "Oh -- sir -- I don't know, you're awful big -- I'm afraid!" I said. My heart was beating really fast and hard, it seemed like it would be exciting for this powerful bear to put himself inside of me, but I am very tight there, and I was afraid it would hurt too much or even tear my hole. "Ssssshhh, boy, just relax........" he whispered, and then he kissed me on the mouth, gently forcing my lips open with his, and slipping his tongue in. It felt so good! He was such a good kisser! I just put my arms around his thick hairy neck and relaxed.

He slid me down slowly until his dink was right up against my hole, and then he started pushing me down gently but firmly. I tried hard to relax myself back there, but I'm just a little cub and he was really hung big! I squirmed as the pressure increased, but he kept pushing me firmly down onto his big woody, until finally the head poked inside me just a bit, and I let out a yelp that was muffled by his kiss. Still the bear kept pushing me down onto it, and now that he was in a little bit, the head of his dink was stretching me open more and more -- it was starting to hurt, like pins being stuck into my butthole, and I whimpered, I couldn't help it. He stopped pushing when I made the noise, and reached in front of me to take hold of my dink and rub it, all slippery in the bubbling water of the jacuzzi.

Mr. Parker's paw rubbing and jacking my woody felt really good, and as he kept on doing it he let go of my other hip, so my weight was all balanced on his hard dink partly inside my hole. He kept on kissing me, and slowly I opened up more and slid down still further on his woody -- suddenly I felt little "pop!" inside me as the fat head of his dink pushed past the muscle, and then I gradually slid down the rest of the way. I could feel his big bush against my sore bottom -- I had that big bear-thing all the way inside of me!

It was fantastic and scary at the same time. His thick long dink was stuffed inside my sore butt, and he was hugging me so tite -- I was all confused and horny and conflicted and Idon't-know-what! The bear put his hands on my hips again, and slowly twisted me a little bit to the right. He grunted softly against my mouth, as his dink rotated inside my tight hole, and then he twisted me to the left and grunted again when his dink rotated the other way inside me.

It felt strange but really good -- Mr. Parker kept twisting me back and forth, impaled on his thick bear-pole jammed up my butt, and with every twist my woody slid against the wet fur on his belly, making me shiver. He kept turning me on his dink for a couple of minutes, grunting and making me wish for a real solid bear-style cubfuck. I tried to wriggle up and down on his dink, and he kind of chuckled deep down in his chest and said, "Impatient boy, aren't ya?"

He pulled me slowly up off his dink, and chuckled again when I whimpered a little bit -- it didn't really hurt that much, but I didn't want him to take it out of me! "Get out and dry your hands off good, cub," he ordered me, "You're gonna get your wish." I stepped out of the tub with my woody waving around, and dried my hands on one of the big fluffy towels while Mr. Parker got out and stood next to me, dripping all over the floor. "Grab hold of the towel bar, and hang on tight, boy!" he said. I turned around with my back to him, and got a good grip on the chest-high towel bar next to the door.

Yikes! Next thing I knew, the blond bear grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up off the floor, so my butt was level with his crotch -- he was really strong, I was surprised at how easy he lifted me up. Then I felt his dink pushing at my hole again. I was loosened up a little, but I still winced and yelped some as he worked that big thing inside of me, until I felt his wet bush and belly touch my tender spanked butt. "Here it comes, cub, hang on tight!" Mr. Parker commanded, and I gripped onto the bar really hard. Then he pulled back slow, until just the fat head of his dink was inside me, and ---- "UH!" he rammed into me hard enough to almost knock the breath out of me!

Well this was a li'l bit more than I bargained for! I was hanging onto the towel bar with all my strength, with my feet kicking in the air as the strong bear pounded his dink into me from behind again and again. It hurt plenty at first, especially when his heavy balls would slap against my sore backside when he shoved in, but in a minute it started to feel really good. I was getting a whole new sensation from Mr. Parker holding me up off the floor while he banged my cubhole -- he was totally in control of the fuck. I couldn't move, because I had to hang on to the towel bar, but every time he slammed his dink into me, my woody slapped up against my wet belly and tingled. It felt amazing!

He started pounding into my butt even faster, and really hard, so every jab made the big head of his dink push hard on that gland inside my butt -- it felt almost like a shock from a lamp socket every time his dink hit me there, except it felt good instead of bad! Mr. Parker was grunting really loud, and panting, and I realized I was making a lot of noise myself -- it was the most incredible banging I'd ever got. My balls got all tight up under my dink, and I started to get that hot tickly feeling in my crotch that meant I was going to come pretty soon! Suddenly the bear began stabbing his dink into me super fast, almost like getting fucked by a machine gun, and then he pulled me hard against him so his pole was buried as deep as it could get. I felt his dink swell up and stretch my hole even further, then his hot stuff squirting out hard against the gland inside me -- that was all it took! I let out a yell and shot my juice; there wasn't a whole lot cause I already came twice before, but it sprayed around onto the wall and the sink!

Mr. Parker leaned over, kissing and nuzzling the back of my neck. "Now thatwas one fine fuck, boy!" he said, still breathing hard. He let me back down on the floor and steadied me while I took my hands off the bar and stood up -- my legs were pretty wobbly. Then he gently eased his dink out of me, and I turned around and hugged him, and put my head against his chest, and said "Thank you, sir! That was wild!" He just laughed and ruffled my hair.

"Get back in the tub and clean yourself up, cub," he laughed, "Don't forget you're still not through with your lesson for today!" Mr. Parker dried off and put his clothes on while I got back in the Jacuzzi. As he closed the door behind him, I thought to myself that a bang like that was worth the spanking, and the stinging in my pounded hole -- but I'll never tell

Daddy I thought so!

To Be Continued.......

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